Friday 11/5/21 Acts 9:1 - 9:43

Friday 11/5/21 Acts 9:1 - 9:43

– [Narrator] Welcome to
the Shepherd's Chapel Network Family Bible Study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray. Wisdom is understanding
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unique teaching approach brings God's word
alive with meaning as he takes you on a
chapter by chapter, verse by verse study of God's
letter to you, the Bible. (slow organ) And now here is
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Ready to get back in
our Father's word. Acts 9:1. We're gonna pick up Saul here. His name will later be
changed to Paul, same person. Held the coats while
they slew Steven. And really Paul believed, when he had a belief
he really went for it. He was zealous. He was quite a Bible scholar. Had studied at the feet
of one of the very best. But he had missed the
point of Isaiah 7:14 that a virgin would conceive, would bear a man child and
we'd call his name Emmanuel. It had happened
and he missed it. But he's about to catch
up with that fact. Now one of the things
I want you to learn from chapter nine is that you have free will, but you also have
those that are chosen. Now Saul's free will is
to destroy the church. But in as much as he is
a chosen vessel of God, God's gonna see to it
that he changes his mind. This is why we teach God's elect who were chosen before the
foundations of the world at the first overthrow of Satan.

And thus God doesn't
give away specialties, they earn it. You earn it and have earned it. Therefore being
one of God's elect God could intercede
in Saul's life and direct him to bring to
pass that that was written. So here we go, chapter
nine verse one. Word of wisdom from our Father. Verse one reads, "And Saul, "yet breathing out threatening." I mean with every breath
he threatened the church.

"And slaughter against
the disciples of the Lord "Went unto the high priest." What did he do there? Verse two. "And desired of him
letters to Damascus "to the synagogues that if
he found any of this way." That's to say the Christian way. "Whether they were men or women "he might bring them
bound unto Jerusalem" He wanted to haul them out. He persecuted the
church tremendously.

Paul never forgave
himself totally for this. By that I mean he always
really regretted it. But that still
caused him to strive all the harder to please God. Verse three, "And
as he journeyed, "he came near Damascus." That's getting almost to Syria. The main town rather. "And suddenly there
shined around about him "a light from heaven." This is God's way of guiding His
elect in this case. Verse four, "And he
fell to the earth, "and heard a voice
saying unto him, "Saul, Saul, why
persecutest thou me?" And verse five, "And he said, "who art thou, Lord? "And the Lord said, "I am Jesus "whom thou persecutest: "it is hard for thee to
kick against the pricks." And so it is.

You have to understand a
little bit about agriculture and also God's
planting of the world to understand that statement. The word pricks here is a goad. In other words if
you're driving animals it's a stick with a
nail on the end of it. And when you are
driving animals, if one should kick you
or something like that, or be stubborn, you
goose them with the goad. And if they kick it it makes
it all the harder for them. It drives that nail
right under the flesh. What he's saying
here through the son, you're doing nothing
but hurting yourself. Any time you push
against the church you're hurting yourself. And there's a far
deeper meaning to this. It also means a protractor. That is to say the
part of the protractor that has the point.

The sharp prick. And a line drawn or
a pencil on the other that draws a perfect circle. And if you kick that protractor, where the point is holding it fast, it wobbles and throws
everything out of kilter. And that's what Christ
is telling Paul. You're kicking everything
out of proportion. This is actually used
in the great book of Proverbs in chapter
eight where wisdom speaks. And wisdom does
speak in verse 27 where it says. Chapter 8:27, wisdom speaking. Wisdom of almighty God. "When He prepared the heavens." That's to say our Father God. "I was there." Wisdom was with Him naturally because all wisdom
comes from God. "When he set a compass,"
that's the protractor. "Upon the face of the death." In other words, his total plan was made perfect in that circle. In the order of things.

And here Paul is causing
things to wobble, to get out of place. And Christ is not
happy about it. And this was God's
way of taking this one who no doubt was
chosen from before. Which we will learn this in the 15th verse coming up here. So let's pick it
up then returning to chapter 9:6 and it reads. "And he trembling "and astonished said,
"Lord, what wilt "thou have me to do? "And the Lord said unto him, "Arise, and go into the city, "and it shall be told
thee what thou must do." You know, when God
has a purpose for you you don't have to worry.

Let God do the leading. You understand it and obey. Verse seven. "And the men which
journeyed with him "stood speechless,
hearing a voice, "but seeing no man." This word phone, which is, he heard a sound. But it didn't mean
anything to them. They couldn't understand it. They could hear it, but
couldn't understand it. It will be another place
this will be reported. And it causes people thinks, the contradiction is not. You just have to
understand the Greek. They heard the sound. But it didn't mean
anything to them. They couldn't tell
what was being said. Saul sure did. Which would later be Paul. Verse eight. "And Saul arose from the earth: "and when his eyes were
opened he saw no man." He was blind. God struck him blind. "But they led him by the hand "and brought him into Damascus." Verse nine. "And he was three
days without sight, "and neither did eat nor drink." Many people will
pass off frivolously. "Well I spoke to God today." You wanna be careful
when you say that.

When God speaks to you it's not, it is a life changing point. Verse 10. "And there was a certain
disciple at Damascus "named Ananias." Gracious gift of God. And so he was to Paul. "And to him said the Lord
in a vision, Ananias. "And he said, "Behold,
I'm here Lord." 11, "And the Lord said unto him, "Arise and go into the street
which is called Straight." That's true. "And inquire in
the house of Judas "for one called Saul of Tarsus" "for behold, he prayeth." Old Paul, you can bet he
was praying real hard.

I mean here he's lost his sight. Zealous as he was. I don't think Paul ever totally. He got his sight
back enough to see. But he always had to
have a scribe after that. Luke usually. And even in one letter
when he signed off he said, "Look at
these big letters "so that you know
it is my hand." He couldn't see real well. God has a way but he
still got it done. God sometimes kinda
corrects us a little bit. And makes it maybe a little uncomfortable but
you can cut it. That's what he wants
to know anyway. Verse 12, "And hath seen." Still speaking to Ananias.

"And hath seen in a
vision a man named Ananias "coming in, and putting
his hand on him, "that he might
receive his sight." This vision has been showing him naturally by the almighty God. Verse 13, "And then
Ananias answered, "Lord, I have heard
by many of this man, "how much evil he hath done "to thy saints at Jerusalem." This man arrests Christians.

In other words
naturally what Ananias is wondering in his
mind, "Why in the world "would the Lord want me
to heal and give him sight "through the Holy Spirit
when he's our enemy?" Verse 14, "And here
he hath authority "from the chief
priests to bind all "that call on thy name." Verse 15, "But the
Lord said unto him "Go thy way, "for he is a chosen vessel." Do not read over that. Chosen, elected,
not volunteered. Paul's own free will was
to destroy the church. God's choice was He chose him. Knocked him down, picked him up, gonna give him sight, and he's gonna do God's work. "A chosen vessel unto
me to bear my name "before the Gentiles, "and kings, and the
children of Israel." There's where you know Paul
has a three phase mission. He was sent to three parties. And that's when he taught
most of the New Testament. His own three levels. And it's according to what
level you hear it at actually as to how it's written to you.

It is a beautiful
wonderful thing. It's called the word of God. And it gets that done. Many people have
difficulty in understanding that God does elect some. And again, I want
to really emphasize. Not because they're
the smartest, the wisest, or the prettiest. But because they earned it. When Satan rebelled
they stood against him. I mean showing every wit. How they loved the Father. And therefore, as you read
in Romans chapter eight following verse
26, you don't even know what to pray
for in a flesh body. But I'm gonna
intercede in your life, for you are predestined
to do my will. Let's just say the will of God. And then he continues on to say you were the first fruits
that were justified.

That means in the
first earth age you were justified. That means judged and not found wanting. Therefore, God can intercede
in one of the elects life without having to
on judgement day have that person say "Well
I may not have done that "if you hadn't
interfered in my life." You see, He can interfere
in the elects life because they're already judged. That isn't to say
they get punished for when they mess up here now and in the flesh. God has a way of
correcting His election. I mean if God loves you
He breaks out the paddle. And you better learn
how to kiss the paddle and say thank you Father. Because He has things. God's elect are the
ones God utilizes to bring the word to pass
exactly as it's written. And that's what this Paul was.

He could talk being a
scholar of the Old Testament of all languages. He spoke more languages
basically then they all. Five different languages he
could speak and understand. And take that forward the
word of God to the Gentiles and to the kings and
queens of the ethnos. That's the election of
the Gentiles so to speak. Ethnos. And also to the
children of Israel. What a message he had and what a blessing from God. But no problem, he earned
it in the first earth age. He sure didn't earn
it in this earth age because he was a villain and evil to the very
church up to this time. He will more than
make up for it. Verse 16. "For I will show
him how great things "he must suffer for
my name's sake." And Paul did suffer.

He was a tough cookie. He could cut it. When it was a little
too rough for anyone else to plow, God's
elect say bring it on, we're ready, we can cut it. Well, I feel a
little disillusioned. Oh do you? Well that's just a
little tough isn't it? Get to work. Do God's work. And God will bless you
whereby you can cut it. This is why God would
many times such as Daniel in the lion's den. God knows how to take
care of His own children. And even Paul, when
he was shipwrecked, beaten and everything else. 40 minus one strike, licked. God always took care of him. Brought him right on through to the point he could write
most of the New Testament and bring us this
wonderful word. Do we really thank
Paul for that? Well, it was God that did it. Through the Holy
Spirit this was done.

So again, I urge you, never leave the Holy
Spirit out of the equation. God chose him and
God was driving him, God was directing him. And the Holy Spirit
was getting it done in seeing that he did. The next verse please, 17. "And Ananias went his way,
and entered into the house; "and putting his
hands on him said, "Brother Saul, the
Lord, even Jesus, "that appeared unto thee
in the way as thou camest, "hath sent me, "that thou mightest
receive thy sight, "and be filled with
the Holy Spirit." And so it was. Verse 18. Naturally when Paul
receives the Holy Spirit, he has to receive the
fact that Christ is here. He died on the cross. He promised the comforter and
the comforter entered Him. 18, "And immediately "there fell from his eyes
as it had been scales: "and he received his sight
forthwith, and arose, "and was baptized." 19, "And when he
had received meat, "he was strengthened.

"And then was Saul certain
days with the disciples "which were at Damascus." And he was with them. 20, "And straightway he preached
Christ in the synagogues, "that he is the Son of God." Is that not amazing? That here where he was such
a villain against the church, once he realized, Messiah
has already been here. The Messiah died on the cross and he was the only begotten. He was the son of God. He was Emmanuel. Just as the old
scriptures which Paul could quote in and out. Isaiah 7:14. "A virgin shall conceive. "She will bear a man child and
you will call him Emmanuel." Which is being
interpreted God with us. And when you seen the son, naturally you saw the
Father for the living word. This word became flesh and walked among us. Showing us how to get it done. And then of course here, now he's pulling this one,
this vessel that was chosen, and sending him to the children. It won't be a rose
bed all the way. It'll get tough at times.

But again, he's a man of God and he can cut it. Let's go with the
next verse please. Verse 21. "But all that head
him were amazed." You can imagine. "And said, "Is not
this he that destroyed "them which called on
this name in Jerusalem? "And came hither
for that intent, "that he might bring them
bound unto the chief priests?" Now this kinda let
you know what kind of religion the chief
priest was, does it not? Verse 22.

He wasn't the chief
priest appointed by God but by a Roman governor. 22, "But Saul increased
the more in strength, "and confounded." He stunned "The Jews, Ioudaios , "which dwelt at Damascus, "proving that this
is the very Christ." In his preachings
he could nail it. Why he had experienced it. I wanna explain
this word Ioudaios. It means anyone living
in the land of Judea. Our brother Judah lived there but the Kenites did also and
they went by that same name. So you wanna be careful what you blame on our brother Judah. Because usually it
would be the Kenites that dwelt among them. 23, "And after many
days were fulfilled, "the Jews took
counsel to kill him." This would be the Kenites.

The sons of Cain mixed
in, calling themselves. Why, because they lived in Judea that made them Ioudaios You might say, "Well can
you prove that Biblically?" Of course I can. Well where would you find that? Jeremiah 35. Many years ago they moved
there for protection and lived under that
shadow whereby they could have that protection. And because of a
geographical location they were able to call
themselves of Judah but they lived in
the land of Judea. Just as if you were
to live in Arkansas you would be an Arkansan. Regardless of what
nationality you were. Verse 24. "But their lying await
was known of Saul. "And they watched the gates
day and night to kill him." You know, this is
one thing about Saul. He was the one that would lay weight and persecute the Christian.

So they couldn't
put much over him. He had his own system
of intelligence and information whereby he knew. Verse 25, "Then the
disciples took him by night, "and let him down by
the wall in a basket." And a little covert
activity here to get him away from the city. 26. "And when Saul was
come to Jerusalem, "he assayed, he tried to join
himself to the disciples: "but they were
all afraid of him, "and believed not that
he was a disciple." They thought he was
trying to trick him.

Work his way in and
get their names, arrest 'em, and have him killed. Just like poor old
Steven died being stoned after witnessing that
great beautiful summary in chapter seven of
God's word overall. Verse 27, "But Barnabas." Old preacher Barney,
"Took him and brought him "to the apostles, and
declared unto them "how he had seen
the Lord in the way, "and that he had spoken to him, "and how he had preached
boldly at Damascus "in the name of Jesus." In other words, they called, many of them called him
Barney the preacher. But really they called him
the voice of thunder also. Which would mean he
made an impression. And he vouched for this one. He was a witness. The fact that Paul
had been converted. Saul had been converted. 28. "And he was with them coming in "and going out at Jerusalem." They accepted him.

And naturally you're
not gonna find a better Bible scholar than Paul in the Old Testament. At this time there
was no New Testament. You understand that don't you? But there would be. We're only a short time now. About year 35 where Christ
was crucified in 33. 29, "And he spake
boldly in the name "of the Lord Jesus, and
disputed against the Grecians: "but they went
about to slay him." And this would be not the
Hellenists which were, but slave merchants and so forth of the Israelites. And he laid it on him. Verse 30, "Which when
the brethren knew, "they brought him
down to Caesarea, "and sent him forth to Tarsus." That was his home. 31, "Then had the churches
rest throughout all Judea "and Galilee and Samaria, "and were edified; and walked
in the fear of the Lord, "and in the comfort
of the Holy Spirit, "they were multiplied." Learning and
walking in the Lord, carrying forth the truth. The very actual word
of God will always grow a ministry. It will always grow the doctrine
of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Not playing games and
not playing church, but letting God speak. Letting the actions
of God speak. Strengthening souls and minds. Whereby they know
the word is real. Christianity is not a
religion, it's a reality. It's your life. It isn't just your flesh life. It's your eternal life forever and ever. To have that peace of mind
that only comes from one place. And that's the Father that
created your very being and loves you so very very much.

32, "And it came to
pass, as Peter passed "throughout all quarters, "he came down also to the saints "which dwelt at Lydda." And this is the
word we mean strife. 33, "And there he found a
certain man named Aeneas, "which had kept his
bed eight years, "and was sick of the palsy." He was paralyzed. Been paralyzed and
in bed eight years. 34, "And Peter said unto him, "Aeneas, Jesus Christ
maketh thee whole: "arise, and make thy bed. "And he arose immediately." Just like that. Well Peter did that. No Peter didn't do that. You gotta remember that. It was in the name of
the Lord Jesus Christ that in touching him and the very presence
of the Holy Spirit that it was the Lord God
almighty that did it. What does the number eight mean? It means new beginnings. And here this poor man has
been paralyzed eight years, he's gonna have a new beginning. 35, "And all that dwelt
at Lydda and Saron." Which is a plain there. "Saw him and turned
to the Lord." Many might say well
why did he do all this? Well it was to further the word.

When you see God's word
actually working, in action. It draws people. Why, because that's
what they want. They want peace of mind and they are drawn
to their Father. That's home. And home is peace of mind. Spiritually speaking,
your Father only through the son brings
that peace of mind and comfort to his own. And has the ability in setting
these examples and miracles to encourage the students
and the innocence to know Christianity is reality.

Which is to say Father is real. And loves his people. It lets the people
see the action and working of almighty God. Verse 36, "Now
there was at Joppa "a certain disciple
named Tabitha, "which had by interpretation "is called Dorcas. "This woman was
full of good works "and almsdeeds which she did." What does her name mean? Well it means gazelle. It means she's a deer. A little gazelle is
what her name is. And I'm gonna tell you
what, she was a teacher. She was a Bible teacher. Well I didn't know
God let women teach. No, well where
did you read that? It is written if you
understand the Greek that a woman shouldn't
chatter in church.

I don't let men or
women chatter in church. But Philip had four
virgin daughters that never knew a man and they were all
teachers, prophetess. Deborah was a woman and
she was the judge of Israel and led them in battle. Was their instructor. Ho-dah was an instructor
at the very Bible college itself during the
time of the judges. And as it is written
in Acts chapter two and Joel chapter two that both sons and daughters
shall serve God and prophesy and see visions
in the end generation. That's the generation
of the fig tree. You're in it. So Tabitha set you
a good example. Verse 37, "And it came
to pass in those days "that she was sick, "and died. "Whom when they had washed, "they laid her in
an upper chamber." I mean what a woman. There she had church down by the sea so to speak. 38, "And for much as
Lydda was nigh to Joppa, "and the disciples had
hear that Peter was there, "they sent unto him two men, "desiring him that he would
not delay to come to them." With urgency.

Verse 39, "Then Peter
arose and went with them. "When he was come they brought
him into the upper chamber: "and all the widows
stood by him weeping, "and showing the
coats and garments "which Dorcas made,
while she was with them." She did just beautiful
work they would say. Isn't it wonderful? 40, "But Peter put
them all forth." He says run them out. "And kneeled down, and
prayed and turning him "to the body said,
"Tabitha, arise." "And she opened her eyes.

chief priest

"And when she saw
Peter, she sat up." Now how many of you
think Peter did this? There's only one life giver. Satan can not give life,
Peter can not give life. Only God can give life
through the Holy Spirit. So naturally the Holy
Spirit accomplished this. The reason I have
to hammer this. If you expect your witness
to amount anything, if you expect your ministry
to amount to anything, coming out the gate
you got to realize from whom the power flows. Or you're cut off. You're a nothing. Peter himself could
no more have brought Tabitha around than he
could fly to the moon. But God sent that comforter. And through Peter, touched that fine lady and brought her back to life. You notice what Peter did? He drove out those that were already telling her goodbye and that's understandable. Verse 41, "And he
gave her his hand, "and lifted her up, and when
he had called the saints "and widows,
presented her alive." What an opportunity. I made the church
alive, given it life. The spirit says. 42, "And it was known
throughout all Joppa; "and many believed in the Lord." Why wouldn't they? Here was this comforter, Lord God almighty.

That this wonderful
lady that he touched and brought her back to life. What the meaning is, that in this sinful world, it is God that gives that light. One more verse to
complete the chapter. "And it came to
pass, that he tarried "many days in Joppa with
one Simon a tanner." And so it was that
he would do this. God's wonderful works. And Saul being called into this. Converted now and on a
three phase ministry. He'll get it done. This is why we have the
Acts of the apostles that tells you how to act. All right, don't
miss the next lecture in less than a moment
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We have one judge,
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Okay, and question time. We're gonna go with
Rosemary from New Hampshire. "Pastor Murray, I
was wondering if it's "okay to use the Living
Bible paraphrased. "I have a copy of this
book and it seems to "take the King James version "and put it in simple English. "Or are there too many
mistakes in it to use?" Not really, there
are a few mistakes.

Example, in the Psalm of Moses. Rather than being
specifically directing to the sons of Adam, it translates Adam men. And that can really throw you if you don't understand
the manuscripts. But any work,
always double check. This is why the only reason that if you drift away from
the Standard King James, is you lose touch then with the Strong
Concordance by Dr. Strongs who was one of the best
Hebrew Greek Aramaic scholars you're ever gonna run across. Because naturally the words
are changed into modernism. Whereby you're not
gonna find them as they were written in the old. But that's well if it helps you. But then always
do your study work and proof work from
the King James. Unless you are a Hebrew
or a Greek scholar whereby you can use
the manuscripts. But no problem.

Any Bible that helps you. But beware, many of
the new translations, for example in
Ezekiel chapter 13. Not the one you're
talking about here, but in certain later models of even the King James. They have changed where God says "I'm against those
that teach my children "to fly to save their souls." It's been changed
to birds flying. Now that's a lie. Absolute. And who do you think would
do something like that? A Kenite of course. To try to hide truth. So that's why it's best to stick with scholars
that you know. Know what they're talking about and will not mislead you because Satan would like to deceive many in this particular generation. Rick from Tennessee. "I love the way you
teach God's word. "What a blessing
you've been to me." Well thank you. It's the word that does it okay.

"What did the rich
man mean when he said, "I am tormented
in these flames." "I don't believe
it was literal fire "because he could
not talk if on fire. "Please help me." It meant he was
burning up inside with, actually disappointed in
himself, an embarrassment. He could see the throne of God across that goat. We're quoting from
Luke chapter 16. He didn't say but that's
where it's written. Luke 16, where he
could see Abraham. He could see old
Lazarus over there. In the bosom of Abraham. I mean they were
hugging and so happy that they had overcome
an eternal life. Here he had everything on earth. He was a rich man. I mean whatever he
wanted he bought it. Ordered it. And boy he doesn't
order anything here on that side of paradise.

And it burned him up. Not literally, spiritually. But hey, the millennium's coming and he was wise enough
that he even said, "Send Lazarus back "to let my brother know "what's going on." That Christ was real. If a dead man came back
to life and told them they'd believe it. Well that's not true because
Christ was resurrected and they still
don't believe him. So there you have it. The deeper meaning is Lazarus is the equivalent in the Greek of the Hebrew Eleazar.

And Eleazar was the
true priest of Aaron that took place of
his two brothers who God struck dead for playing and messing around
with strange fire. Well what does that mean then? Don't play with strange fire. Stick to the truth. Mary from Arizona. "Where does the
estimate of 12 billion "total souls come from?" Right here. I know that about
half the people are living today because
of population explosion that have been since Adam. Well how many people
are there today? Well there's about six
billion little plus. Well what's twice
six billion, 12. It's that simple. Okay you got another question. "If murderers can not find
salvation in the flesh, "how is it Paul who persecuted "and murdered early
Christians was chosen "and blessed by God?" Certainly Paul was saved.

He was saved but what was he doing what
Steven was murdered? He was holding the coats. He seemed not to participate
in the actual murder. He consented to it. And that's why he always
felt guilty anyway. Patty from Maryland. "If I died." Let's see. "I want to thank you
for your ministry." You are welcome. "If I die before
the seventh trump "will I be in heaven
and then come to earth?" If you die before
the seventh trump, naturally to be
absent from this body is present with the Lord. Just like that. These flesh bodies go
back into the soil. But we have a beautiful
spiritual body that is forever. And so it is. "How do I convince
someone who believes "in the rapture theory
that it is wrong?" You know, it's real simple in teaching that.

1st Thessalonians 4:16. When you go back
to the 13th verse it says, "Don't be ignorant." If you believe Christ
rose from the dead you better believe that
those that sleep in him are with him also, that
he brings them with him. So they're not in a
hole in the ground. But if you're going to teach it I have a work titled The
Rapture Doctrine Question.

So I would advise that
you order that work and it documents clearly
that there is not a rapture. In the first place, if
a person is familiar with God's word, what
does Mark 13 say? It says God's children
are going to witness against the anti-Christ
when he appears on earth. Let me ask you a question. How can you rapture and
fly away like a butterfly, and still be here to stand
against the false Christ? It won't fly. Well, it says you escape
the hour of temptation because you're
not fooled by him. He doesn't tempt you. Instead of being
tempted you escape it because you find him
to be an abomination. And you fight it
through the Holy Spirit. It's time to Christian up and understand God's word. But that will help you teach even if you would what the word truly says about flying away. Rapture doctrine, you'll
find it on the tape list.

Louis from… Where is Louis from? She's from Nebraska. "Are there saved. "Are those saved who died
believing in the rapture, "does that belief
determine where "they will spend eternity?" No, no. Those that believe
in the rapture, that's Satan's message
when he arrives at the sixth trump. When he says I've come
to fly you out of here. Jump in my wagon. Worship me, I'll pay
off your mortgages, I'll furnish your
food, everything. You got it, just
worship me right here. I'm your savior. And they believe him. They think it is Christ. That's why he is
called anti-Christ which in the Greek tongue
means instead of Christ. He's not Christ, he's
instead of Christ. And they fall for it. Why, because they
weren't taught properly and they never
seem to get around to reading a word that
a child can understand.

It's the word of God
that he sent to us. The word of God is like a
feed sack if you're a farmer and you know what
I'm talking about. If you get it started right and you open it
from the beginning. You just zip the
thread and sewing apart and the sack's open. But this word, if
you don't get it right from the
start you're gonna hack and cut and never
quite get it to work right. You'll probably
jaggedly cut it open. When it's so smooth, if you just
understand what truly happened in the garden
and take it from there.

God's word flows. "Pastor Murray, Melissa
Inwunder from Newfoundland. "When anti-Chris comes will "Satan tempt a
non-Christians to hurt "and kill Christians
or even pets?" I wanna tell you something. It will be dangerous
for when they are worshiping the false Messiah believing he is Christ, and you step out in
the open and say, "You're a fool, you're
worshiping Satan." Understand how that would mean. If you truly believed
it was Jesus Christ and somebody told
you it was Satan, how would you feel? They'll be mad. Really mad. Mad in more ways than one. And it will be dangerous. This is why in
Matthew Jesus said, if you pass somebody
in the byways, agree with them, go ho ho. Or something and keep traveling. You're Gods elect. You go for the jugular. That is you wait to go
against Satan himself. Not some hypocrite. We got Sheryl from, I don't know where
Sheryl's from. "What does the word
Canticles mean?" It means the Song of Solomon.

Song of Solomon. One of the greatest
love stories ever told. That's what it means. And really in the King
James the title of the book is Songs of Solomon. But in certain Bibles
it is Canticles. But it's a beautiful,
most beautiful love story ever told. And it has to do with God wooing Israel with his son. Not only Israel but
everyone with his son. Clarence from Alabama. "Is there anywhere in
the Bible that says "anything about if there are
age limits on being a pastor?" There's nothing written about it but it's just that, you can only be a pastor when you have something
to feed the sheep. A pastor means you're a
tender of the pasture. The people are the sheep. And if you go out
here and you got a scrawny piece of land and
there's no food in it, you're no pastor. But if you're a true pastor, you'll have lush green
grass for them always, spiritually speaking. You will feed them and they will be well fed from
the word of God.

Well how do I accomplish that? You have to be
prepared, skilled, and know and understand, have the leading
of the Holy Spirit and the knowledge
from almighty God to present that food. You feed them, they will come. Anyone that will feed the
flock can build a church. The church is the
people not a building. But you have to be
able to feed the flock or they're not coming. A lot of churches
fall because the people are not fed. Well they fed a bunch
of malarkey there. They told stories. That won't cut it. It's gotta be God's word. Chapter by chapter,
verse by verse. Age has nothing to do with it, it's knowledge, wisdom,
and the direction of God. A lot of people
will see a big GP in the sky and
they'll say go preach. And really it meant go plow. So you gotta be careful. Steven from Michigan. "What Bible do you use
on your broadcast?" Standard King James.

The reason I use the
Standard King James, is that many people, especially when I started
teaching over 50 years ago. If you brought out
any Bible other than the Standard King James
your name was mud okay. You were a weirdo. So people didn't
accept anything but the King James Bible
was good enough for Paul it's good enough for me. Well Paul has never
seen a King James Bible. It didn't come into being until the year of our Lord 1611. But the manuscripts is what I study from basically. And that's where
the real meat is and that's where
the word comes from. But always teach from
something that is understandable and
digestible by the sheep. David from Oklahoma. "What is the difference
in spiritual life "and spiritual death?" Well spiritual life is eternal. It's eternal life
in a spiritual body. Spiritual death can
happen to somebody in a flesh body. You can be deader than
a hammer spiritually. It means they don't
believe in God, they don't believe in a savior, they laugh at the Holy Spirit, and there's no spirit in them.

So they're spiritually dead. Well what does that mean? That means they're going to hell unless there's some changes or adjustment to the situation. Monica from Arizona. "My question is
from Nehemiah 1:1. "It says he was the
son of Hakaliah." And 3:16 says after
him repaired Nehemiah "the son of Azbuk." "Does this mean the
son of Azbuk repaired?" No, they're two
different men okay.

When you have a
problem like that take your Smith's
Bible dictionary and when you have a
word like Nehemiah it'll be Nehemiah number one,
number two, and number three. However many men
were named that. It will list them
and then you know you're not talking
about the same man. If I remember right, I think there were
three different men named Nehemiah. Verna from California. "Pastor Murray,
outside of prayer "what can we do for
wayward adult children?" Live the life. When you serve
Christ and when you have that peace of mind that
only the Holy Spirit can bring, and mainly the blessings of
God through the comforter. They see that, they can feel it.

They know it. And ultimately when
they're in trouble they're drawn to it. I am a strong disciplinarian. And being a marine
I'm naturally. That just flows and I
know what discipline is and I know without
discipline you got nothing. A church without
discipline is not a church. And to discipline
yourself is to learn well and to take care of business.

So therefore, in
disciplining yourself they see that and they want
it and they're drawn to it. The main thing a person
never wants to do is be an enabler. When you're one of these
that enables a child who has some very
very bad habits. And they take the money
you might help 'em with and buy drugs or something
else to help their habit. You better read 2nd
Thessalonians 3:10. Where it says somebody
that won't work, take care of themselves,
don't feed 'em. Let 'em starve. Do you know why? Well that sounds cruel to me.

And that's not cruel. I mean you let 'em
miss meals for a week and they'll be
ready to go to work. They'll find them a job
and they'll get to it and they'll grow up. Don't be an enabler,
that's the main thing. One of the main things. Nikki from North Carolina. "Is it ungodly for a woman
to wear a lot of jewelry?" Where the Bible speaks of this. There were certain
articles that were worn that advertised the fact that a woman was a prostitute.

Even down to one time in history a certain color of eyeshadow was saying I'm it, I'm
available, I'm a prostitute. And wearing certain jewelry. So everything in moderation. But that basically
was the reason that sometimes you were. And certainly you don't
wear something you worship. And you certainly don't
put a lot of pretties on because you wanna
stand out at church. What makes you stand out
at church is your spirit. Your willingness to love
our Father and to serve Him. McClain from Rhode Island. "Where can I find
Cain's genealogy?" Cain's genealogy, you
will find it written in Genesis chapter four. You will find
Adam's genealogy in Genesis chapter five. You will not, this
shocks a lot of people. You will not find Cain
in Adam's genealogy.

Well why in the world not? Well you figure it out. If Cain is not written
in the word of God in Adam's genealogy,
Adam's not his father. Well who is his father? Well read St. John
8:44 and find out. If you didn't find out from
Genesis chapter three and four then you need to
read St. John 8:44. Or I'll give you
a better one yet. Go to Mark chapter 13. Begin reading with verse… Concerning the tears. And then find out who
really planted them. That's the Kenites. And it will tell you that
Satan did, the devil. And are his children. Christ teaching, not mine. Okay, I'm out of time. I love you all because why? You enjoy studying God's
word chapter by chapter and verse by verse. And most of all God
loves you for it. You know what makes his day? When you read the
letter he sent to you it makes his day. And when you make his day, boy is he gonna make yours. You can count on it. He loves you.

And we are brought to you by
your tithes and offerings. If we've helped you you
help us keep coming to you. Once you do that you bless God He will always bless you. But there's one thing
most important though, you listen to me
and you listen good. You stay in his word. Everyday in his
word is a good day. Even with trouble. Do you know why? Because Jesus Yahshua, he is the living word. – [Narrator] Hearing God's
word with understanding will change your life. We hope you have enjoyed
studying God's word here on the Shepherd's
Chapel Family Bible Study hour with Pastor Arnold Murray. If you would like to
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world in His hands.

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