Austin mayor talks latest COVID-19 updates on KVUE Daybreak | KVUE

Austin mayor talks latest COVID-19 updates on KVUE Daybreak | KVUE

then joining me this morning is Austin Mayor Steve Adler mayor Adler thank you so much for your time this morning I do have some questions related to the Copa 19 pandemic and the response but I did want to get your thoughts as we begin on that officer-involved shooting in Austin that happened back on Friday what do you want to see happen as far as an investigation is concerned dealing with this incident I think we need a real you know a quick investigation you know the video is troubling and there are lots of lots of questions but we need believe we need some answers you know the the use of forces is the most powerful tool that law enforcement has and it works to the degree that there's trust between the police and the community we know that in recent times there's been a lot of anxiety and that trust has been tested that's why we're going through some investigations of the of the police force but we have to do everything we can to maintain that which is going to require us in this instance to start getting some some answers to the questions that are give rise by that video mayor we saw last week some retail locations in and around the state and specifically here in Austin once again opening up with essentially to go orders for those retail locations how is the City of Austin monitoring this and are you happy with kind of how this has begun here in the city the moniker the the conduct in the city generally the the conduct on construction sites with the guidance that we have posted you know ultimately we don't have enough sheriffs and police officers to be able to to watch everyone to see that they're abiding by the orders that they're wearing that the face coverings of they're staying six feet apart it's going to take each of us individually to to make that commitment and then it becomes what the community sees and I've been real pleased and then real proud of this community coming together the way that it has to flatter the curve that's been the result of a lot of individual actions unenforced but individual actions that together have added up to a community response and I'm proud of a community and expect the community to keep going mayor the online portal is up and running I saw that what is the response Bend thus far as far as the number of people using the site how it's affected the number of people being tested in Austin thus far you know one of the things that we have to do is we begin to adapt to this immediate life with with a virus is to find the virus everywhere it is as quickly as we can before someone that has a chance to spread it over many days we need to find it early so that we can isolate and that requires additional testing and we're building that the city as you indicated has launched an online portal it's available to anybody you don't have to have a doctor you go onto the portal you get assessed and then if you qualify you can go to a test it's free about 1300 people have gone to the site thus far about 700 have made appointments to go through the the process and go get tests I expect and we need us to increase the number of tests that are happening in our city if we're going to be able to find the virus and everywhere it is as quickly and early as we can we're just last week you announced a bridge loan program for small businesses to be able to apply for loans up to $35,000 what's been the response to that and how quickly are these businesses going from application to actually seeing that money you know this is a new program that was initiated by the City Council and by the city staff these are in essence bridge loans to the SBA Small Business Association loans we have at this point it's brand-new and it just started on Thursday Friday of last week we've had about 18 people complete the application for the for the loans but there have been several hundred that have called to inquire and I expect a lot of those to to also apply for for these for these loans as well Mayor Steve Adler kind enough to spend a few minutes with us mayor if you don't mind we're going to take a quick timeout but we've got a couple of more questions for you coming up after the break thanks for being with us we'll be right back absolutely


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