I finally got to the apiary to hear the bell from the church feast today to work in the apiary I will not go into business so and I went to the apiary I will shoot a small video I will tell you something, and later I will to show if the weather pumped buckwheat with silver pumped heather and as an anecdote Rzhevsky began a real unraveling of pollen is not open all, go through the bottom plane just pumped from the last copper bribe went by the jeweler. in town 4 beehives were filled with honey. 50/50 here I do not know what brought yet without looking as the cooling trick came with rain I got this on the day of transporting the hives for two days moved by buckwheat and forests today will not pratsyuvat I did not collect them in the winter with belts those forests brought tea today talk about the autumn work of bees it will be processed by ticks, check the foods made in winter who need to not allow an attack on a good bee fly , the sun can be a T-shirt goes to not create an attack on a bee do not leave it in the frames of bees with honey now period without bribes today 27.09.21 period without bribes pollen is kept, it is not nectar if mustard blooms nearby, it is a great disaster for beekeeping when we feed, do not pour syrup, do not leave open hives to inspect during the day in warm weather there is no need to inspect better in the morning when the hive is not active even in the evening or at lower temperatures we had 2 weeks of rain easy, so did not inspect the holiday today and also for just eat dinner and warm today submitted a grant documents flying bees carry pollen in my case it is necessary to remove the insulation rent insulation to cool the nest also keep the pollen remove insulation, haunted plonku can put tryapchani polozhky, thin need zakormyt gray bee if zakormlyuyu, then I squeeze the nest, how many obsidy I like to feed in large portions, if a large family leaves as many obsidian frames put nutrients 3, 4, 5 liters fill the nest so that there is less room for uterine rash in recent years, I do not feed, only those who stay in the forest I give syrup from CAS 81 I then make it easier until fill the nest, I give 3-5 liters, they put this syrup on top of the frame and then the bees bring fenugreek, heather to dilute heather honey in autumn eat honey, and in winter switch to frog syrup CAS 81 in that you did not have time to feed on time as they say it is better late than not to cook at such a late time it is better to give small portions when it is cold, then strong families would be a little eat syrup, the weakest can not take.

Was brought from the forest, the plane was not openly tied, as the brought was not yet here. this straw bucket is flying full open, there is no attack here more than 50 families there are still layers in six frames also nearby there are still beehives where people fly open, only wasps and horns can disturb families that feed so will not to roam over other people’s hives which is that it has to do not only with you but also with future beekeepers if the beekeeper is hungry, the bees will climb into other people’s hives there may be fighting. here in general the bees are not visible and here also from these two hives I will send to a beehive a lounger, through a division something that these layers are not well developed and in a lounger for some reason the uterus which the bright pollen carries constantly disappeared, one, second, the third bees I do in the spring I get seven I pulled out 10 frames pull out the rape and they work, as usual families and so every spring, I removed a family, put in a layer a uterus and again by grown in winter the small entrance would I do something, I will show here as if in general the bees are not one of those in the shade are the less active ones in the sun, work better show your evodia (honey tree), two trees the other disappeared 3 meters above the arm insulated with straw I do not know when it will bloom a little is shaded such a decorative tree said a little.


will it be time to shoot, because some beehives have arrived, looked, gathered warmer in winter , the bee summer appears and they start flying after you. if now dokormlyuvat it is better to give small portions but more often I will remove the heat maybe someone will need to join why I did not reduce the nests after pumping honey because in September in our bees fill the nests with honey they fill them completely. I leave as many frames as cover the cold winter, mortgages are honey frames and I give extra honey frames to another family where there is little honey, or stratification this year is difficult with honey, those in town are filled with bird honey there maybe is not what will be seen here, I think there will be a video before the meeting and I enjoy aromatic tea in such sunny autumn weather.

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