Masturbation Mortgages One's Future 🤲 By Apostle Johnson Suleiman🙏❤️🔥✝️

Masturbation Mortgages One's Future 🤲 By Apostle Johnson Suleiman🙏❤️🔥✝️

Number four, how people get demonized. Christians pornography. pornography. All those of you that have apps when you go to pornographic sites and you are watching as you open your eyes, you are watching spirits are entering you. One of the thing pornography sponsors is masturbation. One of them them masturbation sponsors is premature death Those of you bound by masturbation, you speak in tongues but it has had you bound. Can I surprise you? The enemies taking life out of you. Pornography anytime you are watching pornographic materials, books, or videos you are opening the spirit of mockery and shame. pornography. Sex is a covenant. It's a covenant. It is life. When you start changing multiple, you're having multiple sex partners. You are entering several covenants. You didn't sleep with a boy. You didn't sleep with a girl. You enter the covenant. You felt it was 10 minutes, 1 hour phone. No, it was 1, hour of serious covenants As you enter the covenant, he's arrested your children.

It's Your future is swallowed up your life. Am I talking to somebody here? Am I talking to somebody here? There are people that think they're smart. Think they're smart. No, I'm smart and they get all kinds of contraceptive and protection to avoid Stds not knowing they're actually acquiring STDs. You avoided sexually transmitted disease but you got sexually transmitted demons. They go through protections. contraceptives to avoid pregnancy. They go through the rubber which they call the condoms.

A condom is a piece of material used by two stupid people. The lady is coming and the man is a dummy. The lady is coming. or the man is coming and the lady is a dummy. and there are people who are back. I know people believers. I'm sorry to say walk in church who are bound with masturbation. It's not the urge. It's not a feeling. It's a spirit. Oh, I have the. it's not odd Trace your life. You will see your addiction. those nonsense on your phone, you will delete that app today. That's fine. If I said you submit phones here. Now, what you will see I see everybody in church. Submit your phone. what? We see people's fault, what they have downloaded that they are watching. no one that they put a piece .

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