Property title vs. property deed

Property title vs. property deed

hello it's Dave again at and the question today is what's the difference between a title and a deed on real estate you'll hear the two words reference very frequently often interchangeably however it couldn't be farther from the truth a title and indeed are two completely different things a deed on real estate refers to a piece of paper a single document that references a particular single event in the history of that property it transfers a property from one person to another it evidences one person's who happens to be an owner's interest in transferring some or all of the property rights to another person that deed does not connect to any other documents for that property it doesn't have any information about liens it doesn't have any information about prior events to that or subsequent events to that if the deed was executed in 1992 all it's going to tell you is on that date in 1992 one person transferred some interest to another person there may have been multiple transfers since then there may have been other transfers prior to that there may be other interest from liens or mortgages or judgments it's not a historical record even the most current deed on a property if it was executed a week ago doesn't have any information about any other interest in a property liens mortgages judgments easements are not referenced on that deed so what is a title a title is something different than a deed in terms of its current as of today it's not historical it doesn't tell anything about a historical record of that property as far as ownership it combines the effect of all the documents every deed every mortgage every lane is combined into what's called a property title title itself doesn't mean one piece of paper it means a status it's normally presented on a certified title abstract which is a document but that document is not part of the public records it's created by a certified title abstract err who goes through and looks at all of those deeds all those mortgages and create that title document it may discover that a deed may have been superseded by another deed it's going to show liens it's going to show if there's any mortgages and if those mortgages were signed released or what happened to them it is a title is a reflection of status versus event one event in the property's history doesn't tell the whole story the property title tells the whole story tells the status of that property as per the scope of that search as opposed to a deed which is one event so when looking at a property be sure to consider whether or not you actually need the deed or in most cases what you're going to need is the actual property title which is created at the time that it's needed by a professional title searcher it's not a document that just sits there in history in this current all the time it has to be created as of that date so you know what's going on with the property as of today


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