Cenk Debates Conservative On Obama

Cenk Debates Conservative On Obama

starts now a classy he says free as well
as fast as the autorads in the president's secret service behind
the scenes with engines and the president's they protect that title was too long is also the chief washington
correspondent for news max dot com andy's read apa if he's called white
will bomb a woman change course he joins the gallery on first ronald welcome back thank you karen are agreed to have you here so tell me what course who think obama's on
and why you won't change that you know we knew before is elected said
he was not liberal senator that he listened twenty years rightly concluded mentor heavyweight champion capitalist and america experienced and we knew that he had never actually
accomplish anything except himself elected and a quick opened an account came from
asbestos removed from the pipes and i have been project and
chicago but the mystery out your main why acutely down changing course given the fact that uh…

So much
satisfaction and disenchantment and be accurately came out last week land on the one hand obama compared what he's trying to do with getting rid of slavery system
showing this incredible d pollution grand tour about about his own alone term as president and at the same time rama manuel leaving
a chief of staff at this president face the toughest times with company
president american history you know that's a little clue to through
the the arrogance amanda culture in the white house which is at stake i have no idea it how complied their policies are okay up i want to get to that too but
first trying to save case little better on uh…

I heard that heehee as with the
forever in my life okay my understanding is he hasn't done rev
wright services in quite some time but valerie brought that back and rebel
right isn't the white and then obama's india's fastest will case that is or bomb on an anti white india's fastest
course what's what's the wrong with of course is on what courts has saying that uh… if you
don't use so incredibly liberal and read about all this or is it really
level is so the anti white thing was just on the
left and early listen to every white exp says breanna right gave gave an award and was
wondering about now do you think oh bombers anti white you know but i i was saying that he is uh… so part collapsed better course he does banquet american people of that so so let's talk about that so why do
you think you saw a little because every ounce we got i don't even think he's liberal ido global phones so far liberal i don't think he's on the left of center
i think is right of center we've had a lot of journalists on hero
come on a new agree with that well behind right last american people thank you's is liberal and he painted
with authoritative that's currently say there are people think he's a little but
that's just an assumption i get into the poll numbers in a second but one what has he done that so like power lovely lovely level two major at
expo will what do you do what happened overthrowing is said that he's for redistribution of
wealth of when we were when they say that benefit that andrew show during his
campaign what does that mean redistribution of
wealth and there's such a broadly personal all of tax income taxes quotable redistribution of wealth and
you have disagreements on whether or that marginal tax rate should be et
cetera deceased r_u_ claiming that obama say they are going to take a hundred
percent and then redistributed or no you don't think he's doing that be ok then
we have a disagreement over tax rates right now but i do phrasing replies very radical reduced redistribution cdm at
what's been the radical redistribution of wealth and or bombers also partner is not is said that he
doesn't want to uh…

Way during the bush tax cuts except uh… replied who uh… middle class family the the wealthy people who counterpoint per cent
of government uh… taxes wid would have a an increase and i have
a future trade of course uh… we do have a progressive income tax the be incredible increase in government
spending just just wild uh… spending an office
or saw that or tommorow test laser watchin
correspond she was impressed by the police max dot com you road while obama
will not change course look so you agree that he has not done
so medical redistribution of wealth in fact for ninety percent of us he's
gonna continue the bush tax cuts over the top two percent he's proposing an does not even passed at three point six percent top marginal tax rate you wouldn't call
that a radical redistribution of wealth which you has a clean film anagram just rent it out that is what he says he was pure delight now and has now expanded increase
panicked and i have no that's not his proposal in europe okay so now let's move on to for this bill
unbelievable spending now the deficit is in bad shape it's was
one point four trillion in that two thousand nine pat it's
projected by the congressional budget office to be one point three trillion in twenty ten when obama came into office the deficit
the george w_ bush left them according to the c_b_o_ was one point to troy so was in the heart of the problem
george w_ bush in the republican administration that left that gigantic
deficit i think part of that was already uh…
baker brodie democratic congress so helicopter economic first of all i find that i have to be out of your i find it
comical that that democratic congress was incharge in poor bush had to go along what anywhere were to
grant you that he could have been telling right he
could have been through the budget borrowed okay so republicans head off a one point two
trillion dollar deficit adding twenty ten it becomes one point three trillion is that the huge spending we're talking
about it as projected deficits tipping over or ten years are
several times that and is uh…

Increase in spending has been has been prior greater than but what
happened in the bush but how can you say that the numbers tell a different story in it's not just
that the deficit is nearly identical to work which left at but you also have the
problem and we now going years is that the recession causes our revenue cigar
down the them amount of money coming into the federal government and part of a reason for that is on
employment we had a disaster under bush in the last
three years answer last three months of the
bush administration we lost averaged seven hundred and thousand jobs army and right now the private sector is
gaining about seventy thousand jobs seventy thousand last month can't you see that those outlying
numbers in the budget might be part of the economic collapse the george w_ bush
caused sure but that he has increased spending but yeah hundreds of billions of dollars in
instead of decreasing spend the rest of the world is decreasing standing near european
countries are decrease in the budget in cuba an eleven million workers from me garments jackets the private sector
stranded you know they they simply can't sustain me blossomed in a more unemployment bloated garment a world-class every over
everybody including american consumers concert that we have to reduce our
spending but somehow obama and the democrats keeping creation
well that's economic yours merchants are very
open about everything that we should byron say we should spent even more
spent have more stimulus programs which which
have produce very very little well that's interesting wrong because on i think a great majority that congress
would agree that you do to extra spending the government should in the
middle of a recession that if you cut off the government spending where there is no
private spending that you will cause greater recession
effect the c_b_o_ estimates said we created anywhere between one point
five to three point three million extra jobs with the stimulus spending be do you disagree with the great majority of
economists by you know drug haven't created as a
very small number of mainly in the government
sector as opposed the private sector and innovator in the government sector
course would mean that we have a patent for that obviously in our economists have
different point of view about facade but amassing im bank serious about your answer so do you do you really think
that well we went into this recession or
losing seven fifty thousand jobs a month that we should have done any extra spending no stimulus no hey let's get the economy going having
artificial unknown tax cuts in order to stimulate and the
economy by get it putting money back in the pockets
of americans and companies command hire
more people and it's a certainty there we have which have been created by obama-mccain deep business uh…
rhetoric the the uncertainty about the tax credit and about peterman regulations all at
the crime through businessman makes them very wary of
hiring new workers sources because so you say no sex
respect you wouldn't have done that most economists would seem to disagree
but you've got your own economists and you say no you went to done in that
direction are you would on tax cuts now canceled we thing about that in two thousand one and two thousand
three would be too record-breaking tax cuts and then we were told they will become
is going to pick up your average wages is going to pick up is going to trickle down in plan is going to pick up but as we
found out that rich wage actually with down in eight years that bush was
president and then of course at the end we have
the collapse and we'd lose eight million jobs how to tax cuts would work background murder the democratic congress wouldn't go
along with pushes proposals to bring in fremantle and improvement act uh…

And that was weapons would trigger
the over financial collapse now fannie mae or freddie mac i've got a
lot of issues with two the idea was that tax cuts was going to create more jobs and i can really worked at it history has impassable and oregano wait
we lost eight million genotypes okay and inaugurated by the way employment actually went up if you look
at the data it went down in nineteen eighty one we
cut taxes u_n_ up when he will ease taxes in nineteen eighty two poet eventually wind up in the in on the
prime minister the main problem was uh… printed
friend i contend friend and uh… but still i think it won't
look here's a famous freddie mac i said their disaster their public-private
hybrid so that whenever you have the gains in profits pt they privatize against in the guys take
it all the people on the board this the c_e_o_ etcetera whenever there's a loss of the american
taxpayers pay for and i can't stand it i think it should have never existed i don't think and i think we should get
rid of it as soon as possible you agree with that i agree with that
barney frank agrees with that okay so we we all agree to that but you know im always curious like he gently genuinely believed that the main wall street banks that dot the deregulation that trillion
sells with the rest and that lost that the g_d_p_ more
intense than the goldman sachs and all those guys that that they didn't do
anything long but it was just freddie mac and fannie mae do you really believe
that neuroendocrine apparently part ridiculous wrote but but this was all fueled by provost
two entities at that uh…


Kept giving people more geezers with no down payment handle credit record is
just not jobs that's not factual at what i mean by
that is not a freddie mac and fannie mae didn't do that but it was a tiny sliver of the problem and i wish that didn't exist gigantic portion of the problem was the banks made money off of the flipping
those mortgages earlier in this show ron we talk about clayton holdings there was a told people hey you know
what these mortgages they were the the rainy season the banks would go to
them and say how are these mortgages and they told the banks twenty eight percent of these mortgages
are utterly worthless ok don't do anything
with these and go to a bank and morgan stanley goldman said thank you very much
and ignored them why cuz they repackage those mortgages as a
list of one else and made a huge profit for the
executives in the short term anybody who's looked at this economic collapse understands that that's the overwhelming
majority of the problem it was at the banks had profit incentive nothing to do with
freddie mac and fannie mae as to why they did these risky trades
the directives and the mortgage collapse so how do you see how that might be a problem when we
deregulated then what would you call anti-business rhetoric is actually it the problem is that that it's
deregulation a cause that it's not anti-business did you regulate in this program polis prior agreement there was a big factor
in our group they should have been regulated more if it hadn't been for those does uh…

Freddie mac counter merrick
situation loophole no the polar collapsed might not have
happened and then even though boat long it's
actor who were falconer stored up in our now this is it's simply not true that could look at you know you and i
have no syrian but and we're trying to ron kessler is cheap correspondent for
news next in washington uh… and is so run look so the answer in your mind to get back
to the shooters we had the huge autumn unemployment
problem we have a huge problem with the deficit but the answer is let's do more of what
we did in two thousand three two thousand a
more tax cuts and i would assume more deregulation
dizzy do you like the finance reform bags they
passed now i don't have history or
phosphorylation at all and that i think the basic problem is many wasn't to that we need to promote the private
sector we need promote premise sector jobs and we do that is
who's with tax cuts where morris certainty him and not a lot of
anti-business rhetoric here's another problem in who pick had so many numbers here idea
can't that's why it's hard for me to see your
position right because love look at what happened with
the tax cuts you know one point nine trillion there was one point three trillion
dollars look tax cuts during the bush administration during
those eight and one point nine trillion dollars
worth of money went abroad for overseas investment which i had no
prob without a cap listen they see that they got cheaper labor in china mexico
it's era and they should the jobs abroad i get that but do you see why the tax
cuts don't necessarily need to more jobs here in the united states they could
just take the tax cuts and invested in china now i don't really are cute you know that's coming from the dog more on a number of government programs will
in the way to to to get out of this map commitment to the work requires a
different issue we cover that a little while ago but on the fastest you see widest giving look top two percent of
corporations dot that's only create jobs here they can create jobs and tried or
bangladesh uh…

I i don't think it's c you know the the problems uh… under
the bush administration relates tax cuts but rather to to we've
just talked about madisonville all the things that bush did work they
ok the only thing you screwed up was freddie mac and freddie mac belly increased any more of a nation but
it certainly was not a great part of our most increases why one last thing on that then ryan
that you know you say he's increased spending
so much but yet the deficit is nearly identical
to bushes so he must also control spending in some ways references as
literally three point to trillion beyond m according to uh… a balanced budget
over several years and that's a big that's it if i understand right that's an
aggregate number once you combine a separate several number of years and if
you do that with bush of course your member he famously took the surpluses
that were left them in turn immediately though more than four order five
trillion dollars worth of debt it out disagreement obama has increased and i what i'm saying is that where one of the things that the
president's pays you go and i would see the better but what they're saying is if we're
going to crease penny here waiting to cut spending or raise taxes here to
equal it out pick out her very small percentage of the total ban germany he went on our american are kind of a
contraption nobody run let's not entirely true i i wish there were no
exceptions to it but one you see the deficit is staying
almost exactly where it is in the second of all like in the health care bill that not
only was adapted neutral it actually lowered the deficit now there's a lot i
don't like about their boat but you can say that it added to the deficit as
didn't well there you know the uh…

Chief liquor actuary of the medicare
medicaid programs says uh… had huge increasing
spending but beyond that it's going to economic resultant in locale health care less available health
care less quality because doctors offices chemical commits want
already from insurance co coming they're cutting off coverage because they simply will not accept the the ka andric regulation by let me ask one last
question and i just cuz you brought it up uh… so private insurance is cutting some people
and i tried the same things you did in and for example one of things is
government says you have to make sure you can't children with pre-existing conditions as
cruel unusual etcetera and so we've got the private risk abuser
say well i don't know how to cover any child so do you think the answer is to just
only give us an option a room with private insurance and we need in their
hands and hope that their profit motor winds up being in our best interest i think uh…

Admiral grabbing pros plot small programs to cover people who
who do have pre-existing illnesses that could be confronted by the
government but in general as you know just like
with car insurances somebody has many accidents failure uh… symbian
shorter or they're rich agreement ironed out or if you need with health insurance when you have these tapped where food no limit on time
curran howard communiques ninety dollars a year for one individual first races our car let's call these here is a great and so
yeah it's gonna cost millions of dollars that's why i bought their insurance well high right now over the capitol typically a million dollars a year and
coverage that's quite a quite a bit and but no i didn't get a rare disease
nicklaus over a million dollars sad day for you well too bad he should have been
a soccer excellent results and i think at some point we have to we
allowed her government is going bankrupt states recorded anywhere or do i guess
we politicians as i know the gun as private insurance that is unable to
get huh marine general where we we simply can't
keep uh…

Shelley money out and we have to
make a some decisions where we balance cost against an infant alright well i think audiences gotten both sides ron it's did
addie on we appreciate you coming on and i want nobody knows the uh… ron
kessler rights and news max dot com andy's also written a book in the
president secret service behind the scenes with agents in the president's that day thank you so much for joining us for a

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