[ENG SUB]《云南虫谷 The Worm Valley》第06集 (潘粤明、张雨绮、姜超)

[ENG SUB]《云南虫谷 The Worm Valley》第06集 (潘粤明、张雨绮、姜超)

=Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley= =Episode 06= There are some writings on it. "S". "H". Is this written in pinyin? "H". "I". "R". "H, i, r". Does it mean"drinking all day"? All you think is alcohol. It's English. Chief Yang. Can you translate this for us? Daddy, this one is for you. It's beautiful. If you wear it whenever you're on duty, (Shirley)
it'll be as if I'm by your side. Okay. I will always wear it. Chief Yang, are you okay? Is this… Is this happening? Go talk to her. Her dad died here. What a coincidence! Hu, that body is truly the dad of Chief Yang? I guess her name is on that badge. Judging from her reaction… He's most probably her dad. Chief Yang has been looking for her father
for so many years. We thought he was stranded in the desert. Who would've thought that he lost his life here? I think her dad found a new clue.

He knew this Fowl-dust Orb is related to King Xian. What a shame… Indeed. But her dad was a resilient person. Alone. No ally. No professional equipment. And he got here. Imagine the hardship he went through! After all, not everyone can die in the Worm Valley. I need to talk to her. I'll tell her that yes, your dad fell here. But we have thousands of Hus. We will get to the end. Can you say something more sympathetic? Is it not sympathetic enough? I get it. You're worried that Chief Yang might not be able to accept the reality. Don't worry. She is a fighter. She is strong. If something bad happens,
she might be able to take it better than us. Fatty. Hu. Come here, please. I found a new clue. You see how tough she is? Shut up. When I was moving my dad's body just now, I found an odd-looking stone. Where did those stone toads come from? Why do you think there are so many toads here? Is there something more to them? Yes? Chief Yang. I have one word for you.

Respect. You know, your dad fell here, but we have thousands of Hus. We will get to the end. I promise you that we will pick up what your father left off. We will find the Fowl-dust orb. We are now spirited, motivated and encouraged. Fatty. If you don't know how
to console someone, don't do it. We've been working a lot. Find us some food. That's my forte. Hu, you're good at convincing people. You got this. Go now. I'll go there. You know, despite the circumstance, you finally found him. Right? I'm not good with words, but I know that you… Hu. Thank you. Don't be like this. I really am not good with words. And neither is Fatty. I'll reprimand him. Don't take his words to the heart. I just wanted to say that a family reunion is… Do you want me to help you to pack up or…? We all have to return home someday. My father was away for so many years. Once we find the Fowl-dust Orb, I'll bring his remains out. Okay. Hu. Do you think these toad pillars are a mechanism? It should be the entrance mechanism
to the ancient Dian Kingdom.

The layout here corresponds to the Nine Halls and Eight Trigrams. It also makes reference to the Nine Curves Digits. These eight toads should be rotatable. But to solve this mechanism, we need to rotate them in a certain order. If this is the Nine Halls and Eight Trigrams, can we solve it by using their respective sequence? The Nine Halls and Eight Trigrams
are just the surface. The most crucial part is the Nine Curves Digits from the Book of Yilong. It's hard to solve the Nine Halls mechanism. Do you have another idea? The Sixteen-character Feng Shui Scrolls did mention the Book of Yilong. As long as we can determine the first toad to rotate, we can then solve the rest by using the Nine Curves Digits. However, my grandpa used to tell me that this kind of mechanism is meant to dissuade tomb raiders. If we cannot solve it within three attempts, then it will be sealed tight forever. It'll be very challenging to break it open again. ♪We are the brave soldiers♪ ♪The mountain may be high and the water deep♪ Over there! Hurry up! Darn it.

They followed us here. Father. The Worm Valley is in front of us. Should we enter? Yes. They are so fast. Stay there! Where is it? Here. Hold still! Don't run. – Follow him.
– Go. Open, Rest, Life, Harm, Delusion, Scenery, Death, Fear. The Eight Doors correspond to the Eight Trigrams. Welcome the good fortune and avoid the risk. Life Door it is. We're now facing the south, which is the Li Trigram… That's it.

We only have three chances. Are you sure? Of course not. But we have to try. Rotate it towards me. It's not the Life Door. King Xian was known for his eccentricity. We cannot proceed using proper logic. He set a mechanism here so that no one can enter alive. Should we pick the Death Door then? Life is death. Death is life. Perhaps the Death Door is the Life Door. Death Door it is then. Qian Trigram… Northwest. Father, there's no one here. Patriarch. Hunt him down. Not this one, either. Hu. We only have one last chance.


If… Bad news, Hu. Bad news. It's grave. You know, my trip out was like a trip to hell. I can't believe I'm still alive. Why are you panicking? I asked you to find food, but you looked like you've been
chased by a wild boar. Exactly! The one who got discovered by the wild boar saw me, and he led his people to chase after me. Hurry up. They will be here soon. How should we retreat? Let's hide. Where are we? What is this place? Patriarch.

Father. Where are we? The Mountain Deity Shrine built by our ancestors. Listen up. I know you're inside. I am the Patriarch of Zhelong Village. If you come out and follow us back, I will promise you no harm. If you refuse, you will be considered as our enemy. You trespassed into my territory. Leave now or judgment shall befall you. Kneel! First kowtow. Second kowtow. Third kowtow. Leave! Now! Let's go. Let's go. Close the door too. Stop shoving. You… Patriarch, I believe this is just a misunderstanding. Misunderstanding? You guys lied to Kong Que and entered the Worm Valley. There's no misunderstanding. Patriarch, we didn't know that entering the valley was a transgression. But we have our reason to do so. Speak. Why are you guys here? To tell the truth, we came here from Beijing because we carry an incurable disease. Let me explain. There is a herb in this mountain that can cure us. Not just the three of us, many people need this herb to survive.

Patriarch, it is not our intention to violate the rule of Zhelong Village. Please spare us a few days. I promise that we will leave as soon as we find the herb. Father, these outsiders never speak the truth. Do not trust them. You know what? Fatty. Take off your clothes. Take off your shirt. Come have a look. See that? Do you see that? See that? Open your eyes. This is a symptom of our disease. I can reassure everyone that there's no deception in our words. Uncle, don't be fooled. That mark of yours? I have it too. Me too. Me too. Me too, I think. Eczema. It's eczema. What does it mean? Come here. Let me have a look. Why do you look so familiar? You. Yes, you.

Pull it down and show me again. That's a huge patch. Itchy? I see. When did you last shower? I got my answer. No need to reply. Yours is different than ours. Yours is due to hygiene. Just shower more often. Stop laughing. You only realized now? Cut the crap. This is our Mountain Deity Shrine. You came here uninvited and that's disrespecting our Mountain Deity. Hey, you know, that's called superstition. Why worship the Mountain Deity? Do you even know who you worship after all this time? Are you sure it's not us? No outsider is allowed to enter the Mountain Deity Shrine of the Worm Valley. Such is the Zhelong Village rule that holds true after hundreds of years. I don't care what you are here for, you cannot break this sacred rule. Sir, your people have been fooled for a millennium. Hu. You know, time makes people wise. What's in your mind? I believe you are not a thousand years old, but your ancestors… Let's not dally any longer. Capture them. What are you doing? Back off. Let's talk. No need to get physical. Take your hands off me.

I told you to take your hands off me! Fatty. Enter the shrine. Sure. Goodbye. Patriarch. Fatty. Capture them. Open the door. Break the door open! How is it, Hu? Do you have an idea? What the patriarch said reminds me of something. If what he said is true, Zhelong Mountain dates back to
several millennia ago. In that case, they might be the descendants of the ancient Dian Kingdom. Even if they are, what does that imply? ♪The path ahead♪ ♪Is shrouded by mist♪ ♪It's full of perils, but we never give in♪ ♪We search♪ ♪For the answer♪ ♪Eventually, we wipe away♪ ♪Our sweat and tears♪ ♪Disperse the mist♪ ♪That's blocking our way♪ ♪The cheers of victory♪ ♪Will permeate the rocks♪ ♪We'll reach♪ ♪The shore of hope♪ ♪Break free from gravity♪ ♪Break free from destiny's♪ ♪Shackles♪ ♪With my strength♪ ♪The blossom will bloom♪ ♪Even on the cliff♪ ♪There could be setbacks♪ ♪But we fall for no trick♪ ♪The mysterious tracks♪ ♪Through the dark and moist♪ ♪Realm of dream♪ ♪The dark night♪ ♪Will be torn open♪ ♪Daybreak♪ ♪Will be pulled apart♪ ♪We walk in a circle♪ ♪My fear♪ ♪Is overcome by my belief♪ ♪Over the hills and mountains♪ ♪We drink heartily in the wind♪ ♪Eventually♪ ♪Life will surprise us♪ ♪The rainbow♪ ♪Arrives after the storm♪ ♪Who can feel my lonely♪ ♪The eerie noises next to my ears♪ ♪The peril♪ ♪Could be lethal♪ ♪I strive to see the truth♪ ♪It's all right♪ ♪We never believed in destiny♪ ♪When we cross paths♪ ♪We keep a level head♪ ♪And survive the morass♪ ♪We work as one♪ ♪And move forward♪ ♪By marching together♪ ♪The evil brings pain♪ ♪And fill us with hate♪ ♪We must keep the beckoning at bay♪ ♪Through the woods♪ ♪We speak to the gods♪ ♪Weapons are forged with courage♪ ♪We will not back down♪ ♪My gaze♪ ♪Will punish the evil♪ ♪With the worst torment♪ ♪The dark night♪ ♪Will be torn open♪ ♪Daybreak will be pulled apart♪ ♪We walk in a circle♪ ♪My fear♪ ♪Is overcome by my belief♪ ♪Over the hills♪ ♪And over the mountains♪ ♪We drink heartily in the wind♪ ♪Eventually, life will surprise us♪ ♪The rainbow♪ ♪Arrives♪ ♪After the storm♪ ♪The dark night will be torn open♪ ♪Daybreak will be pulled apart♪ ♪We walk in a circle♪ ♪My fear♪ ♪Is overcome by my belief♪ ♪Over the hills♪ ♪And over the mountains♪ ♪We drink heartily in the wind♪ ♪Eventually, life will surprise us♪ ♪The rainbow♪ ♪Arrives♪ ♪After the storm♪ ♪The rainbow arrives after the storm♪

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