[Easy Home Loan]  No Down Payment (Zero Down) No Money Down ($0 Down)

[Easy Home Loan] No Down Payment (Zero Down) No Money Down ($0 Down)

Home Loans! this is Chris Trapani the
mortgage Pro. people ask me about downpayment assistance programs from all
over the country and I finally found one that I'm really proud to present to you.
See most of the problems with the down payment assistance programs are
they're very regional or state by state and this one will cover just about the
whole country most states are covered and perhaps if you're a broker and we're
not in your state hey we might be able to help you out there too so you can
still reach out to me now what is different about this program is it's not
alone it's free money it is a grant that you never pay back there is no recapture
it's not like hey you have to live in the house for five years before the
money is there it belongs to you it doesn't work like that
once you fund this loan that's your money so I'm gonna give you a list of 13
things that one by one I'm gonna explain to you why this is the best program out
there okay credit score this is a big one with
downpayment assistance most of those programs work 640 they
were recently raised to 660 and now with the kovat 19 virus the the risk has gone
up many of those programs are 682 even 700 well this is another reason why this
is phenomenal only a 620 credit score to get free
money okay so the grant is three and a half percent of the loan amount and that
can be used for either your down payment which is a standard FHA down payment
three and a half percent and on a four hundred thousand dollar loan
yeah that's $14,000 free money it's your money so that's a really big deal it's
free money why wouldn't you buy a home when you gonna get free money okay so what else is a big deal well
number four there are no liens on the title except for your first mortgage in
most of these programs they put some kind of lien hey if you don't do live
there for five years you got to pay it back
there are no liens on this program it's a grant your money reason number five
this is awesome most of those downpayment assistance programs require
a debt ratio maximum of 45 percent some of them are going down to 43 percent
this allows you to go to 55 percent debt ratio yes that means if you have that
extra car payment or those extra credit cards those other programs won't let you
qualify you qualify here and you get free money reason number six this is pretty
incredible most programs will only allow this for a single-family residence or
condominium well this will allow you to buy a one two three or four unit home
and you get to buy it with a free downpayment what does it mean free it
doesn't mean you don't have to put a downpayment it means you get free money reason number seven why this is a big
deal a lot of those programs have income limits and some of them are pretty good
and some of them are really low that you say these though people can't mean to
live on that never mind buy a house no income limits to get free money reason number eight many of those
programs require three years income taxes and the reason they want three
years income taxes they want to make sure you're a first-time buyer and have
not owned a home in the last three years well you don't have to be a first-time
homebuyer you could have sold the house last month
and get free money with this program today item number nine why this is an
awesome program is most of those programs require a secondary
underwriting after you're done with underwriting it has to go to another
department or the state or the county you are whatever organization and they
reenter write it and figure that's another two three four five six ten days
there's no underwriting necessary on top of the normal FHA underwriting free
money it's free money why wouldn't you buy a
home when you gonna get free money item number 11 is since it's not alone and
you use it towards a down payment you have instant equity of three and a half
percent in your home so if you're buying a $300,000 house and you'll get in at
ten thousand five hundred dollar grand you just got ten thousand five hundred
dollars in equity I think that's a big deal because you're getting free money hey reason number twelve after six
months if the interest rates go down you can refinance see on those not free
money programs you have to either pay them off or sell the house or do
something because then are going away well since you got three money if rates
go down you refi after six payments hey reason about 13y this is absolutely
awesome is the program could go nationwide I don't care what state
you're in if we're not in that state we'll find a way to get in your state
just reach out to me Chris the mortgage Pro go to fire your landlord dot info
click the apply button fill out the application so we can get you started on
three money ok so this program is amazing I think you got the gist of how
it works and just how amazing it is you know the CEO of the Dreamhouse
foundation jeremy turner an amazing guy call me I'll put you in touch with him
if you are a broker and need to put some pieces together and if you're a
potential home buyer who wants free money reach out to me go to my website
fire your landlord info not calm dot info fill out an application click the
apply Now button it's simple let's fire your landlord you

$0 down

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