How To Get 2-5 Mortgage Leads Per Day - Mortgage Leads Tutorial (2021)

How To Get 2-5 Mortgage Leads Per Day - Mortgage Leads Tutorial (2021)

What's up YouTube Jason Wardrop here in this video. I'm gonna break down how to generate mortgage leads step-by-step So this is one of the many mortgage lead campaigns we've got for you guys and literally in this video guys I'm gonna unveil Everything I'm gonna show you guys everything From the Facebook ad I'm gonna show you guys the exact copy because I don't you guys but there's a lot of videos on YouTube Whether it's for the mortgage industry or real estate where they say they're going to show you exactly what to do but then they hide like all this key stuff that's important to actually know when you're going through and set up your facebook ad your Landing page your targeting or any of that and in this video guys I'm gonna break it down step by step and there's a special bonus for you guys If you guys give this video a thumbs up and comment down below comment mortgage leads and I'm gonna show you guys my step-by-step tutorial as well And you guys can see we've got the overview here We're gonna show you guys how to set the landing pages automated emails Facebook tracking Facebook Ads Then I give you guys literally like the ad copy The targeting everything in this video and this is a hundred percent free all you have to do is if you're brand new here makes you guys subscribe to channel hit that notification bell and then also give This video a thumbs up and comment mortgage leads down below and I will share this with you guys 100% for free so you guys can get off to a good start with your lead generation right now If you guys are this is your first time here to the channel My name is Jason Wardrop And I help real estate agents and mortgage brokers go through and generate more leads and set appointments from those leads in the past 18 to 24 months I've worked with over 4,000 real estate agents mortgage brokers, loz and we've been able to have a lot a lot a lot of success So once again guys if you guys want this give this video a thumbs up comment down below so with that said Let me just show you guys really quick the whole process of what we're gonna be setting up a quick overview So this is basically what it looks like for Mortgage ladies real sale ease whatever lee-char really trying to go through and generate so you've got a Facebook ad here Facebook pulse you can see on the left-hand side of your screen and Then when someone's scrolling through their newsfeed on their mobile phone on desktop, whatever it is they see the ad they click on the ad and they're going to a landing page really capture page instead of your main website right now if you've been a business for some time now you prob got a website and you probably Noticed that you never see any leads from that website And if you do the the agents and brokers everyone that I work with it actually do see leads coming to their website It's like one to two a month and it's very sporadic and they never really know when the next leads coming from so this is why you want to send them to a landing page because it's very simple clear concise and Basically, it just it just ups your conversion rate of generating a whole lot more leads for the amount of money You're spending on Facebook advertising right? And then after they go through and opt-in with their name phone and email Okay, that's what I call lead.

Someone's name phone number and email address not a like or comment on a Facebook post We have an automated email and text marketing fault in place to go through and nurture and be able to set Appointments from those leads that were generating. So anyway guys in this video, we're gonna break down this whole entire process so first What we're gonna do is we're gonna set up the landing page because you don't have a landing page and email text marketing follow-up Then you don't have anywhere to send the people when they click on your Facebook Ads So you want to get the landing page set up first then the email and text marketing follow-up and then once you have that done We'll actually sell the Facebook ad we're gonna all do it everything in this video right here. So let's just jump over and So what I like to view we've got this software that we built out it's called our slam kgr slow marketing is specific for real estate agents and for ellos and we got all these templates in here that makes it so much easier for you guys when you go through and Set up your marketing your lead generation campaigns so you can see I've got some existing landing pages right here now to go through and create a new landing page just like I've shown you guys want to click on create another landing page and Then we've got these real estate lead page templates And we've got the mortgage lead page templates.

Now the campaign that we're setting up today. Is this downpayment assistance? Lead campaign. Now. This is one of many many mortgage campaigns that we have But I want to just break down and show you guys step by step because the whole technical process is basically The same is just really changing up what you say on the Facebook ad what's sell on the landing page? And what's set in the following? Alright, so jump back here the downpayment assistance So we've got this down payment assistant landing page, which is already pre-built done for you guys So we just click on choose which this will kick us into the website builder where we can go through and edit the images text everything and customize it to you and your business but nice thing is You don't only have to change out the background am you don't have to change out a lot of this stuff? But if you want to edit it You could click to edit this section and you can see We've already got the headline sub-headline and call to action already done and ready for you Now you can see this is fine down payment assistance in and then your states you want to update that with your state So let's say for this example.

I live in Utah. So we'll just use Utah's an example here So we'll say in Utah. It says is a smallest investment you can make to get all of your questions answered and That's it guys. Everything else is literally ready for you guys to go. And so what we'll do from here is to click on save it says website saved and published and Then we come back here to the main dashboard And we can see this landing page that we just set up so you see right here on your dashboard We click on go to site and you can see ok This is the link where we're gonna be sending people from Facebook. They'll click on this link They'll come this landing page say hey find down payment assistance a Utah get down payment assistance they put in their name email phone number and then you can even add some custom fields like this one has When are you looking to move like right now one month three months, whatever it is You can kind of have an idea of how soon this person's looking to go through and get started then they hit submit They become a lead in your database and then we can start the whole email and text marketing follow-up process So that was pretty easy right like give this landing page that took us like what maybe? 60 seconds and I was taking time to demo and show you guys so it's really not that difficult, right? So now coming back here we have this landing page now for everyone That comes in and puts in their information We can have these automated follow-ups where you can see how many people were sent the emails how many people open the emails and how many people clicked on email so you've got all of your Analytics right here at a glance and like this We've already got the first email already pre-built free done for you guys So you don't really even have to worry about it says hi.

First name? It's gonna auto populate with the first name that they put in on the landing page So it's always gonna be update up-to-date and correct because my name is and it's gonna autofill with your name and you can go through and look through the emails and See like what it says, but like we've already kind of we want to simplify this as much as possible for you guys So we've already got this done right then Let's say you want to add another email or another text message All you have to do is click on create new email or new text message So if you got like a new text message so you can say something like you know, hey How soon are you looking to move or something like that? We've got all these pre-built email and text marketing script templates You guys can literally just copy and paste like we've made this so simple for you guys because I get it I've worked with a lot of agents a lot of ellos you have so many other things that are more important than you going through And setting all this stuff up and so we wanted to go through and simplify as much as Possible for you guys and eliminate a lot of the unnecessary work and just get all of these Campaigns basically pre-built pre done for you.

Alright So once you get the the copy and paste template in here, we just hit publish. Okay. Hope we didn't add a name Let's put demo right in here We hit publish and then we're starting to build this automated follow-up sequence right now. You guys get the gist of it I'm not gonna go through and build like a full-on 10-day sequence, but we have the email and text marketing templates They can allow you to go through and do that. It's literally just a simplest copy and paste you copy it you paste it So so easy and then now that we've got the landing page fill We've got the email and text marketing follow-ups here now We want to set up a Facebook ad Where we're sending people to this URL right here so we can generate more leads now Remember what we said about send them to a landing page a landing page is actually going to convert about 15 to 20 percent of people visiting your page into leads.

Whereas your main website You might be lucky to get just 1% of people visit your website to actually become leads Okay, and you're probably already seen that right now in your business So that's why it's really important to use a landing page just like this. It's very clean very simple and Basically, there's no other links or ads or anything else to distract somebody or other things for them to click on so it's basically coming here find down payment assistance They either want it or they don't they either opt-in or they don't and then from there We either generate a lead or they don't opt-in but we get a lot higher conversion rates So now if we come over here to the Facebook Ads manager What we want to do in here is come over here to create a new campaign.

Alright, so we'll create a campaign now We'll start over here Now Facebook has so much data on every single user every single person that's jumping in there that they know Which people are more likely to watch a video or like or comment on your posts or clicks your website? We're opt-in to become a lead right now. That's why you want to go through This is actually very important to go through and choose your marketing objective and most loz that i've worked with That have not really seen any results with facebook advertising. It's because they're going through and they're clicking that boost page boost post button on their facebook page and The whole goal of that is to get more likes comments and shares Okay, not to get actual leads which likes comments and shares. Those are cool. But like it's more of a vanity metric, right? So we want to get actual leads so what we're going to choose with this landing page is this conversions objective right here, so we'll click on conversions and Then we'll say demo down pay Assistants, we'll just give it a name So down pay right there.

We'll click continue and Then now at this point this is where we want to go through and choose the audience of people who are actually going to go Through and target. All right, so we're gonna give it a name and we'll just say where we were somewhere in Utah, Utah down pay Assistance and then for the conversion What we want to do. We just want to make this very basic and simple so Facebook actually has a lot of what they call standard conversions which basically means like if somebody goes to your landing page and they opt-in they have converted into a lead so they are now a Conversion so we want to come down here You can see this one right here.

It's called lead so we want to go through and have Facebook track everyone That becomes a lead in our system So let's choose lead right there and then we'll come down we can skip over some of this this core stuff right here and what we want to do when we Get to the audience is let's say that we are in Utah, right? So let's say weird, Salt Lake City, Utah Just kind of like the kappa right here So instead of the United States and everyone in this location We want to exit out of that and then we're just gonna type in Salt Lake City Utah right there and then instead of everyone in this location because there could be people traveling here like if they're coming out to You know go mountain biking or skiing or whatever it is.

get home loan leads

We don't want people that don't live here, right? So we only want people who live in this location. Okay, that's big That's one thing a lot of people miss and then you can see how this potential reaches nine hundred fifty thousand people Depending on how like big of a raise you're willing to go through and work You can see you've got the 25 mile radius right here Or you could go down to let's say a 10 mile radius If you live in a really big city, right and Salt Lake's a fairly decent sized City It's not like one of the bigger ones but it's fairly decent size or we could go through we could say current city only Okay so that drops it down to four hundred and thirty thousand people and Then as we move down the nice thing is this page that I've got over here for you We've got all of the interest targeting everything already done in here So this is what the ads actually gonna look like then down here.

You can see what the actual interests are are targeting So you've got 25 to 65 English on this one was done in, California but we can come up here and so let's go and Choose 25 and sometimes I like to go even a little bit older Sometimes I like to go like 27 because we're looking for people that are you know in the the range to be able to buy a home and sometimes like below the 2728 range from what I found It's you know, you could have people looking to buy a home But it's usually kind of a little bit older demographic that are looking to go through by home now languages You can come in here. You can update these languages You can say just English or just Spanish or just whatever language you want to go through and target I typically am gonna leave it blank because there's a lot of offices where you have people that are bilingual they can speak multiple different languages That's you know You don't want to say no to somebody That is interested in going through and buying a home and you want to be able to help them out now as we come down here one thing for the detail targeting now Facebook's taking a lot away a lot of the detailed targeting as far as like being able to go through and target people based on their income and A lot of other things which which is totally fine This still works amazingly well, and we've got even some custom audience tricks and hacks and stuff that we do as well But one thing that is just kind of like a general good place to start is for targeting Usually if somebody's looking to buy a home, they're kind of surfing around on Zillow Trulia and so we can come in here and we can include people that like maybe Zillow right so we can see we've got a three hundred thirty thousand size audience and if we go through and select that It drops it can drop it down a little bit looks like they're this one didn't have a drop at all But then we come down here we say Trulia and you can see it's just it's updating and maybe that's not like the true number right there because sometimes it takes a second for Facebook to fully update it But we want to come in here and put some of these different places where you know People would be searching if they're interested in going through and buying a home okay, so we come in here and out of some of these basic interest targeting right here and then as far as like Expanding interest you see how this is checks.

I always like to uncheck that and you can see up here look at this this drop down to Sixty one thousand cuz it update I think because my touring right here and then I uncheck that and so got pretty Specific with our targeting and this is what we really want to get to you right and then coming down here for the placements They say automatic placements, which is recommended However, one thing that I found in my experience of going through and doing all this I I like to come down here and do edit placements and I like to uncheck everything besides the Facebook newsfeed Okay, it just it works the best. Typically you're seeing a lower cost per lead and overall It's just gonna work out better for you. Okay, so just trust me on this I've worked with a lot of agents and brokers and ellos and it just works out better Okay, so we've got that Facebook news feeds right there You can see a drop down at thirty five thousand five hundred two thousand people on her daily reach and then coming down here We've got our daily budget.

So this really depends on your budget now an audience of about 35,000 people That's pretty small, right? So I probably want to spend more than five dollars per day On an audience that small now if you've got an audience of a hundred thousand people or more You could go to like more than ten to fifteen to twenty dollar range. But what is this small? I usually like to start like around the $5 per range Now one thing you got to keep in mind though If you're spending $5 per day on leads and it costs you $5.00 to generate a lead You're probably let me to generate one lead per day, right? I mean, it's just the math like five dollars per lead five dollars a day one lead per day So that's just kind of how it works is just like kind of manage your expectations And then coming down here all this stuff Facebook's got like some pretty good basic features all set right up here. So I don't really mess with any of this so then I'm gonna come over here to continue and Then we choose the Facebook page that we want to run it from so I'm not gonna choose this one I'm gonna go through and I've got this mortgage broker page.

I'll choose to run it from okay Now you ideally you want to run it from your actual Facebook page that has your name Your profile picture to get your brand name out there in the market. Okay, and then we come down here We choose single image ad and then for the image, I actually have this down here right here for you guys You can just use this image. Okay, so make sure you guys give this video a thumbs up comment down below So you guys can get access to all this. It's gonna help you out a ton. I promise you and then we come down here We upload the image. I've got this on my desktop Let's see right here. Okay. So we've got this one right there as far as the text goes We've already got that already done right here for you guys okay, so we've got that we just copy that and We paste it in there and then we've got this URL Remember we got want to use a URL to this landing page we created So we just click on that and we come in here we paste it in We've got our what's linking out now to see where a landing page Okay, then our headline we've already got that in here to find out payment assistance in and then we'll put Utah Utah and then we wanted to learn more you've got we got a lot of different options for call to actions But learn more and my experience has been the best it's not like too aggressive, but it's you know, they're interested They want to learn more so we're gonna click out to your landing page and then all this stuff you pretty much can leave just As is if you want to do a news feed link description We have it right here for you guys but typically it's not like it's not gonna be a total GameChanger if you don't put this in Okay, so now right here we can see what it looks like This is on a mobile phone or you so you select through and you can see this is what it looks like on an actual desktop computer And then what we do from here is we just hit confirm which I'm not gonna confirm this because obviously it's just a demo Right here, but at that point you're done you're set Like it's all ready to go for you that you can go through you've got this ad it's running So when people in your target market, they see it.

They're gonna click on it. They're gonna come over here They're gonna opt-in put in their name email phone What when are you looking to move hit submit? then they're gonna come become a lead in the leads database over here or it can sync with your CRM if you guys have a CRM that you absolutely love. It's very easy And then this automated follow up drip sequence is gonna just automatically start taking place So that wasn't too hard, right? So we come down here and this is the whole process We just set up we set up the landing page first Then we set up the email and text marketing follow-up then we set up the Facebook ad We did all the targeting. We did everything we can't confirm. It's ready to go It's running and then from there All you got to do is just let it run and I usually like to let my ads run for at least four to five Days before I go in and determine if they're a winner or not Okay Because a lot of times it takes a little bit of time for Facebook's algorithm To go through and update and adjust to the target and everything that you've set up and the biggest mistake I see is People turning off ad campaigns too soon.

They let it run for 24 or 48 hours Maybe it generates one lead or doesn't generate a lead at all. They freak out and then they're like, oh this doesn't work They cancel it and then they're just done Where sometimes it can take that three four or five days before it actually goes through and starts converting at a higher level Now I hope you guys enjoyed this whole entire walk through the whole process I literally did not hold back anything for you guys Now one thing if you guys want me to go through and we've got a whole training Section where we can train all of the loz in your office plus we can also give you training to help recruit more real estate agents into your office and if you guys are interested in that and having my team go through and be able to train all your team and all the real estate agent partners and be able to recruit a ton more partners then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna Add a link right below this video in the description Where you can go through and schedule a call with either me or a member of my team.

Well jump on a call We'll hear about your business what you're really looking to accomplish and whether you want us to train the other LoZ in your office or you want us to be able to just go through and train a Group of real estate agent partners that you have to be able to have them re– for all the business to you And then we train them on how to actually go through and generate leads for their business Then we can figure it out and we can put a game plan together specifically for you for your office for your business, so check out that link right below in the description and In most of our normal trains guys, I do go a lot slower than this I know I went very fast, but we've got the system down We've worked with so many, loz with so many agents. We know it works. We know it doesn't work We've tested hundreds of thousands of dollars of paid advertising so you can skip the trial and error you can skip the like guest gain the guesswork and Wasting tons of money and time just trying to figure this out.

So anyway guys look down below Schedule a call for sometime in the next couple of days more than happy to go through and see what we can do to help you guys with your business be able to generate more leads set more appointments from those leads and Ultimately close more deals So once again guys if you guys are brand new here, make sure you guys subscribe the channel we launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and Your business and also if you guys want that little free Step-by-step tutorial on how to generate mortgage leads just like this video.

Give it a thumbs up comment mortgage leads down below this video I'll hook you guys up with that and then once again If you guys want to jump on a 100 percent free strategy session with myself Or another member of our team look in the description for a link to that and we'll get you hooked up So thanks so much for watching guys. And with that said I will see you all later.

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