Manchin Chooses Suffering Over Inflation, Episode 1287

Manchin Chooses Suffering Over Inflation, Episode 1287

it's time right now for the david feldman
show he's talking politics a comedy dude you tell a dirty joke if you want him to he's
just a lefty from way back he's a union man with an end before writing someday he's mad
and he feels like a fight it's time right now for the david film and he's got a lot to say and he's coming your
way me he's got a lot to say and he's coming your
way he's got a lot to say and he's coming your way he's got a lot to say and he's coming
your way thank you hi hi welcome to the broadcast i'm david feldman
and thank you so much professor mike steinel he will be joining us a litter a litter a
little later on in the show if i can put a sentence together welcome to the mop up for
november 1st 2021 there were only two months left in 2021 i'm david feldman coming to you
from an air shaft overlooking a parking garage somewhere in manhattan where the temperature
is 57 degrees and sun and sunny i was going to say and sunday stuck on sunday i want to
talk about huma abedin we have a virtual studio audience and sometimes i open up the floor
to take questions from the people who are in our virtual studio audience huma abedin
was married to anthony weiner he was a congressman from brooklyn who ended up doing time for
soliciting photographs naked photographs of an underage girl you remember anthony weiner
congress ex-congress person huma abedin was hillary clinton's daughter essentially hillary
clinton referred to huma when she was running for president in 2016 as her second daughter
huma has a new book out and she's saying i'm asking this i'm asking this question of my
listeners maybe we can have a conversation about this later on on the show let me throw
this out there in the book huma abedin says that she was sexually assaulted by a united
states senator and she explains what happens but she doesn't name the name and i'm curious
what she owes the metoo movement i don't know i'm you know obviously i'm not a woman i don't
know i i can't imagine what it's like to be sexually assaulted especially by a united
states senator i'm just curious and i'd like to hear only from the men on the napkin i'd
like to hear from women and only women on this i'm not interested i'm not going to take
any if there are men in the audience who want to opine on this i'm not interested i'm genuinely
curious to hear from my female listeners what does huma abedin owe the metoo movement and
and should she be naming the name of the senator who assaulted her now i don't know the whole
story maybe well i doubt she went to the police because that senator would no longer be a
we would know who it was so is the world better that she's not naming his name is he now free
to assault other women shouldn't we know if you know i'm asking and this is these are
questions that i raised this morning with someone who's very close to me and told me
not to bring this up i have no right to discuss this because i'm not a woman and so i'm asking
the woman what do you owe if you're hillary clinton's putative daughter what do you owe
to other women when you're sexually assaulted by a united states senator do you owe it to
other women and yourself to report that senator i'm gonna guess he was a democratic senator
i don't know i'm touching a third rail here i'm asking only the women in our virtual studio
audience what they think i'm not interested in what the men have to say about this well
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as you're left of center and you know how to behave tuesday is election day here in
america and today i want to talk about who speaks for us in a republic such as ours such
as it is we rely on people to speak for us we're busy so we need people to speak for
us and we must trust that people who speak for us or presume to speak for us are on our
side now we know the gop is not on our side and if you work in the entertainment industry
you know the producers and the studios and the networks are not on your side so the malevolent
ones in america are those who present themselves as allies of the working people but are furtively
working against us alec baldwin for example people over the weekend ask me why pick on
a man when he's down and he is obviously down and i think he's a brilliant person i do and
i wish him and his family well i really do i think alec baldwin's good outweighs his
bad just barely just barely and he's decided he's presumed to speak for us he must be held
accountable for his words and his actions because that cinematographer he shot to death
accidentally would be alive today if alec baldwin didn't screw the unions that day on
the set of rust where he was a hands-on producer now the way it's being played and spun is
that somehow he's now the victim in all this people are actually worrying about alex ptsd
post-traumatic stress syndrome ptsd and i'm reading about this because it's a really important
story not just because somebody died primarily because somebody died but why somebody died
reportedly the press is saying that as the sound of alec baldwin's gun echoed throughout
the set that day he repeatedly asked what the f just happened what the f just happened
what happened alec is you and your other producers decided to save money by hiring that day union
scabs that's precisely what happened alec baldwin and alec baldwin is emblematic of
everything that is wrong with hollywood and the democratic party leadership which happens
to be one in the same hollywood and the democratic party leadership are one in the same it's
no coincidence that nancy pelosi is from san francisco which has a direct line to hollywood
money these people in hollywood and the democratic leadership are not just hypocrites they are
getting us killed they are getting us killed baldwin alec baldwin issued a statement a
few days before he accidentally shot his cinematographer he issued a statement on instagram nobody
asked him to he presumed that we were interested and that he decided to opine an iatsi that
is the union of theatrical stagehands who still are threatening to strike for more pay
and safer working conditions more pay and safer working conditions which were exactly
not on the receiving end of that rust set alec baldwin was a producer and iatsi was
not getting paid and there were not safe working conditions but nobody asked alan baldwin alec
baldwin to go up on instagram but he went up on instagram about a day before he accidentally
shot the cinematographer and he said he opined he gave permission to iatsey to go on strike
he said i will support ayatsi if they go on strike well that sounds very benevolent on
his part but you really have no choice in the matter alec it's not for you to support
ayatsi to go on strike or not support ayatsi to go on strike because trust me if ayatsi
ever goes on strike hollywood is shutting down so it wasn't that hard the day before
alec baldwin accidentally killed his cinematographer the day before he threw his producers through
ayatsi off the set they brought in the police to throw iatsy off the set it wasn't that
hard for alec baldwin to say he supports ayatsi it cost him nothing it was a branding exercise
for him to issue that statement to look like a good guy to look like he's a member of the
rank and file but that same day when it came to supporting ayatsi he completely screwed
them over rust he was a producer on rust was a non-union set and people get killed and
injured on non-union sets they also don't get their health benefits paid they don't
get health insurance on non-union sets the day alec baldwin accidentally shot his cinematographer
the iac crew was escorted off the set by police i believe the producer's name was pickle i
think it's a pickle or pickles and she had done that before she had had ayatsi problems
before and immediately called the police to escort them off even though they weren't breaking
the law the producers were breaking the law they weren't paying on time and guns were
going off on the set and ayatse was complaining about that and they iatsi complained and nothing
changed so they walked off they were complaining about gun safety on the set of rust and alec
baldwin was so busy on instagram the day before giving his permission to ayasi saying that
he would support them if they voted to strike but on his own set the next day when ayatsi
walked off his producer called the police to throw them off the set he had a new crew
after lunch and that's when he was handed a loaded weapon and that's when he accidentally
killed somebody so baldwin my heart goes out to him i wish him well but he is a lying hypocrite
his assistant director halls wasn't a member of the dga the assistant director was phi
core which means as a political statement he pays just enough to the director's guild
so he can work but not enough so that he can support the union financially that's a political
statement when a union member goes phi core so the the assistant director was not a uh
a member of the dga in good standing that is political your when your uh a.d is openly
against unions when you're fight corps uh that's a political statement that's an anti-union
statement to hire somebody this guy who handed who shouldn't have been handing alec baldwin
that gun it should have been the armorer but they were saving money and they had an anti-union
scab as an assistant director and that's the guy who the la times says handed alec baldwin
a hot gun this assistant director according to to deadline and the associated press and
the los angeles times was notorious as an assistant director for treating his crew like
crap and it makes sense he was not a supporter of the director's guild even though he had
to be phycor to work on something that claimed to be a union set but that uh that wasn't
now alec baldwin knows this he's been he's 63 he's been working in movies and television
since he was at least 20 and he's a a member of sag after he can't wait to tell us that
he's a a member of sagged astra and in the bylaws of sag-aftra sag after his union considers
any phi corps members of the director's guild to be scabs that's written into the bylaws
of sag-aftra the guy who handed the hot gun to alec baldwin the assistant director from
what we are being told by the los angeles times and deadline we're being told that he
was a scab baldwin told the press this weekend this weekend while he was running away from
the paparazzi he stopped and uh said okay i'll answer your questions as as best i can
and this past weekend he said that the cinematographer he killed was a friend and they had dinner
the night before and then he made the mistake the legal mistake he was told to shut his
mouth but he can't and i understand alec because i can't keep my mouth shut either here's where
he made the mistake he said we were a well-oiled set he said the cinematographer was my friend
and we were a quote-unquote well-oiled set that means they were working closely with
one another and they knew everybody's business that means he knew what was going on it was
a tiny set so when alec baldwin goes on instagram the day before to say he supports ayatsi that
is literally lip service you say i support ayatsi and then the next day you know it's
a well-oiled set alec you knew pickles i think her name was pickles the producer once again
sent the police in to escort ayatsi off the set he knew before he fired that weapon that
he was working with scabs and scabs get people killed scabs the reason the cinematographer
is dead is because that was a non-union set ayatsi would never allow an assistant director
to touch the armorer's gun and don't don't tell me that the armorer was 20 is to blame
she's 24 they took advantage of a young 24 year old who wanted to be an armorer she had
a history of problems with nicolas cage on previous sets it's a small town a small business
everybody knows each other they knew about her problem she was 24.

She should have been
protected she should not have been hired and if she was hired it was the producers who
should have stayed on top of her she didn't hand the gun to alec baldwin an anti-union
scab did and alec baldwin knew that now people have said it's a tragedy for alec baldwin
alec baldwin and the neo-liberals who he surrounds himself with are so self-involved that they
convince themselves they are doing good in the world when you screw over the unions you're
not doing good in the world you're getting people killed now in that very same instagram
message i i was gonna play it i don't have time to play it it takes up too much time
i recommend you go listen to his instagram message where baldwin goes on instagram at
opines he was opining on who was better the stones or the beatles then he talked about
ayatsi and then he praised the life of colin powell because alec baldwin purports to be
on our side but he is at best a neo-liberal hack he's a multi-millionaire who sides with
management and if you side with management you're always going to praise the life of
cole and powell alec baldwin in the same instagram message where he said it was okay for ayatsi
to go on strike thank you so much for for the no bless oblige of allowing ayatsi to
go on strike alec baldwin in that same message he said colin powell shouldn't be judged by
the he didn't call them this he said shouldn't be judged by iraq what he's saying is you
shouldn't judge powell for the lies he spewed before the u.n about iraq and weapons of mass
destruction and he got it wrong he talked about yellow cake it wasn't anyway he was
praising colin powell and calling him a victim of the the bush and cheney families nobody
asked alec baldwin to say anything about colin powell he went out of his way to go on instagram
to his hundred i guess he has a million people listening to him he went out of his way to
praise colin powell who covered up the milai massacre and led us into another phony war
iraq where what a million people are dead because of his lie because of colin powell's
lie nobody asked alec baldwin what he thought of colin powell you know he went out of his
way to go on record and literally call colin powell a great man and then added he supported
ayatsi while recording his instagram message from a luxurious hotel right near the set
of rust the movie which was busy busting ayatsi baldwin is the quintessential never trumper
that's who he is in his estimation and the people he surrounds himself with in his estimation
as long as he rails against donald trump you know he was on snl for four years paying the
price of going after donald trump it was very courageous for him to make fun of donald trump
as long as he makes fun of donald trump nobody needs to know that he shares pretty much the
same values as donald trump pretty much although i'm pretty sure donald trump never punched
anybody interesting basically alec baldwin is bill crystal he's a never trumper who you
forgive colin powell for iraq you're an ever trumper you're the lincoln project alec you're
part of the problem it's okay for you to think that way and talk that way but get the f out
of the democratic party do not presume to speak for iatsi which you did in your instagram
message do not presume to speak for the union rank and file and get the f out of the democratic
party you multi-millionaire neoliberal hack do not presume to speak for the democratic
party you can say everything you want and believe everything you want but do not presume
to speak for the unions or the democratic party get the f out of our way you are not
our ally you are not our ally how dare you presume to speak for unions when you are a
producer when you're management and you're running a union busting set how dare you presume
to speak for the rank and file of ayatse and how dare you presume to speak for the democratic
party when you're praising colin powell alec baldwin doesn't speak for me he speaks
for himself and the ruling class tuesday is election day who speaks for you it's not alec
baldwin who in the democratic party speaks for you it's an off-year election but important
nonetheless there are two governors races new jersey and virginia new jersey democratic
governor phil murphy a former pig who worked for goldman sachs he's married to a pig from
goldman sachs he's worth about 50 million dollars he's running for reelection and believe
it or not i'm sad to report he's not half bad compared to the other pigs who speak for
the democratic party murphy has actually paid lip service he's paid lip service to talk
about public banks and making sure public pensions aren't invested by hedge funds and
private equity in his second term as governor if he's reelected
he promises to to do anything about that i doubt it but he's still unfortunately better
than the alternative uh he's still a pig and he can be the democratic governor of new jersey
but he doesn't speak for the for the people of new jersey yet yet and in virginia former
democratic governor of virginia and bag man for the clintons terry mcauliffe is also running
he wants to be governor again and you can trace everything that's wrong with the democratic
party back to three people bill clinton rahm emanuel terry mcauliffe former head of the
democratic party i guess we're supposed to root for this pig and he is a pig because
he's running against a republican bag man a former hedge fund manager who's also a pig
and there are also two special elections for congress on election day uh tuesday in two
two safe seats doesn't matter and virginia's house of delegates is also up for grabs you
should pay attention we should pay attention to what happens in virginia's house of delegates
we want it to go bluer than it already is thank you for the coffee leslie locally we
have mayoral races in new york city atlanta boston cincinnati miami seattle minneapolis
and most importantly for my listeners buffalo i will talk about buffalo in a second very
important mayoral race that should have been settled by now but people like terry mcauliffe and you know the alec baldwin
types uh not that alec baldwin is busying himself with buffalo but his kind of neo-liberal
multi-millionaire class is screwing over the democrats in buffalo i'll talk about that
in a second but first seattle seattle the home of the home of microsoft and amazon they
are holding a very important election on december 7th it's a special recall to remove city council
member professor and i'm she's been on the show and i'm kishama sawant i think that's
how we pronounce her name uh city council member professor kishama sawant she is the
first socialist elected to seattle city council in almost a century she was on the show earlier
this year professor sawant was elected to the seattle city council on a pro-renter pro
worker agenda and since she was sworn into office back in january of 2014 she's been
there almost more than seven years since she became a member of the city council she succeeded
in raising the minimum wage to 15 an hour she has been re-elected twice fighting for
police reform successfully she fights for the homeless rent control and attacks on wealthy
corporations who make their home in seattle corporations like amazon and microsoft and
of course amazon and microsoft are trying to get rid of her well microsoft founder bill
gates he's from seattle celebrated his 66th birthday this week or last week off the coast
of turkey with jeff bezos what a party that must have been what a great party that must
have been jeff bezos and bill gates celebrating bill gates's 66th birthday party on bill gates's
private yacht which cost gates 2 million dollars a week to rent bill gates rented a yacht for
2 million a week it's a gigantic yacht the yacht that he rented for two million dollars
a week uh i'd have to think i mean how much does a yacht well maybe a yeah yeah it would
cost that yeah it probably cost a hundred million dollars the yacht is registered and
here's the important thing the yacht that bill gates is quote unquote renting is registered
in the cayman islands uh pandora papers anyone he's renting a yacht for two million dollars
a week that's registered in the cayman islands which means he's renting the yacht from himself and if he isn't renting that yacht from himself
he should fire his financial advisors here's how it works bill gates sets up an llc in
the cayman islands and hides money there he has enough money in the cayman islands to
purchase a yacht under an assumed name right now he throws a birthday party he's turning
66 and he rents the yacht to himself and the united states government has no idea that
he owns the yacht because it's registered in the cayman islands the limited liability
corporation he set up in the cayman islands to buy that yacht charges gates two million
dollars which means that bill gates takes two million dollars from his american bank
account and pays 2 million dollars to his llc in the cayman islands for the use of his
yacht right the 2 million dollars shows up on his tax return as a business expense it's
a deduction because he invited the homunculus jeff bezos to celebrate his birthday with
him so that's a business expense so it's a write-off in the united states meanwhile he's
transferring the two million dollars to the cayman islands because he's paying himself
rent for the boat it goes into the llc tax free and if he's not doing that he should
fire his advisors because it's all well i'm not going to say it's perfectly legal our
irs is understaffed to enforce the laws that he's breaking but that's not the worst part
of all this forget that bill gates is really shielding using his birthday giving himself
a two million dollar tax-free gift uh that's not the worst part bill gates says you know
as a philanthropist who's very concerned about climate change as is jeff bezos and to get
to his yacht off the coast of greece in the mediterranean all the guests had to be helicoptered
in and after the birthday celebration jeff bezos and bill gates along with all those
other climate conscious billionaires they all flew an estimated 400 private jets to
glasgow to participate in this year's climate summit which started on monday those 500 private
jets just to get to glasgow for the climate summit will burn an estimated 13 000 tons
of carbon dioxide which is the equivalent of what 1600 americans burn in a year 400
private jets flying to glasgow burned the equivalent of what sixteen hundred americans
burn in a year that's just to fly into the climate summit on a private jet to sit around
for a week and do absolutely nothing about climate change other than contribute to it
why is bill gates or jeff bezos even allowed anywhere near a climate summit who cares what
they think about climate change in fact find out what bill gates and jeff bezos think and
then do the complete opposite by the way 400 private jets arriving for the climate summit
in glasgow that's not an issue of optics it's not that it looks bad it is bad it's destroying
the planet 400 private jets aren't a drop in the bucket there's no such thing right
now as renewable aviation fuel they're not using renewable aviation fuel and as i mentioned
before on this show i think it was professor ian faluna who said this if aviation were
a country if the aviation industry were a country it would be something like the fifth
largest producer of greenhouse gases in the world so when 400 private jets fly into glasgow
that's not just hypocrisy it's destructive our president is there right now joe biden
does joe biden really need to spew out 2.2 million pounds of carbon to get to this climate
summit using four planes and the marine one helicopter along with his enormous motorcade
including the beast he had to bring the beast with him that that big uh limo i think alec
baldwin's wife is driving the same model up in vermont with the nannies and the kids the
beast and the and the and like five suvs he really needs to go to glasgow and contribute
to climate change for what america is the largest contributor to greenhouse gases i
know china they say is surpassing us but per capita america we are the largest consumer
of oil we're the largest spewer of greenhouse gases per capita and the the the greenhouse
gases that are getting spewed in china it's for the crap we buy we don't need a summit
on the world stage to fix the climate america just needs to change and the world will follow
we don't need to be meeting with uh boris johnson and the eu and and putin america just
needs to stop what it's doing why is joe biden in glasgow especially now especially this
late in the game what could pop what what could joe biden possibly learn or agree to
in glasgow this week that he couldn't learn and or accomplish by staying home staying
in washington dc and twisting arms to pass the green new deal this is an obfuscation
glasgow we already have the answer it's called the green new deal there's going to be no
better piece of legislation than the green new deal what are you doing wasting time in
glasgow pass the green new deal you're going to come home from glasgow after a week with
the same conclusion the green new deal passed the green new deal it's ready it's ready it
was in bernie's build back better at 6 trillion it was sort of in bernie's buildback better
at 3 trillion but joe biden who's off to glasgow to figure out how to save the planet he stripped
bernie's 3 trillion dollar build back better of the all the major climate change provisions
he needs to stay home everything we need to do to save the planet could be squeezed right
now and to build back better this is our last chance build back better
the midterms are coming around you should be squeezing the green new deal and to build
back better and if the parliamentarian the parliamentarian says it can't be squeezed
into a reconciliation bill you fire the parliamentarian or you ignore the parliamentarian there are
no laws that say the the senate parliamentarian gets to decide what can be in a reconciliation
bill and what can't be get rid of the parliamentary and ignore her and get the green new deal
into bill's back better the way bernie had proposed at 6 trillion or at the very least
3 trillion what you're doing in glasgow joe biden wringing your hands over climate change
you're wasting time that this planet no longer has you're getting us killed joe biden you're
paying lip service to climate change when you have an opportunity to do something about
it right now and you're not just like alec baldwin paying lip service to ayatsi but when
he has an opportunity to do something about it he fires the union replaces his union crew
with scabs and he ends up shooting somebody to death when you pay lip service to the most
important issues of our time you end up getting people killed it's not exxon mobil's fault
they are going to do what they do it's joe biden's fault when you get elected president
lying to the american people saying you're going to do something about climate change
because you're on our side and you don't that's way more malevolent than the people who work
for shell bp and exxon at least they're not lying to us the way the way joe biden is and
blinking and everybody in the biden administration doesn't belong the blind administration does
not belong in glasgow they belong on capitol hill right now putting six trillion dollars
into that reconciliation bill and to build back better and putting the green new deal
into it there's that that's it if you don't do that you've not only lost the midterms
you've lost the planet right now right now there's a bill it's called build back better
stop stripping it bump it up to 3.5 to 6 trillion and make it about climate change right now
you will not get another chance why are you wasting our time in glasgow at this summit
the framework you introduced you and pelosi introduced last week it's going to get us
killed because it's really the last chance we have to to to marshall the democrats to
vote on something it's not enough it's going to get us killed there's nothing you're going
to bring back from glasgow that you're going to be able to get past in the senate or the
house last week you you stripped build back better you're providing tax provisions protecting
natural gas the largest producer of methane that's in buildback better natural gas has
to stay in the ground spending money on carbon capture you can't capture carbon period you
don't transition away from fossil fuels with tax incentives when the the planet is hotter
has been hotter for the past seven years than it's ever been in the history of this planet
you you pour billions into renewables right now and you make sure that not a single tax
dollar goes towards coal natural gas oil or drilling it's right now if you don't feel
the urgency joe biden you're getting us killed what are you doing in glasgow you're flying
around the world as though when it comes to climate change the world has something to
do with it it's america that's heating up the planet it's congress it's the republican
party it's joe manchin joe biden they're destroying the planet we do all the damage to this earth
washington dc you don't need to go to glasgow you solve climate change by beating mansion
and the republicans the climate has about four we're going to be talking about this
later on the show the climate has four years left you're not going to be introducing anything
after build back better that's remotely close to altering man's contribution to climate
change when i say man's contribution to climate change i mean america's so stop wasting time
joe biden fly back to the dc and fight for buildback better and stuff back into it all
the climate change provisions you stripped out of it last week jesus christ it's all
for show it's all this whole climate summit is for show joe biden is alec baldwin he wants
it both ways he thinks he can have it both ways he wants to be our ally our friend he
insists that he's the one who should speak for us because he's on our side but he's getting
us killed he's getting us killed at least joe manchin is up front joe manchin says he
wants to kill us so we know who the enemy is but biden like baldwin nice guy but evil
evil because they try to trick us into trusting them and they're bad people they're damaged
people the summit is complete horseshit that movie rust was complete horseshit and it gets
people killed you waste people's time you waste people's money you screw the working
people and you get us killed how important could this summit in glasgow possibly be if
jeff bezos and bill gates are in attendance we don't save the planet until we stop listening
to bill gates and force him to pay his fair share of taxes and shut down his philanthropic
endeavor which is nothing more than a tax dodge he's set aside 60 billion dollars and
that endowment keeps growing he's supposed to be giving it away he why why why is bill
gates's endowment for the bill and melinda gates foundation larger today than it was
when it first started isn't he supposed to be giving that money away we don't save the
planet until we put amazon out of business think of that roll of toilet paper you ordered
from amazon yesterday and all the greenhouse gas is produced because you're too lazy to
walk to the store and of course amazon and bill gates are helping to recall council member
kashama sawant on december 7th 2021 on what grounds why is kishama sawant the first socialist
in nearly a century to be elected to the seattle city council why is she of all people getting
recalled what did she do well this has been going on for more than a year count one this
is i read the statement on why she must be recalled she's been reelected twice she's
accused of delegating city employment decisions to a political organization outside city government
so i'm guessing that political organization would be the socialist party perhaps she threw
what uh a party and hired a caterer that was a member of the of the democratic socialists
as opposed to amazon which is also a political organization funding candidates getting jobs
from the government and sponsoring her recall how is it legal to give money to amazon to
build uh network webs for the pentagon and then they turn around and are allowed to make
political contributions to our candidates how is that legal but we have to recall because she maybe hired somebody who was a
socialist uh the recall point two they say point two she should be recalled because of
her violating state orders regarding covid19 when she allowed hundreds of protesters inside
seattle city hall in june of 2020 to protest and and i saw the pictures and you know there
were so many coveted protocols being violated for a second there i thought it was an amazon
fulfillment warehouse all of a sudden seattle's worried about covert protocols if you if you're
worried about following covet protocols tax jeff bezos and amazon into oblivion the third
count for recalling her is she encouraged voters to protest the police those are the
grounds for the recall that's december 7th 2021 in seattle and we're we're going to be
following the efforts to recall council member kishana sawant that's december 7th 2021 follow
her on twitter s-a-w-a-n-t and uh if you're an american citizen
give her money and if you know anybody in seattle make sure they vote not to recall
her meanwhile in buffalo buffalo new york india walton she's a former nurse and a socialist
she already won the race for mayor in buffalo earlier this year she won the democratic primary
which means she won the race she beat the four-term incumbent mayor byron brown in the
democratic primary and because buffalo is a democratic city that means tuesday's election
should just be a formality like it is in new york city eric adams is going to get elected
mayor because he won the primary uh earlier earlier in the year but it's not a formality
in buffalo democratic mayor myron brown who lost is running as a write-in candidate to
defeat the socialists in dia india walton who won the democratic primary people ask
me why do you have faith in the democratic party because people like india walton are
are socialists who worm their way into it and win like bernie sort of kind of like bernie
she's getting no support from the democratic establishment in new york state new york governor
kathy hoechel she's the new york governor she replaced andrew cuomo and so she's not
supporting india walton and this piece of human excrement j jacobs he's the chairman
of the new york state democratic committee he has not endorsed india walton to his credit
senate majority leader chuck schumer has endorsed india walton and gillibrand the other senator
from new york has endorsed india walden as i said the chairman of new york's democratic
committee jay jacobs said he wouldn't endorse india walton he said he wouldn't endorse her
for the same reason he wouldn't expect republicans to endorse former kkk leader david duke when
he ran on the republican ticket in louisiana that's who's running the democratic party
here in new york state somebody who equates india walton to david duke so hopefully on
tuesday india walton will be the new mayor of buffalo former nurse she is a nurse you're
always a nurse and a uh and a socialist very inspiring we'll see if she can beat the establishment
you're listening to the david feldman show please friend me on facebook
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for uh an hour from 8 to usually 9 30 and because it's the first friday of the month
it goes 24 hours and you'll meet great people ah i'm drinking uh some expensive seltzer
with fake what is it fake uh pineapple in it all right uh coming up in about a half
hour john ross and ethan herschenfeld and we're going to talk about movies and television
most of what you see on television and in the movies is garbage most of the music you
listen to is garbage i know john ross is going to challenge me on this uh but most of what
you see on television and in the movies is garbage because it's not about class struggle
it's not about the plight of the poor when you think about the fact that nearly a half
of this country more than half of this country doesn't have the cash to come up with a 400
medical bill if you're not talking about the plight of the poor you're really not talking
about anything important and when i do see documentaries or shows that discuss the plight
of the poor there's always some kind of moral ambiguity because what gets passed off as
political and caring just doesn't seem to offer up the real solidarity that comes with
unions i don't think you can solve poverty unless you have a group of people who give
a full-throated endorsement of unions we're seeing well we just celebrated striketober
we're seeing more and more strikes around the country but it's down to six percent six
percent of the private sector is a uh our union it used to be nearly a quarter of uh
the workers reunion uh if you're not talking about unions then you're not talking about
jobs and again it brings me back to what's going on with alec baldwin it's the coverage
is not about the fact that it was a non-union set uh so i have a i have a serious problem
with people who presume to speak for the rank and file for for the for the left when they're
anything but you know these multi-millionaires like alec baldwin uh they present themselves
as spokesman for you know the left of center and uh baldwin when he put out that instagram
message he you know he attacked the bush family and he attacked the war in iraq but at the
same time he makes allowances for colin powell he makes room for moral ambiguity that's what
art does when it is avoiding the question of unions if you think the war in iraq was
a crime against humanity there's no moral ambiguity then colin powell committed a crime
against humanity if you think me lie was a crime against humanity there's no moral ambiguity
colin powell committed a crime against humanity by covering up me lie there's no gray area
you can't present yourself as a friend of ayatse while you're recording an instagram
message from a hotel room that was also promised to your fellow ayatsi workers but then when
they showed up on the set of rust they were told no we lied you're staying at a hotel
50 miles away it's crappier and you're gonna have to drive 50 miles after working a 14-hour
day alec baldwin screwed the unions at the very least you could have stayed if he found
out that the rank and file was getting screwed and being forced to stay at a hotel in albuquerque
your friend of the working folk you you go with the working folk and stay at the crappy
hotel in albuquerque and show solidarity with the union but there's moral ambiguity no no
i need to be up early i'm the star of the show i need to meet with the other writer
and the director i can't be 50 miles away he'll he'll tell you why he can't show solidarity
with ayatsi and he'll very could be very convincing as to why his heart is with his fellow rank
and file as they're driving after a 14-hour day at three in the morning 50 miles to a
shitty hotel in albuquerque alec baldwin screwed the unions that's what he did on the set of
rust and he got caught because he ended up killing somebody the only reason that cinematographer
is dead is because he screwed the unions that's what hollywood does it screws unions that's
its business model destroy the union and make everyone complicit everyone is complicit in
destroying the union including the union that's how hollywood works how many television shows
how many movies tell the story of a poor person who rises above adversity by sheer virtue
of persistence but never about getting help from a union right it's this hyper individualistic
story always of a poor person who against all odds pulls himself up by his bootstraps
and makes it on his own and every time they make a movie like that they're screwing the
unions i'd like to see one movie that came out this year that shows somebody who came
out of adversity and now can feed himself and has a family and can send his kids to
college because of a union look i relate to alec baldwin i don't mean to beat up on him
but he presumed to speak for me when he went on instagram and said he was for iatsi so
i get it he's got a big mouth and and he's got rage issues i understand him he burns
bridges in hollywood uh i flood tunnels in hollywood i don't like to burn bridges i'm
not as talented or rich by any imagination as alec baldwin but i do understand i know
what it's like not to be able to keep your mouth shut i also know what it's like to be
incredibly stupid and i share his stupidity and uh but he's got to pay a price for misleading
himself and the american worker for presuming to speak for us when he's not on our side
and he thinks he can do damage control right now and you know the paparazzi was chasing
him in vermont over the weekend and he and his wife hopped out of the car and he's stupid
he can't keep his mouth shut and he thinks he's smart enough to do damn damage control
and by by speaking every time he opens his mouth he's revealing what a charlatan he and
everybody who's on the management side of show business are so he shines a light on
a corrupt economic system populated by people who can only succeed by being deceivers and
alec baldwin is a deceiver he deceived us he tries to present himself as a pro-union
leftist and he's screwing the unions he wants us to believe he's on our side he's not he's
management he's a multi-millionaire and here's where it's going to get a little complicated
but trust me you need to pay attention to this he's a multi-millionaire and it's not
just dishonest to claim he's a union guy to claim he's a member of sag-aftra when alec
baldwin identifies publicly with the rank and file what he leaves out is he is destroying
the unions he is destroying unions and i'm about to back this up he makes it worse because
he's convinced himself everyone around him that he's an ally of the unions he is not
an ally of the unions he is a destroyer of unions especially his sag-aftra he is a destroyer
of sag-aftra forget a artsy now now it's going to get really difficult for alec baldwin this
is about to get really ugly for alec baldwin because i'm going to explain to you why alec
baldwin destroys his own union let's discuss rust this might be a little complicated so
i'm gonna try to go slowly on this so try to pay attention alec baldwin took
a producer credit on russ this was the small little independent movie that was being made
for eight million dollars that's not a small independent movie by the way the eight million
that we know of and as i said before he was probably there's no question that he was getting
a piece of the back end i suspect he was getting a piece of the front end in other words you
get a finder's fee for helping to raise eight million dollars okay so he was taking the
story he tells himself and everyone around him is that he was working for for scale union
scale union scale is the least amount of money that the union has to pay you that's what
scale is union scale is the union has what is called an mba a minimum basic agreement
and at the very least they have to pay you scale and pay into your health care fund not
your own individual health care but the pool the health care pool so you can ensure other
actors and your pension not your own individual pension a pension pool it's kind of like social
security and medicare where the really successful people earn more and they pay more into health
care and the pension right somebody like alec baldwin who's a successful multi-millionaire
actor he gets more as an actor so sag after takes a bigger cut off his paycheck so that
that money is placed in a pool for less successful actors so they can have health insurance so
they can have a pension when they retire it's identical to how medicare and social security
is set up got it okay he's destroying his union and he's i'm gonna hold my tongue here you decide what
he's doing to his fellow rank and file okay he was the star of the movie and a writer
on the movie which means his fees should be going into the writer's guild and sag after
he should be paid through those two unions but he's also listed as a producer okay he's
also listed as a producer if you go back and listen to last tuesday's show i explained
how he was most likely collecting most of his fee as a producer he got you know he got
a cut of the back end cut of the initial investment i'm not gonna go into this again but trust
me he's not spending a month alec baldwin is not spending a month in new mexico for
aftra sag-aftra and writer's guild scale right he's not going there to make the bare minimum
he's got boats homes children nannies that costs a lot of money last-minute trips to
posh ski resorts in vermont because he accidentally killed someone and needs to hide from the
paparazzi that costs money the day after the shooting his wife took the beast this big
cadillac up to vermont uh where he joined her he's got lots and lots of kids that's
mobilizing an army i wish him well i wish his family i wish them all well he requires
a lot of money plus he wants to leave his kids lots of money he wasn't in new mexico
for a month working after a scale i'm not attacking him personally i'm just telling
you that he's a fraud and because he's a fraud somebody ended up getting killed he and his
wife use social media to present themselves as uh as you know as a branding exercise they
offer up this distorted view of their reality one that suggests to the 99 percent that alec
and his family's lives are just like ours that they are one of us but they are not they
are not and they do a disservice to the 99 with these branding exercises on instagram
they create a psychological dysmorphia where we blame ourselves for not eating well for
not exercising we blame we look at his wife and the yoga instruction and and we watch
them living living their life to the fullest being their best selves and it's our fault
because like goop and gwyneth paltrow all we lack is their discipline to look and feel
the way they do now quite frankly it takes a union job alec baldwin to live our best
lives and you alec baldwin are denying us a union job to live our best lives to eat
well to sleep well to find time to exercise requires an eight hour day not a 14 hour day
which rust was forcing the crew to work why does rust have to be shot 14 hours a day well
the producers and alec baldwin will say we're just so excited about this project we just
have to keep working come on work ayatsi until we fire you work scabs work 14-hour days because
we're so we're so passionate about our art [ __ ] 14-hour work days are exploitation
that's how you squeeze more work out of people and i'm sorry but i am sick and tired of incredibly
rich pricks like alec baldwin using social media to tell us that they have the same struggles
as the rest of us right now i'm i'm supposed to worry that alec baldwin has ptsd i'm sick
and tired of dak shepard and kristen bell and their publicists who keep flooding my
news feed with stories about their their how cute they are about their their relationship
and the problems they have raising their children and bath time and depression i have to hear
about kristen bell's depression i love it when multi-millionaire celebrities open up
to us about their depression but they couldn't care less that 99 of americans can't treat
their depression or their addiction without going through their entire life savings you
know what would help people with their addiction in their depression unions union healthcare
the kind of union healthcare that alec baldwin gets from sag after that his entire family
gets from sag-aftra but most actors don't because alec baldwin doesn't pay enough into
sag-aftra he works for scale so the union doesn't get the skim he gets a producer credit
where the bulk of his money goes to which deprives the union of that skim off the top
to help fellow actors the fellow rank and file get health care and pension alec baldwin
is completely full as [ __ ] talking about his depression his anger issues
only it it his money is with hedge funds the hedge fund the same hedge funds and private
equity people who invested in rust also invest in those for profit mental health and addiction
treatment centers they have no intention of providing free psychiatric psychological treatment
to the american people there's money to be made in investing in addiction centers i'm
not picking on megan and harry i wish them well or oprah or kirsten bell or dax shepherd
maybe jack shepherd i could do without him or alec baldwin i'm not picking on alec baldwin
but they are liars they are deceiving you they do not identify with the people whose
who they're selling tickets to they want your money they want you to buy their [ __ ] but
they don't identify with you they have publicists to make it look like they identify with you
they are not you they don't speak but they presume to speak for you they've infiltrated
the democratic party like a cancer and they view us as their servants i guarantee you
right now alec baldwin is spending more on his hideaway vacation right now in vermont
than he would ever have spent hiring a union crew on rust he is spending more this week
at that posh ski resort to get centered after killing somebody than he would have ever spent
on a union crew on rust and had he spent that money on a union crew on rust that cinematographer
would still be alive today and he wouldn't need to be hiding from the paparazzi but the
media won't make that leap they won't make that connection because the media is anti-union
money is no object when it comes to for alec to service that that that beast that that
cadillac i saw his wife driving with the kids and the nanny and the ski resort and the new
clothes that alec had to buy at the ralph lauren outlet up in vermont because he flew
to vermont at the last minute he didn't pack anything he didn't think twice about spending
all that kind of money but when i at sea when union people whose lives depend upon it are
asked to be paid not just paid union wages but to get paid they weren't getting paid
when they demanded to get paid they couldn't get paid when they demanded safer working
conditions and walked off the police called the police the producer pickles miss pickle
called the police and escorted them off the set they don't have the money so the crew can
survive but when you're at that posh ski resort trying to get centered after you kill somebody
money is no object money is no object you knew you had a non-union dga scab handing
you that hot pistol you're 63 years old you didn't check it what's the cost of that hoe
that vermont vermont hotel costing you alec what is it 2009 you got how many how big is
your family what does it cost for that army to mobilize and move to vermont to hide from
the paparazzi 2000 a night just for the room the rooms and the nanny and the gas on that
cadillac mr environmentalists you don't think twice about that but the people who make sure
you're safe who make sure you don't end up shooting someone you don't care about paying them what what
they deserve what they're owed so my heart goes out to alec and his family but he is
the enemy and we're never going to get anywhere in this country until we start looking at
people like alec baldwin as the enemy he's a multi-millionaire who took the producer
credit he took the pursuit producer's credit and he hired scabs and ended up killing somebody
when are we going to look at them the same way they look at us he's the enemy he can't
make his movies without us and he didn't want to pay iotc wages he didn't care if they got
health insurance or a pension fund how can he not be the enemy especially when he presumes
to speak for the rank and file especially when he goes on instagram and danes to opine
on whether or not ayatsi should go on strike he gave them permission to go on strike while
he's screwing the union he's he's a pretender like all of them he likes to hang out in the
ghetto but not sleep there he doesn't sleep in the shitty motel in albuquerque he goes
back to the nice hotel and records an instagram message saying i'm with you i'm with the people
of ayatse even though they're in a hotel 50 miles away they dress like us but they are
not us they do not have the same worries as we do their depression their mental illness
isn't the same as ours our rage issues are not the same as alec baldwin's our depression
comes from worrying about money our anxiety our anger our sadness our psychological issues
come from worrying about housing and food and being taken advantage of by hypocrites
like alec baldwin who claim to be on our side and are screwing us alec baldwin's depression
is i have all this money and i'm still angry and sad those are different problems and like
i said earlier he can afford to get those problems treated because he has health insurance
he has sag after health insurance that he screws his fellow actors out of he screws
his fellow actors out of health insurance by taking a producer credit by running all
his fees through that producer credit and not through sag-aftra not through the writer's
guild if those fees were run through the union then the union would be skimming a percentage
off and that money would go into a fund for actors who who haven't made enough to qualify
for health insurance in sag after so what happens they have to raise the threshold to
qualify for health insurance and sag after he is destroying lives by taking a producer
credit and not running the money through the actors union he is screwing his fellow actor
and and what's so satanic about it he presents himself as one of us oh i'm just working for
after scale you know i'm working for after scale because i want to make sure that there's
enough money in the budget to hire other actors f you alec baldwin your children will go off
and pretend to be poor they'll go off to private schools those elite private colleges and then
they'll dress and act like they're from the street to make it look like they made it completely
on their own even though everything they own isn't theirs they didn't earn a penny they
didn't earn their college degree they didn't earn anything alec baldwin and his ilk the
gwyneth paltrows the the uh the dak shepherds they they their spawn is corrupted by these
horrible values that turn them away from humanity alec baldwin only cares about himself and
if they're lucky his family and you know they you watch them on instagram pretending to
be middle class people who dress up for halloween and they like burgers and fries and and the
same kind of candy we like they act like they're poor because in america we've given up on
the idea that anyone can be rich now it's anyone can be poor especially the rich they
love acting and dressing ghetto i love that bruce springsteen and barack obama have this
podcast talking about their emotional struggles as though their struggles are identical to
ours here is the bottom line the rich are not going to save you stop thinking that bruce
springsteen barack obama alec baldwin is going to save you stop thinking that anybody who
is rich or famous is going to help you because they're not going to help you they're going
to destroy you they're going to get you killed they are going to replace a union crew with
a non-union crew and get handed a a prop gun by a dga scab who insists it's cold when it's
hot and the cinematographer will die that cinematographer died because rich and famous
people get us killed because they do not care about us we are their servants they are the
enemy trust me the rich and famous want to keep you poor and anonymous and that includes
bruce springsteen and barack obama and that's why alec baldwin had no problem that day with
the police escorting those ayatsi workers off the set that day and replacing them with
scabs he knew they were scabs he knew it was a scab handing him that loaded pistol he knows
that you need an armorer on the set whose union that cinematographer would be alive
today if alec baldwin weren't greedy and completely full of [ __ ] and he's a deceiver and he will insist money
and fame isn't who he is it's exactly who alec baldwin is it's exactly who he is you
don't become rich by accident and you certainly don't become famous by accident you get rich
by saying iraq was a human rights disaster because that sounds good but colin powell
was a hero and it's complicated you get rich by insisting there's moral ambiguity on the
most important issues of our time like unions there is right and there is wrong there are
allies and there are enemies and i am telling you alec baldwin and every producer on that
set is your enemy there's no moral ambiguity nancy pelosi joe biden is your enemy if you're
a member of the democratic party this is your enemy if joe biden is off in glasgow right
now pretending he's trying to solve climate change when there's a bill on his desk right
now build back better that is that has the green new deal squeezed into it it will cost
three to six trillion dollars he's a liar he's a deceiver and he's getting us killed
he's getting us killed every day that they delay significant legislation on climate change
people get killed they are the enemy joe biden is the enemy when you gin up a war that kills
a million people by lying to the united nations there's no moral ambiguity if you're calling
pal alec baldwin seems to think there is colin powell is the enemy when you cover up me lie
like colin powell did you're the enemy there's no moral ambiguity when it comes to firing
union workers and replacing them with scabs which side are you on boy you're either with
labor or we are with management it used to be simple it used to be we used to know whose
side people were on baldwin killed somebody because he was willing to live with the moral
ambiguity of replacing iot crew members who he insisted were his friends until they weren't
then they were then they had to be replaced with new friends who were scabs folks it's
not just alec baldwin it's every actor who claims to be a member of sag sag-aftra and
then turns around and screws sag-aftra by taking a producer credit there is no moral
ambiguity when it comes to answering the question which side are you on i have no problems with
the studios they're exxon mobil they're not our friends i have a serious problem with
actors or writers who take all the benefits that come with being a union member the pension
the health insurance and of course the virtue of associating with the rank and file and
then while presenting themselves as champions of my union they turn their back on that union
and take a producer credit and become part of management and the bulk of their money
goes directly to them and not through the union and they screw their fellow rank and
file producer credits for actors directors and writers they're not honorariums there
are ways to hide money from the union the way it works is you work for scale you make
sure the studio pays you the bare minimum either as a director an actor or a writer
you get the bare minimum what's the least amount of money you have to pay me as an actor
then i'll take the rest of the cash as a producer i know this personally because i've been forced
to become a producer even though all i wanted to do was write but in order to give me a
raise they would only pay my writer's guild minimum and anything above that went to me
as a producer me a producer that way less money goes into the writer's guild which means
the studio or the network or the real producers the people who put up the money they have
to pay less into my health fund less into my union pension which means my fellow riders
who might not be working that year they have a shallower pool to pull from for their health
insurance for their pension got it do you understand how this works do you understand
how people like alec baldwin destroy the union by working for scale and taking a producer
credit you get you you okay it's just so infuriating how people just twist
the truth for their own benefit alec baldwin only working union scale as though that's
an act of humility it means he gets paid big money paid to him as a producer and he's screwing
the union we need big stars getting paid top dollar through the union when they only take
scale and the rest as a producer they are screwing those they're destroying the unions all right sorry it's just uh so infuriating and it's just how people buy
into uh into these lies and i'm watching actors who i know who can't
meet the threshold for health insurance because the pool isn't big enough they've raised you
have to earn something like 26 000 a year 25 950 in one year or you don't qualify for
health insurance well most actors don't earn 25 950 in one year the reason they had to
raise that is the pool is shallow because somebody like john hamm takes a producer credit
on mad men instead of having all his money go to him as an actor all right uh what i'm gonna do now is uh get some water
calm down hopefully we will have uh a conversation with jesus did i go that long okay uh we'll
have a conversation with my friends ethan herschenfeld and john ross are they here oh
they are okay so let me do this let me pour some water hey dan you want to do community
billboard let's do community billboard for five minutes okay and uh how are you sorry
i got carried away there i'm doing great you wanna go get a drink no i'm drinking my uh my zero calorie zero
sweetener pineapples there's a pretentious douchebag how are you i'm doing wonderfully
how are you i don't know just like i i was watching mad men last night i see that jon
hamm gets a producer credit and i'm thinking oh good so he's screwing sag after so the
money's going to him as a producer and not through sag after and that's why they raise
the threshold for health insurance for working actors because they want to save money on
uh paying jon hamm it's complicated it's complicated anyway what's happening in our community sir
you are you are fired up we're fired um i sent you uh pictures for today's community
billboard oh good okay i said 5 32 i sent them so you could find them tell us what we
have planned for this weekend um we have a message from roricky from at weekly marks
and at dailymarks and he says hi dan and david we hope you're both well and that david is
continuing to purge himself of his centrism we had a great bit on ricardo this week at
weekly marks with carl na marksman giving the dirt on illusions of fixed and circulating
capital i think that was my daughter thanks madame comedian feminist marxist and i felt
woman my daughter uh imitated karl marx who who does she pretend to be uh the name or
he gave me was carl nah mark's man oh i would have told her i told her to be karl marx's pain in the ass
daughter skid marks but i guess she went in another direction okay so do you want a little
more eyebrow than marks okay am i go ahead well he also says that this saturday at two
um on office hours and hours our minnesota man andy brown presents the university book
on union reading uh virtue orders by professor catherine liu and the professor and fellow
minnesotan will join andy brown to discuss professional managerial class and its destructive
role in promulgating capitalism and what time is that that's at 2 p.m eastern on office
hours and hours which starts friday night at 8 p.m eastern but this is this is going
to be saturday since it's office hours and hours it runs 24 hours maybe we can get ethan
to take a half hour maybe john ross will do a half hour maybe i can get professor harvey
i had lunch with harvey jk on saturday in new york city oh wow yeah great i'm gonna
try to get him to do a half hour for office hours all right so what do we have here my
friend the first picture was uh dried beans from glencostic he says hi dan i will be drying
these for later use the vines were 30 feet tall and growing on an angle like a hyperbola
and he stir-fried them with onions and garlic that is wow that's great well growing your
own beans wow every time he throws in onions and garlic i kind of think he might be throwing
a jab at you because you know you hate them i i i who's that from this is from tom weber and
this is a frankenfeldo's monster that looks like uh they try to get looks like
me after the hair plugs they try to transplant my eyebrows to the top of my head they tried
to take the hair plugs out by smashing the top of your head with a sledgehammer okay i like that halloween is over isn't it
yeah we're a little late but uh it was a good one this is a joseph britton jewelry longtime
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it she's so great the gallery that's going on is called af projects and her painting
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nader with uh with me that must be a big i bet he has that on his desk that picture he's probably framed he's got seven pictures
of his family and that one's in front of the closest to him um this week ralph welcomes
miranda massey the director of the climate museum yeah an institution focused on the
intersection of art climate science justice and activism that aims to make people feel
that collective action is both possible and necessary yes and the only hope we have for
saving the planet plus ralph answers listener questions yes we've been mentioning uh the
last several weeks asking people to join the congress club which if you go to ralph nader it's off to the right it's a big blue uh banner you can click on that and
get involved yes please we're we're learning how to organize through the congress club
we kind of do it but not kind of we do it at office hours and people who are interested
in learning how to organize from somebody who knows how to organize join congress club
ralph nader's congress club and we'll have another town hall with ralph uh i don't know
in another month we'll he'll answer your questions and give you advice on how to make your congress
people like they're not really people uh do your bidding instead of exxon mobils how do
people reach you sure if you want to send anything into the community billboard you
can uh send an email to denver dent feldman and i wanted to welcome ethan hirschenfeld
and the last time we saw ethan he was uh standing around a sex club blowing a bassoon until
2 00.

Also joining him is john ross yeah the last
time we saw him he was uh sitting around a submarine drawing stick figures all day so long we have to bring mike rowe back thank
you joining us did he say what is he saying what did he say
where was i hanging out the whole point is it doesn't matter what he says right in a
sex club blowing a bassoon it's funny because it's funny you said sex club because i was
just thinking i was just thinking of a brothel joke but go ahead uh you should add him blowing
a bassoon until 2 a.m yes and and anyway we have to get uh mike rowe back on the show
as soon as possible joining us in i don't know where i would assume maybe both of you
are in massachusetts i know that john ross is in deerfield massachusetts he is a brilliant
comedy writer as well as a farmer and ethan herschenfeld it's good to see you on a monday
yes i uh i usually just hang out the six days in between our thursday shows just preparing
and writing for our thursday shows right but i'm glad you're having me on for monday to
break up the monotony i'm in brooklyn thug thug jew is the name of the special john ross
we're not we we have time we're a little behind today but what is on your mind sir well i
have breaking news yes uh good news bad news uh democrats are very close to a deal they're
very close to a deal the bad news is the deal stipulates that america be 100 coal power but it's a deal we have a deal it's a deal
the new bill is called build back on rush we're not we i'm sorry i hit the wrong button
say it again hit the wrong button uh you're like a heckler the new bill is called build
back the same yeah are you ethan your thoughts yeah no my
thought about the uh the brothel i whenever i hear that phrase climate action
i think that would have been a great name for the very first brothel with ac who was the first one do you think where do
you think the the brothel that that takes it to do you think there were street walkers
first and then bordellos which came first the street walker or the man came first and
then the street walkers were the to-go version i i think the the absolute proof that brothels
came first is i think pro brothels pre-date streets i think literally before they invented
streets they had prostitutes so right like like if you look at pompeii all they uncover
are bordellos yeah they had maybe they they had dirt path walkers i'm not sure what they used to be also the
problem in pompeii is those processes were very stiff i mean they barely move they don't talk that
has to be humiliating though you save up enough money and you finally treat yourself to a
bordello and then for all eternity you're just frozen there so tourists throughout millennium
can watch you in a whorehouse that's got to be embarrassing and that's like every bad
photo on the internet i think we all have that it's our own personal pompe now yeah
that was the original that was the original social media called pompeii then facebook
then meta well are you optimistic at all about the biden
administration john ross is there anything that you see that makes you happy anything
coming maybe from donald trump i mean he may kind of you know you know you talk about uh
the horse race yes the horse is dead so i don't know where we go from here it's it's
i'm getting pretty nervous i mean it's it's a bad it used to be the height of hackneyed
uh a political pablum to do airline jokes now airline jokes are political because uh
i have to take a flight and i have to choose between southwest and queueing on air and
i think it's going to be a tough choice uh maybe i may be flying q and on air before
i fly southwest what so explain what happened a pilot on southwest landed the plane and
said let's go brandon which is code for [ __ ] biden yeah and and what i hear the question
is and probably scarier than that is that southwest airlines has not even made a statement
as far as i know they they certainly haven't fired this guy and i think southwest air is
anti-backs and they don't want to have a vax mandate now what i don't understand about
this pilot like was he stupid enough to think hey this is a secret code nobody will know
you know and i'll just say it and everybody who agrees with me will be okay with it but
nobody else will figure out or is it like you know brett kavanaugh said that a devil's
triangle that that's a drinking game nothing to do with this sex thing and we all know
but you can't bust him because you can't prove that there is no such thing as a drinking
game but we all know the truth so is this guy going to go no i have a i have a sick
cousin who has cancer named brandon so i said let's go brandon you can't prove that's not
true you know what i mean or was this guy going to quit anyway because he didn't want
to take the the shot and then you just go you know what but it's scary that somebody
is that indoctrinated that in that position of authority and power of running a commercial
airline would why not just go on and go along with isis it's just terrifying that that's where we're
at and that the people sitting in congress and that what is it now what is the percentage
of americans who think the election was stolen it's up to something like 40 percent of all
americans or i thought 40 no like 80 percent of all people republicans but but of all americans
it's getting closer to 50 it's terrifying wow wow i don't know what
to do take it away ethan well the good thing about q and on airlines um you know about
them uh when whenever you ask them when is the flight leaving it's always anon you never have to wait long to take off the
last people on earth you would suspect could speak elizabeth in english yes and it's a
shock it's shocking yeah and can can you get babies blood on the flight i believe that only i actually didn't hear the the uh
go brandon thing what what yeah he said let's go brandon which is about that kid who shot
the people and and i you know the etymology of it i'm not even sure of uh exactly how
it started but it is now this well-established thing that you can say let's go brandon and
everybody knows it equals [ __ ] biden right i think i think it started at i think it started
at college football games i think they started screaming [ __ ] joe biden at college football
no i'm all for that but he hasn't earned their wrath i mean i would love it if he was actually
doing something to make them be be afraid of him but it's just hating him because it
really does it really gets down to he's uh on the other side it's called it's colt's
behavior it is absolutely cult's behavior yeah the nice thing about a cult is you have
friends i mean that's what i i always say you're not lonely if you're in a cult that's
how the whole thing operates you always always have a party to go to you always have people
who will agree with you it is it is nice it's got to be nice there must be positive cults
i mean i think do you did you see wild wild country no but that's a pretty good documentary
about the raj nish it's like a three or six part uh documentary about the bhagwan rajneesh
right the rolls-royce guys yeah yeah and they were having sex parties i think that was a
pretty good cult for a little while until uh it went off the rails and i saw the spoof
on documentary now that bill hater series yes i was surprised that they could even make
that funny because the the real one is pretty close to it i feel like i saw the real one
after watching that right i almost cyrus and i dave cyrus i almost got i'm being serious
almost got recruited for nexium by one of the actresses well she was on your show yeah
and and so she was on the show about three years ago and cyrus and i were doing it from
the studio alex's studio in new york and i'm thinking this is a a very friendly actress
who's being a little too nice to me it just didn't feel right and then she had coffee
cyrus should come out and tell the story i guess she had coffee with dave and i guess
they needed to recruit people like cyrus and me to uh to join i don't know to be part of
i totally would have let her brand me here we have uh dr carolyn baker i'm going to turn
your video off dr baker we're and we're running uh it's good to see you and i can't wait to
talk to you about your new book we're running five minutes behind so i'll see you in 15
minutes is that okay sounds good thank you there we go yeah uh anyway uh ethan you're
in brooklyn tonight i'm in brooklyn and um i also like a little plug my girlfriend's
show open she's a painter yes a show called stride arts you can check it out it's on 2nd
avenue 58th street it's up for about 6 weeks it's a beautiful show went to the opening
the other night and then we went again on saturday hold paintings drawings some watercolors
stride arts check it out i will check it out how uh threatened are you and i'll ask this
of john that your wife or significant other becomes incredibly successful and goes off
and travels and you never get to see her is there a part of you that's rooting against
her my wife my wife my wife just got accepted to a writer's residency in uh key west wow
uh she does have to take her she has to fly herself down there but once she gets down
there they put her up and they feed her for a month she's going down in march it's a cult
i heard about this they're going to branch out and you know and then they do have uh
ethan maybe your girlfriend could apply for a residency because there's there's visual
artists there's musicians there's uh she's a writer and she has to run one workshop for
the town but they give her a little bicycle and uh look i'm rooting for her novel to uh
to get published and then get turned into a movie and uh for us to you know is this
their ernest hemingway's house the museum yeah i don't know it's in it's in key west
so qs isn't that big it's probably linked with some relationship to key west are you
going to be do you mind if i ask you some personal questions about this go ahead are
you trying to sabotage this why would you want her to be away from you for a month or
unless you're going to join her and play in the grapefruit league down there uh no um
i'm going to be here it's it's a little bit of a uh practice for her for empty nest my
uh daughter will still she'll be in her senior year of high schoo uh high school so i'll
be having to stay here with uh her and the dog but um so so yeah i won't be going i'll
be having plenty of fun here by myself don't you worry now what happens ethan if your soon-to-be
wife becomes a very successful artist she says to you i'm gonna i'm going off to antarctica
i've been there's there's uh whether i have left in my my studio is white paint and i'm
gonna be i'm gonna be away for six months because i they've asked me to paint would
you feel good about that you know i have a very weird relationship to my relationship for over a decade and um monogamy you know
the only thing harder than mahogany is monogamy and i yeah i so you know the relationship
works it's great she's a she's great she's a wonderful person and a wonderful artist
but solitude is sort of my default setting so i don't i don't mind i i and i want her
to have huge success and she's one of these artists who you really have to respect because
there are some comedians and actors like that also in this world we live in that's so filled
with promo and self-promo and look at me look at me look at me it's amazing when you encounter
people who don't do that and in fact are incapable of doing that so she's one of those people
who's really into her work and she has been since she was very young and she is not into
the promo you're not answering my question so i'm going to be totally honest with you
cokes and [ __ ] here's here's what i told john ross yeah i
told my kids don't go off to college do not leave me i know you think you want to go off
to college but stay home go to a local community college let's prolong this nightmare let's
keep this thing going i know you're miserable but once you go off to college my life changes
i don't have young kids in the house anymore and mommy and i then have to confront each
other and it's not going to end well i didn't say that they knew they knew it already no
uh but i did honestly say i don't want you leaving i i i don't care you're you're get
you're seeing if there's part of me that's like please don't be a success so you don't
have to go anywhere i'm saying why don't you poison like work behind like undermined under
my like why do you want you yes i want her to be a huge success and sell the really big
canvases for 15 grand each because she like she's not she's not like a a socialite upper
east society in any way but she loves gucci and i can't buy that [ __ ] so she's gonna
are you do you worry that she'll trade up oh in terms of men well or trade down even
worse where she meets like an another artist a show i mean how would you feel what would
be worse let me ask john and ethan this question all relationships end up in the dust deep
would you prefer to be lost because she traded up or traded down i would prefer her trading
up trading down she already traded down if she's in a relationship with me trading up
it means good riddance you have no values i was too good for you tough question to answer
but it's got to be one or the other may i say a couple of things yes sir first of all
i am a very big uh proponent of monogamy um i i feel like every time i [ __ ] somebody
else outside the marriage i feel like it wasn't that great you know i'm every time every single
time i'm like you know what better at home i don't think we have to worry about our next
guest i think she just went okay i don't know how i got on this show you know i will tell
you something i'm a guy who got i didn't get married till after 40.

Right and so you know
you get certain habits um that you know you you get used to your solitude you get used
to your alone time and that that doesn't change and so my wife and i very much we take separate
vacations i go down to florida to play in a baseball tournament i've invited her to
come if she wants to go but she's like no i'm going to go on my own yoga retreat some
she we we spend a lot of time separating we love that we love to do things together but
we also like to do things separately as far as trading uh up or down i think i would definitely
want her to trade up and i would maybe carry around a picture of that guy check out who
my ex was able to get so what's that say about me huh well if she trades down it means she's
yeah she's going for the sex she's a she's going for the raw physical lust and that would
be a threat to me i'd rather have her just trade up for you know security financial security
ethan you're you're not yourself my girlfriend is very happy with me for the most part but
i know that she harbors this fantasy of you know she's originally from germany she's spent
half her life here uh but she secretly she harbors a fantasy of being married to a a
swiss diplomat it's very specific it's a very specific fantasy
and i say find a swiss diplomat and live on a mountain and i i feel like okay there's
i can't give her the things a swiss diplomat can give that's nothing well you're extremely
talented i can imagine you doing uh uh playing a swiss diploma right i think you could wonder
that's one ethnicity and job i just could not do i i feel like it's just outside of
my my comfort zone both ethnically and occupationally it's because it's too mild in both regards
the city and the job are very mild it's not going to feed into that idea also because
i'm the opposite of mild i'm a nightmare to be with i'm always it's very opinionated all
the time about her about me about everything around us and the swiss diplomat just he has
nothing to say but he's always buying her gucci and feeding her amazing meals i have
a question about switzerland i never understand world history whenever i'm reading about somebody
escaping the nazis at the height of the war i just have to make it to switzerland it's
like the seventh inning of the war and they're going to switzerland yeah if i could just
get to switzerland like there's this force field that prevents the most evil army in
the history of mankind from obeying the swiss boundary which has no army hitler do not step
foot in switzerland what is that about what you would think that that an army that exterminates
millions of people tramples czechoslovakia poland moscow switzerland we can't step foot
in switzerland where all the gold is what is going on the nazis were lactose intolerant
and all the cheese a competing theory if they needed to be able
to get their watches fixed and it's like you know what the trains don't run on time unless
we have watches that work on time we burn that bridge we're in trouble i mean seriously
i never understood like i i need like he needs if he has his papers and he can get into switzerland
he won't be like it's like the nazis are going yes v kills millions and millions of people
but we are not savages we obey the the boundaries it was the altitude they they didn't have
a lot of good aerobic training so you have to go up to go into switzerland well does
it suggest to you that maybe switzerland was a part of nazi germany certainly where the
art and the gold ended up right i have one friend who was a little kid in the north of
italy and he was smuggled across and he's his life was saved he went to lugano the that
first town over the over the hills there in switzerland so uh it worked i don't know why
but it worked he was able to hide out there it makes no sense i'm gonna ask this guy how
that works that's a good it's a fine thing to wonder about yeah yeah now sowing your
oats what does that mean you said you got married when you were 40
that implies that you should you so sewed your oats yes i did and what what does sowing
oats mean does that mean that i mean cutting them you're a farmer yeah you know uh yeah
but i i i mean it seems like go oh yeah to sow that's when you throw it out in in the
field it comes from the word in hebrew in the bible it says there's that phrase um those
who sow in tears will will reap enjoy so the harder you work putting sowing the seeds then
the joy of of the harvest will be that much greater so the sowing is when you scatter
the seeds that's what it is sowing your oats you're scattering your seeds among the uh
the brothels of pompeii so why can't you just say you're spreading your seed why do you
have to make it confuse like i don't know what's so i thought it was like you were making
a dress out of oats because you didn't have cotton and then reaping it's an old saying it's not
like they just came up with it and they said let's confuse david and not say you know back
when you said sewing your oats that everybody knew what that meant it meant like spreading
your seed nobody had a question about it and what is reaping what you're getting your freak
on what does reaping your routes mean that would be when you're uh harvesting and then
i have in my kitchen i have something called one minute oats a little more self-control a little more practice
don't worry kids if you have one minute oats it just takes a little practice you'll get
up to three minute oats and then five minutes out i'm not bragging yeah steel cut right
here all the steel cuts right now so bill maher says covet is over well what are you
ever no i'm i'm nostalgic for the beginning of the pandemic and so i uh started hoarding
toilet paper again just for old time's sake i just load up my cart with as many things
of toilet paper as i can just uh brings me back is that an american thing where americans
the ones who hoarded toilet paper or did the whole only americans as far as i know before
go ahead ethan and then i'll tell you what i saw at uh one of the town hall meetings
oh yeah no i was just gonna i agree with john i'm very nostalgic for the beginning of the
pandemic i loved i loved my favorite thing as a child period barna was the snow day i
loved the snow day the snow day went suddenly everything was off and you could just sit
around and you didn't have to be jealous of the dogs who didn't have to go to school the
snow day was amazing and that was like a the pandemic was like a snow year i love that
it's just the greatest thing ever i mean i guess it's terrible what happened to everybody
but that's no year i i'll cherish that memory yeah so it is odd one thing that's odd i am
not on the evil facebook or aka meta or whatever but my wife still has a facebook account and
so the other day you know i guess it sends you memories and like a picture will come
up of something and she's she had a picture of something that happened that we did and
she went do you you know remember we did this and we went to this place with these people
and i went yeah she was that was a year ago i was like what like time is just twisted
into this it that seems like it was five years ago right and i'm like that wait that was
one year ago i couldn't believe it so it's it's definitely done some weird things we
have to wrap it up rebecca irwin who ran the holy city zoo is posting pictures of the club
where john and i got our start and i'm i just stare at some of those pictures and i really
it's like you see you know how in a movie somebody will look at a picture and then be
brought back into it's literally happening to me on facebook where there's certain pictures
there's one picture of monty steve kravitz and uh uh steve pearl and ray booker outside
and warren outside the zoo and they're all in these tight-fitting like tight shirts and
it's like 1983 and they're all of them are just in their 20s in their full bloom and
all their power and i just keep looking at these guys and it don't say what happens after
you are looking uh well it goes without saying let me just say there's a lot of sewing one last thing about old pictures um there's
i this i know is not true but i think it's sort of true is that every cell in your body
it gets replaced yes it's like seven years yes is it that it's every single one and like
i've seen old pictures of myself from like 20 21 years ago and i'm like oh my god that's
like three people ago right it's like a completely separate person but by a factor of two or
three like wasn't that the wasn't that the defense you used at a murder trial and and
here i am brisbane john ross this was fun ethan herschenfeld thug thug jew watch thug
thug jew on youtube right now and um and come to the show thursday night at west side comedy
club west side comedy club thursday night at 7 p.m in a few days and i have a promo
code that gets you a hundred percent all so message me a hundred percent unbelievable
just do it slowly don't toss this off start again before west side comedy club this thursday
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off it's it's ridiculous there it is this one this thursday outside comedy club let's
do this again real soon thank you john ross fun with friction on twitter i love you guys
thank you so much let us now go to colorado i believe we're going to colorado where my
next guest is standing by she is dr caroline or carolyn baker i'm going to go with carolyn
thank you is it carolyn yes good dr caroline baker she's the author that a prolific author
of many many books including confronting chris christo fascism healing the evangelical wound
and you can buy it wherever books are sold you can buy them you can buy it online from
you know whom and it has a forward by our friend frank schaefer who's been on this show
welcome to the show thank you for being here well thank you for having me david i really
appreciate it thank you what is cristofascism you you frank schaefer has talked about it
but what what does cristofascism mean well it's a word that was uh coined by activist
dorothy soleil i believe back in world war ii and it really means an unholy marriage
as i call it of christianity and fascist ideals fascist ideals and people more recently who
have used the word are chris hedges i believe he wrote a book on the topic kevin phillips who wrote american theocracy
others have used that word but i wanted to use it at this particular time for us to talk
about this unholy marriage between right-wing politics in the republican party and the evangelical
fundamentalist christian movement because i i really see this as a dangerous trend a
dangerous reality that is taking us on on a trajectory toward fascism in the united
states and the end of democracy so we play clips on the show to laugh at uh this guy
greg pastor greg locke and he's a great showman and then we've always laughed at pat robertson
are they getting worse it seems to me that once a day i see a pastor calling for armed
insurrection and i see lauren bobert who is a congresswoman from colorado she might be
your congressperson not my congressperson no and a great embarrassment to our state
by the way she filled out her fec filing and listed herself as a resident of utah she doesn't
see that and i have some video that i was gonna play
for you of her talking before christian evangel the evangelicals and she's just calling for
an overthrow of the government have we seen this before where you have congress people
like cawthorne and gates talking about blowing up the metal detectors inside congress speaking
to to church groups has this ever happened before we really haven't i mean we've had
people who are involved with the ku klux klan in the state where i was born in indiana in
the 1920s most of the state government officials were involved with the klan the government
was a closet member of the clan but we've never seen this level of authoritarianism
and this level of opening one's arms to really fascist ideals we've never seen it and as
frank talked about on your show a few days ago we now have a a republican strategy of
um you know making sure that the elections go their way through various means and if
they don't like the results they just say these results were flawed we're gonna have
a an audit or a fraud it to determine you know what actually happened and it's always
in their favor and they draw anything they don't like so we have not seen that before
and that's truly terrifying and what is the thinking behind this if you have god on your
side it doesn't matter what the means are to the end so you if you believe god if you
genuinely believe god is on your side then if you have to steal an election and lie about
it it doesn't matter well go ahead back in 2006 kevin phillips historian wonderful historian
wrote an excellent book called american theocracy is he a republican was he originally a republican
it was originally in a republican of the old school right and um you know i i often go
back and look at that book and think my god i wonder what he thinks about what's happening
today and it's really important that we understand the concept of theocracy or really government
by god and these folks believe um that we should establish the kingdom of god on earth
and i have a theory about this um i have a theory that you know they've been screaming
for 200 years about the physical return of jesus christ he's going to come back and establish
his kingdom on earth well i think they're getting really tired of that because jesus
has not shown up you know i i don't know if you noticed but well you know he seemed to
have shown up right so you know it's so kind of like we're tired of waiting for him we
want to do it ourselves and there is a group of reconstructionist fundamentalist christians
who really want to establish christianity in its fundamentalist forms in
all of the institutions you know through art through culture in medicine and really what
that comes down to when it's all said and done is the handmaid's tale right so all of
this is profoundly terrifying in my opinion this weekend the new york times published
an op-ed piece by senator josh hawley who raised his fists at the insurrectionists on
january 6 and i thought why is the new york times publishing a i think he graduated from
yale law school i think yes yes isn't he part of this isn't he doesn't he well not so much
in terms of the religious aspect um i think he's just basically flat out fascist and and
and following the path of sasha's politics he will certainly pal around with fundamentalist
christians he certainly you know will play the games that they want to play but he himself
is not particularly a devoted christian i thought he was i thought i read some things
where he might have been part of this reconstructionist evangelical movement what about ted cruz i
mean who are the people we need to worry about here and the problem with it is it's considered
impolite to call a politician out on their religious beliefs even when they're using
their religious beliefs as a cudgel to get votes and get special permission to persecute
the lgbt community or women on abortions it's they can hide behind their religion when they
need it but we're not allowed to question their it's impolite you'll never hear chuck
todd saying mike pence what do you believe do you believe the jews are going like to
me the question you should always ask somebody like mike pence is did the jews go to heaven
with you that would be a good question to ask him well i can tell you right now what
his answer would be which is well we love the jews and they're god's chosen people and
they they're a wonderful nation and we want to protect them but they have not accepted
jesus as their personal savior so as with anyone who has not done that they will go
to hell right and to me it is journalistic malfeasance not to ask that question of anybody
who brings up their religion once you introduce religion into the public square it is the
responsibility of a journalist say okay you you talk about jesus you brought him up what
about our muslim the muslim community are they going to your heaven are you i think
there are a lot of stupid i'm jewish don't mean to surprise you but there are a lot of
stupid jewish people in america 20 of american jews are stupid and they're they're republicans
and they don't realize a lot of them don't realize that just because somebody loves israel
doesn't mean that they don't hate jews mike pence doesn't even know he hates jews because
right he's saying i'm for israel how can i hate jews it's bubbling up now i'm seeing
it in the town halls where there was a veterinarian in arizona who was talking about big pharma
and the jews and i went you know this stuff needs to come out we need to expose what these
people think of the sikh the sikhs and the muslims and the jews and they need to be asked
and they're not because it's considered impolite to ask mike pence this question and and he couldn't lie in other words if
he said i believe jews are going to my heaven what would the reaction be what would how
would his base react if he was political and said no i believe we're all going to the same
heaven what would the backlash be among his base well i think pretty pretty strong the
backdrop backlash would be very strong and so he really doesn't dare answer that question
and why isn't that brought up when somebody says i believe this country was founded with
judeo-christian values when when when when george w bush is asked who is your favorite
philosopher he says jesus christ the next question there should be a follow-up on that
and what does that mean yeah but they back away from it because they it's okay for them
to discuss the religion the way anyway so how do we combat this how do we how do we
fight them on this well i think you know these people who you know they have no problem saying
i'm a christian or saying i'm an evangelical christian um but i think the next question
should be what does that mean to you and to what extent are you following the teachings
of jesus because the teachings of jesus are not really at the top of their list at the
top of their list is their political agenda and you know jesus was kind of for the evangelical
christians and i'm not saying all of them but for those in the right wing the teachings
of jesus are kind of soft you know there's a wonderful book that was written uh jesus
and john wayne it was written by a profession professor a woman professor in uh michigan
a few years ago and i quote it in my book um you know jesus wasn't really macho enough
and so they prefer to go further into the new testament the writings of paul uh you
know who was much more macho and extremely homophobic and extremely misogynist and then
they want to take it further and go into the early church fathers you know the augustines
the tertullians the the different church fathers who were really very macho and very misogynistic
and very patriarchal and so they say well you can't just pay attention to the ten to
the teachings of jesus you have to take all of these great minds you know together mm-hmm
and and so so it's an ideology in search of radiology in search of a religion they're
searching yes they're starting off with a belief system then pouring through the cannon
to look for evidence to back up their their their their positions uh hitler how did hitler
use protestants and catholics how how do the fascists use real deeply religious people
well in in germany there was the reich's church and their symbol was a cross with the swastika
in the middle of it and there were many there were many germans who joined that church and
they were they were able through you know the same kind of uh not looking at reality
that we see now in the evangelical movement they were able to try to put together the
teachings of jesus with with you know uh christian theology i found this really curious because
what what we're told if you don't pay too close attention that hitler was it was the
nazis were a-religious but that's not true right no and so how much did hitler use religion
and which i would assume mostly with pius he made some kind of deal with the catholics
but germany is mostly a protestant nation right protestant and highly lucrative so what
what was happening a lot of catholics were being taken away by hitler well a lot of people
bought into um you know the the boogeyman uh that that hitler introduced to everybody
which was you know the jews are going to take away this and take away that and they're going
to contaminate us because they're not a pure race and and so we're christians we're white
we're proud of our christianity it really doesn't have much to do with jesus because
he was a jew but you know it becomes their own ideology how much how much did the nazis
i don't recall any photographs or stories of hitler wearing his religion on his sleeve
i don't know i don't think he did i mean he was involved in a lot of cult culty stuff
um that he kept under wraps and as as many of his associates were right in the third
reich um but he was able to use in the same way that uh you know evangelicals now are
able to use a lot of christianity to validate quote unquote their political position i see
it's very similar to what he to what is going on now i see what percentage of christians
in america are evangelical i would say about 30 to 40 percent and what
percentage of evangelical christians are dangerous i would certainly say that 30 or 40 percent
at this point who doubt the election of joe biden who insist uh on the big lie they buy
into the big lie um and and who uh are are calling for the things that i have written
about in the book um i'm not saying that all evangelicals are terrorists but those who
support the trump agenda and align themselves with white supremacy white nationalism hatred
of the lgbt community the right to reproductive choice is guaranteed in the constitution maybe
for only five more minutes and who oppose science those individuals particularly those
who are working to suppress voting and rig the system so that if they disagree with the
outcome of an election they can just throw it out or participate in an insurrection to
overthrow democracy these people are terrorists yeah terrorists absolutely and and so what
how many are we talking about well i would certainly uh you know i would just go along
with what the what the current uh emphasis estimate is in mainstream news which is 30
to 40 percent of the population of the united states does not believe that joe biden is
a legitimate president and they've completely bought the big lie hook line and sinker and
and of those 30 to 40 percent most of them are evangelicals or no that can't be that
high no i wouldn't no i wouldn't think so i would say maybe half of those are evangelicals
but the evangelical movement really has great power by you know the the uh the allegiance
the alliances that is made with trump and other politicians so it's very it's difficult
now to draw the line and say well tom uh cotton for example he's a he's an evangelical senator
from senator from arkansas yeah yeah and very right-wing he's very right-wing he's a lawyer
well-educated lawyer from an elite a well-educated lawyer and these are the fascist evangelicals
that we need to worry about you know trump was not the brightest bulb in the chandelier
as far as intellect but there are some people like holly and like cotton who are very well
educated and very fascist ted cruz ted cruz yes so to me the danger as more and more people
in america stop going to church stop going to mosque and temple the ones who remain many
of the ones who reign are the most dangerous it's kind of like the republican party kinzinger's
go is leaving every time we lose a good republican nature pours a vacuum and a really bad republican
fills that seat yes as more and more americans stop believing in organized religions the
ones who remain even though they're fewer in numbers they gain more power the more we
abandon organized religion the evangelicals even though they're not growing in number
will get more power is that a fair well i think that's true and um i think that um we
see we've we've seen a lot of the evangelical movement decrease you know there are articles
almost every day on how the evangelical movement is decreasing in numbers but as frank schaefer
pointed out in his interview with you once you have established this strategy around
elections it really doesn't matter what your what your membership is what the numbers are
because you have this strategy in place that questions all elections and that eventually
gets rid of democracy you know we have to i i would love to uh have you keep coming
back we're talking with dr carolyn baker she is a professor of history and psychology go
to you're also a psychotherapist and a student a student of ritual and mythology
and you've written a new book called confronting christo fascism but you've written i i can't
even count the number of books that you've written it just goes on and on and on and
on you're very prolific why are you so prolific what is the secret um i don't know i'm i've
yeah i don't know what the answer to that is um probably because i live alone i'm not
in a relationship at the moment and you know i'm putting all my creativity into writing
which i absolutely love um i'm not a psychotherapist any longer i do life coaching and spiritual
counseling and i have a lot of people who come to me about this very question of you
know religious trauma and how do i recover from this because you know a lot of people
who've been through the whole evangelical experience um have ptsd and uh it shows up
in their lives right and so to to to reach you they should go to carolyn baker that is
that that's correct i have no problem with giving out my email address
um please please drop me an email tell me that you listen to this program and if i can
help you i'm happy to do that and go by confronting cristofascism healing the evangelical wound
with a forward by frank schaefer before you go can this happen without trump can we can
we end up with a theological state without donald trump who who was who was in who was
out there that could pull this off other than donald trump well some of the people that
i've already mentioned like holly like cotton and and there are others who are um great
intellectual minds but you know they've chosen to go down this path i think that trump is
probably going to get reelected or really reinstated um yeah i'm not optimistic i'm
not optimistic about the democrats winning and i hope i'm wrong my god i hope i'm wrong
but i'm not optimistic and you know i think he can get the ball rolling but there are
others who can perpetuate it once he does that right but it will be hard to find somebody
as craven as he who understands the media the way trump does right he he is the threat
well dr carolyn baker the name of the book is confronting christo fascism healing the
evangelical wound with a forward by frank schaefer who was introduced to the show by
our next guest howie klein hello howie hey how you doing david good good i want to thank
carolyn baker please come back i'm going to call you tomorrow to get you back on the show
thank you so much thank you howie klein is the founder and treasurer of the blue america
pack they raise money for progressive candidates all around america what i'm going to do is
i'm going to play our introduction and i'm going to grab some water i've been talking
a little too much so we will be back in 90 seconds with howie klein it's time right now
for the david feldman show he's talking politics and comedy dude now tell a dirty joke if you
want him too he's just a lefty from way back he's a union man with a name before writing
someday he's mad and he feels like fight it's time right now he's got a lot to say and he's coming your
way me is he's got a lot to say and he's coming your
way welcome back howie klein is with us hello
howie klein hey david how are you good good thank you for joining us so i spoke to you
yesterday and you were going after the democratic blue dogs new dems who have sold but what
was left of their soul to the pharmaceutical industry and despite the polling where as
you point out americans want medicare to be able to negotiate drug prices they sided with
the pharmaceutical industry we should name these democrats our listeners should know
who these people are even if even if it takes the entire segment to name the names of the
democrats who are siding with the pharmaceutical industry and who's who are you supporting
because you're right aren't you running somebody against each one of these democrats well well
some of them the ones in the senate aren't up for re-election and uh some of them are
some of these people what they do is they're they let others stand up and and support these
bad policies or oppose these good policies and they just hang in the back and and don't
have to do it publicly others are doing it publicly so in so we are supporting some candidates
who are running against some of these people and when there's a good candidate and he or
she is running against a blue dog we we have a special page uh which is called primarying
a blue dog and and in order to be on in order for us to raise money for a candidate they
have to be a good solid progressive who passes who passes off vetting and they have to be
running against the blue dog not running against anybody else it has to be a blue dog because
they're the worst of the worst in terms of the congressional caucuses although you know
some of the new dems are really terrible too that's not what this page is for this page
is just for um blue dogs so in that and in that instance we have uh four so uh henry
cuellar from south uh texas is one and uh jessica cisneros is running against him another
one is um is is i mean one of the probably the worst of the worst in the house is a guy
named kurt schrader yeah you have a story yeah bad i mean is that bad news about mayor
mark gamba no i'll talk about that in a minute okay but it's not bad news it's actually good
okay so um kurt schrader kurt schrader of oregon who's an a an heir of um of a fortune
that comes from pfizer and he takes huge amounts of money from the pharmaceutical industry
and he was one of the people who voted in committee to oppose uh the passage of a bill
that would allow of an amendment or not an amendment a part of a bill that would allow
medicare to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to get fair market price price um
drug prices and uh and then so that's him then there's a guy named sergio alcabela now
i sent you sergio information to bring him on next week you got that right yes okay he's
running against ed case a longtime um conservative democrat in honolulu a very very wealthy guy
related is the first cousin of steve case of aol by the way and that and what i didn't
say by the way is the the woman who's running against uh kurt schrader is uh jamie mcclaude
skinner and and why don't we talk about that uh in in a minute about uh why uh mayor gambra
has has decided not to run and instead yeah jb running and then there's um and then the
last of them is michael ortega in orange county who's running against lou correa so those
are those are the now those aren't the only bad guys those are just the ones that that
blue america is uh has candidates for already we don't we don't manufacture candidates uh
we find people who are already running we i don't like the idea of uh trying to talk
someone into it because if they don't have a belly in their fire and have fire in their
belly and they don't really want to run and really want to do what it takes which is a
lot then they don't win anyway right so so we we look for great candidates who are running
rather than trying to uh invent them and and other other places don't do it they do it
the other way they actually try to recruit candidates a lot of times candidates who get
recruited who aren't really running before that are um don't win they just don't win
the races they don't have what it takes that said uh mark gamber wrote a uh he ran against
uh schrader last time and he didn't win and he and but the district has been very very
drastically uh uh um not not gerrymandered but just redrawn uh and it now takes in a
big part of eastern texas of east eastern or sorry eastern oregon and that area is the
area where jamie lives and she's very well known and she's run there before and won both
in a congressional race that she didn't win for the whole district but she won that part
of the district and for secretary of state she didn't win the secretary of state job
but she won that part of the new uh the new fifth district so i i think that when we had
um mark on the show he even mentioned that he was he was uh that there was another candidate
that he was talking to and that he would see which of them would run and that they that
you know whoever decided to run the other one would support that one and and they got
together and they really tried to figure out only one thing who had a better chance of
beating schrader that was all they thought about not you know who's more of a careerist
not who's going to be a better member of congress even just who had a better chance to beat
straighter and they both decided that it was jamie and and they did it very mathematically
and they explained it to me and it made complete sense and um now we have jamie running instead
of instead of mark okay hopefully we'll get jamie on the on the program with medicare
negotiating is it conceivable that they're going to squeeze some kind of no have you
heard rumors that this reconciliation bill does allow for medicare to negotiate with
what happened i mean you probably heard mansion today saying that he'll tank the whole thing
if they try that so it's not going to happen i mean this is mansion's b and cinema's bill
that's what that's what it comes down to they have vetoed everything they want and nothing
is going in there that they don't agree and it's not a negotiation that's what people
on the in on tvs keep saying and on the radio also and and the press they keep saying it's
a negotiation it's not a negotiation it's a dictation there's no negotiating either
neither cinema nor mansion is negotiating they are just handing down their conditions
and you don't want to meet my condition goodbye that's it manchin has said publicly that he
doesn't care if the bill passes or doesn't pass doesn't matter to him he does not care
if it doesn't fit what his parameters he's not voting for it and it's dead robert rice
the former labor secretary under clinton tweeted out something that was absolutely brilliant
this weekend he said there isn't a single billionaire who lives in west virginia why
is joe manchin protecting billionaires he does not represent the people of west virginia
who is he working with certainly there are very specific billionaires that he's that
he's very close with and who have made him very very wealthy i mean i ran a little video
on my blog the other day i don't i don't even remember which which post it was but it but
it talks about him oh it was it was um what's his name that guy who makes videos uh damn
i can't remember his name now but maybe he'll come back to me but in any case it's talking
about how how wealthy the the very rich have made not just mansion who is very wealthy
but his whole family i mean his daughter they have her testifying at a hearing i think she
said she was making like upwards of 10 million dollars a year in salary at mylon the drug
company yeah right so you can imagine how uh you know how these companies are able to
you know is it a bribe you know i i think i've told you this before but during the negotiations
uh uh about over um medicare once before when they were doing medicare part d an express
who had become a republican was the chair of the committee you wrote about him this
weekend billy thousand you wrote about him this weekend oh i did yes i often write about
billy thousand from louisiana and and the bribe what wasn't necessarily cash now it
may have been cash also i don't know but they during the negotiations for this bill the
pharmaceutical industry very much wanted medicare part d to be the way they wanted it and medicare
part d which is the worst part of medicare and horrible part of medicare and and only
deals with advancing the interests of the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical
companies medicare part d as it was being negotiated as they were you know getting it
through congress without one in the house not one single democratic vote by the way
not one vote not one democrat voted for that thing um count they they offered thousand
a job as the head of big pharma you know you know particularly the chief lobbyist but it's
you know the president of the company and it was a two million dollar job and back in
those days two million dollars is a lot more than it is now before now everybody on the
phone is probably thinking who cares about two million dollars it's nothing but back
then it was a lot of money now is that not bribery david yeah it absolutely is you like
while they're you wrote that while they're negotiating this new medicare part d billy
thousand is negotiating a a new job a new job and and he quit he quit congress after
he got this thing passed he you know he didn't what i mean congress you don't make that kind
of money you don't make two million dollars a year he quit congress and took this very
very cushy easy easy job for two million dollars a year before bonuses sometimes when people
make a straight salary of two million dollars a year they wake they walk away with four
million dollars a year or more right so that was george w bush's contribution to medicare
right he signed it he signed it ultimately it was not written by george bush or even
anyone in his administration it was written by lobbyists for the uh insurance industry
in the fall and he wanted it he wanted it and he was happy to sign it but but they wrote
it the the lobbyists wrote it and when i say the lobbyists specifically it is lobbyists
who are working for those companies so it was in other words it was written by the insurance
company and and the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry they wrote medicare
part d uh and uh thousand uh uh you know got it through congress and then they rewarded
him uh with a job that they had negotiated while he was pushing it through congress and
if that isn't bribery there's no such thing as bribery so when you a gallup poll i read
said that something like eight million american seniors say they can't afford the prescriptions
that are given to them so the doctor says you need this drug and eight million senior
citizens don't fill the prescription because they can't afford it i'm sure it's more than
eight million as a matter of fact who you know it's some of these i've told you many
times i have been prescribed a drug that i'm supposed to take two to two pills a day every
day seven days a week too and and the cost in america is ten thousand dollars for that
per month ten thousand dollars a month who can afford that i mean you can afford it maybe
you can afford it once but who can afford that month after month after month after month
so they're killing isn't even a drug that gets you that cures you by the way that's
not what it's for it's a it's a drug to keep the disease from getting worse that's what
and that's what it supposedly does so why are we well you have by the way i i didn't
mention it it costs not ten thousand dollars a month in any other country it costs one
thousand dollars a month in any other country it's still very very expensive but a thousand
dollars a month is a lot less than ten thousand dollars a month we are being murdered by the
pharmaceutical industry and the politicians that they buy and rachel maddow because they
advertise on rachel maddow they advertise on cnn they are not just lobbying i don't
even know who advertises on her show she doesn't see those things the point is you're not gonna
go after your sponsors if you're you're sponsored by the drug companies you're not going to
go after them so yeah i'm not so sure about that okay i mean you know you have to look
at that more closely than just leveling that and i mean has she ever said bad things about
people who were involved in this uh little game i i would bet she has i don't know but
but i i kind of have grown to trust her a little bit more i used to a long time ago
and then i stopped and now i i i guess maybe she um uh denounces the word moderate so anyone
who does that i love it right but instead of focusing on russia gate and michael flynn
and leave her alone with that russia gate nonsense hasn't suffered enough every time
i turn on rachel maddow she's not anymore she's not talking about what i care about
and that is unions she's not talking about unions because her writers just went union
so you know they they they have their own overton window tuesday is election day chris
murphy in new jersey has the potential to be good i think you mean phil murphy phil
murphy i'm sorry philip murphy potentially could be a good second term governor but not
somebody who he's a decent governor decent enough for bernie
to go campaign for right and earlier in the show i said tell me if i'm wrong that if you
want to trace the roots of everything that's wrong with the democratic party it's bill
clinton rahm emanuel and terry mcauliffe who was running for governor in virginia terry
mcauliffe bad guy right yeah why yes corrupt part of the democratic corruption machine
all about money all about uh you know i mean look i don't want people to understand something
is is he is he as bad as jungkin the guy he's running against is his name junkin or junkin
or whatever trumpkin whatever his name is right trumpkin but trumpkin is worse does
that and for people who who want to vote for the lesser of two evils they should vote for
mcauliffe but for people who figure that evil is evil whether it's lesser or greater then
they then they can't vote in that in that election or in many other elections where
the democratic establishment picks the candidates when the democratic establishment picks candidates
they're always bad they never pick a good one so obama was in virginia campaigning for
terry mcauliffe could not travel to west virginia to embarrass joe manchin and can who was not
running for reelection he couldn't hold a rally in west virginia for build back better
couldn't do it uh you know you got to be really careful with manchin if you push mansion too
hard he can just say [ __ ] you could buy him a republican as of today and give up all
your committee chairs and give up uh give up any any chance of getting anybody uh uh
confirmed they're in a the democrats are in a really tough position with manchin and it's
hard to blame them uh for that now on the other hand cinema who's just as bad a problem
by the way mentions no worse than her she's probably worse than mentioned that i can blame
on the democrats because they recruited her knowing what she is i mean when when i hate
to sound like a broken clock here but uh when chuck schumer found her she was the head of
the blue dog she had the single worst voting record in congress and everyone hated her
he didn't recruit her despite that that is why he recruited her and now we have this
idiot who is like saying well no if you if you raise taxes on the rich i'm out you i
won't vote for you i won't vote for the bill i read that chuck schumer endorsed indira
walton up in buffalo she's a socialist is he look the race is over no one cares what
he says he he's not he can give her he's not really supporting her he just said it uh so
that uh people will will say what you just said in some way and may and make him sound
like he's a decent human being which he's not forget it he's he's not for her right
right well what are we looking at on tuesday how do you see that like for example virginia
that the delegate the house of delegates is that what it's called house is the house of
delegates yeah um right now it's controlled by the democrats both houses yeah the democrats
control it uh it's unique right into this thing the democrats looked like they could
actually pick up seats and have more control but now i'm i'm doubtful that's gonna happen
uh because mcauliffe is gonna drive is gonna drag the whole party down macaula mcauliffe
and mansion by the way because uh for example one of the places right now uh when you're
looking at the polling so how do you look at how do you look at the polling in the state
like that where they don't say who's a democrat and who's a republican it's very very hard
but they're i can't remember the name of the organization but i wrote about it this weekend
uh they um they'd analyze the early votes and and you know who's not voting young people
why aren't young people voting you know it's it's polling shows really clearly that young
people are by far and i mean by far more concerned about um climate change and how we handle
climate economic crisis they're more concerned about it than anyone else and though and so
these people aren't voting why aren't they voting maybe they're not voting because mansion
just stripped the most important part of climate amelioration out of the buildback better build
you think that might have something to do with it i do and why is joe biden in glasgow uh the night before an election well you know
it wasn't planned that way he's meeting with leaders of other countries uh i mean to do
what to learn what he already has he already has a a new green deal a green new deal on
his desk that he could push he doesn't need to go to this climate summit
he knows what has to be done well it's it's a it it's supposedly all the leaders of the
world being there together it gives it some kind of impetus in various countries i i don't
i you know i don't know what to say i'm glad that he's participating look let's face it
biden is a figurehead it would be like queen elizabeth going there and waving also but
you know that's what is he going to do here actually prince philip not prince phil prince
charles has been is is a better ally when it comes to climate
change and prince philip the royal family has been speaking out i don't know which one
is charles or which one is philip i'm just in favor of all royals having their heads
chopped off well uh i don't agree with you on that so you you you're not so sure why
don't you agree with me it's time for royal families to fade into
oblivion no i think it's time for the rich to fade in i think you tax the rich into oblivion
all about the royal family how about taxing them too it's the opposite they give them
money anyway i don't care about the english royal family to be completely honest but you
brought it up and i i decided to start writing my mouth about it i do agree with you about
taxing the rich into a certain kind of oblivion and i've been talking about like anything
over 10 million dollars and other people might tell me you know you're crazy it shouldn't
be 10 million it should be 1 million um but but i think any any money over 10 million
dollars should be taxed at a very very very high rate very high rate like 90 i had lunch
saturday with professor harvey jk lucky you yes and we were at a a very inexpensive what's
it called it's a french bone something i can't remember and we're sitting talking about how
much money you need and i said in new york city you need a lot of money you need a lot
of money i said you know i would meet you for coffee to just sit and talk there are
no places in new york city they've gotten rid of all the bookstores so you can't meet
at a barnes noble for just a cup of coffee they've set it up so there's no what about
like a starbucks or something yeah it's a little they make it yeah maybe starbucks but
it's really hard other places like starbucks i don't drink coffee i never had a coffee
in my life so i don't follow it that closely but i keep hearing about it or sometimes i
see there were like uh coffee shops and stuff well you go to starbucks and it's non-union
from the from the time the bean is picked till the cup is served it's nine in buffalo
they're trying to unionize the starbuck workers and now they're remodeling every starbucks
they say that has uh union aspirations in buffalo but uh how much money they're closing
them down well they're remodeling them until they stop asking for a union how much money
would we need if america were livable if this were a livable country that you know where
you could find a quiet place to live with a little space and some health care and dental
people would not uh people would not feel the need to fill the void in their life with
work and buying garbage they don't need they porno did you hear that uh josh hawley today
talking about men using more porno than ever before right because they're killing our masculinity
or that or maybe we don't have uh the money to live on and they're killing our humanity
instead right all the same yeah if so how much money at the top end does somebody need
until it starts getting sociopathic where you start saying oh a billion like it's no no no the thing is
this what what i've found from being around rich people is that the richer you are the
more grasping of money you become and so it's never it's if you're you know if you're a
millionaire then you're going to look not towards people who have a hundred grand and
think oh i'm doing so much better than them you look towards someone who has 5 million
or someone who has 10 million and you think they're doing so much better than me it's
not fair i have to get more and i really it was like shocking to me i mean i spent most
of most of my life well not really most of it anymore but until i was in my late 20s
i spent it outside of the um the money economy i i it money was not part really a part of
my life uh i didn't have any that's why it wasn't and i had a happy enough life i loved
it and then when i started working for warner brothers and getting money i noticed that
i was thinking i feel i remember a friend of mine very very close friend who who i love
saying to me one day we are going to buck this system and we are going to we are going
to get rich and i'm thinking to myself i am rich i'm making a hundred thousand dollars
a year i am rich my father never made anything like that and but he he felt he had been working
there a long time and he he felt you know there was a have you been on the phone with
me when a mountain lion jumped on my roof have you ever been on the phone when that
happened there's a mountain lion that just jumped on my roof a minute ago and i can't
get the goddamn uh animal department to come here and get it every day it's coming in i
see it every day is he dangerous oh i imagine i'm not going to put my hand anywhere near
him anyway i'm sorry it just happened call congressman
schiff these your call constituent services well that's a good idea you know that i didn't
thought about that yeah well without control don't they tag them like they don't they know
this guy was he the famous one they're all famous that every one of them is famous this
this one unfortunately he he comes up he hangs out on my roof and then eventually he goes
and jumps over the fence to the neighbors who have two children two little children
right and i called the damn park rangers to come and get them and they said they would
but they didn't uh they said oh yeah one of these uh mountain lions can take down uh i
forgot the name of the dorky a mastiff he said well you take down a mastiff and and
run off with them in one second my name has children and they purr that's the scary mountain
lions purr which is great yeah i want to get have you seen the servile i think it's pronounced
servile they're they're cats the size of a dog yes i was thinking of getting one for
my mother fabulous yeah they don't eat what they don't eat people that's one thing and
getting one from my mother how nice um anyway i forgot where i was what are we talking about
next week with will we're not going to see bernie getting behind the infrastructure bipartisan
infrastructure bill or the buildback better right we're not going to see anything past
i i don't know i don't know i wish i did know but i but i don't i think that the congressional
progressive caucus is going to get behind it i i don't know what bernie's going to do
bernie has the power to stop it the same way that manchin does bernie can just say no bernie
can say if you don't put this in i'm not voting for it and then he and uh manchu can stare
at each other but in the end manchin doesn't care about people and bernie does right so
what happened right he would so you're saying mansion would prefer no no bill care one way
or the other mansion's constituents are not human beings manchester's constituents are
you know atm machines that pay him off and have made his family family fabulous how do
we get even with him well we can't get even with him uh until after this mess and certainly
you know i mean he may not choose to run again uh and if he or he may choose to just join
the gop i don't i don't know how do you get i don't know how you get him i know how you
get cinema well but you know i'm not talking about again nothing physical i don't know
i'm talking about electoral what about but what about the daughter what about shaming
the door what about like getting the dog we've been shaming comfort for years she doesn't
care what about price the price fixing that went on with the pen why why you know what
now there you got something because uh biden could have done that he could have said you
know we're going to open an investigation uh if you don't get in line but that's not
biden's style i mean that would have been what lbj would have done right but that isn't
what uh biden does and you know biden is not a strong leader biden's not oh i don't want
let me spam me from getting into into biden again i'm getting in trouble with some of
my readers who are accusing me of being a republican in this fight how could you look
at what this piece of human excrement what are you talking about the president of the
united states oh god going to blaspheme what is he doing in glasgow right now there's there's
nothing that he needs to be told that has to be done about he knows exactly what has
to be done about climate change and it's sitting in the green new deal he's a figurehead and they all are they're
not it's just a symbolic thing it's actually a good thing that they're doing it what would
he be doing here do you think he would be doing something do you think he would be getting
this bill passed he is he's you know what he is we knew what he is before it went when
he was running we knew what he was way before obama decided okay he's got to be the president
and and pulled the strings and got clyburn to uh cut off bernie's head in south carolina
puma abedin who was married to one of your favorite kind and she may run for congress
now she's running for congress she no no she no i shouldn't say that she has she was asked
if she is gonna if she may run for office not congress office and she said she won't
rule it out i'm gonna open the floor when i say goodbye to you and ask the people in
our virtual studio audience i would prefer to ask the women this question huma abedin
claims that she was sexually assaulted by a senator in her new book she says she was
sexually assaulted but she won't give his name oh i have a future guest calling me on
the online let me go goodbye thank you howie klein read them over down with tyranny and
he is the founder and treasurer of the blue america pack thank you howie he's gone you're
listening to the david feldman show david feldman show dot com when we come back we're
going to talk about glasgow with peter kalmas he's a climate scientist at nasa's jet propulsion
lab and author of being the change live well and spark a climate revolution you're listening
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been tweaking for those people in l.a and my enemies welcome back you're listening to the david
feldman show david feldman show dot com that is professor mike steinel he joins us in about
two hours with some new music and our guest peter i don't think he's going to be showing
up today so we have 20 minutes before we're joined by dr harriet fraud i have two choices
i can run one of henry's interviews which i was going to run later i can do that or
i can open the floor to our virtual studio audience at the top of the show i wanted to
talk about huma abedin who is considered to be hillary's second daughter she was married
to anthony weiner who used to be a congressperson from brooklyn he ended up going to prison
for coercing photos out of an underage girl huma abedin has a new book out and she says
she was sexually assaulted by a united states senator and the question i asked at the top
of the show is what does she owe the metoo movement i'm not a woman i don't know what
she owes the metoo movement this is a delicate issue but i'm curious if you're huma abedin
and you have hillary clinton's ear and you're that powerful and you're sexually assaulted
by a united states senator are you falling short by just saying i was sexually assaulted
by a united states senator without telling us who that senator is i would assume that
had you gone to the police we would know about this uh that means there's a united states senator
who is free to assault other people so i'm curious what does somebody in a relative position
of power owe to the metoo movement in the 21st century is it enough just to write a
book and say i was sexually assaulted by united states senator without giving out his name
i was told not to bring this up somebody said this is none of your business are there any
women in our virtual studio audience who would like to comment on this i'm curious what what
they think raise your hand to talk about that or anything else if you if you wish i see
a hand raised and there we go alicia in mexico hello elisha thank you for are you there yes
i'm here hi hi so uh what what do what do you think you know i have real mixed emotions
about people like uh what's her name um yeah yeah um and i to me so much of the me too
movement has become a kind of celebrity thing versus i mean i work in all these countries
well the united states as well you know working class women who go to work uh in shops and
all of these things where they are subjected to all kinds of harassment versus i'm not
saying that powerful women don't have uh things that happen to them but there's there's a
little bit more of a of a game that goes on i think you know um so i i i really feel like
it just becomes a kind of a gossip thing a book selling thing and we lose focus on the
waitresses i remember when i used to cocktail waitress you know to get my way through college
and the kinds of stuff that i had to put up with and i would like to focus more on that
i mean i think most of us know that powerful men are can be and oftentimes are slime bags
you know and i i just i find it revolting if i had to be honest with you listening to
all of these celebrity types go on about how they were assaulted or this or that uh when
many of them had the opportunity in one way or another to walk away from it i mean i you
know i will i remember you know something kind of similar when i was i used to write
for a column and i remember this sort of like uh semi-6 tv screenwriter guy that wanted
to meet with me to maybe get together and talk about writing a tv script and so i went
and you know met with him to to have lunch or whatever and of course that wasn't what
he was interested at all in and i won't get into it but i thought to myself how many women
say yes to that you know how many women say yes to that and get i don't know right thousand
dollars and maybe maybe he would you know go through with that and write a screenplay
or whatever and again i'm not trying to say that people like uma ahmadine deserve that
but i am i'm less sympathetic to them than i am to uh women that i have worked with in
where they have no choice i mean they've got that job they have to keep it i mean i the
kinds of things that and women around the world as well in places where i've been in
cairo and mexico city and so forth so i i'm less concerned about her and i don't know
how much her revealing anything does anything for working women okay because my reaction
my reaction immediately because i'm a man was and i and i think i i suspect i'm wrong
but it was and this is my honest reaction which is by saying you were sexually assaulted
by a united states senator but not giving out his name in a book who are you helping
well she's helping herself sell books you know i mean i look who she works with look
who she married i mean again she you know get yourself to a psychiatric couch you know
as soon as possible but i i just think that um again you know the focus needs to be on
uh working women um who who are trapped in these jobs and who have no choice they're
not you know it's it's a different issue that she has you know what i mean and it's salacious
you know what's happened with me too is it's become sadly salacious rather than really
effective you know and play out for me we saw with christine blasley blasey ford the
the woman who accused the rapist uh kavanaugh when you name a name there are consequences
to that well when you name a name but i mean you're dragged through the mind i know there's
reasons for not doing it but it turns into this kind of kabuki theater it just turns
into a lot of wealthy white women um and i'm not saying they weren't abused but they kind
of need to look at how they allow them so i just don't know if anybody watched miss
mrs america about phyllis schlafly you know and there's this whole way that women i mean
that's a whole other issue but there's a whole way that women play into to harming other
women i mean you know if you if you look at handmaid's tale and all of these kinds of
stories and i i look at some of these women and you know when they decide to say it who
they decide it's like after they've gotten all the benefits after they've after they've
gone up the ladder then they speak out versus women who like myself and other people who've
walked away who've stood up who've said things generally like again i i want to be careful
how i say this but look at what she's doing she's writing a book and you know she's gotten
together with her publishers her agents and they figured out what's going to sell books
and they don't want th they don't want the lord why don't you tell us and you know let's
have her on an interview see if we can get her to reveal and you know it's it's just
disgusting anyways thank you thank you thank you i wanted only women to weigh in on this
so thank you well thank you alicia let us now go to new york city where dr harriet fraud
is standing by she is the host of two podcasts it's not just in your head and capitalism
hits home one of them is with max golding and she is a licensed hypnotherapist and let
me ask you a question you're thank you you're early uh david cobb can't do the show this
week or next week and we had another guest scheduled for 7 30 but uh something happened
so the topic i brought up and i'd like to ask you this uh huma abedin anthony weiner's
ex-wife has a new book out she says she was sexually assaulted by a united states senator
she won't name the name then you and i'm saying well what does she owe the metoo movement
does she owe it to us and then i look at prince andrew who has been accused of sexually assaulting
committing statutory rape with one of jeffrey epstein's victims virginia jeffrey they are going after her now they are dragging
this woman through the mud calling her easy and an opportunist this is a girl who was
set was trafficked by jillaine maxwell as a child and prince andrew now is dragging
her through the mud i guess that answers my question why isn't huma abedin coming forward
and naming the name of the senator you go after a united states senator and accuse him
of sexual assault you're not going to win are you well it's going to even if you win
it will be dragged out and you will be humiliated and accused and it has to be worth it to you
right and huma abedin is already kind of a victim in everyone's eyes because of marrying
anthony weiner well named but i remember the daily news when he wanted to stay in the race
the daily news had a headline weiner sticks it out that's pretty good yes it was but i mean she's
known as a victim and she was also probably doubly a victim but the people who sexually
abuse women are also monstrous people who turn around
and accuse their accusers that's a trump style maneuver yeah use your lawyers make them pay
and so it's pretty sick on the other hand i have a client who's a lovely fellow who
was falsely accused and who's in terrible trouble because everybody believes the woman
even though he has evidence that her allegations are untrue right so that this whole area of
sexual abuse and of calling out predation and sexual predation and acknowledging sexual
predation is a new one and people are go all over the place with it it's a new men who
perpetrated our trying to defend themselves even cuomo with those 11 women said you know
it was just a paternal style i learned in the old italian way and so on you know what
was your reaction over over the weekend we discovered that they are charging andrew cuomo
the former governor of new york who had a step down for sexual they call it harassment
i call it assault if you touch somebody grab someone's breast under their blouse that's
assault that's assault it's not sexual harassment it's assault and now he's facing criminal charges i believe misdemeanor criminal
criminal charges that may carry a year in prison it's been politicized why aren't why
do they why is why is andrew cuomo being prosecuted but cyrus vance can't seem to get donald trump
behind bars what was your reaction to andrew cuomo being charged well i think that andrew
cuomo first of all andrew cuomo was such a um a figure of very divergent feelings for
new yorkers he was excellent during the pandemics beginning he was one of the few that gave
weekly rundowns that were actually accurate he did leave off the death count at the nursing
homes whose donor he from whose donor he richly benefited but he he was one of the few reasonable
voices however that style that aggressive bullying style which screams and bullies men
and women and sexually demeans women is out of order and where you have a he said she
said you don't really know if the woman is making it up for political advantage like
the woman who accused biden of pushing her into an alcove at the capitol and molesting
her there are no alcohols at the capitol she was a little careless or whoever was managing
her from trump's camp was a little too sloppy and so she was silenced but there is an environment
in which sexual abuse is on the agenda sexuality is on the agenda and if it's he said she said
you really don't know but if it's he said and she said 80 times that is cosby's case
or he said she said 100 times as in weinstein's case where he said you know when is it 15
and she said 15 times in r kelly's all right well that's very different and so i do think
everything can be abused sexual abuse can be abused women can try to get advantages
or men can try to get advantages through claiming sexual abuse but if you have numerous counts
you're guilty and in terms of cuomo there are numerous accounts of his overstepping
his sexual boundaries right with the women in his office i i want to roger ailes a monster is a monster is a monster you you
cannot compartmentalize a man's behavior if you sexually assault a woman that's not the
first time you've sexually assaulted a woman and it's not the only bad thing you do in
your life that you do other things to men that might not be sexual assault for example
i was reading an interview with kevin smith who somehow became a producer on goodwill
hunting a movie starring robin williams ben affleck and matt damon harvey weinstein killed
goodwill hunting in the theaters because robin williams had a bigger cut of the theatrical
ticket than he did the video rentals so the movie ended up getting an oscar for for robin
williams there was tremendous getting great reviews weinstein is a monster and he screwed
robin it was more important for him to see robin not get his cut of the movie and so
the movie was taken out of circular distribution to screw robin just to screw him out of some
money partly it is that within the capitalist system those people who are the owners and
the ceos feel they have the privilege to access every service they need for money that they
need all the sexuality that they need that is their right as dominant men and i must
say as i have talked about this it also came to light that there's a huge number of men
who are sexually propositioned by their bosses and feel obliged now they're not raped and
held down but they're economically threatened sex is another by male bosses by other male
bosses and female bosses right as well right next is another service for the privileged
and it's another entitlement of the capitalist owner i will access every service from you
that i want including sexual satisfaction with men it's not sexual not always sexual
domination of a mayor male underling it can be something as the meeting was called for
noon i'll show up at three o'clock i will keep you i better wait and you will wait for
me for three hours and i dare you to say anything i'm gonna rob you of three hours of time that
you could have spent either with your family pursuing your own interests or working for
the company doing work for the company it's more important for my swagger to keep you
waiting three hours how many times have i gone through that how many times have we gone
through something as simple as our time it's a combination once you are a capitalist in
charge you have the right to dominate in every way cuomo was known as bullying the people
in his office he bullied the women sexually demeaning them by calling them honey and baby
talking about their bodies and insulting their outfits and what finally did him in was that
bullying because he and men and men he bullied men he bullied men in some ways he bullied
women in other ways but he was a bully and needed to dominate and what finally did him
in was that you know most state police who are guarding a celebrity don't tell what the
celebrity is doing right unless they do it to the state police officer exactly and not
only that that is an honor that comes with certain amount of service and that seniority
and he chose a shapely state trooper pushed her ahead of all the others in order to access
her sexuality and the others decided okay your detail will rat on you whatever you do
so labor got him back and he would humiliate the husband of that the females the yeah he
would do he would humiliate the husband in front of the wife to establish dominance and
say look what i can get away with so this isn't about you know they always say rape
is not about sex it's about power so that's right he wasn't gonna get anything from this
state trooper and chances are he probably couldn't if he could get anything from her
he couldn't perform so all he could do was swagger he and say to himself i am more because
you are less right it's exactly the opposite of a cooperative arrangement where you decide
together out of mutual respect whatever you're doing whether it's in sex or whether it's
in business but he had to be he had to dominate you have to win over people it's the goal
is winning getting more for you more services more acquiescence more subordination more
adoration more attention it's the capitalist idea more i'm winning because i'm getting
more and in this case it's more power and it's ingrained we see it with sports it's
winning for the sake of i've never i'm not a sport i just you know i was interested in
sports and then i discovered a new set of balls to play with that were much more satisfying
and i don't i'm not interested in childish games i wish i could watch the world series
but it's you know it's pick its side and root for it and when and then you're in the workplace
and as you just said you're dealing with men who who have to win who are competitive it's
not for the good of the company it's not for the good of anything other than i want to
win i want to move on up and i want that big office and i want people to know that i'm
important because i don't feel important i don't i feel lousy so i need power i remember
my uh the was the professor saying there were big fights over who got the corner office
among these professionals really i mean it's a sense that i am more because i get more
power i get more privilege i get more sexual access and it isn't about enjoying that it's
about accumulation right okay and that's what capitalism is about you always have to accumulate
more because your competitor might be doing something and you have to be ready to invest
because you have more you can and you can outshine that person and it's a very ugly
way to treat people and it's the opposite of what you want in a society our society
is really sick yeah i i you know i have i've been i'm just old and my advice to young people
is show me somebody with a corner office and a title and i will show you someone who is
being marginalized at work the the the power structure is such especially when it's men
who are in charge anytime they give another man a title and a big office it's to quiet
him down and make him go away and if you have that corner office and that
title you are a threat to everyone who's above you and you will be so if you want to make
it in corporate america don't have an office don't have a title yeah go for go just go
for some money and influence and it's the thing is that because then you're a threat
all the way down except in nursery school you have to civilize the children they don't
say take all the kid take all that kid's toys and sell them back to him for his lunch no
everybody's supposed to share because you can't have peace anywhere without that but
capitalism brings out the most disgusting competitive ugly things in people alec baldwin
alec baldwin a couple of people said to me why are you picking on alec baldwin and i
say because he killed somebody he killed somebody accidentally but because of his own greed
because he was the producer of this of the movie and he knew they were replacing the
union workers with scabs that day the day he killed somebody he was handed a a hot gun
by a scab a a a what they call a phi core member of the dga who was against the dga
he knew that guy was a scab he knew he had a non-union set and had it been a union set
he wanted to kill somebody and i think of him punching somebody for a parking spot getting
arrested for and and people say they they laugh and they go you know alec has uh he's
got uh issues you know he's got a temper but you know he means well he means well there
you punch somebody over a parking spot that's crazy also the woman that he killed had she
walked off with the iazzi workers she wouldn't have been dead right and she said i'm in solidarity
i will not work here right that um and i mean i'm sure he did feel badly afterwards but
of course that unbridled greed that he had paid for that day and that he was the he was
in charge here was more important than anything else you know kristin um god see g-h-o-d-s-e-e
has a wonderful book why is sex better under socialism and she talks about why it is better
why even people comparing the gdr sex and western germany it's because if someone doesn't
hold an economic cudgel over you to support you because you have state support and protection
for yourself and your children it really helps relationships because your equals your economic
and social equals rather than someone having power over you and money over you you're talking
about the gdr the the german democratic democratic republic east germany before the war collapsed
right and sex was better relationships were better i don't know about the rest of the
relationship she doesn't discuss it but she says the sex was better and then after the
wall fell there there were studies that she cites between western german men whether their
sex was better with people who had come from these germans or western german women and
it was much better with the eastern german women because even with all the ills and spying
of that society there was free subsidized child care there were meals you could take
home from work it wasn't the sex wasn't treated the sex wasn't transactional it was more honest
it wasn't transactional it wasn't you didn't have to use sex in order to have economic
gain which is what these men are counting on in their offices these women need the job
they can be manipulated and used for whatever the boss wants and if you take that motive
away you have a greater chance of an agreement for mutual pleasure among equals you know
i'm i'm smiling i've said this once before on the show and it's true i'm gonna you know
i'm a baby boomer i'm a product of my culture my parents values and i'm being honest with
you i wish i got laid because i was rich famous and successful i'm being honest i've been
so conditioned and programmed by the the culture that i'm thinking i i wish once i got laid
because i was rich powerful and success i wish i wish a woman liked me only because
i was successful i wonder what that would be like but i'm being embarrassed i'm sorry
what you wouldn't you would know you were dominating a person i would know that yes
if you if someone had sex with you only to get something out of you you'd know you were
using somebody and she was using you suppose she was just starstruck what about what about
just being starstruck is that domination no that's possible although taking advantage
of a star-struck person who admires you is a little strange because you're not equals
what kristen godsey's book why sex is better under socialism is about his sex among equals
is a very different thing from sexes domination right right you know and is that so learning
uh this is really important so i i don't want to make a joke about this sex has to be equal
it has to be consensual you have to keep communicating and asking and is this okay is that okay the idea that you take somebody right that
is society conditioning both sexes to to think that way but that's not natural right that's
not that's not enough there is nothing natural humans are cultural beings right so that's
not natural and what you have there's a guy in moscow idaho with a mega church which is
a very well known mega church uh evangelical medi mega church who says sex should not be
a pleasure party well it won't be with him the man conquers and dominates and the woman
receives as she should in other words he's counseling rape which is another extension
of this i take power you don't have a choice it's little sort of mini imperialism i take
over you have no choice i conquer and i dominate and my in the case of a guy like weinstein
epstein i want to make them all jewish cosby lester moonves roger ailes it's that same
idea i conquer i take for my pleasure and [ __ ] you literally right right do not exist
as a person in nature i can remember being younger being around male friends and there'd
be cats screaming outside they were in heat and somebody said see that's you know sex
is uh non-can you know something of the cat was not it was non-consensual and i remember
thinking well wait a second the re that's the female cat saying no yeah that that's
not a female cat we need consent necessarily rape each other a lot of animals need consent
right most of the this is gruesome during rutting season on the highways you'll most
of the the deer you see on the side of the road are female deers who are who have been
they've been snuck up from behind and they've said get get away from me and they bowled
out onto the street and get hit by uh cars so uh kind of depressing to bring that up
i don't know sorry you know but animals have the choice right most animals have the choice
to leave they're not raped right is taking power over someone for your own privilege
it is exactly equivalent to imperialism right so in 1452 that pope saying any christian
who lands on a land that is not christian has a right to conquer and invade so when
when uh cosby weinstein when they're called animals that's a disservice to animals totally
unfair to animals they are humans they are very much capitalist humans right let's talk
about workers and the democratic party i'm obsessed with false allies people who present
themselves as allies of the world like alec baldwin you know i'm not gonna let up on alec
baldwin because i mentioned this at the top of the show he the night before he killed
somebody he went on instagram and said he supported ayatsi and said if you decide to
go on strike i will support you he was in a hotel a luxurious hotel that was also promised
to the iatsi members of the movie he was producing and they showed up and were told no you're
staying 50 miles away at a flea bag in albuquerque but he said i support your right and i will
support you if you strike like he had any choice in the matter if they go on strike
everything gets shut down the very next day the police escorted ayatsi off this the set
that he was a producer on but he gets to present himself as a left-of-center ally of the working
man and you know there would be as you pointed out a cinematographer alive tonight had he
not hired scabs that's right she would be alive if she had walked off the set and he
who had real power would also be alive but that false allies is a very important thing
it's very important in the workers movement now because i was trying to figure out what
happened to the democratic party it used to be allied with the union movement it was union
contributions that pushed them over the top and the one who changed that was clinton supposedly
a progressive ally and what he did was he may he was progressive on gender at least
in his statements even though he molested people and was and everybody i'm sorry and
he was a rapist juanita broderick that's right he was a rapist and he was progressive on
race relationships and yet what he did was the democratic recipe changed he's the one
who initiated the um treaties the north nafta right which then lost about well 700 000 jobs
directly well-paid jobs to mexico and then those workers could never get such well-paid
jobs and gave the manufacturers freedom to threaten with every strike will move your
jobs to mexico right and then that same recipe was taken up by obama so the white working
class was made more and more oppressed and it's only with the pandemic where people were
told how essential they were and then not paid and where the top billionaires made 400
billion and they didn't get a raise that that changed but it was that clinton plan so hillary
clinton could refer to the mass of people as the basket of deplorables right because
if you don't have money and you're not in the rich celebrity culture you're deplorable
right if you have to work and they changed the recipe they got much more corporate money
they sold out the unions they sold out the working class and they made some symbolic
gains that are important right but nonetheless hillary clinton was such a fake feminist she
was for raising the minimum wage to 12.50 an hour well 65 of minimum wage workers are
women so that's not so progressive compared to to uh bernie was 15 dollars an hour and
yet it was really the black south that that um what voted for hillary right even though
he and he cut well he got rid of welfare bill clinton he got rid of welfare and also he
had symbolic events he had some of his campaign headquarters at the teresa hotel in harlem
but meanwhile he's shafting him like obama who is brown and who made a point of saying
some very progressive things meanwhile since he rescued the banks and didn't rescue the
homeowners and it was the subprime mortgages were sold overwhelmingly to blacks who lost
more wealth under obama than they had for the previous time since uh the end of reconciliation
and in the south i mean really it's that fooling them and that's why i think trump's voters
hate women's rights and hate minority rights because somehow that was used to immiserate
them as a cover right but still you know i think it was the clintons whose recipe looked
progressive on race and gender while you shaft the masses of working people black and brown
and white and you get all the corporate money right and they got us convinced it's not not
you uh maybe me uh sometimes convincing well these are the things they have to say to get
elected you don't you know you you have to look like you're pro-business and pro-wall
street and that you're strong on military otherwise you're going to be seen like mcgovern
and weak so they're just looking strong but you know you know his heart that's how joe
biden ran he's like a caricature but what do you do when you get in i mean when clinton
got in the unions that backed him and raised the money for him expected he'd kill nafta
right it was democratic it was a democratic congress that killed nafta before under bush
right so he's not sure but no he changed the recipe and al gore and al gore album for the
masses of working people who are emigrated other countries like germany the strongest
economy in europe all of scandinavia with stronger economies and even france forbid
outsourcing it's illegal if you want to outsource in sweden you have to find every single worker
in your current factory an equivalently paid equivalent job it's cheaper to make a different
product if that one didn't sell than it is to outsource it's just forbidden in germany
you know i i was saying earl i say this all the time i don't have a pr i do have a problem
with exxon mobil but exxon mobil has to do what it has to do and they have to do what
they have to do and uh i know that they're the enemy my problem is the the the the faux
ally the person who's supposed to be representing me and says you know it's complicated yeah
right and and they really are ordinary folks they're divorce attorneys they are divorce
attorneys prolong the divorce by creating nuance gray areas because they make more money
the longer this goes they are they are they should be driven off a cliff every single
divorce attorney it should be against the law to have to have a divorce go through the
courts that's ridiculous um and so you know when joe biden and the democrats present themselves
as the friend of the working man that's more sinful than somebody like lindsey graham's
uh saying hey we got to get rid of that extra 300 a week we ca it's costing management too
much you know they're they won't come back to work we at least the republicans say get
rid of welfare get rea let's starve them out i'm so hungry that they have to work no matter
how degrading and underpaid that's right god bless i'm serious god bless them for for drawing
a line in the sand and telling us who the enemy is and what they believe trump said
that he was the working person's friend he he's going to make america great again and
bring them back their jobs right so they all need a bit of that false populism but it is
more fake like hillary clinton tried to get the feminists to vote for her because she
has a vagina however what she did to women not four women was terrible it was terrible
to um suggest a lower wage it's terrible to call people a basket of deplorables because
they don't have money they also initiated that money and prestige money and fame that's
what's important well they are the more they built this place the people who stormed the
capital and the people i went to those rallies for trump they're deplorable those people
are deplorable they are deplorable fascistic people and they're stupid i'm stupid yeah
they're just yeah and they're getting us killed they won't get vaccinated they're getting
us killed i mean at some point they are and also they have no program except to negate
the current program they have nothing positive at all to offer and they're proto-fascists
they really are they're angry proto-fascists who don't want to look at the real enemy because
the real enemy is actually more powerful than they they want to stomp on whoever is lower
in the social order than they are building for i i was watching uh matt gates uh is it
cothorn horror thunk hawthorne and and bobert and sang things that have nothing to do with
policy pure hatred yes you know let's go brandon this attacking of biden and it's just about
hating liberals and hating democrats uh hatred for the other side you you can actually build
a movement on nothing other than hatred right we're offering you nothing other than hatred
for the other side hatred for blacks arabs muslims now i'm kind of pleased to see that
the anti-semitism is out in the open now uh so that my jewish friends the the jew my jewish
friends who uh that not they're not my friends my relatives who thought who think that they're not these
people don't aren't coming for the jews which they are yeah yeah that's yeah they're higher
they killed heather heyer and those same people that trump said there were a lot of nice people
in that group you know they were fascists and anti-semites and they are angry and they
have a right to be angry they have been shafted but they don't want to look up the ladder
to see who did it it'd suck up kick down in a classic way that is sick and cruel and it
won't help their cause it will just express their rage and someone like bernie did express
people's rage but he had a program to help he understood the rage that's right yeah and
he was defeated in large part by southern and many southern blacks who thought he was
progressive because he made you know he had his campaign headquarters one of them at the
hotel teresa you're talking about who i'm talking about clinton clinton right um you
know and hillary clinton yeah what would have happened what happened was the democrat it
was a given that the senate was up for grabs it went back and forth between republicans
and democrats but clinton lost the house two years into his presidency he lost the house
of representatives that was a tectonic shift when newt gingrich won in 94.

Alec Baldwin

The republicans
hadn't had the house in what was it 40 years how many years had it been what you turn your
back on the working people you lose the house that's right and there are now two classes
in our capitalist system it's now the employers and those who work directly under them and
get a decent wage and the employees who get cheated all the time and you know trump is
a classic demagogue and the republicans went to demagoguery right and the democrats went
to corporate money with a veneer of progressive gender and race politics but only a veneer
because the people who were shafted were black and brown people and women who earn less you
know i hear we have to wrap it up but let me let me ask you if this is too simplistic
because i'm utterly convinced this is the answer i have spent the past 11 years hearing
democrats say overturn citizens united we've got to get the money out of politics i've
heard democrats who are very wealthy say we need a constitutional amendment to overturn
citizens united and good luck with that and my answer is we don't need to get money out
of politics we need to get you out of the democratic party we need to get people who
have money out of the democratic party and there's one measure if you're worth half a
million the dollars quarter of a million dollars that is a liability that should be held against
you if you're perhaps of course it would be you wouldn't think someone's qualified for
a government position because he's the cio you think well he's a ceo he's used to cheating
ordinary people you're excluded who makes an honest living okay who's the champion of
the people who's working for non-profits those people are the ones we want however the culture
is so saturated with capitalist values that it's assumed that those people can lead we
want a business leader most businesses fail and these people are kept on even when they
wreck everything they're given golden parachutes you know roger ailes with a disgusting culture
he got 60 million to leave lester moonves who was raping people at 50 million people
who fail get these amazing golden parachutes while the people under them are thrown out
with nothing and the american culture eulogizes money if you're you're rich there's something
good about you rather than your suspect yeah we we have to change the culture parents parents
need to teach their kids that the rich will not save us and don't go to movies starring
millionaires don't watch anything that's made by a corporation it is suspect anything that's
made by a corporation is suspect that's true but i also don't think you should just forbid
them there i just think you should have taxes that remove their money yes well said doctor you know often people like uh bezos and others
will say i get a dollar a year that's what the person from whole foods said yes you get
a dollar because your stocks are not taxed the wealth in them are not taxed and when
you and so you don't have to pay a penny and then when you need money you borrow against
those stocks so then you can get tax write-offs on your debt and nobody touches your wealth
they touch your wealth if you're somebody with a little house you get property tax they
touch your wealth if you have a car you get a car tax but not your wealth with stocks
and bonds and not your wealth in all of those things that are not taxed so if we wanted
to equalize things we would take what fdr did 96 no 94.8 of that wealth should be taxed
great dr harriet fraud is the host of capitalism hits home and it's not just in your head how
do people contact you agefraud or um
on my website fantastic thank you i don't have a great show i love talking i the show
is only as good as the guests so this is a great show it's a great show because of you
and our next guest professor adnan hussein is bringing back professor david schmidt who
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fiction which i have not finished yet but if you're a fan of the detective novel i'm
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about and then i'll be quiet is these classes online teach you that
you can learn anything anywhere and the idea i'm going to get angry of sending your kid
to an elite private school i used to drive a taurus and it had the same
body as a jaguar i was told that they just replaced i'm telling you that when i my taurus
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a year preschool to get them on that fast track into some 2 million a year private school
it's not about education it's about something else take it away deep springs graduate professor
aden hussain i'm going to turn my camera off and be quiet well thanks so much david for
having us on again and for david schmidt um for returning it's wonderful to have you back
uh with us on the david feldman show thanks now i'm very happy to be here thank you for
inviting me well we had a wonderful conversation a few months ago about serial killers mass
killings and violence in america in popular culture as well and since it was halloween
it seemed like it was a good time to come speak with you perhaps about um why halloween
and horror and the whole genre of horror fiction and horror movies that you know we're used
to watching in the lead-up to um halloween over this last weekend last month or so why
does it matter why should we care about horror well actually at nine i probably should have
given you more notice about this but i feel like you know we need to begin by discussing
really the most pressing issue of the day and that is of course the nuno has been sacked
as the boss at home so the question is like who are they going to hire next talk about
horror well exactly see it's not a million miles divorced from the subject of our conversation
this evening because tottenham have truly had a horrific season so far but anyway i
digress uh no your question is an excellent one i think i would answer it by saying that
part of the reason that we should care is because horror as a genre is booming and it's
booming across all media whether we're talking about film or television or fiction or video
games or on the internet and i think part of the reason for that is because everyday
life for the majority of people is at the least anxiety inducing it's frightening for
others it's terrifying in the worst case scenario and i think part of the reason that horror
is booming today is because the genre speaks to those fears sometimes in a cathartic way
so that we can use horror narratives as a kind of therapeutic release or relief from
these fears but also because horror has a long history of providing a social critique
of one form or another so i think part of the reason we should care about horror is
this is where we find uh social critique in unexpected forms and in very effective forms
i would i would argue well that's very interesting i mean i think if we're thinking about the
consumer capitalist era that we're living in that you're alluding to as this anxiety
uh system that infuses daily life with worry anxiety fear and so on it reminds me in terms
of social critique of um you know marx's capital in this community many people participated
in a weekly reading group weekly marks and we read capital volume one and i think everyone
was quite astonished that um he filled his discussion of political economy with a very
vivid sense of the horror and even refers to the werewolf like hunger for surplus value
talks about vampires several times as like draining the workers of their lifeblood in
the capitalist system and workers you know become extensions of the machines it's kind
of this dystopic you know matrix-like automatons that workers become subordinate to machines
so you know if we think about um capitalism even from the very early period it seemed
that marx employed gothic and horror imagery i'm wondering you as a horror a scholar of
of horror literature um what do you make of this from its very origins and beginnings
well i think if marx was looking for an objective correlative so to speak a way to convey the
visceral brutality of capitalism on the one hand but also how it often um conceals its
monstrosity in such a way that people are tricked into giving their consent in this
case they sell their labor supposedly freely and voluntarily and enter into a contract
and then once the contract is signed they find themselves in a situation that is uh
much more horrific than they were anticipating so if you're a writer like marx who obviously
has strong literary inclinations in his style at all times it should come as no surprise
that he's going to go to the gothic to find that objective correlative because it gives
him i think a a fountain of um of images that he can use to dramatize what otherwise could
be you know a very dry and abstract concept and goodness knows there are plenty of passages
hidden capital but are indeed dry and abstract but um every so often you know we come upon
these uh images of vampires and werewolves almost as a kind of oasis in some ways and
they they really succeed in doing what they set out to do which is to give us that very
immediate sense of what capitalism does um to the human body how devastating it is how
violent it is and i think it's a tremendously effective technique yeah indeed um that's
really interesting i mean i think you know one of his uh remarks i think when he's talking
about capital accumulation is to liken it to cannibalism you know so there's just so
much um of that it's interesting to think of him as a literary figure not just a kind
of dry political economist we're reading capital volume two now and unfortunately it doesn't
have as much of this kind of metaphor since it didn't go through his own final editing
but what do you think this kind of literary sense of um the horror genre has been able
to accomplish after marx when it really begins in film and and so on how does it continue
to uh how does the gothic and the horror uh continue to provide a sort of social critique
right well there's a uh you know a continuing debate about what the first true horror film
would be um and in as much as there's consensus on that matter a lot of people point to the
cabinet of dr caligari as inaugurating the film horror genre and there i think if you
do choose that as your starting point you have a very interesting example of a film
produced immediately following um germany's loss in world war one and the way in which
the filmmakers um both of whom had traumatic experience during the war use the horror genre
as a way to comment upon what the country had just experienced and in particular trying
to encourage a kind of healthy suspicion of authority and to point out the consequences
of what happens when a single individual is given too much power so right from the beginning
you can see that horror film has that potential to be used as a form of social critique and
even if you were to choose the other popular candidate for the beginning of horror film
which would be nosferatu there you have a figure that is the vampire that's not only
used by marx but it is also of course famously used by graham stoker and dracula as a kind
of embodiment of colonial and imperial conquests and everything that is associated with that
and you see that very clearly in nosferatu as well so you could argue that this um tendency
towards social critique or at the very least the ability to interpret horror as a former
social critique is really sort of built into the dna of the genre right from the beginning
yeah interesting i'm of course inclined to want to add to one of the early films in the
genre birth of a nation but i don't think it was intended to be a horror film but uh
for well you know i i would say about that adnan that i think one of the advantages of
um a generic classification like horror is its flexibility and i think that that in itself
can be a useful tool of critique because you can take um a narrative that wouldn't ordinarily
be classified as a horror narrative and in making an argument for why it should be considered
that you not only encourage this kind of self-reflexive um relationship with the genre but you also
make an argument for why that genre should be extended and why it should be applied in
this particular case so i'm not one of these uh people who insist upon you know very sort
of firm limits to the definition i think the interest in uh occasions is when precisely
you can argue about whether something should be reclassified as a horror narrative well
in this case i would just say if you take a you know audience response you uh it certainly
is terror inspiring and terror inducing you know the racial violence of the kkk and so
on um but i understand that in the 30s um the monster movies like frankenstein and others
became really uh popular and how do you see the growth of the genre in the course of the
30s reflecting social critique in that time i mean one aspect of this is escapism um so
in other words the monster movies were particularly popular um in an era not long after the american
economy had collapsed in 1929 so the standard explanation for the popularity of the universal
monster movies in the 1930s is that the public were looking for an escape from everyday reality
and i certainly wouldn't dismiss that reading and i would also just say as an aside i don't
really agree with the attitude that you still find amongst a lot of critics of popular culture
who consider escapism to be a bad thing i think it's an absolutely necessary thing it
serves a very important social function but beyond that i would argue that what you find
in those uh monster movies of the 1930s is another very important element of the horror
genre is this engagement with the figure of the other um that is embodied in various forms
whether it be the mummy or frankenstein or the invisible man or dracula and on one hand
that engagement with the other is obviously characterized by monstrosity and to that degree
the monster is this abjected figure that we are meant to be scared of but that's not the
whole story by any means because if you were to take james whale's 1931 film frankenstein
as an example that film is typical of many monster movies of the period in that it also
encourages the audience's sympathetic identification with the monster so otherness and the way
it's treated in these films is it's certainly not as simple as just identifying a target
for hatred or aggression it's got just as much to do with this sympathetic sympathetic
identification with the figure of the outsider and in that sense you could argue that part
of the appeal especially in the context in the years after the great depression was it
spoke to people's um realization that they had been left outside of the social contract
this system that everyone believed would take care of them has suddenly disappeared and
they've been left to fend for themselves and in that context a figure like frankenstein
wouldn't i mean the monster rather would indeed be very sympathetic yeah that's a different uh twist to it i have
another thought on it i'm wondering during that era this is more technical dimensions
of the genre do you think that i'm just struck by the fact that there seemed to have been
so many interesting early films in the horror genre and i'm wondering if the era of silent
films somehow was conducive to this kind of wordless uh nameless fear i don't know if
the i mean obviously the genre has developed very well with all kinds of audio and dialogue
and everything but it i wonder if if um there was something about um the filmmaking and
uh that that um you could tap into some elemental form of social critique through horror that
would have been i don't know less possible to do through uh um you know a kind of subject
that would have required a lot of dialogue and and and so on i'm just wondering if you
had any thoughts about that that's interesting yeah i i think you could definitely if you
go back to caligari and mos farazu you can make the argument that the visual language
of german expressionism which influences those films was um more than able to communicate
without the use of audible dialogue whether it be through the way the which the sets were
designed or the lighting or the actors expressions along with subtitles it was able to convey
meaning very effectively and in fact um ironically if you again go to the example of frankenstein
the reason bella lugosi turned down the role of the monster was because it had no dialogue
it wasn't a speaking part he felt that that was beneath him and so boris karloff got the
role and does an absolutely extraordinary job of communicating to the audience why that
monster deserves sympathy through a very um sort of pre-linguistic code of grunts and
moans and facial expressions so i think you're right the visual language of horror is already
sort of very communicative but when you add dialogue into that obviously you're able to
add yet another um weapon in your arsenal so to speak so what did filmmakers accomplish
in terms of cultural and social critique in later eras when they could combine that visual
dimension uh you know the gruesome uh you know kind of slasher type films or you know
what what happens when they can also combine dialogue in the sort of post-war period well
i mean very quickly we should say that um this is where we need to draw a quick distinction
between what we the the audience can read into um and decode from a film and what the
director necessarily intends because if you take a film made during the height of the
cold war for example like invasion of the body snatches uh the director don siegel and
the star kevin mccarthy have both described that film as just a simple adventure film
they never meant for it to be um some kind of allegory uh about anti-communism or an
allegorical critique of american conformity in the post-war era and yet the film has been
read in both of those ways um consistently so the dialogue can give that additional layer
of meaning but it can also be so generative that you can have a film like invasion of
the body snatches that can have two completely plausible but ideologically and politically
polarized readings um is it a critique of anti is it a critique of communism is it a
critique of american conformancy and the answer is yes it's both of those um another example
would be um a really landmark film night of the living dead in 1968 directed by george
romero again romero you know never pretended to make some kind of grand ideological statement
with that film and he's he famously claimed that even his costume of dwayne jones um an
african-american actor in the lead role which historically was immensely important had absolutely
nothing to do with jones race he just said he gave the best audition that's why he got
the role but even there um people very very quickly considering the year it was released
um saw the zombies not only as a kind of symbol for the excesses of american capitalism and
consumerism but also as a kind of allegory for american involvement in vietnam at the
time and so this is i think the best way to think of this is that these horror texts have
potentialities and contained within them that can be realized by the audience it doesn't
really matter whether or not the director intended that level of meaning as long as
audiences are responsive to what they see as that potentiality that to me is more important
because it points to how generative horror attacks can be and i would say this is true
even a film that not many people would say has any aspirations towards social critique
at all which is the texas chainsaw massacre um produced in in the 1974 which many people
would regard as being in the absolute gutter of exploitation films and in fact is celebrated
by many people um precisely for that reason but even in the case of texas chainsaw bear
in mind that the family of cannibals that's at the center of that film are former slaughterhouse
workers who have been made unemployed and consequently with no other means to support
themselves what do they do they start a family business they become entrepreneurs as a matter
of fact this is not necessarily something that we're meant to admire their entrepreneurial
spirit but that economic subtext to texas chainsaw you don't have to read too deeply
into a subtext to find that layer of meaning so there's another great example about a film
which a lot of people absolutely despise um can be read in such a way to give it uh that
dimension of social critique well that's fascinating because i think you know we've heard some
language about those who have been the losers and displaced in neoliberalism in recent times
and in fact actually 1974 is about the time that whole process of liberalizing the economy
was was the beginning and taking place with the oil shocks and so on um but we've heard
about deplorables we've heard about you know people who should basically be considered
much like those characters in the texas chainsaw massacre i'm wondering about the contemporary
relevance you mentioned how important horror as a genre in every kind of field of contemporary
popular culture you know is there something to the to this that um that shift or change
in direction of aspects of the horror genre um you know since these slasher films um you
know if if there is something you know to recover you know you might say about i think
definitely there is i mean we can't possibly conclude this discussion without mentioning
uh squid game because there is an example of a piece of popular culture that a is generically
difficult to pin down is it horror is it suspense is it thriller is it crime yes it's all of
those things so again we have this idea of a hybrid monstrous genre that doesn't obey
sort of neat generic classifications and what i would add to that is to me it's so extraordinary
and telling the the resonance that this narrative has with so many people i mean the most popular
program ever streamed on netflix why because i think it's anti-capitalism is there right
on the surface it's not subtext we all know that we cannot have elon musk and jeff bezos
without having the dispossessed on the other side these two things exist in a complementary
and symbiotic relationship to us but we it's one thing to know that it's another thing
to see it visually presented in a compelling way in a series like squid game and i think
this is a big part of the reason why that show resonated with so many people it really
encapsulates horror's ability to speak to the contemporary social formation in a way
that is not didactic uh it's not preachy it's dramatic it's thrilling and it's able to dramatize
things that we all know exist but to do so in a memorable way that's absolutely terrific
um i'm wondering if anybody has any other questions if i would like to open i don't
know how you're doing on time professor but i have some questions and i'd like to ask
the people in our virtual studio audience to raise their hand cancel culture right it
exists i i don't think it really is a problem but people are being censored how is that
affecting horror films i don't think it is at the moment i mean to
me the market for horror narratives is more active and more wide open than it's ever been
before and i think a lot of this um can be attributed to the success of get out a few
years ago i think part of the reason that get out was a game changer is that like the
exorcist in 1973 it persuaded the culture industries and the financiers that horror
could be a mainstream phenomena and it could be something that should can and should be
taken seriously and so i think that for that reason studios um are more willing to take
a gamble with horror narratives than they've ever been before and more projects are being
greenlit now that previously would have had a really hard time getting funding right but
the success of get out just changed everything in that respect the reason i bring this up
is because i'm interested in comedy get out was a comedy right is it do you find that
horror films are more subversive politically than today's comedies i think they tend to
be because well do is that a fair statement i i personally would agree with that um but
i would also add and this is a point of view that not everyone agrees with but personally
i don't think comedy and horror necessarily go very well together i can think of a lot
of those hybrid narratives that work as comedies but not as horror narratives i was just going
to ask you about that yeah you can count on the you can count on the fingers of one foot
how many of these hybrids are actually successful as horror narratives in this in the sense
that they frighten you because to me laughter is the antithesis of fear laughter dispels
fear in a way that you cannot have um a comic narrative that is also a horror narrative
now what about get out well i think the reason the jordan peels succeeds in combining those
two things is that he keeps the comedic elements rigidly under control they are almost all
associated with the character of rod whenever rod shows up the tsa agent we get these moments
of comic relief when he's not on the screen there's no comedy and i think that's how you
do it and that's what jordan peele understands um and so it has to be something that's introduced
with a very very light touch so it doesn't dissolve uh the fear and the dread that we
expect from horror to me excuse me for one second professor hussain and then i'll i but
this is really important to me comedy i do think there's a link between comedy and horror
that the more horrible something is the funnier it is i i always think you know a the only
thing funnier than your grandmother falling down fly to steps is if she's in a wheelchair
and has the flu right so you know that that that's a fact as far as i'm concerned with
comedy and i've i've seen myself so horrified at some horror films that i've seen that i've
laughed out of surprise and shock so if you're playing it for comedy it's no good but if
you're playing it for sheer horror you're going to get bigger laughs is that a fair
statement i think that is a fair statement and we should also add that to me this makes
a difference as to whether you're watching a horror film by yourself or in a movie theater
because i think once you add that communal dimension to the experience the comedy tends
to get amped up i mean i'll give you an example before the lockdown before the pandemic i
was watching a not very good horror movie uh with my kids in the movie theater called
the prodigy about an evil child and at one point in the film when it's already been established
that the kid is evil he comes into his mother's room and the kid's about eight or nine years
old and he says mommy can i sleep in your bed tonight and before the mother replies
someone in the audience said oh hell no the whole movie theater collapsed right because
it was it's what we were all thinking but the timing was perfect the punchline was there
and that kind of interaction between the audience and the screen i think can play such an important
role um to me there can't be great laughter unless that's right unless you've created
tension unless there's absolutely and and laughter is is the release yeah evil is funny
iago and othello is funny and you know people get people get mad i mean it but it also varies
i mean for example i assumed that to go back to get out i assumed that most people's reaction
when uh rod the ts agent shows up at the end of the film to rescue chris is that when they
realize it's rod when i watched the film the audience went crazy everyone started clearing
cheering and clapping i spoke to someone recently who saw get out when it was first released
at a cinema in the deep south they started clapping before they realized it was wrong
in other words they were cheering and clapping when they thought it was the cops when they
realized it was wrong there was dead silence in the cinema at which point my friend started
to feel really nervous and said maybe we should leave so you know those moments of like laughter
and release and tension also have that kind of unpredictability um sort of built into
them you don't always know how someone's going to respond even though it's coded right professor
uh i'll turn it back to professor hussein how much do you have time to take some questions
from the audience yeah absolutely i just want to see that john hayes has a question why
don't we ask have john hayes ask yes yes um david what do you think about david cronenberg
for example he focuses on body horror as it were dealing with the self and that's my feeling
about it it's just people are insecure about their own self enough to trust themselves
or their own bodies and how they might relate to uh horror in general yeah i'm i'm a huge
cronenberg fan i think the body horror genre in particular can be extremely subversive
because it sort of speaks to those very intimate fears we have about our own bodies their ability
to turn against us or our perceptions of what we feel to be their inadequacies and it's
also a great subgenre to explore the gender dimensions of bodies as well so although body
horror is not to everyone's taste i think it's a really good way to touch the audience
the pun intended to touch the audience in a way that really um makes them experience
those fears at a very visceral level and that's what i admire about it that's why i think
it's useful thank you i agree rodrigo has a question let me uh can he unmute rodrigo my question is aren't there lots of uh horror
movies where we're expected to root for the rich white survivors when they come after
frankenstein's monster for being very challenged i'm conflating a lot of things there but yeah i i think on the surface when we see
you know that classic image of the mob of angry villagers with the flaming torches pursuing
the monster in theory we're meant to be um on the side of the angry villages but um i
don't think that's necessarily a given and i think especially if you re-watch frankenstein
in 2021 uh hopefully you would be less inclined than ever to identify with the angry mob now
that of course is not going to be true for everyone but that's one of the things that
makes the political messages or content of horror narratives so interesting as i indicated
before when i was talking about invasion of the body snatches you can have mutually incompatible
readings of a horror narrative that co-exists with each other so that means that you can
show a film to a hundred people and you know they could split right down the middle in
drawing completely different messages and conclusions from it so even though the subtextual
layer of meaning may be there that doesn't mean that it's always going to be read identically
by every member of the audience and it's one of the things that makes these texts so rich i think we have a question from professor
john professor john i have to allow you to talk yes hello uh hi yeah i i just want to you
know on that point of you know the audience interpreting the message of or messages of
the of the work whether it's yeah um if you're trying to create a film that is delivering
a particular message or getting people to think in a particular way about something
um television shows are criticized for being
heavy-handed yeah is there a way to do that that um you know it's not knocking the person
over the head and do you have any examples of that well i think very often um in horror
narratives especially in films over the years there's tended to be a kind of tension when
it comes to the conclusion of a narrative which is obviously where you're going to you
know leave your audience with something like the moral that they're meant to take away
from this story and there has been a tension between providing resolution on the one hand
and leaving things open-ended on the other and some people have felt very strongly that
part of the appeal of horror narratives is that in the narrative horror comes to an end
and so for that reason resolution of some kind must be provided now you can do that
in a way that's not necessarily didactic if you can also combine that resolution with
the possibility that not everything is as neatly resolved as it appears now apart from
anything else this is a good business model ironically because then you leave open the
possibility of a sequel and this is something that actually goes again all the way back
to dr caligari one of the interesting things about that film is that it provides a frame
narrative and a lot of people have been critical of that frame narrative because they say it
makes the story too conventional it wraps up all of the loose ends and it allows the
viewer to walk out of the movie theater with us with a feeling of tidy resolution some
filmmakers want that other filmmakers definitely don't i think nowadays we're tending more
and more toward a lack of resolution because we're comfortable with that and part of the
reason we're comfortable with that is because we live in a world without resolutions we
live in a world without you know any tidy conclusions to these problems i think we i think we've gotten to everybody
i believe uh i'll be piggish and ask one question about the exorcist yeah i went and saw the
25th anniversary of the exorcist it was showing at ucla now the first time i saw it i had
never been that scared in my life 25 years later i'm living in los angeles a friend of
mine and i go to ucla and it's filled with young coeds who in the lead up to the movie
the coming attract there was an energy in the room that reminded me of my father showing
me frankenstein and telling me there was a you you're not going to believe how terrified
my generation was you're going to laugh at what scared us yeah and i remember i hadn't
seen i hadn't seen the exorcist in 25 years and i just heard these young kids laughing
and they were smoking and probably taking mushrooms and i'm thinking they don't think
they're not anticipating this movie and i don't know how scary it's going to be and
i saw young kids freaking out yeah from that movie and i have to admit i enjoyed it of
all the movies i teach on a regular basis the exorcist is the one that still tends to
get under their skin um when i first started teaching the horror film there were films
i left off the syllabus thinking they might be too intense for them and as it turned out
not only have they seen them but the average age at which they first watched them was 10
or 11 years old like what movies who you know what well for first unlike takashi mikey's
audition which is a terrifying movie and they watched it at 11 years old which is just inconceivable
to me but the exorcist has that rare ability to still be shocking and disturbing to the
contemporary generation the other thing i would compare it to in that sense in literature
is william burroughs this naked lunch not because of any similarity in subject matter
but simply because you can still teach naked lunch today and students are disgusted by
it which is one of the reasons i love naked lunch because so few things so few things
can do that however i would just add one more thing david um i once taught uh texas chainsaw
massacre and the next week a female student came to me and said um oh by the way the class
had let out about 10 o'clock at night so she drove back to her apartment and realized that
she'd locked herself out of her apartment so had to spend the night in her car after
watching texas chainsaw massacre she said the film hadn't scared her at all but the
combination of the film and having to sleep in her car for the night that did it so i
would say if you think a film hasn't scared you try sleeping in your car the night after
you've immediately seen it and you'll have a much better sense of how much the film got
to you or not can a movie trunk can a movie traumatize somebody like where you think it
can yeah i mean that gets us into the whole area of trigger warnings which is obviously
like a whole kettle of fish someone said i should have trigger one into my horror film
class and i felt my response was to say if you're taking a horror from class i would
think the trigger warnings are unnecessary but yes i think so and often they can sneak
up on us we don't know that we're going to have this response until we're in the middle
of the movie and then it's too late um but arguably i would say a lot of horror films
have psychological escape patches built into them to stop us from becoming over identified
there's a very very very small number of horror films that make us feel complicit with what
we're seeing and that to me is the sign of a truly great horror film uh and i'm thinking
of films like henry portrait of the serial killer or michael hanukkah's funny games that
make us feel that we are responsible by virtue of the fact we are watching him for what's
happening on the screen and that's an intensely uncomfortable feeling and it's a feeling that
most films want to avoid like the plague because what most of us want is guilt-free enjoyment
of violence and that's what we get from horror i the hardest i've laughed at a horror film
was henry portrait of a serial killer i only saw it once and i remember it the henry said
to his roommate it was 30 years ago that i saw it that's your sis he was flirting with
his sister and i said that's your sister that's wrong and i remember thinking i think the
audience laughed but henry was when they when they sent the movie away to be uh classified
by the censorship board they got it got sent back saying we can't give this a rating and
normally they suggest what scenes need to be changed so they said well what scenes can
we change they said nothing you would need to change the entire film the entire film
has an objectionable moral content and to me that's what makes the film so great right
what film can you just if it comes on tv like to me the godfather obviously you know i get
locked it is there a horror film that it's on the tv and you say okay i'll just two minutes
and next thing you know you're locked in um the most recent one i would say that i really
wanted to take the opportunity to recommend that just blew me away was a movie that came
out a couple of years ago called saint maude don't think it's been seen by a lot of people
but it's just an absolutely powerhouse film kind of a slow burn psychological suspense
not much gore but once you're locked into that film you absolutely cannot look away
it's a great great film well i'll let professor hussein wrap this up i just want to tell my
listeners to go to and take professor david schmidt's class on the
uh the mystery the detective novel it will uh change the way you read and i hope you
can come back and talk about the the detective novel and uh i would love to do that david
so i really enjoy being on the show so thank you so much thank you very much i'll let professor
hussain well just just to say thanks so much david how can people follow your work and
also before we do the defect the detective i've been trying to get david to agree to
come in and talk about the political spy thriller uh oh yeah yeah well so we got we've got a
real agenda here but how can people follow your work um probably the easiest way to to
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professor marianne cummings is next is that correct professor marianne are you next yes
it is do you mind well let's let's just let's just go i was going to play a song but let's
bring you in sorry sorry to keep you waiting did i keep you waiting maybe i didn't who
do i have to apologize you know i didn't have anywhere else to go neither did i so uh i
don't know i was listening i could have i could have listened to another hour of that
tell you the truth um i always feel i have to apologize i have to apologize you have
to apologize to me so we can get this over with um but i wanted to talk about the birds
i just saw the bird watch the birds with a friend i saw the birds and vertigo i saw what
you tweeted it was very funny yeah and it's just but it dawned on me that the birds and
knight of the living dead have sort of the same plot in that the evil the elements of
the evil like individual birds or even individual dummy uh zombies they're they're not really
very dangerous you can just kind of whack them with a baseball bat individually it's
just the in it's just the incessant kind of the coming of these these things that keep
calming and coming that you know like the hordes of them and and they're all just like
you know no no particular uh one villain or or brain behind it it's just this force that
you can't reason with that never lets up and the real horror of course is the um it's not
so much the the things that are out there which are just forces of nature but it's the
uh psychological breakdown of the group that's trapped by them so you know and that's kind
of most of the story and a lot of horror is kind of like in a certain sense alien or aliens
is kind of the same thing even though those things individually are quite dangerous they're
not um you know they they're they're certainly killable it's just that the whole group starts
having its own breakdowns and you know it and psychosis and uh you know who survives
is is one of you know psychological resilience more than anything else i don't remember being
scared by the birds as you just said i saw when i was a kid and i was now did you see
it when i saw it it was on nbc and it was the most watched movie of the week for some
reason i remember my mother let me stay up late and watch that movie i think she wanted
somebody to watch it with right and the i think what makes it when you're not trying
to overthink something what makes the birds so compelling if you just let yourself get
sucked in is bernard herrmann's soundtrack there's not a single song in the whole movie
except that scene where these school kids are singing and the crows one by one are assembling
behind melanie griffith's mom you know as he's saying they're having a cigarette that
was just creepy that by the way that's a proper murder of crows oh that's right it's a murder
of quotes is a line of them and there were one murder of crows after another assembling
a visual pun yeah so that was and in it it's kind of funny and in the usual thing like
if people behaved rationally you wouldn't have much of a plot but you could probably
say that about any great movie or novel like if somebody just you know did something reasonable
you wouldn't have you wouldn't have the drama well so what scares you i i'm not i am scared
by the unseen like the exorcist scares me the unknowable uh a slasher movie that doesn't
scare you well you know it's funny you said you're i remember going to see the exorcist
and i think i saw it with uh saul and our friend michael and there were only three of
us in the theater and then a bunch of kids came in and a bunch of kids were kind of laughing
and joking and they thought it would be another like you know halloween or you know friday
the 13th or whatever and they were like you had described they were chattering and they
were having a good time and boy i mean i didn't i did not see that movie when it first came
out although i remember people talking about it but that movie you had really no idea it
was a differently paced story than we had been conditioned to up until the 90s the late
90s and it was like i think what was freaking those kids out is they had no idea where this
was going they had no idea what the resolution was going to be they had i mean it freaked
me out i mean it freaked me out when uh who is the character linda blair yeah crab walking
downstairs i did not expect that reagan just yeah they named her reagan on purpose yeah
that was a slam at reagan he how could that be islam of reagan i mean that the exorcist
i think came in 74 he was governor of cal he was governor of california okay that came
out as a book but when did it come out but he was government much longer before i think
it was william b beatty beatty something baby and i they purposely named the devil regan
reagan on purpose it was not uh and they were right uh but um when i was a kid so the movies
that actually scared me like was and that was kind of creepy jaws did not scare me jaws
is not scary oh no no but the movies that scared me was carnival souls i watched one
afternoon it was sir gasly graves program in the detroit area and it was like a rainy
saturday afternoon that was a genuinely terrifying movie carnival souls and i think that's a
bit of a cult classic then it was night of the living dead i was staying up at age oh
i don't know i was young but my parents were just down the street playing pinnacles so
they just set me up with you know milk and cookies and i was watching this night of the
living dead and they showed it without much commercial interruption so it really did look
like it was a real you know they had chili billy which told my friends told me was a
real newscaster in the philadelphia area who was doing the uh broadcasting the little t
when they were watching the tv in the movie and it was the you know grainy sort of video
film that news films were shut i mean i was and the next the next monday because apparently
that night there were like dozens of dozens of calls into it was a wjr tv station because
people thought this was real and then my teacher got to teach us about you know uh orson welles
and the you know more of the world war of the worlds yeah that's how i learned about
ocean wells we talked about nylon and i told him i saw the whole movie and these the teachers
looking at me aren't you a little young my parents were next door playing pinnacle i
got to stay up now that's a myth about war of the worlds yeah that americans didn't fall
for it that was part of the marketing but behind they've done a whole pbs documentary
about war of the worlds and how americans believed that we were under attack by aliens
and now it turns out all that was mostly hype but okay how would i know i wasn't alive at
the time why was that that's the first time i ever heard about it right i think the but
uh that was kind of creepy i saw alien the first alien movie uh after it was released
but i saw it like in ann arbor at a late night show that was genuinely terrifying the first
one because you again you didn't know how that was going to end up jacob's ladder is
the one has i don't know if you've seen that and i think what creeps me out about that
again i had no idea what was going on and at the end it sort of is explained what might
be happening and i kind of believe that hey maybe that's actually what might what you
might go through if you haven't resolved crap and on your way out of this life i mean that
was that's what creeped me out but um you know uh a lot of the the horror um the horror
genres i'm i'm i'm kind of like i i've kind of taken by the fact that horror and comedy
are very very close in my mind it's like something that can be hilarious could have end up horrifying
and possibly because it could have been horrifying it ends up being hilarious when the worst
did not happen and you know that's that's with comedy though comedy is considered more
benign so you have to pull your punches horror you don't yeah um that that's true um i think
that some of the funniest lions shakespeare ever wrote was in his tragedies i mean and
for the same reason that uh saul goodman in breaking bad was like the most popular of
the minor characters because he kind of provided it's a very dark as the whole story starts
you know just spiraling downward into darkness there's the lawyer there's a sleazy lawyer
who is like a beacon of sanity and humanity and all this you know so that's why yeah speaking
of horror shows are we going to talk about democrats collapsing um what are we looking
at here what are we looking at this is i'm you you know you're right and and i remember
saying to you when you said you weren't going to vote for biden you're right but i'm voting
for biden and looking back i still would have voted for biden i wanted bernie but you're
right the well the problem is we only have four years left before the planet is irredeemable
right and the left is asleep good chunk of the quote left really isn't the left i mean
mariki is going to be lecturing me now from here until next tuesday um you know my use
my my easy were use of the word left but you know the people who would consider themselves
leftish are largely asleep they think that it's just going to be handled because democrats
are in charge and after all they're not the like the evil republicans they won't let the
world collapse and they're letting the world collapse and it's uh it's one of these four
horror movie things where you don't know there's no like central brain anymore there's no central
evil there's just a bunch of you know like creepy zombies that don't even know what they're
doing that'll suck your brains out if you're not careful and it's and i don't know and
they keep coming right i don't know what the answer is except that it's probably not going
to be in electoral politics at least short term i think the the biggest i i mean the
biggest hope for anything changing is the direct action in in the strikes yes and i
mean because there is something look these guys who think they run the world you know
the obamas and the clintons i mean people who might have gotten through graduate school
or law school that couldn't make breakfast to save their lives you know it's like these
are the guys that get rewarded and these are the guys that really don't have they think
they have technical though they have no technical ability and they you know if you were if you
were in the hunger games these guys would be the first to die you know at least in living
in my neighborhood people still know how to do things so the people that know how to do
things and it's all labor i mean money doesn't create all this wealth and innovation it's
labor it's a it's a person or people cooperating uh you know when the project is big so uh
that's what i think is going to happen but i did read something that was very interesting
to me i read cnbc just you know good it's a good website it's it's they kind of cover
they well they had a great article brian schwartz today frustrated democratic donors threatened
to hold back midterm donations over infighting in congress and the tight virginia race and
i'm going whoa you mean if terry mcauliffe loses you're going to take your money elsewhere
next november that's fantastic or at least next next spring when there are several uh
genuinely progressive uh challengers to uh conservative democrats they won't have their
money to spend so maybe i should be hoping that mcauliffe loses what is that if the democrats
keep the house of delegates how bad is it if they and there's then there's then there's
gridlock which is probably better than whatever you know like whatever democrats like terry
mcauliffe would think of his progress you know and uh speaking of which i i think that
um i was listening talk about horror films i was listening to talk about the leap of faith they're all going
to take and i'm like leap of faith this sounds like hey you go up to the attic and i'll go
down check the cellar out in a horror movie what are they talking about leap of faith
they are going to vote anyway they are going to vote for both bills you're saying they're
going to vote for the infrastructure bill with the assurance that the reconciliation
bill will be brought up and i'm like going don't are you effing with us i mean seriously
are you really are you serious you've got to be joking you know it's um but anyway um
this is uh the the rest of the article uh describes how not only are they frustrated
they don't they didn't think that terry they thought that mcauliffe would be a much stronger
the performer than he is and they're also frustrated that the democrats haven't voted
you know haven't gotten the bills together yet in other words voting for the massive
subsidies that corporations are going to get if you know the votes go the way they want
if you've got a completely gutted uh reconciliation bill and the infrastructure bill i mean what's
left of the reconciliation bill a lot of it i mean if we are to believe what we hear i
don't know i mean there is some word that uh that um that bernie is going to insist
that they vote the 3.5 trillion or he's walking right and i think at this point they should
they should call they should they should call mansion and cinemas bluff because mansion
and cinemas donors want that uh infrastructure bill they want something so you have power
so you say okay you want that then we get this well how badly do you want it if you
if we don't get 3.5 trillion you don't get that i mean that's how politics works and
if you're the one that is always blinking if you're the one that's always caving you're
not going to get anything i i mean i don't understand what they think to get and they're
trying to be nice to biden i mean some people were showing biden today just kind of sleeping
during the big uh uh plenary talk at was it cop 26 in glasgow this morning and i'm going
okay you know that's that's you know more you know more about this than i do earlier
i was saying what is he doing in glasgow he's got the green new deal on his desk get it
passed there's nothing that's absolutely right there's nothing in glasgow that he needs to
be told we know what to do pass the green new commission of any world leader he doesn't
need to play nice with china if the us is still a major force in the world even economically
if the u.s took the lead if they showed any leadership at all there would have no problem
with the other countries getting in line i mean but there are no there's no leadership
and that's what you get we have a regency government going on i don't know who's making
decisions in the buying administration now it isn't biden i i mean um you know i i i
was listening earlier to your conversations about um i know um who is it um right she
should talk i mean she should she should talk it was just like megan kelly megan kelly that's
no great profile and courage i either i mean somebody getting a mere 25 million dollars
a year i think you're fine you get 25 million dollars a year you're fine you get dragged
through the mud yeah drag through the mud what does that even mean you're rich you know
you don't you don't touch mud right i mean it's just it's like but then you look at tara
reed sort of the elephant in the room that these feminists you know these kind of blue
no matter who feminists don't want to talk about because tara reed really was not a privileged
gal i mean she was she had a hard time after she was she was you know a lowly intern or
something working in senator biden's office when um the alleged rape happened now she's
been vindicated uh far more than say christine blasey ford i mean chris i believe both of
them i believe but her mother called into larry king and reportedly yes that was that
was dug out like a voice out of the grave that was like but also um the the intercept
uh got a hold of the divorce papers and her husband in these papers years later that was
talking about a horrible incident that traumatized her when she was working you know for biden
and you know it's been a that was a part of the problem of their marriage and she had
a she was vindicated the same team at the intercept that looked at chris that chris
looked at christine bladey c ford's study uh story looked into tara reid's story with
the same like you know most of these things do not happen in public with no direct witnesses
so it's always who did she tell at the time it was the same by the way with anita hill
she anita hill had four witnesses you know when she was in front of joe biden's panel
ready to corroborate her story and joe biden wouldn't call them up she he let her twist
out there so uh joe biden has always been this maybe he hasn't been as bombastic as
uh as old trumpy but you know in recent years john stewart did a whole segment on his show
which was kind of comedy but a little bit not common you know showing joe biden in scene
after scene after scene being very inappropriate touching women touching children and but steward
is going hey dude you only had one job you know the vice president is just there to like
you know be a public face and encase the president back up in case the president goes and i think
that was probably onset dementia if a seasoned politician and joe biden if if people anybody
who can present a joe lunch pail persona while being an absolute servant of the banks you
know president senator from nbna they used to call him i mean has some retail political
skills and when you start to lose it he was starting to lose it back then you know that's
the kind of thing when onsen dementia happens you start losing sort of judgment about situations
and you just don't see that hey what did i do wrong so i think biden has always been
kind of predatory he's always been and look at the way he has treated even african americans
when he was on uh the phone call with a zoom meeting with them and that was released how
insulting he was to them how like how dare you hey man if you don't vote for me or even
earlier when you said hey man if you don't vote for me you're not black right arrangement
black people were sitting there going wait a minute we want to have some insurances before
i mean your vote we don't belong to you you know we're not on your plantation i mean we
want something for our vote and all biden could do was insult them so that's kind of
the guy biden is i mean he's the extent that he has this nice persona way better than hillary's
was just the extent that he was a skillful retail politician yeah but i mean so uh unless
we deal with you know the tara read story and of course remember um that who was at
the time's up people you know that they were she went to them saying that hey you know
i have a problem with this powerful guy i don't think he should be president and they
made some bull crap excuse about oh well uh he's running for like the presidency we don't
touch that and what happened to these people yeah what happened to these people with andrew
cuomo oh yeah i know i think that the whole top estellan of uh time's up had to resign
because they were advising they were reading his speeches and memos they were doing damage
control they were being like his lawyers like okay we've dealt a lot with this kind of stuff
now we're on the other side you know right showing you how to beat the rap right uh one
of the me too people was a spokesperson for the biden campaign you know so they were compromised
you know and so it's like and i get it you know i i of course i believed i i believed
in anita hill right off the bat uh she was believable and i had the same kind of thing
happen to me um what but when it came time to you know dealing with paula jones and then
later on who is it kathleen willis willie um you know i had to stop myself because i
did not believe paula jones but i had to stop myself and say okay am i not believing her
because this is a democratic president right now and i don't want this to be happening
but again i mean you have to be consistent and what her friends what she was telling
her friends at the time was something very different that she ended up telling the federalist
society later on and the story that she pulled in the same thing with kathleen willie however
there was renita broderick and i have to admit even at the time that was a little problematic
because she was believable now do i think that clinton really wanted to rape somebody
no what i think it might have been just he was very forward with her and she was very
shy and everybody thinks they know how they're going to react in that situation well i'll
just punch him no you won't i mean especially if he's somebody you admire and you're a shy
person it's really hard you know and so she was kind of overwhelmed but the bill clinton's
people were very very smart to handle her with kids gloves that was something that hillary's
people did not do and uh i think that kind of hurt her a little bit but and i'm saying
that you really these are hard because you have to be consistent and yeah part of i think
part of dealing with tara reid might be for some of these feminists to realize oh wait
a minute this is a patriarchal very exploitative system and democrats and republican politicians
are behaving the same way as a matter of fact they're treating all of us pretty much the
same way we're disposable they are making decisions for their corporate donors and you
know they have to well you know like trump has to appease the you know evangelical crazies
and and the democrats have to like put up a veneer of diversity and you know but it
basically the bottom line is if they're servicing the same people for the same ends you're going
to expect the same results and you know dealing with something like the tara reid story some
people who don't want to be forced into that realization are going to you know are going
to have to realize that you know this is uh this is a system these and you know my feeling
of it it's yes they play very different roles democrats and republicans but they're the
good cop bad cop of the same political scam and you know we can get out of the up from
under this with direct action like strikes we could get out from this if states started
doing ranked choice voting which would you know sort of uh obviate the major fake concern
of the democratic party like oh well we can't have like you know green party run because
that'll just get a republican and if you had ranked choice voting you would have you wouldn't
have to worry about that all but then you'd run the risk that people once in a while might
actually have a party they want to vote for with no fear of it being a spoiler and you
might get a surprise so you know that's why gavin newsom uh vetoed ranked choice voting
in in california but you know so it's all about power and uh so what are you looking
at got some russian money to do the media thing oh you mean that she appeared on like
in a russian today because she was shut out from all other major media and getting smeared
non-stop by democrats maybe i mean it doesn't matter it's like what is
the evidence do you apply the same standards that you applied in the anita hill you know
case or in the paula jones case you know um and who is and in in tara reid i mean she's not only
believable but i mean that all the corroborating evidence is very strongly in her favor and
you know it's hard it is it is extremely hard to go up against somebody with power who you're
uh you know that you're outing and a whole bunch of people think well lester of two evils
i mean you know who do you want trump well you know why were you willing to risk trump
to cheat bernie sanders out of a nomination that's the question nobody wants to ask either
so you know well what are you looking at in illinois tomorrow are there any important
elections uh no i don't there's there's no local ones um what we're looking at we're
waiting for the finalization of the maps they just voted on the maps they have to be approved
um this is what's been happening uh two things have happened one is that yeah it looks like
they've carved away uh marie newman's district so she's in a more republican district dan
lipinski the person she defeated of course said a couple weeks ago he'd run however she
looked at the map and realized that most of her current district will be in the sixth
illinois district so she has announced that she's going to run against sean caston who
is one of the new dems who i don't know why howie klein doesn't go after new dems either
they're just like the blue gems the other thing is um junaid uh ahmad who i will have
on this show soon uh is running against in the what might or may not be the eighth but
uh he the the illinois democratic party has just announced that they're not even going
to sell the um the voter databases to uh challengers to incumbents in other words here's the voter
database that everybody who has contributed to the democratic party help form and challengers
to incumbents won't even be able to buy it so they're already this the the state party
is putting uh challengers at a disadvantage there right so that's the news nothing nothing
surprising um i still don't know that that line goes between the street out here and
the street a mile north of it so i don't know if i'm going to be in the 14th if i'm going
to be in lauren underwood's district if i'm still going to be in bill foster's district
we don't know we won't know for sure we'll kind of know by next week um but we won't
know for sure because the judge has to has to okay it and it gives them ten then there's
ten more days for people to have formal disputes with it so it gets o it gets approved the
eighth and i think there's a 10-day period you know where people can challenge it and
it doesn't look like anybody's going to launch a serious challenge so when do you run for
real when do you run for re-election three years from now i guess there's still a park
district and still we still have a planet um but i might say you know what if i mean
people have asked me to run i can't run as a democrat i mean this is like no way the
democrat local democratic party i've just pissed off too much however it's not all the
question that i run as an independent in one of these races well you'll have our support
just have to see what my financial situation is you know about a year or so from now but
uh you will have our undying support yeah and somehow elaine is going to vote in this
election somehow yeah anything can get worked out he should just come to chicago for a couple
weeks professor marianne out of the box political
thinking going on over there oh but ron emanuel really like this is what really kills me is
he going to be the ambassador in japan yeah they're going to they despite you know the
the squad's performative objections they're going they're probably going to go along with
this and it's as if nobody has anything else to do this week than like uh hear rahm emmanuel's
uh hearings for ambassadorship how bad is it how bad is it if uh mccall speaking of
rahm emanuel how bad will it be if mcauliffe loses am i wrong for not really caring i guess
i'm wrong for not caring if mcauliffe i i will get well i'm here to give you a little
little silver lining i think because the democratic donors are so frustrated and they don't like
this entire race if they if mcauliffe loses they said they're going to take their money
elsewhere next year but where i say oh they're just going to give their money to other pacs
and other people you know they they're not really beholden to the democratic party itself
they're just beholden to individuals who will do their bidding so you know they'll just
go to mansion or cinema maybe and say hey you know you can go join part skip parties
and we'll support you we'll support you whatever and but and i'm saying that if if mcauliffe
loses and the donors take their money elsewhere at least for a few months that might work
out for people like janae ahmad because they won't be able to pour they won't be pouring
millions of dollars to prop up you know conservative reactionary uh incumbents right or somebody
like chantelle or or just outright corrupt people like chantelle brown against nina turner
professor mary elsewhere professor marion cummings is a physics professor she's a parks
commissioner for aurora illinois and what is your twitter handle razor girl right razor
girl very good i'll see you thursday i hope good thank you let us go to northern california
did you get the invite or was it late i'm just concerned uh no i checked in a little
earlier and i noticed you're running behind the stated schedule so i watched on youtube
while you spoke with marianne cummings i see and uh kind of overcooked my spag bowl but
otherwise things are fine here at shea collins peter
b collins joins us he is he's just been inducted into the bay area radio hall of fame go to
peter b collins for his treasure trove of podcasts radio shows and interviews you want
to talk about hunter biden so do i i was reading the first chapter of ben schreckinger's book
about the biden family he can't seem to get any traction we should have him on the show
shouldn't we you definitely should and i'd be happy to yeah you know co-host that was
yeah yeah i as i often do david i did a little survey using the google machine to see what
kind of coverage ben schreckinger or schreckenberger scott sarah for his book the bidens and let's
start with msnbc because they're reliable there's no record of any contact with him
since the book was even announced and the washington post zero coverage the new york
times has relegated the book to brief references in two opinion columns one by ross douthit
and the other by brett stevens two conservatives right but they they were very brief and for
example uh stevens was mostly focusing on the latest uh hunter biden scam which is to
create uh jackson pollock ripoff type paintings and sell them anonymous to anonymous buyers
for up to half a million dollars so the the central elements of the uh book called the
bidens uh are being uh basically blacked out by the corporate media yep and this this is
consistent with what i think is the most important unstated takeaway from the schreckinger book
and that is that the corporate media colluded with facebook and twitter to bury the october
surprise that was sprung last year and it clearly was a campaign stunt uh rudy giuliani
was out there saying what about hunter's laptops and uh it was treated as number one a russian
intervention again and dismissed uh for that reason and other than glenn greenwald and
a few others in the uh non-corporate media the story was just pissed on and left as some
tabloid fantasy of the new york post or the from the fevered mind of rudy giuliani correct
and also there was i think appropriate concern initially that this is a campaign surprise
they went digging in the dirt mines and found this and and so they used some of the same
techniques that were used to divert attention in 2016 from hillary's emails and not just
that they existed on a private server and all that stuff but the actual content the
pay-to-play parts of the correspondence that was conducted in hillary's private account
so this uh and and i'm happy to go into some of the salacious details some of it is a little
bit amusing and some of it is sad uh but i i want to emphasize that this is what feeds
trump and trumpers when they talk about fake news when they dismiss everything that is
published by the new york times and the washington post there is a shred of evidence to support
their extremism in that regard secondly trump did try to make the linkage between hunter's
laptop and his effort which was unsuccessful to gin up business with interests in china
and the critical part of that is the jabidin lie because what schreckinger's book shows
is that that joe biden had at least some awareness of what hunter was doing and what his brother
jim was up to and then the uncle jimmy biden the brother of joe biden correct and hunter's
uncle that's right and uh they they were doing what jared uh jared tell me what's his name
jared and ivanka i've tried to rinse him out my hard drive anyway um you know there's a
difference in uh these specifics but in the major thrust the biden family tried to cash
in on joe the way the trump family and its hangers on try to cash in on donald and this
is a tragedy of modern american politics but for me the biggest issue is the attempt to
cover for hunter and this will surprise some people but he actually lost control of four
laptops really yes not just this is a graduate of yale law school i believe right hunter
biden went to yale law school it's not like he's some crack addict from the streets hunter
biden is a well-educated crack addict crack addict who should have gone to jail along
with all the as long as you're locking up crack addicts uh interesting that's that is
the deep irony of joe biden's use of lend bias to rams through the disparate sentencing
laws related to crack cocaine when he was head of the senate judiciary committee uh
in the uh late 80s early 90s uh do you mind if i do you mind if i just set the table for
this in terms of what what we understand because you've obviously read the book you know more
about it i have not read the whole book i've read treatments of it so there may be things
in there that i've yet to discover the the as i understand it the the nasty allegations
about hunter biden are this was a troubled kid who was addicted to crack cocaine the
trump administration got their hands on what might or might not have been hunter biden's
laptop and on it they found some emails explaining and according to the democrats these were
fabricated they were explaining how hunter was negotiating with uh chinese and ukrainian
businessmen to make sure that joe biden got a cut they had like some kind of you know
mr j mr b or somebody that hunter was negotiating on behalf of former vice president joe biden
and that hunter was arranging payments to joe biden we were told this isn't a real story
it's been fabricated by giuliani what what what did we find well just just a quick correction
ukraine and barisma are in the rear view mirror here in the excerpts that i've read schreckenshire
doesn't touch on ukraine and barisma again that's why i need to read the rest of the
book but i just want to be clear that i haven't seen that it was a romanian businessman who
in 2015 hired hunter to help fend off corruption charges and uh he engaged the former fbi director
louis free and then when hunter was unsuccessful free brought on you'll never guess this rudy
giuliani to work for the same oligarch as they pressured romanian authorities to ease
up on the man so this shows that you know the kind of corruption in modern american
politics is not limited uh in time or scope and it's certainly not limited to one party
and so so rudy knew what he was talking about he had an axe to grind without in terms of
the laptop well yes yes yes he did because and the the story that uh matt taibi wrote
up based on uh the book and an interview with shrek and schreckinger uh goes into uh quite
a bit of detail but the first laptop was actually lost in massachusetts and this followed an
incident where hunter who was dating or living with the widow of saint beau biden she tossed
a handgun of his out of his pickup truck into a trash bin and hunter sent her back to to
get the gun and this ended up involving the delaware state police it was at a high-end
supermarket near wilmington the fbi showed up the secret service of course which you
know provides security for members of the biden family this is after he had left the
vice presidency but the security goes on and even the uh somebody from the atf alcohol
tobacco and firearms entered the picture so um the the girlfriend was sent back to pick
up the gun that she had intemperately tossed into the garbage and it wasn't there because
a guy who dove for empty cans to pick up the deposit found the gun that he's described
as an old man but fortunately uh within a week he had turned it in to local authorities
and so this little episode went away apparently it caused a breakup with the former mrs bo
biden and then hunter took himself to newburyport massachusetts to try to clean up and he was
he put himself in the care of the fox news personality keith abloh who is recognizable
by his clean-shaven head i have here and once accused joe biden of being drunk during a
vp debate with paul ryan so uh i don't know that mr abalo has uh rehab uh skills but apparently
i wouldn't go if you have a problem with crack cocaine you don't go to a doctor with the
word blow in his last name i mean that's your right that's the first he's a psychiatrist
keith abloh isn't he i don't know i think he's a psychiatrist go ahead so then hunter
is doing yoga he's getting iv vitamin infusions and tries to clean himself up but he falls
off the wagon and winds up in a cheesy motel on i-95 doing crack with a a supplier who
is not described in great detail but she has a a very unusual nickname i'm trying to find
it here in the story at any rate and he made porn for pornhub he was busy did
the secret service hold the camera where is the secret service in all this are
they supposed to turn a blind eye to crimes that are being committed well i don't know
if they had a a person assigned to him or if he just kind of phoned in when he needed
a little uh extra help at any rate he then took up with his crack
dealer in this cheesy motel and went on a binge and kind of went out of control and
that's when he left a laptop behind in massachusetts it was later he went to wilmington and he
actually took three laptops into that shop that where at least one of them was turned
over to forces aligned with giuliani and wound up as the subject of uh stories in the new
york post so uh you know these are are episodes that you can feel sorry for the guy i believe
that addiction is an illness and i prefer not to criminalize it but hunter biden is
a time bomb for his father he's what they used to call compromise yes yes and you know
we've completely just dismissed the whole ukraine story but at minimum uh there was
a clear conflict of interest that daddy biden was running the effort to clean up corruption
in ukraine while hunter was clocking you know millions of dollars for a no-show job at burisma
so there is this long-running pattern and the same is true with brother jim joe's brother
jim so they have been you know keeping their hands out to all kinds of unsavory characters
for years saying give me money and i might be able to get you to joe biden it's mostly
a shakedown because we don't have solid evidence that joe ever intervened for clients of hunter
or his brother jim but the critical part is in emails that were on one of the laptops
left in wilmington is a discussion of how to split the shares for this newly formed
company that was purchased from uh a guy who had married into the moon family so he's a
south korean who had married one of moon's daughters and there are a lot of those daughters
all right uh at any rate um he had some of his own corruption problems in a previous
entity hunter had a partner who was the nephew of whitey bulger the massachusetts uh hitman
who was also on the payroll of the fbi while he was conducting mob hits but the brother
was legitimate right the brother was like president of amherst or something mighty i
don't i don't know that i think go ahead i don't know that his brother that you're talking
joe brydon's brother no i'm talking about whitey bulger i think he had a brother who
was an upstanding member of the community in massachusetts i think he was like president
of the universe go ahead i'm sorry okay well i don't know that but it certainly could be
true so the the model for the shakedown that hunter and uh jim biden were operating and
apparently there's a second brother frank biden who was partially involved um but you
know they there's a claim from uh of a quote from jim biden saying that there are 747s
loaded with cash of people who want to buy our influence peddling
in the name of the family so it was modeled on what paul manafort had been doing with
his partner roger stone and there were two other guys in in that firm it's it's not too
different from what jack abramoff was doing because they tried to fleece the oglala sioux
tribe and one of the partners was accused and i think acquitted by an obama appointed
judge of scamming 60 million from the sioux tribe uh so this is uh a very sordid set of
anecdotes but the the bottom line is that at some point the protection is going to end
and hunter biden will be completely exposed even if this book doesn't do it there's plenty
of damaging ammo for donald trump to hurl at biden whether or not to abide and tries
to run again did i call him obiden i think i did i think sarah palin used to call him
that uh so um i am looking forward to reading this
whole book but the again the central takeaway for me is that the media with help from facebook
and twitter which blocked people who posted new york post stories or campaign posts coming
from the trump team related to hunter biden and his laptop and this will only fuel the
sense of victimization now trump has tried to say that you know the election itself was
stolen but he does have reasonable claims that the campaign itself was interfered with
by america's corporate media which then accepted without challenge claims that this was more
russian interference yeah uh it's to me it's two separate issues uh hunter biden is a in
i would say in different times this would be it would be open season on hunter biden
but would you say that trump was such a threat was he such a threat to our country that they
had to circle the wagons and make sure he didn't get re-elected is there is it somewhat
forgivable that the corporate media i'm asking well i think that's a common thought among
people who may not be the biggest fans of joe biden but who really fear the impact of
a second term for trump who would then be unchecked he would be a lame duck who would
abuse the office and its discretion even more than he did in his first term so you know
that's the existential threat argument but i i can't rationalize that david i believe
that if we ever hope to return from the trump nightmare and the kind of new dark ages that
we're living through it's going to have to be based on facts and it's going to have to
be based on unbiased exposure of corruption and you know to me this is indication of how
the democrats sucked it up and ran a deeply defective candidate and i want to echo what
uh professor cummings said in the previous segment about tara reid and you know her whole
story her personal story is riddled with uh questionable uh episodes but her fundamental
assertion that joe violated her i found quite credible and it deserved to be fully investigated
and she got a 60 minutes appearance and joe denied it and it just went away but she did
get a 60 minutes appearance yeah let me let me let me push back just for the sake of doing
a show the wikileaks dump that happened what a month
before november of 2016.

Right we learned a lot about debbie wasserman schultz we learned
a lot about as you said the pay for play and the how the democrats were in the tank for
hillary that they kind of manipulated things so bernie would lose whether or not that's true uh the the that
information was a hack right yes it was a uh a hack of john podesta's cell phone right
so is he entitled i'm just asking is he entitled to privacy well uh hunter biden and his hunter biden
entitled to privacy because everything that's been uncovered in the uh on the laptops would
not hold up in a court of law illegal search and seizure you right you can't enter any
of that into a court well there is a strong argument to be made there david um and you
know i can't i can't say that the hack of john podesta's cell phone uh is something
that we should have ignored the revelations of because of where it came from and but we
would in a court of law we'd have to well we don't have much privacy left and so much
is now out in the open and you know huma abedin has her her memoir
out she of course was married to anthony weiner and his laptop led to james comey reopening
the investigation into clinton emails and you know she said she used to feel that she
was the one responsible for hillary losing but she now blames it on james comey well
um you know how far do we go to protect the interests but there was a chain of custody
to that laptop she was sharing they i believe comey found out that she had been sharing
emails on weiner's laptop and i believe it was the fbi that got its hands on anthony
weiner's laptop that's correct so they the the violation there was that huma abedin forwarded
emails to anthony's laptop so he could print things out for hillary who didn't like to
read off a screen right and huma violated protocols now does it rise to the level of
the fourth amendment um i i'd like to hear that adjudicated but at this point we kind
of have open season on things that get revealed whether they come from uh whistleblowers like
the new facebook so-called whistleblower ed snowden julian assange and you know unfortunately
we don't have any expectation of privacy anymore and we have to live with the knowledge that
anything that we write or put in an email or communicate can be intercepted and used
against us including by the nsa so it's it's very hard to single out uh a privacy right
when hunter laptop hunter biden left his laptops with this shop in wilmington and didn't come
back to get them didn't pay for the service and therefore under state law they fell into
the possession the actual ownership of the man who ran that shop so his carelessness
in covering his own uh wrongful and potentially criminal behavior is is hard to wrap a privacy
blanket around right what is can you launch an investigation into hunter
biden if the the all the warrants are the the fruit
of an illegal search or an illegal leak all this stuff but what i just explained about
the laptop is i don't believe that was illegal it was careless and negligent on his part
to protect his own privacy okay and he certainly knew that his daddy was running for president
he was under greater scrutiny he'd just been through the whole attempt to impeach trump
over ukraine where he was a central character and the idea that he didn't learn anything
from that in terms of fundamental self-protection it's very hard to raise a fourth amendment
argument to protect that it's almost as though the democrats and the republicans go out of
their way to nominate corrupt presidents and candidates so that we get tied up in the market
the legal machinations of are they guilty or are they not guilty and it's all contributing
to one large distraction from what needs to be done because i'm thinking we've got climate
change to worry about people are being evicted homelessness safety net and this is going
to consume all the oxygen moving forward but what about let's go brandon and let's go brandon
now what is the background is that from originally from football college football no no it's
it's uh i can't summon his last name because i don't follow nascar but this originated
at a nascar race where a young phenom named brandon uh one he was being interviewed by
a female tv reporter and the crowd was chanting [ __ ] joe biden [ __ ] joe biden and the
tv reporter tried to explain to her viewers that they were actually saying let's go brandon
and so this has now become this code phrase that amuses the own the libs crowd uh and
they of course stand for nothing else but they have proliferated the usage of this it's
on trump supporters face masks in congress one of his loyalists from florida used it
to close out a floor speech last week and a southwest airlines pilot used it after he
briefed the passengers to close his comments and it was not a mistake you know it wasn't
uh whoops i didn't know my mic was on uh so i find it amusing but the outrage from the
left over the use of this is only giving it more currency and serving to provide the distraction
from what were those important issues you just mentioned uh climate change the planet
only having blah blah blah blah blah come on yeah we should start saying let's go brandon
the problem is i really mean it the problem is i really i have i mean i wish he deserved
the antipathy the hatred from the right they could if if it were really about ideology
these people on the right should love joe biden he's no threat to them but as you said
ruining this country if joe manchin will just get out of the way yeah how do we get even
with joe manchin legally how do you lock up his daughter i mean or am i a fool to think
it's mansion's fault i'm a fool to think mansion is the one who's blocking all this stuff right
oh i don't think so i mean he's the face of it and he's the one uh with the spear and
you know just today he came up with a whole new excuse and the leader of the progressive
caucus pramila jayapal his cave they are de-linking the so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill
from the so-called by build back better reconciliation package that's been whittled down to 1.75
trillion and you correctly predicted here a few weeks back that nevertheless they're
calling it transformational and they can't even get the damn thing passed even after
they jettisoned the coal plant penalties the community college education
package the entire family leave piece and so it it just shows that the democrats are
beholden to the same corporate interests don't you know you know the more i think about it
i can hear joe biden's conversation with mansion you you know i i hear you buddy i hear you
yeah they're killing me these pramila jayapal and the progressives i i hear you you got
to do what you got to do that they're killing me here they they're they're radical and and
they don't care about inflation they think this this money's coming i don't know where
they think this but you do what you have to do joe i hear you joe manchin right you do
i could easily hear joe biden getting on the phone telling the gentleman people have been
digging up a quote from the uh campaign in 2020 where biden was speaking to wall street
donors and he said nothing will fundamentally change and that is proving out more than uh
you know most of the promises he made on the campaign trail but but i i do uh give manchin
um a deeper uh form of mendacity and you know he's not operating in the interests
of his own electorate in west virginia he's not reading the polls that show how popular
many of these issues are we now have an ipsos poll that's claiming that most americans don't
know what's in the package i would submit they don't know what's in it anymore because
so much has been cut but but people understood the broad outlines and they overwhelmingly
supported it the medicare package you know the medicare prescription drug negotiation
issue uh those get 70 to 80 support in the polls there's no question in my mind biden
gets on the phone with a mansion and says you do what you have to do you don't know
what i'm up against here joe joe manchin you have no idea what i gotta listen to there's no way joe manchin is doing this all
by himself he's getting he's getting signals from biden keep it up yeah you're fighting
the fight that's correct yeah peter b collins is a bay area radio hall of
famer go to for a treasure trove of podcasts radio shows and interviews
with newsmakers dating back to 2009.

Thank you sir see you next week it's good to see
you keep on you too thank you let us now go to denton texas where professor are you there
professor mike steinel hello professor mike steinel here you are how are you i'm okay david i'm
a little a little frazzled i'm glad you went 30 minutes behind are we 30 minutes behind
i think so that's okay i sent a new song actually how about that oh how about that let me i
have to find it i just sent it why are you frazzled uh i i i don't know just
a lot of stuff going on um i did i'm working i'm getting they finally sent the edit back
from my book saving charlie parker the publishers right so i've been sitting at the computer
and doing the you know it's kind of scary because this is the last chance to catch anything
gosh i make a lot of mistakes i'm a bad proofreader my wife's pretty good she she grew up in a
newspaper family so she used to do that a lot but um what do you mean she grew up in
a newspaper family her dad was a reporter an editor her family owned uh the marion county
record for 100 years which was the the local marion county record it was it's the the county
paper that all the all the uh legal stuff had to be in and and marrying anything where
is this in ohio no marion kansas this is up there where the where the lake house is wow
and uh you know her her her her great-grandfather was a governor and wow he was a pr he was
a uh he kind of was in the um he was a republican and they ran him against the populist democrat
that was a big thing at the turn of the century populism farmers but he was one of the few
democrat a few republicans who kind of made it through there and but he was real progressive
man he he fought to keep standard oil out of kansas they wanted to come in and take
all the the uh all the oil rights from property owners you know it was a publisher as well
yeah they published the paper and he was actually on the we talked about this once he was on
the speaking circuit the chautauqua circuit right and went around and traveled by train
and then he would he would send dispatches home his brother he had brothers who were
involved with the paper too it was kind of family business and then his son his son um
became a kansas supreme court justice his son was uh how was it his son was a uh representative
house of represent he did two terms in the house of representatives then came home and
was a uh you know supreme court justice and then his son beverly's dad ran the paper for
you know his whole life pretty much and what was the name of the paper the marion county
record america and and i would assume it's no longer around no a nadine my mother-in-law
sold it in 1997 to the guy who would who nate nadine was a
widower in 1967 and ran the paper as the publisher she became the publisher uh an owner wow for
30 years after her husband passed away and then uh she's a very smart woman and then
she passed it on to the guy who was he had been the editor bill um oh gosh i'm gonna
figure his name i'm sorry it'll come to me in a second they're good friends too but um
yeah so um is the paper still around because it's hard oh yeah we we still get it in the
mail it's a weekly was it always a weekly or was it once a daily i don't know that's
a good question it might have been twice a week i think it was usually always a weekly
you know and her dad would he he was at every sporting event taking pictures he did the
pictures he did the he wrote the stories he did a um great uh he was a good uh editor
you know notes from the editor he did a lot of commentary and uh bill meyer became the
uh became the editor after warden passed away and he he was a firebrand he he really got
into it in local politics and uh but and then his son now is uh is an owner of the paper
and also the editor so it kind of stays in the fam the meyers are good folks anyway wow
so anyway what so i thought i had shingles and it turned out to be what's the job i don't
know you thought you had shingles but it was aluminum siding wasn't it that's pretty good
did you just think of that no no no no it's an old joke you thought you had shingles so
i got freaked out because i started to get this little i thought i had a bite and uh
and all of a sudden another one appeared next to it and then another one so i got like three
little things and i'm thinking this is shingles dang it i took i got the shot did you get
the shot i've been told to get the shot the shingles you need to get the shot i i the
shingle shot get a double shot double shingle shot double shingle shot of my baby's left
i haven't got i got my flu shot good good i've got that and i got my booster too did
you get your booster i haven't got my booster yet but i'm gonna get one yeah it's good to
get the booster i had no problems a lot of my friends said oh it laid me out blah blah
blah i didn't notice anything i'm just pretty much tired most of the time anyway but i did
yard work today and then i went to the emergency care and then i came home and wrote wrote
a new song or i could well what do they what did they say at what did the doctor say well
he kind of pissed me off because that's not shingles i was so what wasn't shoot me up
give me this cure because if you catch it quickly it's not a big deal right he said
that's a that's a bite you've been you know did you get bit no i didn't get bit you know
well it's uh something else and he was rude to you he was dismissive was he young yeah
no he was old he was old he was older but you know urgent care you know i've been there
a couple times and they're they're pretty good you know if you got to get in to see
somebody and my friend i called my friend who had had the shingles and he said go to
the doctor right away because he had it for like 46 days all over his you know he was
a drummer and i don't know how he kept playing during that too but uh it's painful well that
would make me crap that would make me frazzled yeah i'm a little frazzled and maybe if it
isn't because i'm a little a little tired then i started working on this song you know
like i redid the theme song i tell you why first of all you played a lot and there's
a couple of flaws you know it's time right now for the david feldman's
show he's talking politics and comedy too he'll tell a dirty joke if you want him to
i rhymed two with two oh now once t-o-o and one's t-o yeah but it's like really really
i like that every time i hear it i go what i i like i revise that i change it to he'll
tell a dirty joke he knows quite a few oh okay that's better yeah but i think you know
once you know you all right i'll do whatever you tell me but well it's a separate version
it's a different style and everything it's it's all you want to play a little bit yeah
and you know there's so many songs i should start the show with but uh i still like uh
the very first one i did for you i think was a hot time in the sea yeah i played that that
grew all yours is great then hey i was thinking about some new songs for
love any any chance we're ever going to get picked for love finished i don't know david
i thought one like daddy doane was good maybe i killed jeff bezos no we can't how about
i dreamed i saw jeff bezos alive as you alright i took a shower pencil and i poked him in
the eye that i like ah we can't even possibilities we can't we can't advocate what they do to
us it's just it's it's just not right i heard the show i didn't keep up with the show today
because i was in urgent care and i was still listening to friday show which was quite good
i liked the climate guy you had on at the end he was supposed to be here tonight who
he was didn't make it didn't make it stood you up stood me up every show somebody we
have a little pool on somebody who's going to stiff me am i next no no i could do it
if you want me to no no no no no no no yeah yeah well should we play the song sir yeah
let's play the song see what the heck's going on with it okay so this is a new version of
perfection something that that already sounds perfect but this should be i telling you i i'm the one who should be saying it's perfect
yeah give me that's perfect but let's let me mess with it here we go it's time right now vote the david feldman's
show he's talking politics and comedy too he'll tell a dirty joke he knows quite a few
he's just a lefty from way back he's a human man with an enemy for right some days he's
mad and he feels like it's time right now for the david feldman
show look at your ears all right buckled in real tight he's got a lot to say and he's
coming your way me yes it's time right now call the david fellas
and show get your ears on right buckled in real tight he's got nothing to say and he's
coming away he's got a lot to say and he's coming your way okay it sounds like miles davis and bob dylan
got together is that fair to say is that yeah i like it that's good i like it too i love
it it's it's a little different i kind of goosed up the vocal it's time right yeah i
love it thank you thank you you're welcome you can rotate that in there maybe yeah sometime
your stuff is great yeah hey i may have i might have people soon i'm meeting with publicists
oh taking meetings did you did you when you were in l.a take meetings they would say take
a meeting take a meeting they would say take a meeting was that code for get lost no no
that was what they they say you did you take that meeting and uh i instead of having a
meeting so are you taking meetings yeah i got i'm taking a meeting uh later this week
with uh i'm looking at two different agencies one that might handle the book stuff and one
that might handle the uh the cd you know saving charlie parker the the the it's it's kind
of there's a lot of things going on and i'm not sure if one agency can do a good job you
know it's it's it's kind of like i'm trying to figure out well so what are you gonna do
and they describe and it's it's sort of sounds like nail and jello to the wall you know what
i mean we're just like it's very i'm gonna take your money that's the first thing i'm
gonna do and then i'm gonna i'm gonna take a check and i'm gonna deposit it that's the
first thing and the first week or two you're gonna hear from me every day and then as the
money you know as i feel i've worked for the money i'm gonna start blaming you for you
being unhappy with me and then i'm gonna say out of nowhere i don't like the way you're
talking to me i don't like your tone of voice and you're gonna say what do you what do you
mean like that what you just said i just said what do you mean you know what you're a monster
i can't work with you anymore and that's how it works after they run the money down they
finally you have had public systems i've never had look at me do i look like somebody who's
had a publicist now maybe you maybe should think about it you know i've had agents i've
had managers i've had lawyers and i've had hitmen and i find hit men move more noble
yeah i find a little professional little mobster action that gets well you know what you're
getting you know you know did you do the deal you know he either did or it's like i'm getting
some fence work done it either gets you know they tell me three posts and it costs this
much and we'll put the concrete boom boom boom but um but the mafia the mafia the mafia
is is better than a publicist and an agent you kind of know what you're getting yeah
you know i guess if i had to do it all over again i would uh sign with the mafia i think
i would sign with the gambino family quite frankly i think they were the ones who were
getting top dollar for some like there was a time in the 70s where the gambino family
was getting some i won't mention any names but like unbelievable amounts of money you
know hundreds of thousands of dollars to take people out no no no to perform at the sands
and these casinos were paying oh oh an enormous amount of money and then they would collect
like you know 30 percent you know if you were a certain singer or comedian you would pay
a commission of 30 40 but you'd be paying like 30 or 40 percent on like a quarter of
a million dollars i know it was just insane that the kind of because they were moving
it's all about wandering money professor steinel it's all about moving money dirty money into
a clean bank account and having somebody front it for you and i i'd be a willing participant
looking back i would maybe we should do an indie movie down here in denton yeah and launder
some money you got some money to launder hey if you're listening if you're a mobster preferably
the gambino family or or somebody from the medein cartel i'm sure they're listening the
sonola gang you need to have some money cleansed contact me at my website i'll deposit the
money into my checking account and i'll tell the government that all right no don't no
no no no i'm worried you know now i'm worried yeah what if you get contact what if you get
some a check in the mail hey did you ever do your tribute to mort saul did you do that
today uh no i didn't you know um did you remember in a movie called porkchop hill was he in
that he's in pork chops hello world war ii no i think pork chop hill is about korea oh
well there's there's one movie where he it's a it's a war movie and he has like some landline
phone and he picks it up and goes hello world war two pork chop pill that's not clint eastwood
is it i don't know he was friendly with clint eastwood he plays you know there's a scene
in pork chop hill i remember my dad pointing it out and we're watching this movie i love
those war movies me too sans of iwo jima you know when i was growing up man those were
the best yeah but pork chop hill it's pretty brutal movie i think um korea and there's
a like they're sitting around the fire and he's just kind of holding court you know and
and it's i remember my dad said you know that's really realistic he's that that's mort saul
he's a comedy guy but this is this is the way funny guys are in real life with their
buddies you know i remember my dad was always he had would say insightful things every now
and then like one of the things he said one time when
i was playing the guitar downstairs he said he came down no one's going to give you a
scholarship to play the guitar it's very insightful right he was your music
teacher right yeah he was he started me on the trumpet when i was six wow and uh he gave
me a trumpet when i was six and then he showed me the scale and he said you want to take
some more lessons i said no i got a dad no problem and and but he was when i started
a band in fourth grade i was i'd already played a lot of trumpet you know and i i took right
to it didn't practice that hard until sixth grade and then it kind of kicked in really
hard any live performances coming up i might play in wichita on friday i got to go back
up to kansas and take care of some things and i got to call lisa hill and see if she's
playing at a club it's a little too cold for the outdoor thing i don't know is that the
same place the italian restaurant yeah i'm still a little a little squeamish about playing
you know indoors you know and crowded boy i watched those ball games on sunday i watched
a lot of football yesterday and man those people are crammed in there and they're yelling
how could that not be a super spreader i guess they're saying it's they're saying it's not
that's i mean i wish it were but it's not you know that big rally supposed that they
were supposed to be what uh 10 000 cops who weren't gonna who were going to walk off the
job rather than i saw a thing on twitter i'm not sure it's accurate but the actual total
of people who stayed home rather than going to work who took the non-paid leave was 34.
could that be right 34 34 cops in new york yeah that's it yeah you know so that that
whole that whole demonstration was more about um solidarity what's that solidarity the union
just yeah yeah waiting on steam yeah i on on friday i was talking about if you did a
venn diagram of all the different things that people you know uh hear gun enthusiasts that's
that's one thing it's probably pretty big you know um listeners to msnbc that would
be right it would be a little bitty circle cnn people that'll you know fox you know uh
anti-vaxxers you know they're in there somewhere they overlapped all of that there might be
an anti-vaxxer who listens to rachel maddow or you know now but you're now you've got
the the booster shot yeah you're feeling good right you're not as scared as you right no
no i'm not i'm not uh i'm not worried about getting covered you know but uh i still don't
know if if what the science is about um whether you can you can have the be vaccinated and
still carry the virus and not know it and then you can give to somebody else who isn't
vaccinated so the reason for the mass is not to protect me it's protect people i come in
contact with nobody's wearing masks at in in texas it's you know it's really kind of
shocking you know you go to go to home depot and nobody's wearing masks when do you think
this is over i don't know man it's endemic isn't it endemic it's going to stick with
us for a while yeah and there's a word i think endemicity which i miss where anyway uh we've
got a lot of people that i don't even know you know i people who study this they don't
know yeah yeah all right thank you john ross on today john ross was on that feud between
the two yeah the feud continues man he said he says nasty things about you did he did
he call me a little prick again yeah it calls you a little prick i don't mind the prick
part come on man you know my good friend rosanna we always have a joke about the use of the
word little you know so it's so uh dismissive you know oh he's a good little drummer right
i like your little band here right dave i like your little show i came up with a new
slogan where a little show for big minds oh that's really good a little show for big minds
for a little show for big minds how about a little show for littler mines and a little
show for little mermaids and a big show for sized mines and then there's the vente latte
size mind you know if you give me some lyrics for love pig for love i might be able to do
something pig for love yeah i need a verse i'm not just asking for a song i'm a first
act of a musical i think we could sell this as a broadway play pig for love i'm a pig for love oink oink somebody wrote
i don't know where somebody wrote to me where's the song where's pig for love i will write
you the lyrics for pig for love just one good verse to get me started you know i need to
need some some rhyme juice i need rhyming juice i'm a pig for love i can't get enough
because i'm a pig for love okay that's a good start uh but where i'm
gonna start david i i i want to pork you because i'm a pig for life i'm not gonna write that i love you thank you thank you yeah it's good
to see you dave good to see you oh i didn't give you a proper introduction yeah you didn't
once i'm stiffed no wonder people stiff you professor mike steinel go to
that is the website correct correct and buy his books running the changes is that out
yet it's coming out soon coming out soon i i i and how do people how do people listen
to the audiobook they they listen to the lake house part one
right now on youtube um i'm thinking i'm you know like there's so many lake houses i might
just change the title to three lakeview drive which is the address of the house because
when people are going to show up if you put it in there wrong like if you put lake house
two words and part one o-n-e all i got to say is it's a gay romp david it's a gay romp
this is kansas right it's young shirtless men yes no yeah yeah yeah like few drivers
you don't want people i might change it what's that the clutter family you don't want people
knowing your address in kansas do you think the clutter is not a real address it's not
it's a made-up address all right all right man thank you professor mike steinel go take
care thank you go to youtube and listen to the lake house you're listening to the david
feldman show david feldman show and now let us go finally to germany where henry huckamacki
is standing by hello david we've got a great interview coming up for you today on something
that well several topics that are of interest to you and several topics that are interest
uh interesting to the listeners i've got uh journalists joining us today joshua cho josh
why don't you introduce yourself to the audience since it's your first time on the david feldman
show hey what's up guys my name is joshua cho and i'm a freelance writer i mainly talk
tackle media criticism for fairness and accuracy and reporting i've actually written about
many different subjects but in the past few years i've been writing about china more since
that's just been in the news more recently um so yeah i'm glad to be here yeah and i
know that we have talked on the show not you and i but david uh as well as several guests
on the show previously have talked about how important fair is in terms of watching the
media and critiquing american media particularly and how they're portraying different topics
in the united states as well as internationally so josh let's get this conversation underway
we have a few things that we want to talk about and they're all really interesting topics
so why don't we start with with your you're young so a young career at this point uh you've
already taken on some relatively big myths and misconceptions that have been portrayed
in the media would you care to talk about some of the mis myths and misconceptions that
you've tried taking on and and maybe discussing some of the ones that were fun to do some
of the ones that seemed kind of daunting how have you viewed each of these myths that you've
taken on well uh i've written a lot about many different subjects but i guess to just
to stick to recent topics for me personally i consider like the most daunting projects
to be the most interesting um except that there's uh not as much returns on how much
effort i put it but i really enjoyed tackling the lab leak theory recently just because
um i have like no science background at all and like um i've just been following scientists
and doing my best to do my own research before writing about a topic so i contacted um maybe
at least six different scientists for my articles on the lab league theory and complicated topics
like gain of function research which is uh in my opinion heavily misunderstood by the
general public but um i've been writing about that but earlier throughout the pandemic i
was writing about um another misconception is about china supposedly hiding the pandemic
at first because like nowadays i feel like it's kind of hard to deny that china genuinely
did a good job containing the pandemic and taking care of its citizens but um now i like
to fall back is oh yeah they're doing a good job now but in the beginning they did a horrible
job and they hid information from everybody and i'm not going to say that china's initial
handling of the pandemic was perfect but the idea that i was trying to deceive people or
hide critical information doesn't in the early stages don't really seem to be true to me
for when i investigated these claims by the western media yeah and i have to say that
this is how i initially got to know your work was working on the early origins of the pandemic
looking at the criticisms of china's response to the pandemic and i've been following your
work since then and as you said you don't have a background in science but you have
been writing uh these articles talking about these different topics that um have a lot
of conspiratorial thinking surrounding them and i have found that you've done a very good
job in contacting people who are credible sources they're actually experts in the field
uh you've done a good job of making sure that you understand the topic before you write
about it uh we talked about this before we hit record uh so i want to i want to commend
you on that i mean you're doing a very good job in terms of like making sure that you
actually understand the topic before you start putting articles out about there that people
are going to read and then start freaking out about uh which is something that we see
a lot of in the news that takes me to the next topic and i guess
that you know this is something that i guess we can dwell on a bit so we've been talking
about the pandemic already in this conversation um you've been doing a lot of writing around
the pandemic but something that we've seen a lot of during the pandemic it's like waves
of conspiratorial thinking we have one conspiracy theory that'll come out and that'll last for
like a month where it's the big thing in the media it's the big thing particularly on social
media and then it'll die off as we start to get information that shows hey this conspiracy
theory has absolutely no credence to it uh it was pretty crazy that people ever thought
about it to begin with and then everybody will immediately forget the fact that it turned
out to be a complete conspiracy that wasn't rooted in reality and they'll find a new conspiracy
to latch on to and this has just been going cyclically since the pandemic began conspiracy
after conspiracy after conspiracy said josh before we start talking about some of the
conspiracies that you've looked at specifically why do you think that we've had so many uh
conspiracies why do we have this extreme level of conspiratorial thinking around this pandemic
specifically i don't recall seeing so many consecutive conspiracies coming out about
a specific event um at least in in recent memory well um dr david gorsky i i think you
might be familiar with them since you have a background in science i think he's the manager
of science-based medicine he's the managing editor and he's he debunks a lot of scientific
misinformation out there and uh one observation he made is that like in every like health
epidemic or pandemic type situation there's always people who like attribute um a virus
the virus breaking out into like some nefarious human activity and um i mean since it's a
fairly banal phenomenon it happens it seems to happen all the time or whenever something
like this happens there's always like a group of people like that but in this situation
i think the u.s wants to politicize the pandemic and use it as a geopolitical tool to bash
china with and harm its public image abroad because they want to form international alliances
against china like the quad and with august recently um so and i do think that like um
we're entering into a period where uh yellow peril rhetoric is being heightened um i remember
researching previous yellow peril per um propaganda in the 19th century and that was heightened
as the western colonial powers were trying to dominate china during its century of humiliation
so the further china was subjugated the more propaganda needed was needed to portray them
as an existential threat to justify that domination and i think we're seeing a similar situation
with china today where america has over 800 military bases around the world whereas china
has like arguably at most three or most more accurately probably one it's hard to get exact
details on on the subject but um in any case uh you see a lot of these conspiracy this
conspiracy conspiratorial thinking has always been with us and in many health situations
health epidemic situations before but it's being amplified now by state media apparatuses
although like u.s corporate media outlets are not formally controlled by the us government
they are in fact um basically following their their line at anything you can't you don't
really see any major dissent from corporate media outlets from the us government's line
on anything um so yeah i do think that those are the major reasons why like this conspiratorial
thinking has been happening more often and i would like to say that i do think that um
from a certain perspective it kind of makes sense for people to believe the lab league
theory if they also believe that trying to hid information like covering up the pandemic
in the beginning with dr lee wen yong for example that around surrounding him this because we haven't talked about this
event specifically on the show for a very long time uh so just for listeners that have
perhaps forgotten this this uh kind of news story slash conspiracy uh can you briefly
just mention that to remind them about it yeah sure so dr liu yong was a chinese ophthalmologist
at muhan um an ophthalmologist an eye doctor he is not someone who is trained in infectious
diseases in epidemiology or what not um a respiratory virus is like tsar's kobe 2 but
um he recently uh i think he posted some document documents in a in a private group chat um
about what he suspected what sars kovi won which is very different from stars kobe 2.
uh and when and then someone in that group shot leaked it elsewhere even though he decided
he didn't even though he told them not to share with anyone else because it was sharing
confidential information um it was portrayed as a whistle he was portrayed as a whistleblower
even though he really wasn't and it made it seem as if beijing conspired to hide the pandemic
from the rest of the world even though that's not what happened um and i don't want to disparage
him like he was a by all accounts a good a good man and a conscientious doctor and i
i don't think that he was a bad person or anything like that it was just a really unfortunate
situation for him and how he was uh his death was he's by the media to bash china with yeah
and that's very interesting um a lot of the listeners of this show might remember when
that story was really in the media you know this silenced whistleblower yeah uh was trying
to warn the world about the uh coming pandemic but that wasn't really what was happening
um can interject two quick points uh i think
these are very crucial details so the first doctor to report uh the coronavirus pandemic
the new coronavirus was actually not dr lee when the yankee shared it in the group chat
on december 30th and i think it was leaked on december 31 but the first doctor was actually
dr zhang jishan and her name has not been shared on western media outlets even and she
shared she reported uh patients with who had symptoms of the disease to uh help the chinese
official health authorities on december 27th which is three days before doctor liu anyone
shared it in his group chat so she actually was the first and she was never punished she
was actually rewarded and the second detail i'd like to stress is that dr lee when young
shared what he thought was stars kobe one and stars covey one is very different from
stars kobe 2 in the sense that uh stars over two has a two week incubation period where
symptoms may be infected but not show any symptoms where as far as kobe 1 wasn't infectious
until you showed symptoms and it would it would have been very dangerous for people
to believe who stars kobe 1 because then they would not have been aware of the incubation
period and the virus could have been spreading asymptomatically for a long time if people
were under that impression and i think um it would not have been good even if dr lee
when i wasn't quote unquote silenced on that matter so sorry to interject no no that's
that's why we brought you on the show was to make these sort of interjections and i'll
make an interjection of my own uh for the listeners which is just a kind of immunology
related point which you mentioned sarcial view one which is the sars that there was
an outbreak of in 2002 2003 in hong kong and then in canada um as you mentioned this does
not spread before pre-symptomatically before symptoms develop sarcov1 is very similar to
most diseases which is to say most diseases do not spread pre-symptomatically almost all
diseases that do have the potential to spread from person to person don't start transmission
until you are symptomatic star cb2 is very rare in that in that way in that we see that
a fair amount of the transmission that takes place possibly up to a third of the transmission
according to some studies takes place from either pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic patients
so as you mentioned uh we would have had no way of knowing that this is what would have
been happening if they thought it was cov1 because that's not what happens with sarcov1
star cv2 is very unusual in that respect and you know now a lot of people take it for granted
because we've been around with this virus for one and three quarters years at this point
uh and we've gotten used to the fact that people can spread the virus when they're asymptomatic
people can spread the virus when they're pre-symptomatic that is not the case for most viruses and
we wouldn't have thought that that would be the case for a new coronavirus based on previous
coronaviruses because that's not what we had seen with previous coronaviruses moving on
though because i do want to make sure that we get to hit you know a diverse range of
topics here um you mentioned that you think that a lot of the conspiratorial thinking
is because of u.s geopolitical aims and i'm going to give you kind of a two-part question
i think that in from my view it makes sense uh for the conspiracy theories that are aimed
against china but we've also seen a proliferation of conspiracy theories in other regards for
example we saw the kind of conspiratorial thinking trying to prop up hydroxychloroquine
as a potential treatment for covalent yes hydroxychloroquine we've talked
about it on the show a lot before listeners if you don't remember hydroxychloroquine that
is uh yeah the drug that they thought maybe maybe might help people uh recover from coven
faster when they looked at all of the analyses they found it didn't prevent covet from happening
compared to people that didn't take it it didn't make people more likely to survive
covet if they had it and they were taking it versus if they didn't and it didn't make
people recover quicker in fact in some studies they found even worse outcomes for people
that were taking hydroxychloroquine plus hydroxychloroquine is not that easy on the heart there is a fairly
high risk of side effects related to heart problems from taking hydroxychloroquine but
this was being championed as a miracle drug for a while until these studies started to
come out saying hey this miracle drug that we've been championing there's no evidence
in favor of it and there's a lot of evidence against it more recently and this this next
one is something that we've seen a lot more um kind of gray on it wasn't quite as black
and white of a scenario was hydroxychloroquine where it was very obviously not something
that we should have ever been considering ivermectin is now in the news all over the
place there was some scientific justification for believing that it might have some beneficial
effects but we don't have any good studies out that showed that iver mechanism should
be used therapeutically in humans no good studies yeah we have some studies that people
like to bandy about but the control groups in those studies are absolutely terrible so
there's no good studies to use in order to justify using ivermectin and we've also seen
some really crazy conspiracy theories about the vaccines like the vaccines make people
sterile you know if i have the vaccine i'm never going to be able to have kids because
the spike protein and you know it's there in my in my uterus and there's all these conspiracy
theories coming out and these conspiracy theories don't really have anything to do with china
so they're a little bit harder to figure out where they're coming from and why they there's
so many of them that keep coming out one after another so that's kind of one part of it is
why do you think that we have so many just some kind of random conspiracies that aren't
tailored towards us geopolitical aims and then the second part of the question is uh
if you can just go a little bit deeper into the weaponization of the pandemic itself as
as i've called it a political means to us geostrategic ends um so to be honest i actually haven't written
much about like the various non-china related conspiratorial um thinking you've you just
highlighted about surrounding ivermectin the vaccines and hydroxychloroquine um i don't
know if i pronounced that correctly but um i do think that like um saw dr david gorski's
point earlier about like conspiratorial thinking like always surrounding every pandemic about
and around like anti-vaxxers have been around since like um for a long time from from what
i can tell and i do think that like um one one very big misconception that people have
is the idea that like natural is always better and uh i think dr david zgorski talked about
that he said instead of saying natural immunity which which is what happens when some people
get immunity to stars kobe 2 i believe from getting previously infected um is better than
the vaccines like that's that's a talking point i've heard a lot that i've seen spread
a lot um it's kind of meaningless if you die from kobe star scorpio because you didn't
get the vaccine because there's no point then but um dr gate david gorski said that it might
be better to call it a post-infection immunity rather than natural immunity um and i do think
that like that misconception that natural is always better is uh it's not that it's
exactly new but like with other conspiracy theories being amplified on social media um
that inevitably leads to other conspiracy conspiracy theories like um i do know that
a lot of lab league people who endorse the lab league theory for the kovic 19 pandemic
are also anti-vaxxers um and i like it's hard to see like an inherent connection between
the two but i do know that there is a lot of that and i think um it's just always been
with us and it's just being amplified social media like now that now people are able to
influence each other more but regarding your second question about how
the weaponization of these has been led to uh um quote-unquote contain china i i do think
that contain is a very bad euphemism i do think that like in almost every situation
the word contained can be better replaced or more accurately described as encirclement
or sabotage um so america is trying to encircle china america isn't trying to sabotage china
those are much more specific um terms to describe what's going on then and more accurate terms
describe what's going on than like a euphemism like contain but in any case um i do think
that america is trying to retain its uh world hegemon status economically and militarily
and if you can make everyone think that this is china's fault then they're less likely
to join china at the u.n uh when they vote on resolutions or um i'm not sure if resolution
is the right word but i do know that like at the u.n there's there's a big there's a
big fuss over like around 40 countries based mostly on western countries condemning china's
alleged human rights violations in xinjiang but then what's not heard is that there's
like over 60 countries which is more not based in the west western countries who actually
support china's handling uh of anti-terrorism issues in xinjiang and uh but like the western
media don't really report that so i think the point of this is to like sabotage um relations
trying to house with other countries to prevent them from forming economic partnerships and
military alliances even though china does not really seem to be in the military alliance
game either it's just this is more to support america's military alliance strategy against
china you know josh you brought up something that that you know has been interesting to
me i've had guests on the show before to talk about it which is xinjiang and as you mentioned this was used weaponized
by many many media outlets to try to turn opinion against china in a very decided way
and in the united states at least it was very successful in doing so all of a sudden americans
seem to care about muslims in the global stage which you know uh we the united states really
hasn't cared about before um only when china is the one that supposedly is is subjugating
muslims globally do american citizens actually care about muslims funny how that works but
uh it was a fairly successful campaign but now recently recently oh and well the other
thing that's worth mentioning is that when you mentioned that more countries were supportive
of of how china was handling their anti-terror practices in the western provinces like xinjiang
uh that was nearly every muslim-majority country was supportive of china's actions it was as
you mentioned the western european countries primarily that were supportive of the united
states's anti-china crusade in this regard but all of the muslim majority countries sided
with china on this which was a very interesting thing but recently this is the point that
i'm that i'm driving at now recently there was a piece that just came out might have
been in the new york times i think it was in the new york times that said the barbed
wire is almost gone oh that's the associated press was it associated press yeah okay so
you know exactly what piece i'm talking about the barbed wire is almost gone the camps are
almost empty uh it looks like you know the uyghurs and xinjiang are actually doing okay
and we had some really really uh you know popular writers reporters in the u.s that
were looking at that and saying did the u.s win did we did we actually like end the genocide
against the uyghurs that we thought that there was uh josh what are your thoughts on this
because it was very funny when when this article came out saying you know there really isn't
any evidence of this right now uh basically all the things that we were complaining about
are gone and there's no evidence left behind that there was anything really you know wrong
uh at least to the extent that we were saying that there was something wrong and yet there
were still people saying like ah yeah the u.s good job u.s um i feel like one i mean to be clear i should
probably preface by saying that like i don't think everything china is doing in xinjiang
is justified or necessarily good um so like that that's okay that's the same lane that
we've taken on this show at least with my previous guess is that you know mass detention
is a problem just like it is in the united states but it was the genocide claims that
we were refuting yes yes i do think that that is a very serious claim and you cannot make
that kind of charge without serious evidence because lanes require extraordinary evidence
and uh i do not think that bar has been met at all and i think even u.s officials have
admitted that and at the u.n and it's not like xinjiang is some closed-off province
that like no one could ever enter there are some pandemic restrictions for entering china
but before that like it's not like you had a problem entering xinjiang as long as you
comply with some security measures um and like you can see video testimonies from before
the pandemic of people who visited xinjiang not who who don't live in china and like they're
just reporting what they saw and they said that um you should not really trust what the
american media is telling you of what's going on there and there are even accounts before
this latest ap report came out of like chinese youtubers not okay not not necessarily chinese
a lot of youtubers in china are not chinese but um they've also visited china and they
als they also visited xinjiang i mean and they found that there's not it's not what
people think it is um and like a lot of normal practices found throughout china are actually
not unique to xinjiang for example um one youtuber i think he's from singapore but uh
he can pass for han chinese he visited xinjiang and he said that the xinjiang's the china's
promotion of the mandarin language or mandarin of mandarin islam actually not unique to china
i think singapore also require not requires not necessarily requires but they also encourage
everyone to learn one language even regardless of ethnicity so that people have a better
chance of getting jobs elsewhere throughout the country because most more economic opportunities
are found on the eastern no uh on the coast of china um near beijing and shanghai and
uh if people know mandarin more they could uh they could more easily move and that practice
is like also found in places like singapore and i think jerry gray uh i think he's an
australian citizen living in china he also talked about how um it's normal for students
to actually dorm for school um so it's not that like dorming is necessarily proof of
like a concentration camp or anything and uh yeah i do think that some cultural practices
that are not necessarily found elsewhere in the world but are actually quite normal in
china are being misinterpreted or misrepresented as something uniquely nefarious or malicious
when that's not necessarily the case yeah and just to remind the listeners you can go
back and watch some of those uh previous interviews that i have done with people like andre domes
or acetar bear on this show where we talked about uh this exact topic and everybody was
in agreement that you know mass attention is a problem and it does appear that the detention
rate in xinjiang was higher than the rest of china which in itself is a problem but
similarly if you look at the united states and if you break it down by ethnicity we have
mass detention problems in the united states and we have even more acute mass detention
issues in the united states when you look at certain ethnicities and certain races within
the united states and a lot of people in the united states and this is where the criticism
is they don't have anything to say about mass incarceration of black people in the united
states but they care so much about the uyghurs and xinjiang this is the issue now and when
the uh claim is that there's genocide going on as you mentioned there needs to be pretty
substantial evidence of some sort of genocide either genocide in itself or cultural genocide
as some other people were claiming there needs to be pretty substantial evidence to really
support that claim in order to actually use it and that evidence it was very circumstantial
it was all produced by the same institutions that have vested interests in showing that
china is you know a big bad uh boogie man in the global stage and they need to be stopped
and contained in the us needs to maintain its hegemonic status so yes as you mentioned
there were things that are going on wrong in xinjiang but there is no evidence to show
that there was genocide josh we have about two minutes left so the last thing that i
want to ask is something that popped into my head when we were talking about the pandemic
i think that most american-based publications have done a very bad job of reporting on the
pandemic at least on a consistent basis there are some writers who have done a good job
there are some publications that do have some good pieces that go along with some bad pieces
but as you mentioned at the beginning your main gig is is writing media critique is there
any publications that you want to single out for any scorn for how they've been handling
the pandemic because i can think of a few off the top of my head but you know i'm not
a media watcher like you but i certainly can think of some publications that have really
stood out for having consistently terrible takes and terrible articles with regards to
the pandemic are there any that you want to talk about for the last minute or two sure
so i think the intercept has been doing a lot of uh sleazy innuendo reporting um on
the lab league theory in general i'm not necessarily about other aspects of cobit but they've been
kind of implying that china is lying about um not having a lab leak and lying about getting
to function research and they're doing everything possible to portray china in the worst possible
light i actually critiqued them for hiding information that would change viewers minds
because uh dr angela rasmussen one of their sources shared her shared emails with me about
their correspondence then she revealed that how mara histondal and sharon lerner were
hiding information about a gain of functions relevance to different species like for example
something that's a gain of function in mice but not for humans would be a very big thing
to import to to stress but they did they deliberately hid that information to make it look like
they were doing dangerous research for humans um another but i'd say corporate media in
general like the new york times the washington post they do have genuinely good coverage
but they also have a lot of bad coverage but i would say that if you want the worst purveyor
of misinformation probably fox news and on social media like perhaps uh some some people
who have youtube channels who are associated with the left who may not be wise to name
here but they are not doing a very good job either but i do want to say that like in order
to instead of just critiquing bad publications it's important to stress good publications
and uh i would recommend people to follow actual science journalists um at publications
like nature and science um two i'd remem i'd recommend in particular is amy maxman for
nature and john cohen for science i would follow those two and follow actual virologists
like dr angela rasmussen on twitter if you if you are on twitter i think um following
actual scientists has been is probably the best advice i could give i think for my articles
i try to make myself more of a conduit for what they want to say rather than what i wanted
to say and i just let them i just talked to them asked them all the questions i could
and just represented them as accurate as i possibly could and that's what i did so there's
that excellent again my guest was journalist joshua cho josh can you tell the listeners
briefly because we're out of time how they can follow you on twitter and where they can
find uh your upcoming articles because i do recommend that the listeners check them out
um i do actually i'm actually starting to write for other publications but i may i predominantly
write for fairness and accuracy in reporting at it's a media watchdog organization
and you can follow me my twitter handle josh c0301 see as in cat so that's it thank you
all right thank you very much josh hopefully we can bring you back again in the future
and david i'll turn things back over to you thank you henry huckamacki you fair go to
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