Inside the Episode: Two Houses, Two Mortgages  | Little People, Big World

Inside the Episode: Two Houses, Two Mortgages | Little People, Big World

Spoiler alert. Are you ready for
a behind the scenes look at the latest episode? Make sure you're all
caught up in the new season of "Little People Big World." Victoria and my third
year wedding anniversary is coming up. Do you have a plan,
anything in mind? I think it's going to be low
key, just with our situation, and, like, dog, babies, and,
like, new house, and no money. I stress out during anniversary,
Valentine's, Christmas time.

I stress out. Anything he has to show
emotion, he stresses out. I like gift giving. But it just stresses me out. He doesn't like gift giving. I feel like there's
a lot of– no, I used to always give gifts. But I'm saying, gift
giving, there's just a lot of expectations, I feel like. Not from Tori. Just in society. Anyway. So it took me a while– I would just like
a card, honestly. It doesn't– It took me a while to come
up with an anniversary idea. But then when I got it, I
was like, I like this idea. I think Tori and me are going
to do like a dinner thing right here.
– Oh, cool. And so if, like, we put
lights up on this fence here, maybe the trees. I'll get some flowers to
replace those flower pots. I knew Zach was planning
something, because he told me to leave with the child. So, yes, I did know that
he was planning something.

I didn't really
know what it was. He kind of gave it away when
I dressed up really nice, and then he was like,
mm, you should go change. More casual. More casual. I came out in, like, a
dress, and, like, you know– Put some jeans on. Yeah. Oh, babe, I– oh, dear. ZACH: Oh, dear. TORI: It was really sweet. He does really sweet things. Zachary is not romantic in
any way, shape, or form. He can be really thoughtful. He's not–
– When I think of you. He's not emotional. He's not– But it's in my head. TORI: Another year and
many, many more to come. I'm going to cry. This is not fair. OK, keep going. That's what I feel like
we struggle with sometimes as a couple, is I feel like
I need that affirmation of, like, you're doing a great
job, or I love you, Tori, or any of those, you know,
like, affirming notions. And Zach just doesn't give them.

Like, ever. I feel like what
I say is what I say. So if she says, do I look nice? I'll say, yes. And then she'll be like– Or he'll be like– he'll look at me. Yeah.
– Yeah, but– yeah. You hesitated, though.
Like, hold on. But look nice. Because I'm actually
looking at you. I'm not going to
say yes blindly. Because you also get
mad– do I look nice? And if I'm looking over
here, yeah, you do. Well, you didn't
even look at me. You know? So there is– you know.

family farm

Gotta go both ways. Definitely not
romantic, though. At all. ZACH: I couldn't carry two
wine glasses at the same time. You're so cute. Practice my skills. TORI: I would describe our
relationship as more fun and laid back. But I would also say
we're really thoughtful. And we're really
intentional in how we are– like, how we spend our time,
and how we parent, and how we– you know, how we want our
relationship to move forward. Right? Yeah. We like to say we're opposite. Because like, Dan
will come over, and Tori and Dan will
do some home project.

And then me and Erica are
hanging out with the babies. – So true.
– You know. Or like, you know,
we're opposite and– We're just opposite in like– Tori will, like, do the
ordering at restaurants, because I just, like, usually
it's high or something. Stresses him out. Or it's just like, if we're
walking up to a food car, it's so high up. Tori will just like– that's just Tori's space. Yeah. You know. Tori wants me to get
rid of all this, though. But, like, this is a nice desk. Kind of cool, but,
like, is it junk? Is it– Yeah, the garage
is not a good spot. TORI: It's my nightmare. If there is stuff in the garage
that you haven't used in six months, and you haven't
looked for it in six months, my vote is to just
light it on fire.

False. You keep your Christmas
decorations in your garage. And you need those once a year. OK, minus those. But like, 90% of the garage we
haven't touched in six months. So for me, I'm just kind
of like, get rid of it. Yeah, the garage
is a bad, bad space. I hate the garage. What about this green
and blue bookshelf? TORI (ON PHONE): No.
No. No. Burn it. Break it. Babe, I've had that
bookshelf since I was a kid. TORI (ON PHONE): No. No. I'm going to keep it. TORI (ON PHONE): Babe,
you're a hoarder. Like, you are a hoarder. No, I'm not. TORI (ON PHONE): You are. Hands down, I am
definitely cleaner. Zach's a mess. No arguments here. You know? I'm constantly
cleaning up Zach's mess.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. That's not necessarily– yes,
you are a cleaner person, you like to clean. Sometimes you just– You leave your cereal bowl,
with the cereal, in the bowl, in the sink, so then when
I have to come around, you literally have to get
a chainsaw to get it off. OK. No, no, no. Oh. Yeah. I'm not going to go there..

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