How To Remove Hard Inquiries In Less Than 24 Hours

How To Remove Hard Inquiries In Less Than 24 Hours

How to remove hard inquiries in less than
24 hours? Yes, you heard that right. Do you need to increase your credit score
fast and you have all of these inquiries just dragging your credit score down? Well, you are not alone. I'm going to show you exactly how those bad
boys right off of there so you can get that credit score that you are looking for. Let's go. I'm going to share with you the true way to
really get this done used by my students today and it's still working. I'm going to share with you the biggest trap
to avoid that will get your credit score flagged. I'm going to tell you how to make sure that
does not happen to you. And last but not least, if you stay to the
end, I'm going to share with you a trick that I just learned this year that is working like
magic. So, let's talk about personal credit.

So, obviously, you're watching this video,
you know that hard increase are probably lowering your credit score. But when it comes to personal credit, some
of you guys may know, some of you don't. But I'm going to break it down for you. There are 3 credit bureaus when it comes to
personal credit. You have Equifax, Transunion and Experian. And all 3 of those credit bureaus are different. There are 3 different companies that will
report all of the information that is sent to them from different lenders. And they will compile a score. All of your tradelines such as credit cards,
your mortgages, your auto loans. Even your student loans will report on your
personal credit report and offer you a score based on how well you've paid those people,
how well you've managed your accounts and the different types of accounts that you have. It is a very crazy thing because most people
do not know how credit works. And in fact, most people could never tell
you how to get a perfect credit score because this is a proprietary model that these companies
use and they would never share.

This is crazy algorithm that none of us absolutely
know. But we've learned so much over the years that
I can tell you some tips and some tricks and especially on how to get those inquiries move
and how to keep a very good personal credit score no matter what the situation is. So, let's get into that part. So, the first step that we're talking about
getting hard increase removed, we got to talk about the differences between hard inquiries
and soft inquiries.

Some of you guys, if you're watching this
video or listening to this, you may already know what a hard inquiry is. But for those that don't, I'll quickly tell
you the definition. So, when you apply for credit with a company
whether to be an auto loan or credit card or whatever, if they pull your credit report,
it will result in a hard increase. So, if they go to Experian, Transunion or
Equifax and they say, "Hey, I want to see Jane's credit and make sure if she applies." It is going to show in a section on your credit
report as inquiries.

Those are hard inquiries. However, if someone just checks your credit
profile without actually pulling the full report, that is what we call a soft inquiry. That means they did not pull your full credit
report, they did not have your full social security number usually. And it does not result in an inquiry on your
credit report. It is a soft pull.

And in many cases, you can get approved for
loans, for credit cards and, all different of things without resulting in a hard inquiry. There's tons of companies that we call soft
pull to see if we qualify and give you loans or proceeds based on that. Sometimes I'll do a soft pull to say, "Hey,
it does look like you're pretty qualified." And then do a full pull. And then there's companies that will never
do a hard inquiry. They will use the soft pull and that credit
inquiry and that profile to determine if you meet their general guidelines and lend to
you based on that. But we're talking about hard inquiry. So, let me tell you few things about hard
inquiries that you really need to know. When it comes to hard inquiries, why so many
people are worried is because to many inquiries on your credit report can lower your credit
score. And it prevents you from getting new credit. For example, I will tell you about a secret
rule that most people do not know about is called the 5/24 rule.

Meaning, for certain companies like Chase,
for example. Okay? They do not want you to have more than 5 inquiries
in the past 24 months for credit, okay? And if you have more than that and some cases,
they will decline your request for loans right off the top. They will not lend to you, okay? So, it can be very detrimental to you to have
too many inquiries on your credit report.

Additionally, if you go for example to buy
a car and you're going to the car dealership and they shop your credit report to all of
these different lenders to see who will lend you a car.,, You know, lend you money for
the car, that will result in tons of hard inquiries on your credit report and unfortunately,
you can expect to lose about 5 points for every single hard inquiry that you have where
you did not get approved for the loan. Now, do not ask me how they know if you didn't
get approved or not but they know. Alright? So, they do. And you will typically lose about 5 points. I share with you really quickly a story that
happened to me a few years ago. I went into a car dealership to buy a car. They shop my credit all around to all these
different lenders. And I ended up losing 35 points on my credit,
okay? And that's really a big deal. If you have a credit score just for example
of just 700, now they have taken 35 points off of your credit. That is a lot, guys. Now you are now in the 660's okay? You're not even in an upper echelon of credit.


You really need to be over 700 or at least
over 680. And I literally went and bought a car, have
a credit score over 700 and literally left that car dealership with a credit score less
than 680. Oh, my gosh! Was I devastated when that happened to me? So now, let me tell you how to get those bad
boys off of your credit report same way I did. So, go ahead and make sure you like this video
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And more importantly, this is a very important
video. Please make sure you are sharing it with everyone
you know. This is information that everybody should
have so that we can win this credit game. So now, let's talk about how we are going
to get those removed. Here's what I did, because the process is
a little complicated but it's absolutely free and it's something that you can get done on
your own without paying anybody to do. Okay? So, now let's first talk about a concept that
you need to understand. When it comes to inquiries, you have to understand
that the burden of proof is on the person that reported the information. For example, the person that reported that
they had an inquiry, the burden of proof for them to prove that it is you and your credit
report and they had the authorization to pull your credit is on them, okay? So, just think about that for a second.

So, there's a way that if you feel like you
shouldn't have all these inquiries. You feel like you don't recall them. You feel like "These are not mine. These are not justified." Whatever the situation is, you can go ahead
and you can write a letter to get those removed, okay? But before you do that… Because I'm going to tell you exactly where
to get the letter and where to send it.

I'm going to first tell you, you need a couple
of things. Because like I said the burden of proof is
on the lender, on the person that put the inquiry up there and reported that information,
you need to know that, okay? You need to know what happens. Because you know that, here's how we navigate
around the game. When you dispute that you want to tab these
inquiries removed, okay? You are not disputing directly with the lender. You're not going to say, "Hey, Chase. Take that inquiry off." You are going to go to the credit bureaus. You're going to go to Experian, Equifax or
Transunion; whatever the inquiry is. And you are going to have the…

You're going to send a letter to get those
removed. But before you send that letter to those 3
credits bureaus to have those inquiries removed, you need to make sure that the information
where they're going to get checked is frozen. So, here's the real secret: Those 3 credit
bureaus –Experian, Equifax, Transunion; they usually go to a couple of different companies
to see if this information is accurate. One of them is called Sage Stream, okay? You can go there absolutely free. And what you can do is go ahead and freeze
your account with them, freeze your credit report with them so people can not access
that information. It's absolutely free for you. Sage Stream. The next one is LexisNexis. And this is a company that reports all of
the public information. They actually do criminal reports. They do credit reports. They do all different types of background
court reports to make sure people are who they say they are. But you can actually freeze your account with
them so then when you go ahead and you send this letter, they're not going to be able
to access or verify your information with them.

And this is how you can easily get these hard
inquiries removed. So, you want to go ahead and freeze those
accounts and then you're going to go to the Fair Credit Act. They have a website. This is through the government, the United
States government. And they have a letter that you can use to
dispute anything that you feel that is inaccurate or an error on your credit report. And it is a letter because it's a section
of a law called Section 604. And that is what you will use to send to those
credit bureaus in order to get those inquiries disputed or removed if they cannot verify
them. It's just that simple. You want to make sure though you send that
form 604 via USPS mail. You know, United States Postal Service and
you also want to make sure that you send it certified mail. Alright? You also want to make sure you do not sign
the letter. This is not for you to just sign and send
it. You want to put your name, you put your information
and you put the accounts that you are disputing and that is a…

Do not sign that letter because you do not
even want them to have your signature on file, alright guys? So, you submit that letter. And if they are not able to verify that those
are truly inquiries that you initiated, they will have to be removed from your credit report. Just that simple. I have spilled the tea, guys. Okay. So, I have created an actual checklist. This is a fast little chi-chi for you guys. There's a link in the description box below
for a free download –Noelle's free download on how to fix your credit, how to get these
reports removed. I give you all of it right below in a checklist
absolutely free. I just want to make sure you have all of the
resources, all of the tools, and all of the knowledge that you need to be successful. To your success..

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