Mortgage Payment Options in Canada - Mortgage Math #7 with

Mortgage Payment Options in Canada - Mortgage Math #7 with

Whether purchasing for your first or third
time, there are a number of decisions you’ll have to make surrounding your home purchase
and corresponding mortgage. One of those decisions is the payment frequency. In Canada, you can choose between a monthly,
a bi-weekly, or an accelerated bi-weekly payment. We’ve brought in Mortgage Broker Chris Molder
to walk you through each option and explain what they mean for your repayment plan. Mortgage payment frequencies means more than
how often you pay your lender. It also affects how quickly you pay down your
mortgage balance. Let’s consider John.

John has recently purchased a home for three
hundred thousand dollars, put ten per cent down, and was approved for a two-point-nine-four
percent fixed rate mortgage amortized over twenty-five years. Let's consider John's monthly payment first. Using a mortgage calculator, we've determined
that John's monthly mortgage payment is one thousand two hundred and ninety-five dollars. If John were to make regular bi-weekly payments,
he'd be making a mortgage payment once every two weeks. Bi-weekly payments are popular because you
can coincide your mortgage payment with your bi-weekly pay schedule. To determine John's regular bi-weekly payment
amount, we take his monthly payment, which is one thousand two hundred and ninety-five
dollars, multiply it by twelve, and divide it by the twenty-six bi-weekly pay periods
in the year. In this case, John’s regular bi-weekly payment
amount is five hundred ninety-seven dollars and sixty-nine cents.


John’s final payment option is accelerated
bi-weekly. To calculate his accelerated bi-weekly payment,
we take John's monthly payment, which is one thousand two hundred and ninety-five dollars,
divide it by two, and we get the number six hundred forty-seven dollars as his bi-weekly
accelerated payment. Now, even though he's paying once every two
weeks with the regular bi-weekly payment and accelerated bi-weekly payment, the accelerated
bi-weekly payment amount is higher. Let’s have a look at the numbers and determine
if John is able to pay off his mortgage more quickly with the accelerated option. Now, let's have a look at John's annual mortgage
payment to the lender under the different payment frequencies. To determine how much John pays the lender
annually for monthly mortgage payments, all we do is multiply his monthly mortgage payments
by twelve, and we determine that he pays the lender fifteen thousand five hundred forty
dollars to the lender.

For bi-weekly payments, we do a similar calculation,
except this time we multiply by twenty-six. With regular bi-weekly payments, we determine
that John pays, again, fifteen thousand five hundred forty dollars to the lender in principle
and interest. This is very similar, or actually, the same,
as monthly payments. And finally, we consider accelerated bi-weekly
payments. Again, multiplying by twenty-six, we’re
able to determine that John pays annually to his lender sixteen thousand eight hundred
thirty-five dollars. Now, as you can see John pays more annually
under the accelerated bi-weekly payment plan. Although he’s making an extra monthly payment
per year, this accelerated bi-weekly payment allows John to pay off his mortgage years
sooner and save himself thousands of dollars in interest..

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