Living Wage | Whole Movie | #EarnThatWage

Living Wage | Whole Movie | #EarnThatWage

Greetings. I am the observant living instant
virtual environment responder. But you can call me Oliver. Get out. Whom am I helping today? I'm… Daniel. Well hi there, Daniel. Say, chap, what's your Wi-Fi network? The Wi-Fi is
"Pretty fly for a Wi-Fi," and the password is "Say cheese"
all in one– Word. Got it. Wonderful. Let me show you
all the things I can do to make your home
more productive. Hit it! Oliver and Daniel,
best friends forever. Oliver and Daniel,
best friends forever. Oliver and Daniel,
best friends forever. Oliver and Daniel… So, I say to the guy,
"Of course I shoot digital. It literally has no negative!" Because it lacks an analogue component,
not necessitating a printed form. You're a legend Daniel. You're not so bad yourself, Olly.

Expecting company? Yeah, it must be the assistant
I hired from Wage. Wage? Found it. "Wage. Get the job done. Gigs on demand. See jobs in your area. Create jobs and share them." But Daniel,
I thought I was your assistant. You can't do everything, buddy. ♪ Waiting at the door ♪ ♪ Waiting at the door ♪ Oliver, unlock the door. My bad. -Hi.
-Hi. -You must be Sandra.
-Yeah. Please. Thanks for coming. I have a bunch of prints that I need
catalogued for an upcoming show and… I'm swamped. No problem.
Organization is my middle name.

She's lying.
Her middle name is Kate. Oliver. Stop looking up Sandra. -Sorry.
-Did he just– It's a new… smart home thingy. No, it's okay. I used to have this like
robot vacuum cleaner thing, and it didn't suck. Which totally sucked. Not funny. Hey! Watch it. Sorry. So I tell you what.
I'll… set you up with a workstation,
get you going. Yeah, perfect. Daniel, I don't trust Sandra, and she's positively swimming
in student loan debt. I told you to stop looking her up. Why is it so hot in here? It's hot as hell in here. Did you set this? No, I thought you did.
I'm burning up. Oliver, stop! I'm sorry. Sandra asked me to alert her
of any hot back to school deals. No, I didn't! I graduated 10 years ago. Yeah, with a theatre degree. Hi. I'm Doug from Wage,
and Oliver…

Ordered me for… "home wrecker cleaning?" He did what? That's it. I'm turning you off. Quick, get the wood in the office. Got it! Oliver is your friend. Oliver is your best friend. Oliver, Oliver, Oliver. Hey Oliver,
how's this for a twist? Oliver is your best f– I think I'm gonna work remotely. Probably a good idea. Hello? OK. Just got to hook this up to Wi-Fi,
and you're all set. Is this online? Nah man. You gotta get that offline. -But it has smart home features, though.
-You don't understand. The machines are everywhere, man. Watching us. OK. I'm gonna get going now. ♪ Get down ♪ ♪ Get down ♪ Hi, it's Jack from Wage.
You ordered a delivery? Hi, Jack from Wage.
Come on in. So, we need to get these Furry Feet
to the post office.

-Furry feet?
-Yeah! Fur for your feet! I made them! So we need to take all these
to the post office, like ASAP, OK? -Sure thing.
-I'm just gonna… grab my phone, and we'll– Oh, my god! -What?
-What's going on? I think you're gonna actually make
two deliveries today. What are you talking about?
That's not funny. -It's kinda funny.
-Oh, my god. It is also really painful,
and it is baby time. So you need to take me to the hospital. I mean,
shouldn't you call an ambulance? $600 for a taxi? -OK. OK.
-Don't forget the packages. -Don't forget the packages.
-OK. Oh, my god. You're going to go up here,
and go right. And then you're gonna make a left! Oh, my good god! Oh, god.

It's so quiet! I need a distraction. Do you have… do you have music, or an audiobook, or a podcast? Yeah, sure. No, no, no, no. Leave it on, it's… I like it. It's like… it's like a funk, using a funky beat. -The funky beat.
-Really? Thanks. That's me, that's my music. What, that's you? Oh, my god! You're a literal jack of all trades! Oh, my god! Don't ever get pregnant, Jack. I gotta call my husband.
I gotta call him. Hold up. God. Hello… I'm having the freaking baby! …is what I would say
if I was actually here. Heyyoooo, at the sound! Every time! Every time I fall for that.
Oh, my god.

Oh, god. OK. So just, tell me… tell me about yourself, Jack.
I mean, like… you do music. You do this job.
I mean, like… is there a significant other? My mom isn't doing too well, so… between this, Wage, and working on my music,
no, not really. You know what Jack?
Forget it, forget it. We're not gonna make it to the hospital.
Turn around and go home. We have no more time. Yes, more time.
We need to go to the hospital. No more time! It is baby time now! Right now! It's coming, like, in the car! Turn around, now! No, no, no, no, no! I swear to god,
help me get my pants off! I was just supposed to go
to the post office. Jack, right now! Jack! Jack! Oh, god! Jack! Jack! Oh, my god! Come on, you're OK. -You alright?
-He lives. My neighbor saw you pass out
and he came over.

This is way better than my soaps. Is the baby OK? Jack, she's perfect. She's perfect.
I'm gonna name her Jackie. Really? Absolutely not! God, you're such a trooper. And guess what? You still have time to go
to the post office. ♪ Get down ♪ Sandra? Yes, Mr. Aceadorey? No. Please, call me Mr. Ace. Would you mind pulling over,
just up here? I have some business to attend to
before we head to the party. No problem. I hope you don't mind my asking. How did a girl like you
wind up with such a… -An old man car?
-Yeah. It was my grandfather's, before he passed. It is a boat. It's in such fine shape. Regular maintenance,
and a lot of love. He would say that, all the time. Would you… be my guest in the office
for a minute, before we head off? You're paying.

You two. Pack your stuff.
You're done for the week. If I'm in Odessa
come the holidays, I'll be sure and stop by. Sure. You'll be very happy
with the premium package. The email's been sent. You, too. So… I say to her, "Babe, I could sell ice to the guys who sell ice to Eskimos." Zing. You said that? -That's great.
-Yeah. Why would you need
to sell Eskimos ice? I don't know, peer pressure? -Nice.
-You know? Hey! There he is. Wow, the big boss. Coming to say hi to the dream team. You two. Conference table. Now. We'll be fine. Mr. Ace, is there a problem? I don't see how there could be, with such amazing sales. You know, I gotta admit, I… almost didn't notice
the phone spoofing software. Illegal as that is, good job setting that up. See, Kenny here, could you just? Thanks. When he calls, it appears that he's… calling from a real estate brokerage. That's a bold,
but effective, strategy. But Morgan, oh, Morgan. Morgan went all in, because who wouldn't buy
tax preparation advice from the IRS themselves? The IRS? Really? I needed the numbers.
I've got a kid on the way.

-You risked everything I built the Telemetrics.
-The whole business he built. -Both idiots! Both!
-Right. No, no, yeah. 15 years I've been working
to build this company into a pillar
of the telemarketing industry. Selling only the finest home goods, insurance plants,
pediatric cleaning supplies and more! The extended car warranty cold call? That was me! It's a landmark. -OK.
-Yeah. Sorry. I need you both to sit here, and wait for me to get back. We're definitely in trouble now.
This is not good. Hi, mom. No, I haven't paid back
my student loans. Well, screw my credit score. Mom, you know
what my credit score is? It's no. Sandra, could you come
in to the office for a minute? Gladly. Bye, mom. Gentlemen. This is Sandra. -Hey.
-How you doing? She's a lovely young woman
that I've hired off the Wage app, to be my driver this evening.

Now it's come to my attention that Sandra is driving
her late grandfather's car. And if I'm not mistaken,
it's no longer under warranty. I think it would be beneficial… for someone here to make sure that Sandra leaves
with a warranty for that car if… he sees himself having a future with this company. Thank you so much
for letting me go first, Morgan. Hi, Sandra. My name is Kenny. I don't need a warranty– Nobody needs a warranty, Sandra,
but if I may, I don't know… what you think,
but when I look out at the world, I see a big… uncertain world. And the only way to give yourself
some sense of certainty, in a world like that, is by taking a small measure to protect the things
you care about most. Can we get you into warranty today? No, I don't need a warranty. But remember I said the whole thing
by the window. -How big the world is?
-I'm sorry… about my co-workers brazen attitude. -Nothing brazen about that.
-It was a little brazen. -Even if it was, it's my approach.
-A little brazen.

Sandra, Mr. Ace was telling me
that this was your grandfather's car? Yes. It was his pride and joy. You know, I used to take rides
with my grandfather's car. He had a '73 Chevy, a Chevy Nova.
It was nice. And he would take me
to get ice cream. He said if I buckled up,
I'd get an extra scoop. That's cute. And that's why I'm not trying
to sell you a warranty. I'm trying to sell you
your grandfather's love. Just think about that. For… two years for $100? That's all it would take
to preserve his memory. You're right. Yeah. Free! I'll do the warranty for free. OK. Free guy. -Wow!
-Thank you. -Yeah, no. Thank you!
-Thank you, Sandra. You can start the car.
I'll be down in a moment. Thank you! -How do you guys make money?
-Woah. Free? You can't do free. He did what it takes.

He closed the sale. Pack your things. Kenny. -You're paying for that.
-Of course. -Of course. 100 percent.
-OK. I guess… IRS stands for… I'm really sad. Hi, y'all! Welcome to Wynona's Kitchn,
Christmas in July edition. Today, we are making
my signature Asadorian… wraps! Turkey and gravy, in an iceberg boat. Naughty on the lips, nice on the hips. Hey, mister! This big boy's had
three wraps already. Next we're going to be
making my signature cauliflower gingerbread cookies. Kerry, help! OK, alright. -Call that Wage, now!
-OK. Put on a stupid shirt! Jack from Wage? Jack from Wage. Thank god. And finally, device manufacturer, Flume,
is delaying the release of their Smart Home
Companion, Oliver, stating, quote, "We may have gone
a little too far with the AI." This is my husband, who looks better with a shirt… on! I thought you'd look more… plumber-like. Like Mario? Yeah. Like Mario. The guests are coming.
It's totally clogged. Good luck. Kerry, will you please get ready? Daddy's gonna be here soon. I didn't even wanna do this party.

Who wants to do Christmas
in July anyway? Ho, ho, ho. It's hot, hot, hot! Christmas in July is an
Ace Telemetrics tradition. Yeah, well so is selling reverse
home mortgages. Doesn't mean I wanna do it. I'm sorry you have a problem with
the job my dad gave you. The good job. Telemarketing blows. I miss working outside. You mean the landscaping business
you tanked? Newsflash, you suck at landscaping. It's not my fault
the market dried up. What market? All the lawns? Looks like there's a whole lot
of market outside there to me.


Oh, I'm sorry, little miss "never
had to lift a finger." Out here, we work. And you think running a successful
lifestyle brand isn't work? Since when is
400 subscribers successful? You watch
your Christmas mouth, mister. I didn't eat your gross Turkey thing. What? I stuffed it down the drain. Just like I stuff my emotions down, day after day, after day.

Welcome to Wynona's Kitchn, super meanie husband edition. Could we not with the– Got the job done. You cannot imagine
the day I've had. You. If you're not happy at work, stop taking it out on her. It's not like
you're paying for this place, anyway. And you! Nobody likes healthy Christmas food. And if he's miserable, he needs support. He's your husband after all.
Although, I don't know why. Babe, I'm… sorry that I yelled. And I'm sorry that I stuffed
your cooking down the drain. -The plumber–
-Jack. Jack's… right. I have been acting like a child. I'm sorry that I said
that you suck at landscaping. You don't suck at landscaping. I just want you to be happy. Always a happy ending
at Wynona's Kitchn, y'all. That's daddy. I'm gonna go answer the door. Thanks, Jack. Thanks, Jack. You wound up unclogging… a lot more than our sink. Well, feel free to throw in
a little extra.

I want you to have this. ♪ And I'm working
As a driver on Wage ♪ ♪ And I'm working
As a driver on Wage ♪ Hey, great voice! Thanks. -You scared me.
-I'm sorry. You got lettuce on your head. Yeah, these people are crazy. Well, crazy's been paying the bills. Ain't that the truth. -I'm Jack.
-Sandra. Well, -Merry Christmas, Sandra.
-Merry Christmas, Jack. Jack? It's July. Jack, Jack, Jack. Wait, wait, wait. Oh, my gosh.

Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack. I need help bad, Jack, OK? Look, I know you need the money. Look, I've already had the baby, so how bad could it be? How is the baby? She's amazing. And just about as useful
as my husband. Which is why I need your help. Please? Alright. OK, good. Oh, my god, Jack–
I'm kidding. Totally kidding. OK, come on. OK. So I started making these Furry Feet
as a hobby. And then I posted a picture
of me wearing them the day that I gave birth
in your car. Remember that day, Jack? Yeah. Anyway, the news picked it up. Jack, they picked it up, and it went viral. It's everywhere. Look at this. "Woman in amazing boots
gives birth in her car." I mean, it was your car,
but still amazing. Amazing boots. And now, it has been non stop orders
for Furry Feet ever since.

So, between that, and the baby,
and my husband, Jack, I need help doing everything. When I say everything,
I mean it. I mean like sewing, packing,
shipping, cleaning up– -Relax. Relax.
-Can you breastfeed? I got you. Relax, I can help. OK, thank you. OK, thank you. I actually just think I owe you
some work that doesn't… involve umbilical cords,
you know what I mean? Sure enough. Oh, god. She's awake.
I gotta go check on her.

Why don't you start… by sweeping up this warzone, because I can't find my life, OK? My life is under here somewhere,
so thank you. -OK, sure thing.
-Be right back. Free? You can't do free! You OK? Hey. Yeah. I'm OK.
Got a little coffee in my eye. -Who the hell are you?
-I'm Jack. I heard crying, and… Jack? The Jack? Probably? Got no champagne, man. You see, Jack?
I have two babies to deal with.

I'm a race car without wheels, man. I'm like a ship about a rudder,
you know? He lost his stupid sales job. -I just wanna play, too.
-Morgan, get off him. Never get old, Jack. OK? Babe, can you get that please? Yeah. Thank you. Hello? Uh-huh. No, she's busy.
You wanna leave a message? Let me grab a pen. Found one. Go ahead. Tracey, from Tracey's Boutique, looking to purchase… Furry Feet– Purchase? Purchase? Purchase? Purchase?
Purchase? Purchase? Purchase? Actually, Tracy, I'm just the guy
you need to speak with. My name is Morgan and I'm the Regional
Sales Director for Furry Feet. Tracy, we both know
Furry Feet is a huge hit. OK, let me ask you this. How many pairs
were you going to purchase? 10? No, no. Do 20,
and guess what I'll do for you? I'll throw in five pairs for free. Yeah. Yeah, these are the most
yes man-able, instagramable, non-flammable… mostly non-flammable furry footwear
you will find anywhere. So what do you say? Excellent! We'll keep in touch.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Ciao. Since when do you say ciao? Since I became the Regional Sales
Director for Furry Feet. Which leads me to my next question, can I please be the Regional
Sales Director for Furry Feet? Yes, babe. Yes! 20 in a day,
and they said it couldn't be done. Right? I did it. I sold it, babe. You did, you know why? Because you're a big,
sexy sales machine. -I'm so big.
-Oh, god.

You set all my– I'm right here. Hey, Jack. Could you get that?
Because I'm gonna… We're not done
with this conversation. Then I'll go get it so hard. Hurry up.
I wanna put my Furry Feet on. Hi, I'm Doug from Wage. Mr… Ace, yeah. Ace wants to see you. -Mr. Ace.
-Good to see you, Morgan. -Yeah.
-I'll get right to it. I think it's time for you
and Telemetrics to work together, again. Thanks, Mr. Ace, but…

My wife and I are really happy.
We're running a business. Sales are amazing.
I get to see my kid every day. -That's good.
-Yeah. You misunderstand. I don't want you to work for me. I mean, we all know that ended up. -I'm so sorry about that.
-I want you to work with me. I know a good thing
when I see it, Morgan. I'm a fan. I mean, I want in. Manufacturing, marketing, everything.
I am all in. -What do you say?
-Yeah, one sec. Hey, honey? Honey, I'm here with Mr.

Ace. And guess what?
He wants to invest in Furry– -She said OK.
-How is this even a question? Yeah. Put it here. Hey, this is Kenny, and… I'd like to talk to you about
getting you into a car warranty. Before you say you don't have
any desire for a car warranty… Hi. Hey, it's the plumber guy. -Jack.
-Jack. The plumber guy. Why are you here? Someone named Mr. Ace set me up
for some data entry. Another one? Another what? Data… entry-ist? Go talk to the girl.
She'll walk you through it.

Copy that. I don't think
you're making any copies. Hi. Do I know you? Yeah. I… you're the guy
with the lettuce on his head. You're Sandra, the singing driver. Good to see you again. Yeah, weird. -Can I sit?
-No, you can't. You have to stand there, actually. What? Sit! I'm playing with you. You gotta loosen up, buddy. We got a long day of data entry. This one's for you. Hey, plumber guy. Data girl. Little less talk,
little more data entry. That guy weirds me out. This has been a weird week. There's no way
it's weirder than mine. Oh, yeah? Try me.

♪ Okay, I worked for this guy ♪ ♪ and I had to wage war
With his home AI ♪ ♪ And then we got it to crash ♪ ♪ When he chucked it
Right at his thermostat ♪ ♪ Next up had a job to drive ♪ ♪ And I pulled up to the office
When we arrived ♪ ♪ What happened next
I could not foresee ♪ ♪ When he gave me
An extended car warranty ♪ ♪ Another day, another dollar
Trying to stay engaged ♪ ♪ While I earn that wage ♪ ♪ I'm getting paid ♪ ♪ Call me crazy but I think
That this is an adventure ♪ ♪ Yeah I'm pretty sure ♪ ♪ Couldn't ask for more ♪ Now, that's a crazy week, but I don't think you'll believe me
when I tell you about mine. Try me. ♪ Smart Home will be hard to beat ♪ ♪ But a lady had a baby
In my car's back seat ♪ ♪ But I really need the cash ♪ ♪ So I do a plumbing gig
for Mr. Big Moustache ♪ ♪ He stuffed turkey down the drain ♪ ♪ Which is why I had gravy dripping
Down my brain ♪ ♪ And finally it was really sweet ♪ ♪ I helped the baby lady
Make Furry Feet! ♪ Furry feet? What are those? It's fur, for your feet.

♪ I miss working with the trees ♪ ♪ I miss working on my knees ♪ ♪ Marketing is for the bees ♪ ♪ It's time to be at ease ♪ ♪ Wanna work all day outside ♪ ♪ Outside felt so alive ♪ ♪ Man, I hate this nine to five ♪ ♪ Out of gas, don't got the drive ♪ ♪ Getting tired of this commute ♪ ♪ This ain't living I will dispute ♪ ♪ Where's the work I really dig? ♪ ♪ Think it's time to get a new gig! ♪ ♪ Another day, another dollar
Trying to stay engaged ♪ ♪ While I earn that wage ♪ ♪ I'm getting paid ♪ ♪ Call me crazy but I think
That this is an adventure ♪ ♪ Yeah I'm pretty sure ♪ ♪ Couldn't ask for more ♪ ♪ Another day, another dollar
Trying to stay engaged ♪ ♪ While I earn that wage ♪ ♪ I'm getting paid ♪ ♪ Call me crazy but I think
That this is an adventure ♪ ♪ Yeah I'm pretty sure ♪ ♪ Couldn't ask for more ♪ Yeah. I quit. Do they have landscapers on… Wage? Yeah, sure do. You two are good together. Would you mind going to– Yes! I would like that. Cool. Well, let's go finish
that data stuff I guess? You're always trying to
earn that wage.

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