Reap the reward

You will receive your keys and you are a homeowner OR you will begin saving monthly or through the life of the loan!

Lock rate

Remember, your rate doesn’t depend on your application alone. It is also based on the type of loan and your credit scores. We will shop for your best rate and best type of loan for you.

Processing & Underwriting

Your loan file will be reviewed by a mortgage underwriter and the processor will assist you in walking through the loan process until the loan is clear to close. During this process, you will be asked for updated documentation and anything that is needed to get your loan closed ASAP.

Clear to close

you will get your Closing Disclosure to sign to start your 3 day clock for loan closing.

Closing day

Prepare to sign a big stack of papers until your hands cramp.

Loan application

Work together to estimate your budget and determine how much home you can afford. We will also discuss what’s included in your mortgage payment.


You will have to provide income documents, asset documents, and other documents we will request to move you to pre-approval stage. You will also be asked to sign your initial disclosures with the estimated closing costs.


Get your pre-qualification letter or pre-approval to determine loan amount and prove you are a serious buyer. Skip this step if you are applying for a refinance.

Shop for your home

Visit properties and work with your realtor to find the right home and location for you. Skip this step if you are applying for a refinance.