Ridgid Drill Review 18v Cordless R86008, R8611501, 1 Year Rough Usage

Ridgid Drill Review 18v Cordless R86008, R8611501, 1 Year Rough Usage

I've had these Ridgid cordless drills for a couple of years now. And when I bought the first kit, it was at Home Depot. I bought this kit, with the large battery, I think it's the lithium ion eighteen volt X4, I don't know what that means. But when I bought it, it had a, it's the hammer drill, it's got this function on it here, a switch, and it does various things, and we have used this daily for a very long time. And I love it. Then I went back and bought another kit, and I actually thought I was buying the same thing, with a smaller battery, but I was actually buying a smaller drill that doesn't have the hammer drill on it. So, I guess this is more of a homeowner kit. It seems to me they were the same price, but I'm not sure. Anyway, the drill with the large battery and the hammer drill is a wonderful drill. The other one is good too, but it's more of a residential type of homeowner drill.

We use these all the time, and when you register them, you get a full lifetime warrantee on them. We've had to take a drill in a couple times, and get it repaired. We've never had a problem with the battery yet, and that's a year and a half, so that's going some. because the other batteries, the other eighteen volts were always really short lived, and they're lifetime, on the battery. Now, the big drill with a small battery works but not for as long, and not as powerful, for some reason. You'd think that the battery's the same, but I feel that it doesn't hold a charge anywhere near as long, or I don't think it's as powerful. I know it doesn't run the grinder, the small battery won't run the grinder very well. So that's a comparison. The warrantee work we've had done with Ridgid is fantastic. You just drop off the tool, they fix it, they call you up, get it back.


They've got a service location here, where I am, and I don't know about where every other place is, but it's really good. So here's the Ridgid charger that I got with the heavy duty kit, with the large batteries, and it seems to be a little bit better charger, faster or something, and it's got a lot of various things that light up, when, or the warning lights that will show up when when it's not working right. But this is a good charger, it charges quite fast. The one that came with the residential kit, I believe, is this one here, and it's more of a, looks like it's a multi-charger for everything else, and the great thing about these batteries, is the lithium ion don't have a memory, so if you've got half a charge, you can throw it on, if you've got no charge, you can pull it off when you're half charged, and it doesn't memory up with that, and you can use it for a bit to get your job done, and then throw it back on.

So the chargers are, I think this one's a little bit better I haven't paid too much attention because I have a pretty busy business, but you don't have to charge these batteries very often, especially the big ones, and they are really good. I guess they would have to be good if they are going to give lifetime warrantees on them. That's why I really bought the thing in the first place, bought the kit in the first place, and as soon as I had the kit, I threw all of my other cordless drills to the recycler. It didn't matter what brand they were, they just all went. because these are wonderful tools. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. brandhagen@gmail.com.

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