Mortgage "Employment History" Fire Landlord [Buy a house] FHA Loan [Loan Advisor] Loan Officer

Mortgage "Employment History" Fire Landlord [Buy a house] FHA Loan [Loan Advisor] Loan Officer

You know when it comes to employment history what's important? history is the key means going backwards, right? well, we expect a Two-year employment history in most cases to get a loan. There's a few exceptions When you go to school you get a college degree or maybe even a certificate class of some kind that shows you took this serious and we use that in lieu of The two years experience. Otherwise, we need a two-year history of you work and doesn't have to be on the same job But it must be two years of work So if you're looking at a commissioned job, we're gonna need you know Close to a two-year history of you working commissioned so we could average out the income. You can't say Hey, I've been working at this job for three months.

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I'm making great money. I'm making 10 grand a month now It really doesn't work That way you need a history going backwards if your hourly or salary, that's fine But if we need overtime you have to have a history of working overtime It can't be. Hey, I worked 18 hours overtime. Less we can I use it. No, unfortunately not This is really important because people ask me all the time. Hey, Chris, what if I go get a second job? That would be awesome for you. You'll bring extra money in the house, but I can't use that income for two years So why two years because people get jobs? just so they have some extra money and That doesn't mean they're gonna stick it out They work overtime, but it doesn't mean they're gonna stick it out and continue to work overtime. So History is the key and all documentation Everything we have to prove pretty much goes by a two-year history.

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