4 Ways to Invest in Real Estate- NO Cash Needed! ‚ĚĆūüíĶ

4 Ways to Invest in Real Estate- NO Cash Needed! ‚ĚĆūüíĶ

hey everybody's been right where i'm at right now 
pulling cash out of the atm or going to the bank   getting charged fees just to pull cash 
out well today i'm going to talk about   four ways that you don't need to use 
your cash to invest in real estate   more importantly how you use other people's money 
to your benefit to start your real estate business   no fluff straight to the 
point where we fund you grow business credit was actually used to create 
fund and grow some of our staff and thousands   of our clients use it to fund the real estate deal 
fund and grow makes it easy to access the funding   which has changed the way people do business 
did you know over 35 of americans believe real   estate is a sound investment well it is but it 
all depends on how you acquire those investments   how you acquire those real estate properties 
the biggest problem is out of those 35 percent   of americans most of them lack the funds 
to take action but that's where we come in   that's where business credit comes in that's where 
this wonderful team of 65 plus people comes in to   help you to help fund your business to help give 
you the funding that you need to purchase that   first real estate property so start investing with 
business credit whether you're doing wholesaling   flips rentals or even vacation rentals that double 
as a vacation home for your family how much money   are you spending every year on hotels or airbnbs 
or somewhere to take your family nice on a quick   vacation well you can actually use one of your 
properties that you purchase from business credit   that fund and grow is able to obtain for you so 
let's explore a little bit on how to actually   do this so say you want to get into wholesaling 
you're going to need a team first and foremost   you're going to need a contractor to kind of 
assess what's going to be needed for that property   figure out how much money is it going to take to 
fix that property you're going to need a title   company of course you're going to need that to 
close on the property and then you're going to   need an appraiser to figure out how much the the 
property is actually worth the team is to ensure   everything runs smoothly without any hiccups 
and to make sure you're not losing any money so   where does business credit come into this you're 
going to be able to pay each member on your   team with business credit whether they accept 
credit cards or not there's ways around that   now to do that we have a team from plastic 
that will be able to help you wire funds   to these different entities or or people 
within your team to be able to make sure that   that process continues to run smoothly once you 
pay your contractor title company the appraiser   everybody else on your team now it's time to 
sell that property really quickly right so what   you're going to do is take the number that the 
contractor gave you the arv the after repair value   and you're going to present it to another buyer 
you're going to tell them that after all these   repairs are completed here's what you're well 
you're going to make off of this property   so then once you find a buyer you're going to 
have to decide on what type of closing you're   going to want to do are you going to want to 
do an assignment of contract or a double close   now a double close is where you purchase the 
title of the property and almost immediately   turn around and resell it to another buyer so 
really you're not even purchasing that property   you're selling the property to another person and 
they're buying it where you keep the profit so   for instance if there's a forty thousand dollar 
property there you scoop that thing up and you   realize that after repairs you could sell it for 
120 000 you present that arv to the buyer and say   hey you can sell this property for and twenty 
thousand i'll sell it to you for sixty thousand   they purchase the property you pocket twenty 
grand and they use their money to buy it in the   first place you were kind of the mediator of the 
deal right so the assignment of the contract that   just includes a clause in the contract allowing 
you to sell to an end buyer either way you decide   to close on that property you've just completed 
a wholesale project using business credit many   of our clients use this funding for this type of 
project very quick turnaround very quick profits   now nick perry one of our clients been with 
us this is his third membership as you can see   nick has already gotten over five hundred thousand 
dollars of zero percent interest business credit   you can see here in in march of 2021 he was at 133 
000 after his second round now september of 2021   october of 2021 nick has gotten 517 thousand 
dollars look at the jump that he made from march   to october huge jump i'm talking huge huge people 
huge jump he 10xed his revenue his monthly revenue   he's seen his monthly revenue 
go from 40 000 to over 400 000   a month so i want to say thanks nick i want to 
say great work for using your available resources   the smart way now let's talk about fix and flips 
a little bit kind of the same process right fix   and flips are just a little more in-depth than a 
wholesaling deal what is a fix and flip so a fix   and flip is basically when you purchase a property 
with the intent to fix it up before you sell it   at a much higher amount than what you bought it 
for so we'll use the same example found a forty   thousand dollar property that's run down beat 
up right needs flooring cabinets uh countertops   painting whatever the case is maybe needs a new 
roof you can fund all of that with business credit   but the first thing you have to do is find that 
property right once you find that property you're   going to be able to invest into that property 
by making the necessary repairs to fix that   property right how do you find cheap properties 
though how do you find properties that are 40 50   000 that you intend to make a much higher profit 
on now to find properties at a discounted price   the best thing to do is go onto your county's 
website and look for the tax delinquent properties   the people that own those are really highly 
motivated to sell because they're really   close to a foreclosure and they're really close to 
getting their property taken from them if you can   get those those homeowners to sell cheap that is 
going to result in a much greater profit for you   and with them being so highly motivated to sell 
you're going to get it for a much cheaper price   but now that you've got that property now that 
you've found the property well let's back up   a little bit so you go on to the county site 
you find that property they're delinquent for   i don't know six months eight months 12 months how 
are you going to contact that person here's where   the fun comes in you get to make that phone call 
and it may not just be one phone call it may take   multiple calls to that person because a lot of 
people especially nowadays you call and say hello   miss mr smith i see that you have a property it's 
getting delinquent in the taxes would you like to   sell what is mr smith thinking telemarketer click 
done but you don't want to give up after one shot   but you also have to put yourself out there and 
make those phone calls to the homeowners now mr   smith says yeah i'd like to sell i'm gonna go 
ahead and sell it for uh forty thousand whatever   so now you need to go in and assess the repairs 
do you need a new roof does it need new cabinets   new bathroom new shower new tub a flooring 
whatever the case is you need to figure out   how much that is going to cost in order to get it 
in a sellable position that's when you negotiate   a little bit with mr smith you make that offer 
but make sure that your offer is 50 to 70 percent   of the arv what's that mean it's the after repair 
value after repairs how much is the property going   to be worth if you're purchasing the property for 
35 000 you're putting 30 000 in it you don't want   to sell that property for 70 000 that's minimal 
profit you want to make sure that you're able to   sell that property for anywhere between 100 
and 240 000 so it's worth your time because   remember this isn't going to fix itself tomorrow 
you're not going to be able to fix this house   and flip it in a week sometimes these these fix 
and flips do take two to three months to complete   so you want to make sure that you're getting 
the most out of these properties you can buy   single-family duplexes even apartment buildings 
with this type of funding and do this same process   like i just explained either way the process is 
the exact same way now let's dig into plastic   a little bit now as a member of fun and grow fun 
and grow is going to get you in touch with plastic   and the specified team over there to help you 
with your purchases whether it's purchasing a real   estate deal or paying contractors or a mortgage or 
utility bills whatever it is that you're looking   to use plastic for that team over at plastic we're 
gonna give them a heads up before you even go over   there now here's the keys to plastic plastic is 
only 2.85 percent to send a wired transfer over to   whoever you're trying to pay so think about that a 
hard money loan say it's 15 you're saving about 12   in fees by using plastic now it's not traditional 
right and it's it sounds kind of fishy right but   it's not plastic has a relationship with american 
express has a relationship with with mastercard   with visa to be able to make these purchases 
through them now nobody's really going to know   where that money's coming from but it's just 
going to be paid on your behalf through plastec   as a check or a wire transfer now you can 
also complete renovations by using plastic   you can pay contractors you can you can pay the 
roofing company if they don't accept credit cards   supplies whatever the case is whatever you're 
looking to buy if they don't accept a traditional   credit card swipe use plastic at a much cheaper 
rate than anything else you're gonna find out   there because remember your business credit's 
zero percent the fee for plastic could be two   point is two point eight five percent compared to 
a hard money loan that you're spending anywhere   between seven and fifteen 15 big difference big 
money saver right here in plastic now we talked   about this you definitely want to find quality 
tenants and generate that passive income but   once you do so and you're able to purchase 
that property and you're really getting that   that passive income in you can pay your credit 
card balance off every month if you want to or   you can make chunk payments to that from that 
passive income coming in from your renter so if   there's a property that you have to purchase 
say it's eighty grand and you have a forty   thousand dollar card a thirty thousand dollar 
card and a thirty thousand dollar card you can   split those that purchase up between those three 
cards and send that wire transfer out on three   different payments so you split you spread that 
balance out a little bit over those three cards   once you have that cash flowing right and you 
wait a few months use the cash out refi process   now business credit again doesn't show up on your 
personal credit report what's it make that easy to   do that cash out refi you don't have a bunch of 
debt on your personal credit report they're not   going to be able to see it on your business credit 
report so it's much easier to do a cash out refi   and to be able to pay off your business accounts 
if that zero percent interest is running out   right so if you're getting to the end of that 
introductory period you can do that cash out   refi and pay off the business credit that way then 
we go after more business credit and continuously   grow up into that up to that 250 000 range 
now maurice he's one of our clients we helped   him get over two hundred thousand dollars in zero 
percent interest business credit he completed six   cash deals with business credit now he's renting 
each property out how did he do it he used plastic   it works folks it really really works so 
let's talk about vacation rentals a little bit   airbnb home away verbo what are those so instead 
of getting hotels another great investment is to   purchase a property that can be used as a vacation 
home so if you're looking to go out of town   look on these sites and you can actually rent 
houses for you know three days four days up   to a week two weeks whatever the process is some 
of them have different terms now this is a great   investment opportunity as well everybody's looking 
to vacation right so you purchase a property with   the intent to rent it out on one of these sites 
so you go and you find that property but the   biggest thing to think about especially here is 
the location now nobody wants to go and rent a   property out in the middle of some farmland right 
that nobody's around and there's nothing to do   most of the most of these airbnbs or verbose 
they're in the big cities or they're in high   touristy areas a lot of people come to our great 
state of florida you know where the sun's always   shining beaches are around we've got the spring 
waters the the amusement parks disney universal   busch gardens all those places are very high 
touristy areas and great places to purchase these   properties at so you can turn them into airbnbs 
and vacation rental homes another good thing about   these too is you can always block out when you 
rent these properties you don't have to keep them   rented all the time so like i mentioned before you 
don't you can have a property for your family to   visit and then just use this as your hotel you're 
saving money you're already paying the mortgage   on it if it's not paid off by all the income that 
you're generating from the um the renters through   these sites and you've got a free vacation spot 
right these properties produce cash year-round   matthew jones used our program to purchase 
properties that you can see here behind me   he had a six-bedroom house in new york that 
he turned into an airbnb now how much money   is he making monthly you never guess six to eight 
thousand dollars a month from turning his property   into an airbnb these are the real investors using 
business credit there's plenty of them out there   you can see on some of our interviews on our 
youtube channel where we interview people that   talk about using plastic to purchase real 
estate properties turning them into airbnbs   using it for different areas to really 
take advantage of this program start now   now's your time to do it the cheapest the 
easiest way to do it is using fund and grow   fund and grow is going to do all the work for you 
we are going to apply we're going to negotiate   we're going to get you in the best lendable 
position to get you up to fifty thousand dollars   of zero percent interest here's our team right 
behind me highly highly dedicated group behind   me of 65 plus our goal remember is up to 250 
thousand dollars a zero percent interest business   credit but also to get your personal scores 
up into the 800s that way you don't have to   use your personal credit anymore but when you do 
need it for an auto loan or a personal mortgage   or whatever the case is you're going to get the 
lowest interest rates and the best available   credit to close on those deals that you want 
to make now remember we're here to help you   each and every one of these people are passionate 
to help you and your business we all want to thank   you for watching thanks for joining me i really 
hope this video makes sense to you and helps you   scale your business i can't wait to see you 
next time and remember when we fund you grow you

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