Mortgage Marketing Tips For Loan Officers Struggling On Social Media

Mortgage Marketing Tips For Loan Officers Struggling On Social Media

What's up RE source nation?! We've got Megan Anderson with us here
today in Seattle. Social media guru, expert, MBS Highway genius. Is that right?
Is that your title actually? Genius? It's social media guru. Guru. Perfect. I wish I had that. It's actually the first thing – we're
just going to jump right into it. Okay. And I saw a post, we have a
mutual friend, Steve Sims, right? Yes we do. And he had a post this week that
I thought it was interesting. I actually loved it. And so I'm
gonna, I'm gonna read you the post, but I've seen it and then I
got two questions afterwards. Okay, let's do it. I gotta read it cause uh, Steve I love, he's just straightforward
to the point. So he says, and Aaron and RC will throw
this up on the screen, but if credibility is the new currency, then there are a lot of Insta gurus and
quotation marks that are flat broke.

Now two questions that
follow it. Agree or disagree? Agree. And are people prioritizing likes over
like a true monetization strategy? Yeah, well the thing is I just don't think
people know what they're doing when it comes to social media. And as we all know, it is so easy to waste time
on social media platforms. I mean you can get sucked in for hours
and that can lead to no leads, nothing. And people need to remember why they're
going to social media in the first place, that they're using this as a way to brand
themselves and build their business.

I love it. And people just lose that idea. I know it's a, it's tough for me
because I see there's so many new faces, which I love in our industry and other
industries and it's like this new thing to self-proclaimed yourself
as a a genius or guru. Right. And it's tough for me cause
there's no like success behind it. I'm like trying to call
anybody out like in particular, but there's no success behind it.

you can't just call yourself like a guru, you know? And so now there's this thing and
there's a lot of people that are gurus. But again, I think people
prioritize likes over. Like you're an entrepreneur. You have
a business, maybe you're a realtor, maybe you're a lender. If
you're a doctor or lawyer, there's a reason why you're
leveraging social, right? Yes, yes.

You know, and so it's
funny like there's a, I think likes are the new digital crack
like dopamine. There's a dopamine hit. They feed your ego – they feed your ego and so you, you post something and there, there should be a monetization strategy
behind it. But all of a sudden bing, bing, bing – you're like, Oh, people
are engaging in it and liking it, which is great that that lets you
know that the post is working. But at the end of the
day it's still about, especially if you're leveraging
for business to help you grow, you need to have a strategy and you
need to work through it with purpose and keep that bottom line in mind when you're, when you're doing your social
strategy, it's a social strategy.

It's not an impulsive decision
to make a post. And again, as you said, a lot of people really
just feed off of those likes. It is, it's like that dopamine
hit, you know, and they, they miscalculate that as
it is, it's working. Um, and I just wonder if people, it's,
it's like, it's the psychology, it's like the, the makeup of the Brandon's
like, Oh, it's working. I gotta like, well, I dunno. Or are you trying to grow your business
as a lender or realtor or a doctor or a lawyer? Did it actually do
that? And so that's, I dunno, maybe that's a good measure for us
that are leveraging social to go, okay, great.

You know, we had some
legs, we had some comments, did it lead to business? We all look at our return on
our investment and other things. We need to do that with
social media as well. Yeah. Yeah. Just uh, I was talking to Barry about you earlier
and he gave you a great compliment, said like, you are an actual real
social media guru and you have, he said, you know, he's, she's got the algorithm
down and you've got like the blueprint.

So, you know, we have our
makeup for the audiences, usually about 50% realtors and
lenders and some other entrepreneurs. So we have realtors and
lenders. Can you speak to them? Maybe give tips and tricks, do's and
don'ts with what you know, I mean you're, you're great at what you do. And again, we just talked about there's a lot
of people that struggle with social. So you know, can you speak to
that again? Think, you know, keeping in mind realtors and lenders. Yeah. So first things first,
when it comes to social media, we need to think about why we're
posting and who we're trying to reach. Because a big thing about social media
is you're trying to talk to that person, that potential client
that you want to reach, that you potentially want to serve. And a great way to do that is
through the use of videos.

Right now. Videos are key. You know, they get
higher placement on that algorithm. They're engaging their personal. So I highly recommend that people
do more videos and you know, make it different. It, it's
not all business related, but you have to think about what it
is that that person is suffering with. And these all kind of correlate no matter
if you're in the mortgage space or in the, you know, the real estate
agent side of things. Yeah. Let's say that we have
a first time home buyer. Well you want to think about what kind of, what does this person go through from a, I'm not interested in
purchasing a home too.

Okay, I've purchased a home
and now I'm happy. Well, what are some things that
they go through? I mean, these are questions that you guys
answer every single day. You know, are there different options? How
much do I have to put down? Right? There's no inventory on the
market. How do I find a home? How do I generate wealth? What actually
is involved in purchasing a home? You have to create posts to
kind of target those beliefs. I want to stop you there. You got, cause he hit on something amazing
because you just said there's so many questions. Right? And they're authentic questions coming
from people buying a house.

how to get home loan leads

And I, we travel a lot like you and we speak
and we get asked questions about creating content, which very also said you're
a genius at creating content and they, it's weird. They struggle
with content like the, the requests for contents everywhere
and you don't have to be a, you don't have to make it up or
pull somebody else's information. You're getting asked these questions
every day. There's your, content. The ones that you're getting
asked every single day. Those are the ones that lead
to the most engaging content. For realtors, lenders that are struggling
for content -there you go. Yeah, if it comes up. Just be authentic.
Live your everyday life! And if you really need help with content.

We did come out with a tool on MBS
highway called social studio and we have pre-created scripts in there. So like what's the difference between
a mortgage pre-qualification and a pre-approval? Or you know, should I refinance if we're headed
into a recession and rates are going to decrease. So we have all
these scripts created. It turns your computer screen into a
teleprompter and then you read the script and then you can download and post it.
Yeah. It takes out all those excuses. And another thing, and this is probably
the most common thing is people, they're just not consistent
with social media.

And if you want to be successful at any
strategy, you need to be consistent. People are so worried about,
you know, when should I post? What should I hashtag well be
consistent first and foremost. Be consistent. Yeah. We, we have short term memory
loss because we will try a strategy, a thing for like two or three times.
Oh, didn't work. And then you quit. And again, when we travel, people ask like how you asked me earlier
how long you guys been doing that? Shockingly, 10 years
seems like a long time. Just reminded me that I'm really old. Uh, but consistency was key for us.
Our, if you pull our videos, please don't that were 10
years ago. They were horrible. Like nobody would watch them.
I think just my parents did.

But fast forward to today and uh,
we just share these, these numbers, RC where are we at Memphis.
We were in Memphis and uh, and you can throw them on on the screen, but it was like we had 2.4 million hours.
I think I may be butchering that stat. Spend just in the YouTube
space, consuming our content. And that's all to your point,
consistency, consistency. Cause we, when we started, it was horrible. We didn't have anything that we had here
as far as the lights, camera and mics. That brings up another important aspect
though that I want to mention and that is that we need to reach for being
consistent instead of perfect. So many people get paralyzed in the fact
that they won't post a video and they won't do anything because they
hate the way they look that day. They hate the way that
they sound. They're, they're worried about people judging them. You need to get over that and realize
that you're not going to be great at video in the beginning. Yeah.
If you go back and watch, when I first started speaking and doing
videos, I had ticks like everyone, I said, you guys probably 50 times,
you know, um, back in the day, everyone has these little things and it's
all about progress over perfection and we need to keep that in mind as well.

Oh and guess what? That's how we talk
in real life. You know what I mean? I would tell you don't even, don't,
don't get rid of the ticks if that's you, just be you. Right. That's how social is. Which brings me to my next point and
question for you because I love the authentici—. I can't even say that word, authenticity of the ticks and the umms
because again, that's how we speak. I think people misuse social so much
because they don't understand that social is a conversation that we're having
now and so we mess up like I just did. You know, we have a tick or we pause.
It's fine.

It's okay. This is my question. I am not a big fan of auto posters can
now what you're talking about with the social tool is not that what I'm talking
about is a company that generates content for you and
then auto-post for you. I'm personally not a big fan. Again, I think that social is just a conversation
and the people that are in your sphere and they can feel
it. What do you think? They know when it's a post that was
just auto created and posted about. I'm not a big fan either. I mean I follow people on social media
because they're either providing me value, they're entertaining or I'm interested
in what it is that they're talking about. Now I might see someone's generic
post and if I'm looking at a mortgage, maybe I'll be a little
bit more interested, but if if they sit down and they
make a video with their client, that's a first time home buyer and
emotional video talking about their experience and what home
ownership means for them.

That's going to be a lot more engaging
than this post that I'm going to see on 50 other peoples pages. I think that so many individuals, especially in the real estate
space and lending space, again other entrepreneurs watch the show, but in our space they
don't know what to do. So they go to this random
auto poster and you said it, like I'm interested in the people that
I like and follow because likeminded people do that. They, you know, they congregate and an auto poster from
the New York times or somewhere else like people don't want to communicate
with with newspaper or ABC news.

I want to communicate with
you now. Can you grab a story? Yeah, yeah. I'm glad you mentioned that. Yeah, absolutely. And then you can have
a conversation but just auto posters. If I can beg and plead
realtors and lenders to stop, one thing it would be the auto posters
just be you – imperfect you is fine. Absolutely fine. Yeah. And if they're doing that is more so
just a way to have more of consistency. I would say there's other ways to have
essentially pre-created content and be able to post that. Right? Like, feel free to share an article that you
read about the market or whatever the case may be. That's providing value and consistency
and it's not this auto populated posts that is inauthentic. Yeah, Yeah. I'm all for, and that's the social circle you're
talking about where somebody creates something that is super
interesting, valuable that
brings value to the consumer. Yeah, absolutely. Post it and then talk about it a
little bit and then start your own conversation. But just an auto
poster guys, that's just me.

Maybe you can prove me wrong. You know,
I'm not a big 33 touch guy either. And I got in trouble years ago for
bringing that up with all the realtors, but I'm not a big 33
touch, you know, with the, you got emails and postcards
and everything else. I'm like, I just don't think people want to be
touched three to three times a year. That sounds bad. But you know what
I mean? It's just, again, it's just, I don't know, think of how you
would want to be treated yourself. And I don't think anybody wants
any solicitations 33 times a year. No, it's relationships, but
also staying top of mind. Yeah. But not in a way that
they feel that, right. Not in the way that it's overwhelming.
So we may have gone long, but I wanted to thank you
again for showing up today
and I know you're busy and you carved out a few minutes for

Again, you can follow Megan, if you have any questions for in
the comments section, just tag her. I'm sure she will respond to those. Yes, and I'll respond. I appreciate you guys and
we'll see you guys next..

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