NASB Now: How to Prepare for a Mortgage Loan

NASB Now: How to Prepare for a Mortgage Loan

hi I'm Joseph watt senior vice president 
residential lending at nasb home loans   for this nasb now video series we'll be 
taking a look at first-time homebuyer   basics in this first video when I talk to 
you about how to prepare for a mortgage loan what do you need to do okay well first you need 
to think about your current situation are you   planning a family what is your current FICO score 
what's your income job situation have you saved   enough money in a down payment to put down for 
any particular long product that you're looking   for one of the big things to consider of course 
when buying a home is you know start with how   much home that you can afford it's probably best 
to get pre-approved to go through the nasb home   buying advantage where we can take a look at your 
income and your assets and be able to tell you   exactly what it is that you can afford and we can 
help you with the steps along the way to get to   the closing table so putting yourself in a better 
position buy a home there's some do's and don'ts   you probably want to take into consideration keep 
paying your bills on time definitely goes without   saying to help your credit score stay at or 
go higher than what it currently is another   consideration is do not open any new credit 
that can negatively impact your credit situation   continue to save money for that down payment 
and if you do all those things you should be   prepared when it comes time to go on the contract 
and start the loan process so there's a lot to   consider when starting this journey to buy a new 
home for more information download our first-time   homebuyers ebook with the link below or give us 
a call make sure to look for our next video how   to choose the right mortgage loan please like 
and share our video and we'll see you next time

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