100 People Tell Us How Much Debt They Have | Keep It 100 | Cut

100 People Tell Us How Much Debt They Have | Keep It 100 | Cut

– [Interviewer] How much debt do you have? – None to my… Oh, debt. Yikes. Oh no. (playful music) – [Interviewer] You have any debt? – Debt? – Debt? – [Interviewer] Debt. – Debt. – Debt? – Uh… (blows raspberry) – I don't have any current.
– What? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Everybody has debt. – No, I'm not in debt. – I owe no, man money. – I have no debt. – None.
– None. – None.
– Zero. – I don't think I owe anybody anything. – Because I'm really fucking spoiled. – I'm a very privileged little daughter. – [Interviewer] How much debt do you have? – Right now?
– Yeah. – Not that much. Like, I just have to pay my credit card. It's like $300. – $400. I have a lot of parking tickets. I'm not gonna pay it, though. – I think like 900 bucks. – Thousand.
– Thousand. – $1,500.
– Couple grand? – $2,000.
– $2,000 in debt. just from credit cards. I was going on vacations, aggressively. – My ex just bounced on
me the day rent was due. Basically I'm lucky I
have a chill-ass landlord. – I got evicted. – It's all medical bills.
– Medical bills. – [Interviewer] Are you gonna pay 'em? – Yeah, I'm paying them off.

– Yeah, I got a few racks in debt. – The three thou-wow range. – $4,000.
– $4,000. four or five. $5,000 maybe. $5,000. $6,000. speeding tickets. – Actually not that much, seven grand. – [Interviewer] Does
that affect your life? – No. – It's affecting me more now Because I'm trying to buy a house and I can't get approved. – [Interviewer] How much debt do you have? – Tons! – Not much. – Close to $10,000. – $10,000. – $10,000 worth of debt. – $11,000 for my student loan and then $200 is on my
credit card right now. Oh, shit! And another $300! I bought a piano on credit card too. I'm a bit reckless. – Swipe, swipe, swipe. – I got a credit card. Let's go to a nice hotel. Still gotta pay that off. But I had a good time. (interviewer laughs) – $12,000. – $15,000. – $16,835 – Eighteen maybe. But like I said I have a plan! (laughs) – Twenty. – [Interviewer] Where
does your debt come from? – Student. Being a college student. (laughs) – Student loan debt. – Student loans I have like, $12,000 and then $8,000 in credit card debt. – Twenty.
– Twenty. – Twenty.
– $20,000. I almost died from a cat bite.

So I had to go to the
ER four nights in a row. It's so much money. – Based on the debt try to
take not as much medical care. – [Interviewer] What's your debt? – $22,000. – I think I'm worth negative $24,000. – $26,000? – Twenty eight? – $28,000. – $30,000. – $30,000. – Somewhere in like the thirty thousands. – [Interviewer] What have you been buying? – Subscriptions to Porn Hub, exclusively. – I had a repo and then
I went and got a new car. – Student loans. – Student loans. I mean like who fucking doesn't nowadays. – Thirty five grand in student debt. – $35,000 – The IRS thinks I owe them about $36,000. (laughs) – I have a lot of debt. – [Interviewer] How much? – (laughs) Enough. You need an amount? – [Interviewer] Yeah. – Less than the average American. (dings) – I get calls from collection
agencies like once a day.

But I kind of just ignore it. – I don't answer phone calls no more. If it's not in my phone
I'm not answering it. (laughs) – I think I have about
$45,000 worth of debt. – Not as much as I did. I just paid off like forty five grand. – [Interviewer] How'd
you come up with that? – A settlement. My back was broken by a semi truck. Now I have less debt. (laughs) Get hit by a semi truck guys. – I just paid off my
student loans last year. – I just paid off my
debt like the other day. – I've paid it off. – It's all in student
loans and it's almost gone. – My grandparents – My parents
– My parents paid for college.


– I dropped out of school. So that's the only thing
that I would accrue debt from and that doesn't happen. – $50,000. – Fifty thou. – $77,000. – Coming up on $80,000. – [Interviewer] Woo! Yeah, ballin'. (laughs) – [Male interviewer]
How did you earn that? – Not finishing college. Not even a degree attached to it. – $90,000 in debt. Decided to pay out of state tuition. – It was like ninety five
and now it's like seventy. – [Interviewer] How long
are you gonna be paying off your student loans? – I mean, the foreseeable future.

– Sometimes I worry that
I'm never gonna pay it off. – [Interviewer] What's
your plan to pay it off? – Marry rich. – Eating ramen. – I think you can survive
without having a credit card. – Never had a credit card. – I married somebody who
was really good with money. – My family had debt and
it was very stressful. So I'd rather just work myself to the bone than ever have debt. – When I was married we
had to declare bankruptcy. – [Interviewer] What was that experience? – Humiliating. – We just had to file Chapter 13. It really drags you down. It's constantly on your mind and most of the debt was medical debt.

– [Interviewer] What is your debt. – $130,000 all student debt. – [Interviewer] How does your debt make you feel right now? – Feel like it was worth it..

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