Marriage or Mortgage | Official Trailer | Netflix

Marriage or Mortgage | Official Trailer | Netflix

We want a house.
That's the smart
decision to make. Evan, you can just say.
Just say it. I want our wedding to
be the best wedding -of all the ones we've been to.
-[grunts] -[woman 1] We want to start
a family soon.
-[man 1] We need more space. [woman 2] If we buy a house,
it could be years
before we can afford the wedding we've always wanted. We could do both. -No, we can't.
-That's where we come in. Owning a house is
the all-American dream. I'm a real estate agent.
I can make that dream come true. -This is perfect.
-Yeah. Ta-da! The best part
about being a wedding planner is being able to create
these huge moments -for my couples.
-Oh, my gosh. You and I are gonna compete
for their business.

I'm gonna show them
they can afford
a wedding that's over-the-top. [man 2] Oh, my goodness! Is that bacon? -Mmm!
-[laughs] I'm gonna find their dream house. It can be everything you want. This is what we're talking about. It's in my dreams.
I haven't stopped
thinking about it. -Let me have this.
-[laughter] I'm speechless.
This is the first time
I've ever seen me in a veil. -[woman 3] Y'all got me crying.
-[woman 4] Goodness. I could see it.
It was tangible to me. In that house, I just saw us
having all of our
kids running around, just like me and my brother did.


[woman 1] I'm giving up one dream
to have another dream. You are playing so dirty. [laughs] [man 1] How do we pick
between the day
we deserve and we want,
and the future? -Oh!
-[woman 5] Do we have a decision? -I don't know. [laughs]
-We'll find out..

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