Reverse Mortgages, Cruise Options and Prescription Savings

Reverse Mortgages, Cruise Options and Prescription Savings

US topped 1.3 trillion dollars in 2014 and
could exceed that this year. Reverse mortgages are surging
and estimated to top 10 billion dollars in 2016.

So, today
we're talking Reverse Mortgage 101 to help us clear up some of
the confusion and offer financial solutions to those who
need it most. Ed O'Connor of
First Bank Reverse Mortgage joins me
this morning! Good morning! Good
Morning Olga! Alright, first off
it seems to me that many people, especially the elderly who have
planed, who have worked hard are struggling to meet monthly bills
today and it doesn't look like it's getting any better. What's
going on Ed? You have a distinct
turn-around in the economy, a downturn over the past several
years, it's starting to come back a little bit now.

Mhhh. But
people are, they're worried. They are worried about how their
money or their assets are going to play out over their
retirement years and that does effect a lot of things that go
on in their lives. It's the
biggest point. Especially when
they get to that point when they just want to retire and relax
and enjoy what's left, exactly. Retiring should be simple, it
should be easy, and it should be fun. And you should have these
worries. So what monetary
sources are older Americans relying on today? Well Social
Security, I'm assuming. So,
Social Security which is not enough. Right. 401Ks, IRAs,
traditional savings. All of
which have taken a hit, some of them are coming back, but people
are still very, very worried.

How am I going to pay the bills
for the house? How am I going to
pay for medical items? Home
healthcare as issues arise as people get older. And it's
causing some worry. So let's
touch upon reverse mortgage. Give me the 101 if you will to
clear up the confusion. Cause I
have a lot of things on my mind that I would say mmmm I don't
know if I want to do this. So
let's talk about it. Well people
hear a lot of things in the news that, that are not correct. They
think they are going to loose their home. Okay, that was the
number one. I've heard, seen
commercials, seen elderly people talk about it and they say no,
no, no cause I'm going to loose my house. Not true? Not true at
all. It stays in their name. It's always their home and they
own that, they just have to comply with the terms of the

That's what some
people don't understand about this mortgage, it works a little
bit differently. How does it
work? You don't have to make a
monthly mortgage payment. That's
the biggest thing. You comply
with the rest of the terms such as paying your taxes and
insurance, then you're fine. There's nothing to worry about. So you can take your house, your
biggest asset that most people have and turn that into
something that can work for you. Most people don't even consider
that. Hmmm. And that's what this
home equity conversion mortgage or reverse mortgage, that's what
it does for people. So let's say
my parents decide to do this and they need to do this because
their struggling.

What happens
when they finally out live the equity remaining in the house? The first thing they think of, I
would think is, I'm outta here! That's the beauty of this whole
thing. You can't outlive that
equity. Okay. The way the
program is set up and this is an insured loan from the Federal
Housing Administration, so you can't outlive that equity, you
can't be thrown out because you've used up all of this
asset. It's your home to live
in, for the rest of your life. As long as you live there as
your principle residents and continue to do the things
associated with the mortgage, such as paying the taxes and
insurance. So if someone is
interested in a reverse mortgage right now in their life. What
sets a good financial institution apart. Because there
are just so many out there, offering this. Well, trust,
integrity. Huge. Knowledge, the
experience. We're a 100 year old
bank. First Bank has been out
here for a long time. We have a
lot of experience in reverse mortgages and our role is to
educate people and that's what you want to look for.

You want
somebody who can educate the consumer, be an advocate for
them, and help them reach an intelligent decision that this
is a good option. It's always an
option that should be explored because you can't say it doesn't
apply to me if you don't know how it works. Hmmm. And would
you agree that even though we're
talking about the retirement years, someone like me should
even prepare and look into this as well. You don't have to wait? Knowledge is key! So if you know
about it now. You know what it
can do for you later on down the road. So it's always an option. You know know how it can help a
friend, a neighbor, your parents, anybody else because
you learned a little bit about it. Instead of hearing some of
the bad things that are out there and say ohh that's
terrible and I'll never do that. You've learned how it works,
just like researching how to buy a car.

And I think this
conversation is really important because when I heard my
grandparents always talk about their retirement and they worked
very hard in this country and they were set and I saw them and
they didn't struggle but yet, you know the tide has turned and
I see so many people, even my parents wondering and they don't
want to be burden to me and planning and still wondering if
they're going to have that, that extra change to get by so let's
summarize all of this for anybody out there who's

Well planning and
research go a long way in determining what's going to be
the best decision, you just said something before, parents don't
want to be a burden to their children. We hear that sentiment
all the time and people look toward a reverse mortgage
because their looking, not necessary for a way out but
they're looking for something that's going to help them make
their lives easier and simpler on a financial level. And this
is a perfect opportunity but you can't do anything about it if
you don't explore it. So you do
the research, you do the planning, you get the education,
you deal with an institution like First Bank where you can
trust people. Trust people on
your own personal level that you're getting the right
information to help you make an informed decision and you'll
find out that a reverse mortgage is a hugely popular and viable
choice for a lot of people.

you don't look at that, well then you're never going to know. Thank you so much I appreciate
your time today. Thank you! And
if you'd like to learn more about Reverse Mortgages you can
Balancing Act dot com (music.) Up next, we are cruising into
savings, now that's a trip I want to take, don't go away. (MUSIC.) You know it's no
secret, studies show that prescription drug costs continue
to rise and take an even bigger chunk of your money. Mine too! As consumers we know it's
important to look for savings. To help us find those savings
when it comes to prescription medications are Jerry Parker and
Shawn Ohri who are here this morning to talk more about a
great savings program called ScriptSave WellRx, good morning
to both of you! Good morning! Thanks for being here.

Jerry let
me start with you. It's
flabbergasting to me to see the cost of prescription medications
from 10 years ago to today and more important, generics, it's
crazy! It is, drug costs
continue to rise, day after day, and more and more medications
are not being covered by health insurance, so that means that
consumers have to pay out of pocket for their prescriptions. People like me are shocked. The
other day my daughter was sick and they prescribed something
for her, you know, little throat infection. It was a generic
Shawn okay? I payed 40 dollars
for it. I was in shock, luckily
for me I could afford it, but lots of families out there,
sometimes just have to go without and that's really sad! It's really unfortunate. The way
the healthcare market is evolving, it's ultimately
consumers are taking on more of a financial burden of their

There are a lot of
new plans out there that are called high deductible health
care plans Hmmm Where consumers have to pay a lot of money
before they get any coverage. Ultimately our program
ScriptSave WellRx can help those users to get lowers costs on
their prescriptions. So let's
talk more about this program that may help out some people
out there. What is it? ScriptSave WellRx it's not
insurance but it is a comprehensive program that
allows people to receive discounts on their prescription
drug medications. Okay. Up to 75
percent. 75 percent off a
prescription – I could have maybe had 75 percent off that
prescription medication that I paid 40 bucks for? Yup. And it
works at 62,000 pharmacies across the country. So how
exactly does it work Shawn? We
go out, we negotiate discounts with all of these pharmacies. Okay. And it's really a group
buy and we're targeting those people without coverage. So it
could be the underinsured, the uninsured, or people with
insurance that have drugs that aren't covered. We negotiate
with the pharmacy, the pharmacy then will provide that discount
to our members. So people can
access our program on WellRx dot com, they can look at prices
Compare them? Compare them on
the site.

Okay. Uh then they can
print out a savings card or text it to themselves or view it in
our mobile applications and take it to the pharmacy and get a
discount. Jerry? And they can
also find a pharmacy, if they don't have a pharmacy they can
also find one. The good thing
about ScriptSave WellRx is it's there to empower consumers to
make informed decisions about their prescriptions.


And that's
important because I think a lot people feel helpless, they feel
like there's no help out there for them and this will give them
a little bit more of that empowerment that they need to
get what they need maybe for a child or for themselves. Exactly. Now Shawn I have to ask
you this. How, how on Earth are
you able to provide these great discounts? It's through our
negotiated network of pharmacies, ultimately, it's a
group buy and we go to the pharmacies in bulk and negotiate
discounts just like uh, insurance companies do. So Jerry
can anyone use this program? Anyone can use the program. If
you want to get access just go to WellRx dot com or download
the mobile applications.

employers, insurers, associations, and other
organizations can offer it to their underinsured, insured, or
non eligible employees and members. It's a great value add
because it offers them the opportunity to control their
prescription medication costs. Are there other features that
are also beneficial? Well
besides the savings of up to 75 percent and average savings at
45 percent. And that's a big
one. We will be adding features
in the future that help patients with more of a clinical
management, there will be a medicine chest with refill
reminders, ask a pharmacist features and adherence reminders
as well.

Thank you so much,
thank you for the information and thank you for enlightening
me. I appreciate it. Thank you. And for more information on
cutting your costs for prescription medications for
your entire family and get this, yes even your pet, visit WellRx
dot com or just go to our website The Balancing Act dot
com (music.) TIME FOR SOME FUN
VACATION OF YOUR DREAMS! (music.) Whether it's a stock
up size of paper towels, a giant flat screen TV or everything you
need to throw a party, shopping at BJs Wholesale Club means
saving lots of money.

But did
you know you can also book travel at a discount? So the
next time you're in line at the checkout wishing you were
cruising in the Caribbean you might consider booking your
vacation online. Mmmm. Where
will BJs Travel take you on vacation? Ah the thoughts of
turquoise blue waters, toes in the sand, floppy hat on! Can you
see it? Can you feel it? I"m in
the Caribbean of course. And
when it comes to travel, the more money you save the more
exotic the destination you can afford. Here to talk about
saving money and traveling is the president and COO of
Norwegian Cruise Line, Andy Stuart. He's become my best
friend right now. And the senior
vice president of Partner Brands for BJs Travel Camille Olivere. Good morning to both of you. Hey
Olga. Good morning. So BJs
travel, I mean what a great concept, I never thought of
traveling when it comes to BJs and saving money. It's a win
win! Yeah it certainly is. You
know in the stores, we actually have brochures and catalogs that
promote travel but you can call us or book online and we have
savings for everyone in every category of travel but by far
and away, the most popular travel for BJs smart saving
families is cruising and Norwegian Cruise Line is one of
their favorite cruise lines.

I can't agree anymore because it's a fabulous thing to do! And
you know there's a lot of misconceptions when it comes to
the Caribbean, so let's talk about that and just the
advantages of cruising today. Oh
yeah cruising's changed so much over the past few years and
Norwegian Cruise Line have been leading that innovation. The
ships today there's so much to do. People say oh there's
nothing to do on a cruise. Yes
there is! Oh, for families it's
unbelievable. There's so much
for kids to do from water slides and crazy ropes courses and
children's programs where you can really leave the kids and go
off and have some adult time. Hmmm Which is precious. Very
necessary after 15 years of marriage. Precious moments. (laughter.) And then there's a
destination. There's diverse
islands across the Caribbean which – Beautiful waters. Yeah
there's so many different things to do and different destinations
and we've even bought destinations and developed some
private destinations which are exclusive to Norwegian Cruise
Line customers.

So there's
something for everyone. Larger
islands, and French Islands, you know all this atmosphere in the
Caribbean. And the hospitality
too is great! Oh it's wonderful. The beaches, soft sand beaches. And everyone on board Norwegian
Cruise Line. Everybody is super
nice. So if you want nice
hospitality, fabulous food, cruise to the Caribbean. How do
we do it? You book through BJs
travel and you get a gift card! A gift card for? For up to 500
dollars in value for the store. I love this. Now do you have to
be a member? You do have to be a
member. Which is not hard to do! It's not hard to do, you can do
it online or you can go into your local store and join.

50 dollars and you can get that money back pretty quickly when
you're traveling. Well I'll be
celebrating by 15 year anniversary – very soon! So I
think I know exactly where I'm going. The Bahamas! Awesome. We
can't wait to welcome you on board. Thank you so much for
your time! Of course if you'd
like to book a fabulous Norwegian Cruise Line and you go
through BJs travel here is the website, write it down. BJs dot
com forward slash travel or to to our website The Balancing Act
dot com (music.) (commercical.) Today's traditional college
student faces more challenges than ever before. You've got
your grades to make, papers to finish, campus events to attend,
and let's not forget about avoiding the dreaded Freshman
fifteen! Oh yet, time now for
another "Did You Know from the Pros?" As we find out just how
important an academic advisor really is! Here's Rachel
Leigh. Did you know? From our
pros! Each student should have
an academic advisor, why you ask? Well so did we! Why do I
need to have an academic advisor? Academic advisors are
your best resource on campus to get you connected with what you
might need in order to be successful.

The can help you
navigate curriculum, they can help you navigate through
outside organizations that compliment that as well as
connect you to the resources to be successful. They're also
going to help introduce you to facility that can help you be
successful once you plan to leave college. What's the most
rewarding part of being a college academic advisor? So the
best part of being an advisor is the relationships you have with
students. When you find a
student that needs help and you're able to provide it. That's very fulfilling. Um to
help a student navigate successfully, to find the right
major, to get them engaged on campus, to help them solve a
problem that for them was really big, and yet you know that we
can, it's surmountable.

To be
there when they have success and to able to share in that joy
with them. To be there when they
graduate, and you remember when they were a Freshman and they
were being naughty, those kinds of things are really, really
fulfilling. Professionally and
personally. Congratulations! You
have earned an A plus for taking the education trip quiz! Look
for more "Did You Know From Our Pros". Brought to you by:
West Texas A&M University. (music.) I got three
words to say to you: Fried. Noodle. Sandwich. Now I'm
going to add some bacon, and I'm in Heaven. Welcome to my
kitchen, this is Quick Bites with me Chef Ralph Pagano. I'm
going to inspire you with amazing hot sandwich ideas using
Maruchan's Yakisoba Noodles. The
main recipe I'm preparing for you is: fried Yakisoba noodle
sandwich, with bacon! And for
those of you who haven't heard of the word Yakisoba, Yakisoba
are noodles that are pan fried with a secret chef seasoning,
vegetables and sometimes meat.

It's so delicious, let's start
this recipe already. First
things first, Yakisoba noodles, Maruchan makes it so easy, you
take some water you pour it into the package, 4 minutes into the
microwave, with one of the seasoning packs, when it comes
out, you add the secret chef seasoning pack. Boom, done, it's
over. Now it my wok I already
started a little bacon going on, peppers, onions, scallions,
carrots, I'm going to give this a little run around, a little
toss, toss, toss.

Look at that,
things flying everywhere. Now
check this out. Inside the
noodle package, right? There's a
little big of corn, little bit of scallions, everything is go
great. I have my chop sticks and
I'm just going to land it right into my wok right here. It's
that easy. Stir it around, if
you're not good with chop sticks, you can use a tong, if
you're not good with tong you can use your hands, soy sauce,
sesame, a little big of green onion.

A little bit of Hoisin
sauce goes a long way. Give it a
stir it around. Finish with the
sesame oil and you're in business. Now check this out! I've got these great warm potato
buns with some lettuce leaf inside of it. I've got my
Yakisoba noodle and I'm going to build something really nice
right now. Look at this! In to
the bun we go! Top it with some
vegetables, make sure you get some of the peppers and onions. Like a Philly Cheesesteak,
Japanese style. Hold the steak,
add the bacon. And it's the
exact same thing. How about a
little pickled ginger on top. This is going to be absolutely
fantastic. You can customize it
anyway you want. Add shrimp, add
chicken add steak.

The kids, the
whole family, they're going to love it! You want to know more
about Maruchan and their incredible Yakisoba noodles? Log
onto The Balancing Act dot com. You can also follow up on
Facebook and Twitter. Hey why
don't you share your favorite Ramen Noodle recipe with me? I
want to see it! Remember,
this has been a Quick Bite,
but chew slowly. (music.) REMEMBER TO HEAD TO

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