CapCenter Testimonial 2 - Full

CapCenter Testimonial 2 - Full

[Music] originally when we first watch our first house to refinance the house and that's our first approach with kept Center when we purchase a new house and capsule was still the answer for us the whole process was just transparent from start to finish we there was no guessing games no hidden fees no fine prints it was a service of working with us and guiding us as opposed to a sales pitch we obviously did some shopping around with other lenders there's big names out there and their advertisement world that we hear every day and I checked them and still kept Center gave us the best for us for our needs it's very responsive to any inquiry we had they returned emails calls immediately but dealing with kept centered any come out of the question hide the answer and the answer makes sense it was clear to me that we have the best deal and I'm still absolutely sure that we got the best deal [Music]


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