Mortgages Part 1 - How to Choose a Lender

Mortgages Part 1 - How to Choose a Lender

hey everybody this is ryan morris the austin apartment expert i'm sitting here at Bank of the Ozarks today with Aaron residential mortgage lender and she's gonna be talking to us about the ins and outs of mortgage how to get a mortgage kind of the important safeguards to look for with more mortgages and everything about mortgages you know mostly I'm doing things with rentals with leases and apartments but what some people don't know is I'm also specialist in home sales as well in Austin so this is part of that and part of an educational series we're going to be doing so without further ado we're going to take it over here to Aaron all right Aaron so you know now we'll talk about sort of like finding someone to help to originate that low and what is what are the some of the top most important things consumers need to know about finding a lender for me it's a personality thing um lenders for me and I I'm very transparent and if I don't think it's a good purchase for you I'm going to let you know I'm transparent and how I get paid I'm transparent in my process and I don't help people make bad decisions if I think that this house is going to put you over the edge but you can still kind of qualify then I think that maybe the lender down the road is best for you because again and I have to sleep at night and so I like to feel good about what I do I'm always available I call it communication on steroids you're going to hear from me sometimes on the weekend and you can always text me but it's really going to be personality and Bank and Bank the Ozarks is a small bank with a big bank feel we have about 12 different investors which allows me to shop different rates different programs and throughout the day and so we do have access to to a bunch of different lenders and that's something that's important to ask your lender is how many investors do you have how does your process work I have an in-house underwriter also have an in-house processor that's a sign just to me so I can call them at any time there just in southlake and I go visit them once a month so I go sit in the office and they keep me up to date on what they like to see so the cleaner the file and better communication I have with my borrowers the smooth at the process is going to be excellent excellent can people just contact you directly about these different issues yeah always I'm always available awesome excellent


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