Mortgages for Business -2-year Discount Tracker 70% LTV

Mortgages for Business -2-year Discount Tracker 70% LTV

Welcome to MFBTV on Thursday 4th of August.
So no surprises, BBR remains at 0.5%, yes again! Then indeed we are running a bet here
in the office, I’m still sticking to the 31st of March for the first movement. My colleague
Steve Olejnik our head of sales says nothing by the end of July, so another 12 months of
0.5%. Let’s see who’s right. Perhaps his views are based on the fact that U.S. debt
crisis has been averted but many issues still remain over the integrity of American debt
and even in this country our PMI index has dropped over 50% for the first time since
July 2009. So there are still rocky times ahead. And indeed the IMF whilst congratulating
our government on the steps it’s taken is saying that our outlook remains uncertain.
So do you go for a fixed rate or do you go for a variable rate? We are not sure, but
here is a good discounted rate for you to consider. Two year discounted tracker at 3.59%
to 70% loan to value and flat arrangement fee of £995, so helping those of you with
higher value properties.

Bank Base Rate

There is a £345 application fee to secure the rate but there
are free legals and valuation fees with this package. Repayment options are interest only
or capital and interest. And finally some of you like what we do. Last
Thursday was announced that we won the best specialist advisor award in What Mortgage
Awards. Thank you to those for you who voted for us.
As ever, our lines remain open at 0845 3456788..

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