September 8, 2021 - BCC Budget Public Hearing

September 8, 2021 - BCC Budget Public Hearing

>> She was going to. >> Good evening, everyone. Welcome to our first public hearing of the adoption of the tentative budget. >> On September the Wednesday at 06:00PM this commissioner serving on the phone with us. Okay. Thank you. So we do have a full House just wanted to make sure. >> We're going to go ahead and call the meeting to order and will stand and do the pledge of allegiance and commissioner Satcher, if you would, if you do an invitation for us.

First. >> Well, we thank you for the privilege of being able to do your work here on the Earth. we pray that you would lead us and guide us this evening and throughout the rest of the year. That's what we're talking about so that these decisions will be executed properly. That people will be kept safe. Secure. And that your blessings will continue to be ponist in Jesus name. >> Mister Bell. I pledge America and Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Doctor Holmes. Did you have any opening comments are yes, madam chair. worked hard to get to this point. Tonight, including a. Tax cut for the taxpayers. The deadline for filing a petition with the value adjustment board is September 10th 2021 we have submitted and prepared the public notice which we are required to do chair and commissioner. So you those of you that have not been through the process before. There's pretty rigid timing. As you know, the school board went last night. And then we go tonight and then the fire districts and cities kind of follow us in a in a chain of events that gets us all to the point of meeting the state require deadlines for the trim notice. So as you know, it is your prerogative to approve a budget and you have the sole authority to change the budget and then the budget.

everything is teed up for the trim to be file timely. So my recommendation should there be anything that you want to change in the budget to eliminate from the budget. If you would do that through a motion to amend the budget direct the county administrator bring back a budget amendment at the first meeting in October that will keep everything clean and we'll be able to follow the timeline. The emotions following public comment. Madame chair. When you prepare, they have been in the agenda. Those motions need to be made exactly as printed with regards to arced your statutory requirement in in meeting the deadlines for the tremendous with that, madam chair. I am ready for you to begin this public Sir. I >> All right. Well. >> We have a few people up here on this diet, including our administrator that this is the first. >> Budget for some of you that we've gotten to This point. So prove very interesting. Okay. Moving forward. >> Staff presentation Jan? Good evening. Commissioners. I'd like to walk you through a power point presentation as we were going through it today.

I actually went ahead and added a few slides. They say new site for clarity does not bring anything new to the table. >> But just for clarity for for your viewers at home as well. >> So if you remember that hike civil property values that we have. And second, you can see that in 2022. In 2021. These are. The year they they're actually the years that they're letting 2021 and then twenty-twenty to are the ones we're looking at. You can see that our engine this graph is the actual new construction that has accumulated over time, not her original homeowners but the ones that were there before currently we're at 41.6 and we estimated a 7% increase next year.

At 44.8. The county wide millage rate after the last meeting. We were instructed to go ahead and reduce the millage. As you can see here, this gives you a running total of the county wide millage County might millage entails. The general fund transportation library children's Services tax. Etcetera and I have another slide that depicts it. This one can show you that over time. Very little change has occurred in the overall millage. But it does show in this year for F y 22 it dropping to 6.3, 8 to 6.

Here are the tentative millage is the tenant. This is a comparison of where we are tonight after the August 17th meeting and where you are flight. 21 so going from the top. You can see the general fund transportation library children's services and parks. What you can see is a county wide operating point o 5 that occurring in the library fund as we discussed in the August 17th meeting. Now, let me move one step further and you can also see the county, the unincorporated remain the same and Paul mayor in this to you. Also remain the same. The environmental lands is not levied in F y 22 but will be levied F y 23 and I'll point out the solution for your environmental lands as we go forward. I thought I compare the 2 because I know everybody gets a little confused when at the bottom of the screen. You see what you voted on on July 29th and you can see that it was a 0.1, 5.

Increase in the millage where the red arrows showing if you go to the top of the screen today. You can see that it's a 0.5 decrease from the prior year. But it is a point to decrease from July 29th. I just don't want everybody to get confused in in the numbers. But what we're suggesting is the top one, which you have a 5 millage decrease. This is just as an example of the tentative budget that we have to advertise. This will go out in an advertisement on Friday. I believe she'll. And within 2 to 5 days we have to have our public hearing in our next one is on the 14th. The one thing I wanted. This is us. This is an example of your source is it is required by the Florida tram process that we advertise this. And the one thing I want to call your attention to. We listed the environmental lands. But we listed at 0 because you're not collecting this year, but we wanted to make sure that the taxpayers we have not forgotten in and this is in the process.

The second page of this. Identifies your uses. And at the bottom we Lad that the environmental lands millage will be levied in F y 23. So if we talk about your revenues by sources. I'm just going to tell you what your overall net budget is right now and then I'm going to walk you through the changes. So currently your revenues by source or 923.4 million 31.5% of all the revenue you have is coming from property tax.

The next one involves charges for services, which that also includes your to utility system. And then finally, your license and permits and miscellaneous all those together a 24.3 your environment. It or intergovernmental which are your state and your federal and your local intergovernmental grants that we receive. All right. 7.1% for a total of 923.4 million. So of all this funding you received. How did you allocate it out in this budget. So the next one is uses by function. So the general government at are the general administrative needs of the government to keep running. Notice. Your highest investment is a public safety that is continuing the pattern that you've had over the last 5 to 10 years. It's at 24.1 5% or 223 Million. Next. After that is your fiscal. This local environment. That one is very large at 20.7 3 that your utility system. So that's where that falls into play. Public transportation is at 64.4 at 6.9 7%. I feel that's a bit of a and I'm going to the C IP. You just invested in because you just invested a substantial amount in your transportation. Human services at 34.8 culture and recreation is at 25.9 and there is your capital outlay.

21.5%. That's a substantial increase. And I'll go ever pieces of it in just a minute. The other economic transfers to other governments. That's at 95.95 million. So your total is 923.4 million. So what changed? And I kind of want to walk through and answer any questions you have about this. We'd like to be transparent in what has changed within the budget. We have to tell you anything because remember, on July 15th we turned in your proposed budget to the clerk.

So we have to identify to you. Anything that's changed. Is that point? So the first one is you're adding port manatee manatee County does not add that port until this hearing. That's because they've gone through their budget process and they provided you that the final numbers that they need. Your special districts budgets that is the housing authority in your others. Then the law library. And then the prior year project and grant balances 386 Million. That is all of the projects that are ongoing right now that you have not spent today. That's the remaining balance in all 11 that are in process in your C IP. That's what that number represents often times you'll see on the calf or that your cash balance looks exceptionally high. That part of that is this 386 Million. These are projects undergoing that you've already approved. Next on the manatee County receives para mutual revenue. That is coming from the state of Florida. We never recognize it until we recognize the port manatee because we give it straight to the port. So that's why it's brought in at this point.

Good news items you hadn't increases state revenue sharing and half-cent sales tax of one 0.4 million, roughly that came from the estimates that were established on the Web site late late August right this year. that we're bringing your budget up to the estimates that the state had up until the previous budget we had in July. That was our estimate. So we it actually the state came in higher. The biggest one I'm happy about is the next one.

The increase in the infrastructure sales tax. The estimate came out. This 4.2 million higher than what we thought. So that's very good news. The next we Ford funded to this budget. Several items in ist is stormwater. We. These were items that we've added on. And I'll go over those in just a second. We have a detailed list for you. We also had a debt service on new debt issue. There was a 60,009 76 expenditure on it. The next 2 items. We broke down a little bit because you have cash carry over on new debt. You issued 80 million dollars in credit lines. We had to bring those in to this budget and it wasn't in there before because we just passed those.

So the 58.9 million added together. Those 2 items remember, one is non ad valorem one is ist those are the remaining amounts. We had to remember in our budget. Every penny we have, we have to bring back in the budget. So we're acknowledging that we have those credit lines. And then for the C IP update. This tells you how strong your County is moving at this time. So when we came before you in July, we estimated your impact fees. Impact fees. We usually do not get aggressive on. We they're not dependable because it may be a new wave and they may not grow like we think we're going to do so we always try to be pretty consistently.

Conservative. But aggressively conservative. But you can see here the difference from the time of July to what we just went through transportation impact. Fees have grown by 7.8 million. Utility facility investment. These have grown by 10.6. And the ist projects. Remember that we went on credit line and we pulled in 14.2 for projects already existing that we had enough and low ball Road and then their son minuscule when's that were down by 9.80. But the total difference is 31.8 million. There. So that brought your total budget up by 500, 14 million 7 29 6.20. And if you're OK, I'm gonna go to the deletions which are next. We had some bad news items. The state gas taxes came out. They were a little bit short supply. Yeah. That one we were hoping it would not come to this.

We did our best estimate that it actually we had to lower them by 1.3 million in doing that. We also had to lower the payments that were giving to the municipalities out of that because we give a portion of all gas taxes to them. In addition, we these are the 2 items for the the library and the environmental lands where you lowered the property tax. Okay. Because we we decided we were not bringing in the 0.1 5 and the library went down by point o 5 and I mix key if you hold on to that thought.

Alex, I'll show you where it comes out later. The communications services tax went down by 246,003 22. Cash carry overs. I'm going to show you that in just a second went up by 7 went down by 7.9 million, some of that is to do with what we've been for funding going through this year. So we have to take we were counting on it last year. But now we put it in this year's budget. So that means we start a little less. And then the overall Southwest and North County tip. They went down because you calculate that based upon your overall millage any militant down so there for those go down just a tiny bit. So your total budget at the current time is 2 Billion. One. 54 6 27 3.89. That's the total budget and in manatee County. They have historically done in that budget. And I I think it's kind of good because you can now see what the 2 items.

I think everybody's interested in. The proposed budget. We were before you that we turned into the clerk on 7.15 was 853 million for 73 1 away. So the changes to the net. Now, remember the net budget does not include transfers. It does not include internal service funds, nor does it include your cash balance, right that we take those out for the net. So these are items that have hit the expenditures and changed. So the C R A's have gone down by one.

93 that has to do with the re tax calculation. The environmental millage there is a set aside which identifies in this list. 4 million 75 thousand and also in parks for 1 million, 650,000. Those are set aside specifically for your environmental millage. If you remember in for everyone at home. The theory is we're taking the budget stabilization and you're going to use that before you going to impose tax.

So these 2 items are set aside within the general fund and parks will work with the clerk's office to bring them in 2. Whenever the item start going I know this year with the environmental lands. You have a work session coming up that will start it. You'll have a list of projects brought before you you'll approve those and then from that process, you have the availability to go to bonding. That takes about 3 months and this money is set up so that it can get you started on all that in the next year.

You can impose the tax which will pay for the debt. Going on from there. Small mix, cool things have changed tax collector's fees went down a little bit in an item. You had some operating expense reduction in personnel 26,004 21, we're just adjusting for all the little find things that we know this is an operating expense. We advance funded something into 21. It's nonrecurring. So it was 6.88 900. There's the debt service again for 60,000. I 76 you had the tif payments, which also went down as I explained before, one 2646 and your payment to the municipalities.

Now, the reason this one is up. It's because we accidently let out long that key and I'm sure they're going to be really unhappy about that. So we put them back in so where they went down. It's the 3.50 coming back in. It's a big budget. So we're just making sure crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's. Moving down. You have the port budget at 21.3 million and then there's your C IP project changes the credit line, the ist credit line and another project changes for 9.23. And again, there's the amounts that are set aside and they will be in your book when it is published so everyone can see exactly where they are. Going from there. I think the next question would be how much do I have left. So this is the reserves for cash balance. This is the item that hold your 20% and you're stabilization. And then for your internal service.

Spawn is solid waste. Those are the insurance fund insurance funds and the solid waste. The closure. So the main place you're wanting to look is in the middle COLUMN which is 86.5 million. And that shows you what's left in each of the funds. What I thought I would do is also show you this. So this provides you 22 and then what happens in 23. This is just you're stabilization. You're going from 86.5 down to 51.2, the only items then left are items that are special revenues. One things I want to point out in 23. You have an increase in general fund. But that's because we have not included any of the constitutional increases we wait until they come in. So most of that will go to your constitutional. She usually is how that works. The other thing I wanted to point out in your environmental lands in the second year there is your 6.7 that will come from your millage we couldn't stabilization and knowing the programming for it at the current time. And there was one other tourist tax tourist tax cut is at 8.3.

Which is right there in the middle. Please know that you have building projects that are kind of coming before you that are in the CI P. And so because the tourist taxes doing so exceptionally. Well, you may not have to borrow as much. It just depends. But will bring that before you. And as to your decision as to what we do. So how does that look compared to last year. General fund has gone down and stabilization by 24.2 million transportation. 3.1 library, 4.4 children services is going up. I didn't put that is a decrease they'll spend that they will reprogram that and spend that back out. Parks has gone down 6.5 in unincorporated 2.9 92.4% decrease in stabilization in the general fund in 20 from 21. And again, environmental lands. They're held in reserves. General fund and parks. 5.7 million for this year to handle everything it takes for what your plans are with that as it comes before you.

Highlights of the budget just for everyone listening. You've added 19 new positions to the sheriff's office for 2.6 million. You've provided a 149.0. 4 million for the sheriff's budget this year. You've added 1224 hour float paramedic positions, a deputy director in that along with that in public safety and for district chiefs for a total of 17 positions. 1, 9, 1, 1, Tele Communicator and 2, 3, 1, ones and within the C IP specifically for public safety as it is one of your highlights in the budget.

You have added the sheriff's fleet facility the new property evidence building and the new jail medical. We are included in this budget. Also within this budget for public safety is the an ATM EMS space moccasin wallow in a space excuse me, station and in North County, EMS space station. In addition, if you're focusing on the emphasis of infrastructure. Those were the 2 highest priorities of your budget over the next 5 years. You're investing 350.3 million in transportation. 80.3 million in parks and public safety 3 39.0. 1 million. For them there again, there's your gross and your net budget is final totals. And then I'll stop there because that will be the motions that I guess my presentation at this point.

And I'm happy to answer any questions. Commissioner, what the last slide that you showed us Chan. So I so we're going to have 3 M S stations or less north of the county, correct. And then I saw you at float. here next. Is that. >> To cover what we have now. And then we're going to be adding more to cover the. >> The new EMS stations in the next budget or what. >> As it goes for. These were paid for when you are participating in is coming in.

You're meeting. >> You're actually participating in the live program that has to do with paramedics and the funding you're receiving from that is establishing these items so that you can go that he will give relief to where you have and you have the availability to expand a bit when not every member with with the cares money might prove the purchase of first of 5 life support ambulances say so we're adding to the fleet of coverage, too. >> And all the new growth of the North part of County prison transfers when we need them to facilities. Good. Thanks. Thank you so that. >> I don't have any other commissioners on the board at this time. Wait a minute. I do Commissioner Venice thank you. Madam children's Services has 2 Million. We. During our budget we heard from foster care, foster care fall under children services. The Guardian ad litem positions. Are they falling under children services.

>> No, they don't. Separate line on there. a separate line item and we're happy to bring those back to you to resolve. >> If there's any Ahlers in the bank and they had requested an additional position. >> The only problem with that when the Children's Services tax is coming from that ordinance that that has specific language in it. I'm happy to look at it. See if they can contribute to it. I can't stand here. Tell you that it does. I'm not sure about okay. Then public safety this this caught my eye in previous but it wasn't the time to sort of start picking things but a deputy director of public safety. I'm hoping for some kind of justification on that position public safety just got in a $90,000 a year P I o and now we need a deputy director and we're adding hundreds of thousands with just 2 positions too, to public safety. >> That one wouldn't go good. No, I was going to that one was ever requested inside the decision units.

It had to do with the structure of what was going on with the additional 12 people and then the for district chiefs and looking at it overall I I can happy to bring Jake sour back to let him explain. And in addition to that, we we have been realigning that as you may recall, I mentioned that we're We've moved jail, medical. >> Over the public safety were most of our health and medical people are. And so you're you're rapidly expanding public safety 911, operators to really handle the growth in the East part of the county. And so that has a lot to do with it in. And we're not doing that position where I am not anywhere near finished in realigning that department and putting various divisions and better alignment for more effective operations.

>> Okay. I mean, I would like to hear from Jake on and ultimately I don't know. You know, with the feeling of the rest of the board is on that. But I would like to hear more on The last thing I have and we've heard so far is stations also under public safety. all shared with the fire departments. The nsa's always house with fire. And I think most of us have heard. Rumors of the 2 not getting along and sort of turf wars at facilities.

Why is it that we can no longer share with fire departments. If it is that comes. David does come down to return for situation. I'm not going to be favor of spending millions of taxpayer dollars, tough and EMS stations. Win. You know they can learn to get along essentially. With the fire departments and continue to share with them because not just the initial capital outlay. Is it mean, there's long-term maintenance operating costs soaring. So I would like to hear more about that as well. M Cheryl tell you, I had a a very productive meeting with one of fire cheese in the North part of the county this afternoon. >> And that was one of the topics that we discussed about better collaboration and and and share resources and facilities, especially as we are all focused on on on covering both emergency services and services in in these new growth areas. >> That doesn't totally answer the I mean, you know, currently the city of Bradenton has essentially.

You know, save lightly asked us to leave their firehouses. And so they're the firehouse GT Bray. Which we used to work out of, you know, we don't we no longer work out of that city. Rain is going to new firehouse. And they intentionally aren't have designed it to not include space for in so. This comes back to, you know, sort of that sort of that. And I don't think it was Jake sour when I I've heard is actually his predecessor. the fire chief that weren't getting along. So, you know, super easy back to the turf or situation. Why? Why can they not sure now. Now we're supposed to also build. EMS station a brain million half of it. >> Just guys can get along. And as you know, you both both of us have been having conversations with the mayor right into about how we rehabilitate whatever occurred in the past before our time. To see how we can better serve the residents.

>> back to these EMS stations. Is it not possible for us to get along with North River and I think it is, as I mentioned, one of one of the station's is near where the parish fire chief said he needs to build a station. Why don't we do it together. That's all I am. And that's that was one of the meetings I had this afternoon with which I agree with you Obviously I need I need 3 friends here but and but if it were in part, this is the appropriate time to read line things. I think these EMS stations are on my radar. So I would like to hear from from Harris to the board on it. I were I would hear from because the funding sources for that are coming for some of the money that the federal government's doling out. And regardless of where the week to build it with a fire station. >> We're still going to contribute to that joint building.

Sure. That's what I'm getting at. I guess is if the federal government contributing obviously. >> If we're sharing a fire station, they're going to want us to pony up for the portion of it that we're going to be using, which makes sense. Can we use federal funds for that AARP dollars can be used for EMS they cannot be used for fire stations. Okay. So there's there's no way around this. >> what other cities and what percentage are they are they actually pay. Are they funding and what percentage of long-term the funding of a percentage of replacement cost of funding. If I may. I think we can take this away as a an item that we bring. Back to you. And then we and we bring it back in regular scheduled meeting and are either a work session where you can understand more about it in the topics. I I I think that might be better. There's a lot of balls up in the air right now with a r P.

There's the AARP is changing daily. I mean, I've never had it where a grant is doled out and then they're going to tell you the instructions every other week at it and it changes. Usually the instructions come and then you're given the grant. So this one is kind of backwards. I think it would probably be really wise if we brought it all back to late all the cards out of how it is. That's fine. I'm all for getting, you know. >> The full story and ation.

I just want to ensure that. >> These new these millions of dollars don't pass the point of no return we hear you. we can. We can build anything unless we bring a contract to use act. >> That I have the b*** and put on trial. Thank you that. That from what I've heard so far. That's all I have at the moment. Thank you, madam chair. >> Next on the board. I would totally agree. I'm glad you brought this up.

I didn't know that you're going to I have EMS public safety grown leaps and bounds in the last few years. I mean, the first building we had to buy, you know, was in Lakewood ranch. EMS had to have the building in Lakewood ranch. It seems to me that we keep adding on and and I understand trust me about the growth in North County and and East County. I mean, I live in it. I see it. No one has explained the probably understand it better than most of you sitting up here except for perhaps commissioner sachin commissioner crews. All But at any rate it the bottom line is it seems to me it's getting out hand.

So I'm glad this was in a sense flag. I think we need a little bit better of an explanation. I will tell you that I've asked these questions. I specifically asked about the deputy director. All of a sudden that we need and how that was going to be handled. It. It just seems like. You know, where we're building. I'm not going to use the word touch. My home. can see just said that. you know, the bottom line is it is. It does seem like it's getting out of hand to me. So I would appreciate do we need to We don't need to do a budget amendment on that tonight because you're going bring it back, correct. And just give us a better explanation. Yes, because I think that's kind of where we are right This it's just not OK. >> Then doctor hopes is No building is going to be built at levels. These are without coming before see, that's another thing. And thank you for bringing that up on it too.

I know that there's been a with EMS and the fire district's. I recall that I was here at the time. >> And I don't understand it either. You know, maybe we need to remember. Why we're all doing what we're supposed to be doing, which is working for the citizens of manatee County. There shouldn't be a problem between U.S. and the fire district. I mean, it's ridiculous that that's even taking place. So, you know, maybe we need to just. Put down a little bit it is is a treaty Clegg here. I yes, he is the audio. There is I believe he gave up his earlier. But I know they're Seat for me. I knew he sitting in the audience because I'd look I'm hiding in the booth back >> All right. Thank you for being with us. And I'm sorry, you're not appear on the dice. I wish you were do for Well, I'm just curious, know, on this thing with with EMS and fire. I mean, I am correct that the first building that we built.

>> Or bought, I should say. We didn't build it. We thought it was the one in Lakewood ranch for EMS. Is that correct? I do not recall. I'm sorry. It probably 3, 4 years ago. It used to be Red Cross building in Lakewood ranch at one time. Recalling uncertain. Honestly, we have quite a few properties. So don't I don't remember the history. I Yes, ma'am. I'll be happy to look into Thank you.

>> All right. Commissioner Whitmore, I don't really think that saying I'm sorry. Your buttons pushed to do to me, make But, you know, we we tell them for the meeting. He told administrators pushes been. So we did know it says attorney clay. Thank you. Commissioner Whitmore, go In all due respect out >> this is going you you may agree. Are you mate. Whatever you say, madam chair. I don't agree with all of it. I have been around when the Fire Department asked him asked to leave 59th Street. Anna Maria Island. At one point we were given like a few months notice. We had to buy a plan. We had to move into some place. I think around 59th Street in that area may have been South. We parish. I think our EMS and is in the House right now because, you know, we need a place in that location.

You also got to remember these are 2 separate entities fire district is separate. The manatee County and we're all tax for the fire district. So most the time that I ever recall the fire district always own the firehouse and then we paid and then they asked us to leave. So what are you going to You've got to do it now. Let the county administrator deal with that, which I totally agree. And if we can, we can as far as the deputy. EMS director. You do realize that of our public safety director has taken on more responsibilities Mister Scott, I mean, I'm a minister. Scott is trying to align our departments better, which is fine and you don't think he deserves an assistant and I know madam chair had an issue.

It was brought up at the very beginning of the budget season. I think we have Mister Scott has 4 deputy directors and so on. To think that various other departments don't deserve that. You don't know really what they do. And if you don't, I think you should meet our public safety director to see what the duties would be. We hire the administrator and he did. He decides what best bets he met with every department.

And you approved this position and you just said it's not going to happen right away. We've got so much stuff going on. But I did hear recently jail. Medical is under can now correct. Is that already in effect. Yes, anything else new that we don't know. That's under him. Not at the moment. Okay. And so he doesn't deserve a deputy director. I just don't get that any other department we would have heard this public safety is the most important thing that we do as County and a farm in a straight or thinks that we need a director.

I think we all need to talk to Jake like. Like I'm Kevin said and see if we feel comfortable that I I don't like, you know, I don't want to be disparaging to anybody up here are. This is what our administrator recommended. And if you don't agree, talk to behind doors. You don't have to sit up here and make faces at me. So that's off. Okay. That's it. >> I want to bring up that. I appreciate raising the mess and Fire Department issue because it's not just about buildings. We find ourselves having to compete with the fire departments to hire paramedics. We are competing with the Fire Department in Union negotiation for the paramedics. So I I have been, you know, considering it because it's not just about buildings that they're the community needs to come together around. Services and EMS and and whose Lane belongs in the various entities because it's it's I I have been shocked that I have to compete with all of these various fire districts.

>> 4. >> EMS personnel. When we an EMS reach that that that spans the county. So I appreciate it. We are focused on it. We we do talk about it and we will bring a workshop to you to have these discussions and dialogue and see if we can't bring all the parties together to find out how we can more effectively serve the citizens of manatee County. Thank you. Madam chair commissioner Satcher. Thank you. Madam chair. Yeah. I think that. >> First of all, some of the awkwardness we've had this discussion before. It just comes from sunshine. So we're not able to hash out uncomfortable stuff behind closed doors.

We have to hash out uncomfortable stuff right out in front of God in everyone down so and and there is that element of momentum. You know, where the first time you hear something. This is so early in the next time you know, now we're still and then the next time if you change it. Now it's the You know, and and that's just because it's a it's a big and it's a big and so if I understood the county administrator right. He'd like for us to bring things up, that we can make amendments on later that we would pass what we see here. With. And so I could see us definitely bringing that up. There's. There's different things that I was that I've got in the back of my head that I'm not excited about or not.

I don't see a justification for some of the money we're spending as I go through. And once again, that's uncomfortable to say that out loud. But I mean, I think, you know, we need to have that much to so so I like the idea of and is our goal here to everything that kind of fits that description get out in the open right now. No, that is not our goal. But at some point. >> I mean, have this meeting in the next meeting next week. It's done. >> This is how has the time. >> So and this is this has nothing to do with cutting anything. But this just has an idea or just a thought. And would have texted him. But I've got to give us some number.

I wonder if we could worked where EMS and if we had some sort of substations for the sheriff without be something be interested cause parish were always wishing we had. >> So if this is the appropriate time to make waves. >> $500,000. I believe it is to the. Manatee players. That seems interesting. When I look through the budget. >> That is the TDC money, I scared me and we do something with we have That's your district understands tours money. But I mean, do we have a say in where it goes or is it just the TDC that's the TDC recommends recommend. So we get the final say. >> We get so used for And that I think all the >> So I think we need to look into that. I also think Commish I want call names but multiple commissioners have said that they would prefer rather than laying out 6 Million.

Dog shelter doing 2 at a time. >> And the powers that be can decide if they want to rent a space for 2 men or they can decide if they want to let it save up for 3 years and then do 6 million into a 6 million dollars shelter. So those are the things that I've looked at that I would not propose. We change right here, right now. I understand what we're doing is that we're going to pass what we see because as we said, it's teed up for all the local So I understand that. But I do said, you know, I don't like making waves, but those are the ones that I've seen that. Thank you, raise my eyebrows and think maybe other way. You just did. >> Commissioner of an Austin bridge. Think commissioner crews. Thank you. Madam chair. I was so happy to hear the commissioner says or doesn't like to make so I just wanted to.

Speak to some of commissioner with Moore's I was. >> On the deputy director. I was I was really just looking for clarification. I didn't say that. I wanted to immediately pull it from the budget. I was really for justification. I guess. It's certainly not an assistant. It's it's a deputy Freitas. could 100 So and, you know, we do higher in, you know, the county administrator and he does, of course, bring us a proposed budget, but it is it our job to approve said budget and go through.

It is actually the only responsibility and our job description. Although I think that just to be clear the EMS Again, I'm asking for clarity before a vote on that. It's it's millions of taxpayer dollars in committing taxpayers to the long-term maintenance replacement of these facilities. And it's a slippery s**** and that's that's something else. That's on my radar. Once we start building a couple of EMS stations. You know, that will not be the end of it.

Right. These are these on to the first and eventually every ambulance a manatee County will be run out of the county County own County maintained EMS station and they'll be popping up all over manatee County, which is of course, growing and expanding as fast as just about any region in the I just wanted to clarify that. The commissioner made a wave. And brought up the animal shelter. So we conclude this. I do think that the board should. Discuss and debate the animal shelter as well. I don't want to be all over the board here at one time. But I do. That is an issue that I guess that was my button again later. But I think we should discuss Thank you.

Madam chair. Thank you. Commissioner And to the House. >> I put myself on the board actually respond specific to something that doctor hope said. But before I get into. >> Yeah, I wouldn't be messing with TDC money. a whole TC board that diligently makes recommendations with them. I to just randomly look for any number just to say, hey, about this one and pull it out. It seems extremely extremely her unless you can specifically say what manatee players uses $500,000 for why they don't need that $500,000 and then come up with something else that you believe is more. I'm just saying. It seemed arbitrary now you're scaring people watch these meetings you got you Janine of people out at players like stress sweating right now because they're talking about point half a million dollars for for seemingly no reason without any justification.

Be cognizant of what we're saying is people do pay attention to us up here. So that was pretty specific request to to yank money from an organization that that a lot of people really, enjoy in manatee County. It's it's the only the group with got here. >> You do. >> But enjoy it. I do enjoy the go all the time. But still half a million dollars but it has 4. But as for my actual question, you're talking about EMS and fire.

>> And we're talking about competing for for people and compete. Kind of is disheartening to to hear that mean are both these groups effectively doing the same thing. This is a revenue generator. We're not competing for investment bankers do it do increase bottom line. It's to get people help that they need and get them to where they need to be. Why are we competing here? This is ridiculous. We're we're competing with each other from 2 to fight over doing the same service for public safety in manatee County. There should even be 2 groups much as I mean, we only have one electric company furries and his government and are saying his monopolies for a reason. It keeps costs and keeps things sufficient and it gets absolute best people in one place to do something for the best good of manatee County. So. I don't like the fact we're competing in. You know, we shouldn't need to if we have all this money to build these EMS stations. I'd rather compete with Pinellas in Hillsborough and pair people. Get our EMS people that the money that they deserve.

Keep the best EMS people in here because the people and EMS are way more important in the building. They drove out of to come help you at the end of the day when you need help. So I'd rather find a way to sit down with all these fire departments and our EMS and you and say what's let's stop competing and do what's best for manatee County. Let's take take this money from these buildings. Not to your point, not just we have to build that. We have to maintain and let's go out and hire the absolute best EMS personnel from all the surrounding counties and be the the premier EMS location of people want to come work at because we're providing them.

The equipment and the salary and the training to make them a premier organization. >> Mister Are you on the board, ma'am. I think someone I'm listening that. Thank you. Okay. I thought you had a question. Commissioner Whitmore. >> Mess is the only game in town that provides advanced a lesson bill and I'm bill us. Recently as we all know in the last few years fire asked to be included. They went to the state and I forgot what it's called the acronym. And so there are a lot now they're allowed what it called court. Yeah, I think that's what it is. And now they are allowed to have paramedics on the fire trucks now has to be part pair medics and all right. There they're taking our paramedics are paying more. When have you all ever been to a fire district meeting where you live. Well, I used to be the mayor of a city and nobody ever went and they raise their taxes every year.

And I think my I don't know. Minor race this year, but what I'm saying it's a 100% true that we are training these guys and they're going to other counties and they're going to our fire and be paid more. And that's just a fact of life. What we want to do about it. I think I think fires unionized. And so as So as the of 2 unions. So that's something we'll have to work on during the year. In the meantime. Who provides the advanced light support for manatee County is. But as our EMS, I personally called has. But here 2, 3, times the M S fire can't do. At a certain point. They can transport you. They can't do other things.

It has to us if you want to be transported, it has to be M S this is a whole and it George, you want to get involved with that. More power to you because we've tried in the past. You know, we can all say we've been nodding her head. Oh, yeah. We need to do this. What we haven't done it so if you you said you showed interest. Maybe you and Scott can talk that you're dealing with major unions and a lot of money. If we can afford that in our taxpayers, OK, paying our EMS honor, our peer paramedics emts, our staff would love you. You know, sour would love you because then we would have to be training them the and I'm going somewhere else.

And I know will we talk. We will talk about the animal shelter. A guest tonight sorry, we may be here a few hours I I'm respectfully asked. Boston to 15 million dollar library. Satcher is tons and tons of roads. You're getting West brain tendon and all I'm asking is for a lousy 6 million dollars out of a 993 million dollar budget. But unfortunately a few. Maybe just one. Is taking this personally because it's carol whitmore asking if you guys ask it will get passed and that's what bothers me. This is we're not taking the personal out of this. I have asked for one thing in years. So I ask you to please reconsider that I support you guys in your districts. This is the one passion that I represent. For, you know, the whole County like George does. And this is what they asked me to do so. I would just appreciate it for you.

Tear down tonight. I can't talk to because the sunshine. But please talk to doctor hopes there is a need to some of you. Maybe maybe just one refused since the day I've been up here have refused to even consider because I've been bringing Not so. That's all but EMS is very important. George, I'm telling you because week that is the problem right now and how many. We had a 190 out with covid. So far you know, and whose Tate whose ran in those trucks. We only have what, 18 or 19 EMS trucks right now. And we're getting 5 others now. But then you have staff, you train them and then they go somewhere else. So if you have a way to improve this. God bless you. >> All Next on the I don't think that it's a matter being personal up here about anything.

I think it's a matter of trying to figure out the best things to do right now with the money that we have. A night for me. It's certainly not for about I About the EMS and the fire district's not all fire districts are using paramedics on their trucks. East manatee is not doing that. They might. >> I want. But these men but I mean, they might end up doing it. But I know they're not doing it yet. >> And it's because of the expense of doing it in the and also they haven't had the need finally. For the first time ever myakka just got a ambulance last year. I think it was.

So, you know, things are moving along slowly out East, but it is it's coming forward. You know, as far as the county administrator. Yes, it is the county administrator's job to bring a budget and it is the county administrator's job to figure out what to do with each department. But ultimately that decision comes back to this board. We are responsible. The county administrator reports to the 7 commissioners. So, you know, it is one of our biggest responsibilities. As commissioners is the budget and to make sure that we're taking care of our citizens. And I don't think. Anybody up here on this board. Anybody would not want to do what's best for for all of our citizens. I think commissioner crews had a lot of good points about you. Mess. You with the 9 years I've been on this board. I can remember. I'm going to public safety building and commissioner Whitmore. You are there actually. Where we sat there and listened to EMS coming up and telling us, you know what their issues were, what they felt they were missing and what they would love to see.

And we had been addressed, you know, told before the meeting started that we could not interact and and discuss anything with them. We had to set their because of the union. So but it was an eye opener for me. And I think some things did change from that from having that meeting. And and you know that doctor hopes that might not be about.

I did have a another meeting. You know, like we did then because it was really good. We learned a lot about our EMS people that were working with us and and you know what? They're working. Terrible schedules and it's not as bad now it is better. I mean, God bless them that they were working so much over time. That's how they made their money if they didn't have over time, they really did make a decent salary. They couldn't even go on vacation. The way that they should have been allowed to. So it was a very stressful situation for them. I can remember some of the EMS people literally went into tears sitting there talking to us. You know about things that they experienced and how they were treated. And by the way, I think we it was not director soured at the time. And so they were no way responsible for any of that.

It was before. So it has come a long way. But obviously it is growing and it's something that we need to take very seriously and look at and I do believe that that's exactly what we said. We need to look at it and get a better understanding as to what's going on and make sure that where doing the best we can or do we need to make some changes.

We don't know because we don't know enough to make that determination. You know, it's easy to sit here and in. It, you know, find fault with this border or others, but it's not time to find fault. It is time to get the best budget that we can get done. And I think that's I think that's what everybody up here was to say I don't think anybody has anything personal to be gained in any way, shape or form.

That's terrible. Commissioner Venice coverage are next. Sir. Thank you. Madam >> and I would just say that they support commissioner cruises generally do so director sour knows what we're looking for when he comes to us with enough actually, I like commissioner cruises idea that we take those funds that would build stations within, you know, allocate that towards improving and you know, quality of life, if you will, or him ability to perform their duties of our of our EMS. I right along out in my GT Bray with the U n S. >> his practice round my practice Everett and an ambulance rate twice in the past few I didn't write on there there and and says yeah.

And those of my our paramedics extremely professional. There also has job. And so, you know, I would say that. As professional trained professionals that they do deserve very competitive wage. And if that means that we need to look at what we're paying I think we should do that when it comes to public safety. Sheriff's Department. You know, these. These are the 10 year. These are the top priorities And These folks should be. She paid a wage where they can afford to live in this County and obviously the cost of living in this County is skyrocketing, especially in the past. You know, you're 6 months. So, yeah, I can totally for to support what you want to do. Their commissioner crews. And that's all. Madam chair. Thank you. Commissioner Bellamy. >> Yeah. Some of some kind of breaking for. But I think that but mice take on it. Also, as far identify ways to support the EMS and the Fire Department.

You know, collaboration opportunities we don't really know how to look. The true players have to come to the table. But I think with them listening to us tonight. >> Is business and communication is being we want to make sure buddy get along. Want to make sure we're doing what's best for manatee by all angles. So all of us on the same page with that. How does that look? We're not necessarily sure. But we do need to make sure we get a different focus leans on, especially if we're talking about, you know, in come competition is always good and depends on how you look at it.

As far as the on the animals. The animal shelter. I've said it before and I said again, you know, for philosophy thing. We have the money but animal shelter. And it's just it's about whether or not we want to move forward on whether or not we do. I do one to move forward on it on the we always have. I'm I'm I in the reasons why. If we look at the growth and everything's taking place. And we look at the state of the animal shelter that's in North River. And then I make sure that I went out and visited Bishop and the way things are moving. I think we need to get in front of and move forward on the animal shelter. always, you know, have a stance is for us. Supporting animal shelter. And I hope this board does. Also we were talking about the deputy assistant us live for us to be. Consistent. I mean, we've we've we've come alone in. Nothing is nobody that's been hired with this kind of we've had 3.

That's been presented for us the same way, you know. And and we we are happy with all the work, you know, things that they're doing all of doom up before performing within the National building with more were closed and things like that and it has not been any resistance to that. And I'm in I may have missed it, but I think it's been that the justification was that this is the direction that we're going and we want to make sure that we support our own. County administrator. And from where I am, as you up with a pair of we were without one right now.

But I want to support the county administrator in that aspect as far as move forward, you always ask for just justification with the intent to move forward. But I don't think we need to say that we may want to look at this. A realignment and because we again, we maybe put myself situation where we have these flares of inconsistency. Oh, how things how things are being done because we've been stuck in the eye. Probably talk to Charlie. Maybe 3 or 4 times a day. Haha and but in met that right there is listen, you can not get a better guy. How he was spotted the difficult situations and make things happen. I mean, this guy that we have to find other work as awesome and that will be But the reality of it is what we had no resistance when justification anything like that.

We just kept moving because we trust staff. We trust the county administrator in that aspect. So I would just say for us to kind of continue to move on that. I don't know what's going on with all the EMS and the talk biking for. But I do. I do think we need to make sure we extend that support and find a way. To to to Just last thing last. Last thing, the be honest with you. You I got a lot of love respect for you. And you know that we've do it that talking to him talking to my man jay-z and are talking to doctor hope so.

It's to get I just day that I have a lot of the live respect each other. >> It took the wind out of me. When you brought up manatee, brought a manatee players. And here's the reason why I know the work that they do. I know the work that they do. And just this week with instead are where we are collaborating getting some from some you think in teaching them skills and things like that. That take place in just to say, hey, when you look at that. >> Like wool, you know, and I can imagine what like you said, I can imagine and everybody Those employees are and we were thinking about taking a half-million. I think that, you know, with all due honestly, agree with that concern. You know, it was just, you know, throw it out there like that. I do think, you know, we need to make sure we understand this TDC and we do approve it because recommended to us, I wouldn't be a supporter. I'm not because of into being the manatee players.

But because of the effort in the things that they do to make a difference in our community and not just for the entertainment but also for the youth educational stride I know with the manatee players which a family couple weeks we were talking about it. So I would just, you know, kind of look at that from a different focus lens. And that's me. >> What I'm eating commissioner Whitmore. >> And I think we do need to really say something that we did lose a 911. Operator this week from covid. No, I just found that out. In directly to the great find that. Yeah, we did lose a 911, operators. So that's our 4th person that's passed away. are sorry to hear about that. The recurrent funds George left. But I know it will be able to hear the salaries. You can't put in towards sellers because you're looking at recurrent versus one time expense for capital which are the EMS buildings.

And this money from that. You're talking about the build these EMS stations. Yeah. We've have to But just remember, we can't use that money. First of all, that we're getting to improve salaries because you have to you know, a lot too. They even if we do do it, it has to be recurring whatever we do. And I know you all know that. The 6 million dollars. Thank I'm please going to continue to ask for that. So many people controversies know that that's not going to come out tonight probably next meeting because it hasn't come up lately. I respectfully ask you. >> And I am, you know, on. >> chair members chair before I was told directly by her that I was never to bring up health care or animals to that, that's reason why there's always been friction since that day.

And that's last time she was chair and never to bring them up us. She was chair I'm fighting for the underdog sci-fi for health care. I fight for the homeless yeah, underdogs. I get and and the animals and I'm fighting for the people that are asked me this. >> 6 lousy million dollars. I'm going to ask when we're getting a nice library were getting North rocking and rolling. We're taking 80 million dollar line of credit. >> Scott hope says that he feels that we need the shelter. He did lower the price from 8 million to 6 Million. Charlie Bishop has told me that he thinks that that we But, you know, he's the deputy director, but he's tell me that for a long time now we have the money.

It's a philosophy. Think so to say that we're wasting money is not true. It's a philosophy thing by this board. >> I know everybody said I'm next on the board. >> And I must say I'm I'm I'm only going to say one thing. I'm not going to say what I actually my but on this day. >> Being chairman of this board does not give that person the authority. To ever tell a commissioner what they can talk about or not talk about that's what keeps so, you know, I I find some of the comments that you have made. take your lovely about me. To be. Very sad. I mean, you called me a criminal appear on the direst whites. Now I'm telling you what to bring up and not to bring up on the dias. I mean, commissioner Whitmore, please. I'm just trying to do my job here. I don't try to give you a hard time.

Maybe. I don't agree with some things. That's my right. But you know what? I'm only one vote. got several others. So let that being said, commissioner cruise >> So make sure we're all aware of something here on this. Animal shelter which currently a. >> There's no 6 million dollars. We keep saying 6 million dollars and you just said, well, we did a favor by Lori from 8 to know you didn't share know only finish it was 8 million dollars of money taken away from parks a couple years ago to build a shelter. 4 of that in our last the I P was designated to do the renovations for Bishop. We've moved 8 million dollars over. It was one because with first past, the sales tax was 1 million dollars that the voters voted on. To renovate the existing show. I agree. These are terrible. You're the ones who have voted to renovate it for a million dollars. I was not on the board at the time. Then you came out said, you know what, not everyone likes playing pickleball.

Let's take more money from parks and build a new animal shelter that's before Bishop was a glimmer in awry. Now we have Bishop and during the last we said we need 4 million dollars to renovate the other 2 buildings and the sewage and the plumbing. Also some of it and we took 4 million dollars of this 8 million dollars that leaves 4 million dollars within. Tell me where the 4 million dollars because that I missed something on that, that we have to go all the way back to that meeting begins. >> Yes, use. I've never heard 4 million Just hasn't either. I guess 2 million was contributions. Understood 2 of the 10, 2 of the 10 leading Where's the money coming from to renovate Bishop, if that ever venture. That's where it came from. that's why just that right, OK. That's what I said that night or any Bishop, which is estimated 4 million dollars during stop.

>> Was coming from the 8 million dollars that was originally leaving 4 million dollars. So 6 million is a made up number that dust actually does not exist anywhere on paper. That means 4 million dollars. That's all I want to say was that's an incorrect figure. So I don't know what you can. You thinking of bill for 4 million dollars. Well, in our budget. George says 6 Million. I saw. Yeah, because 2, it was coming from Pam who walked away with her It doesn't matter work. watching Tommy I'm questions >> you get >> Okay. the way it stands right now. >> You have 6 million going in the new animal services shelter. Okay. Then you have going to be issue for millions. So so it's exposed for is Carol. Do you have that and.

>> We know is only 8 million in that budget. You can't spend 10 million dollars out of an 8 million dollar budget contribution, those the K contributions as to contributions as 2 of the 6 back probably. And in the infrastructure sales tax went to 3.9 and it's 6 million for the new animal services and 4 Million. >> Was the vision we moved to Bishop. So we had 8. >> And we move for or that left us 4. And then there was a contribution of 2 that would add up to the 60 S for contribution is not in our bank account. Correct. Because it literally didn't exist. Know it is planned that this is the plan C IP so, so, so tall spending that for. >> Do fully honor. What we agreed to do. Nobody's changing the rules here to fully on or what we supposedly said we would do to spend that for its contingent upon a 2 million dollar contribution from outside sources.

So until that 2 million materializes were not technically doing anything out of what we're to promise because part of our promise was contingent upon a 2 million dollar donation million. All raise a. >> Okay. I didn't know that. We're the 4 million come to do Bishop. I never heard. I had always heard it was like to. >> No, it always For its entire is in proposed C IP. Okay. And it's at 4 and then.

Commissioner. Commissioner Cruz is correct. 2 is left inside of the new animal shelter to raise and then you have actually you've already got a 100,000 in there that's been appropriated. There's 3.9 of the infrastructure sales tax left to go. So that's right. It for it was a went for Gore and you've got 2 more going into this to the contribution.

>> I'm just going to ask a question since everybody else seems to think they need to say. Originally the book. Trying to help you here originally and maybe you answer this and I'm and I missed it somehow because it's like a happening right now. Originally there were millions of dollars taken away. From parks. So how much was it? >> I don't recall. I don't recall the exact number. They changed the Okay. I was 8 million okay. They changed the percentage and it changed it from parks to go to public safety and that to this to the to the animal shelter.

And it is because Charlie could spend are correct. >> because I told him I didn't get to be here Deputy County administrator that. Different commissioner of the most But I was still it all with its 4 Million. It's not 6. >> And this discussion in and of itself is premature. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't care if you want to leave it on a C IP and kick it out to 2000, 25 for future discussion. But until we have Bishop and know what we need. We're not going to just blow 4 million dollars or 6 million dollars or 2 million dollars building something just out of a guess. And once we start building it, we're going to incur the design work and the costs associate with it. So, you know, I think this is a premature conversation that just needs to be pushed aside. We need this 4 million dollars that we're we're trying to plug a hole right now.

Kick it down the road. 3 to 5 years. See what happens with Bishop and then have this discussion. Presumably with someone of a different board because we don't need to put don't need to build that tomorrow will because the original C IP showed half that money in fiscal year 2022. Half of that 4 million dollars was being spent this coming year. And that was my fundamental problem with it was starting to build a brand new animal shelter before we even know what Bishop is or is not getting us. That was my problem with this. So I just want to kick down the road more than I want to take it off at this point in time.

Commissioners that are. >> No, I'm sorry, commissioner of an Austin bridge. Think commissioner I took him off. Sorry. Okay. I have. Thank you, madam chair. You know, we started out talking about. EMS But now we've. We've swung into a more emotional topic. Obviously. And so I would just ask my colleagues to, you know, try to stay focused on the you know. The pragmatism of the issue and try not to allow your motion to you carried away and thank though. The back and commissioner Moore trying keep the back and as limited as possible and just try to stay on subject.

Please. >> On december. The animal haha. ♪ That is I'm just I'm just asking you stop the bickering in the back and forth. The personal stuff. That's what I'm looking for. A this is not personally means. No, I'm not. You know, the bishops coming to my district. I'm happy. So that's that right. Haha so but we had we have an incredibly generous, an unexpected gift from the Bishop Foundation. It's a 9 million dollars animal shelter. >> And when I was campaigning and when I was elected, that was the goal of commissioner Whitmore.

Her supporters was to achieve a 10 million dollar animal shelter. We will. We will have that very soon. You know, as soon as and it we're all eager to get the Bishop online. Everyone up here has spoken that affect everybody supports that ever, ever unanimous support for this. But as soon as the news of the 9 million dollar facility gift went public immediately. The goalposts were moved. And right away we needed to of those shelters. Double the building cost double the staffing costs. Double the maintenance. And you know all this well, honors building a massive new facility out East needs animal shelter.

It's not that old. Excuse me. And as the county grows these facilities. Add to our capacity to shelter animals and this County. So far as the capacity argument goes. There has been a lot of capacity added a lot of by the private sector. But capacity has been added is still being added. as commissioner Satcher stated there, I like the idea of a retail space serving as an adoption Center. In addition to the Bishop. And I actually like the idea of it. I think boost adoptions. And I'm OK with it being in parish to be honest and I know he's you know, self-interested there, but that's okay. I think it makes sense. Parrish is a hub for young families. Unfortunately, a lot of young families are are leaving West Bradenton and moving out to I discourage this, it is happening. And I think it says a lot of potential to boost adoptions out there in force. We can boost adoptions. You know, that means we need less capacity.

So that's that's a win-win. And I'm very supportive or animal services and I want to ensure while in support of them that support of the mask. But I want to ensure the money is being spent correctly. And I want to ensure that as you all of you do that. We are being good stewards of taxpayer dollars. So I just want to clarify where I am on this. Well said. Thank you, madam chair. Thank you. Commissioners that are. >> Yeah. I just wanted to make a point to the board as we move forward. I think that if we're going to do the job that we have the capability of doing. We're going to have to have a different mindset. I believe. Because it's conflict is to be avoided. We can't handle it. And it's we look, you know, we don't want to look mean then how are we going collaborate to set policy because we're literally not allowed to talk about it behind the scenes. So I think that, you know, when someone bring something up instead of jumping down and talking about how unreasonable and the way out of bounds and you're way off.

That is we should consider it and just say I disagree with that because ABC and move on. What with the animal shelter here. I don't know if you all realize what happened. But my original proposal was how would much rather and I'd use the word the number 6, because that's the number I've seen in the budget. I said I would rather see 2 million per year. Then 6 this year and we could set the 2 Million. And I was basically going to let you guys decide if you'd rather say that up to its 6 and then build a facility or 2 million a year for something like, you know, the nice things they have like on the north side of Lakewood ranch Boulevard where the gymnastics places are you with those big nice places which has been discussed here before.

I was not trying to. I don't think that should be a full hand I don't think that that should be that controversial. We can disagree and just say, I think it's we've waited long enough. We should do 6. And then someone says I think we should 0 and then see where the votes come out. You know, but we don't have to put each other down for having a different way of looking at anyway. That's that's the main point I wanted to make a guess. And let me just say. If we're going to set the policy. Which is our only job. Then we will have to have uncomfortable conversations in front of everyone and it might not be fun or I mean, we can go, you know, directly to the county administrator which, you doctor hopes done a great job when I've come to with to him with things behind the scenes just amazing.

That getting problem solved and so I'm happy with that. But we can do that. But if it's something there, it's going to take 4 votes to change the policy, then I don't know of any other way other than to talk about it right here so I think that we should try to respect each other enough to say if he brings up and says that's half a million dollars when I've had e-mail after e-mail after e-mail say and that any of my proposals are wasting are are putting County money at risk are wasting County time or how dare I propose something that might cost a little County money and then I bring up something half a million.

that's absolutely nothing. The thing that I won't say is as we move forward. You know, this is budget. of 2 for this exact board. you know. As I move forward in my term. I'm going see I want to see more. Maybe we can adopt full-on 0 based budgeting. But I do feel like each expenditure. They need to come and say this is why this is going to cost extra. This is what this does seem unreasonable to spend as much on the A sticker shop right. And the the people at home see these numbers. And it seems overwhelming to them. I would think. So. I feel like those those things need to be explained from the ground up. You know, we could spend nothing on and if any project, I say I'm horrible guy.

We could spend nothing on a library or nothing on a park or nothing. Or we could spend 30 million and then okay, justify where's the biggest bang for the buck for the taxpayer because that's what we do with our own budget at home is we see OK, where can I get the most. I'm out of time but money. And so I think we need to do You know, as a county. And I think will be good for us as we move forward. Thank Thank you. Commissioner Whitmore. >> Thank I'll take anything besides nothing. So thank you. I. You know, it is very emotional because I don't know why, but it always with the animal shelters, but. You know, we're not going to you know, if we start, we're not going to have we're not going to. Ready to spend all this money right away. So you know, I mean, we shouldn't even be talking about me. 2.5 a year until we get enough and I don't know if those people will still contribute even more because it was 10 Million.

They were going to give 2 Million. And then we only have to come up to 8 million and then they just got very discouraged. And I really haven't spoken to pan sense because that and I don't know if she's giving it back yet. But the reason why she has achieved. I mean. She wanted to hear something from because you can't ask for a $100,000 from somebody on a maybe, you know, that's been the problem. But if we could really set some kind policy. Then in the next 2 years will build a shelter because we don't know what it's going to I 100% agree. What I'm asking this for money. It's going to be at least 2 years or 2 and a half years for gets built. Everybody knows that and I thought you all knew it. But. Charlie's reserves at that time.

And I'm the only one up here. I think that because it I think it was like. I'm thinking like 18 million in reserves. And this was with the ist it. >> He had no plan going to spend and moved it over to public safety. So we can get going because we had groups that we're going to contribute money. That's how it happened.

I know some are shaking their heads know been positive ID and our deputy administrator shaking her head. Yes. So I know I'm correct. But let's I think we need to move on with the budget. We don't need to be here all night. But I am going to ask you to please not remove it completely. And see what Scott. I know what stature recommended. See what Scott comes back to us at our next meeting on how we can get at least 4 boats to go that far. Because we don't know what's going to happen at Bishop yet you know, we've got to find out and there. Hopefully that will be happening soon. And if that doesn't happen, then look what we got. We had to spend on commissioner crews because our air conditioning one out. We couldn't feel won't let us put another. We had need to get a washing machine. We could plug it in the grid anymore. So that I think has $400,000, right just to do FPL. That's right. It was something like $400,000 because it was Max to the hilt and that's the only reason we have spend that money.

So anyway, I'm ready move on with the budget and hopefully will reconsider by the next at least keep it in the budget. We're going to take a 10 minute recess. >> And I'm going to continue with commissioner comments commissioner servia. You're on the board. Ma'am. >> Thank you very much. Appreciate And chairman. So just a couple of comments. I've been listening to all of you. Great and you know, I just want to say that I I know this budget system is a lot of work. It's been a very thoughtful arduous process that our County administrator has gone through and I think that we're all you know, trying to do the same things and that is to be focused on the long-term needs are as well as our short-term needs and me, these impactful decisions for the community, for the best for everyone. I heard, you know, the concerns raised tonight. I would be in favor of bringing more information back on the animal shelter. The deputy director position that stations. And you know, let's just have that detail.

That information that we need in order to decide what we're going to do with those areas. But tonight I think it's important to support the county administrator's budget come back with more information on those issues and then be ready to make a decision on those things. We still have questions on. I didn't want say one thing to correct the record a little bit. So we did not in the past. did not take money from that parks budget for that new animal shelter out East. And that the infrastructure sales different categories and the category that the money for the shelter was pulled from was a category and I don't have it in front of me, but it says something like. And other community needs an asset, something like that. So it was not that we were taking away from law courts to build an animal shelter. The money that was allocated for the animal shelter was within the guidelines of what was promised to the public for ist.

So that's I'm anxious to hear from the public. Also. Thank you. Commissioner Van Austin bridge. >> Thank you. Madam so, you know, commissioner survey made some good, some good points and the administrator has brought us really a fantastic budget. I mean, he listened to all of our concerns and all of our wants and needs as individual commissioners. But this together and brought them to us. The big debate here is about an animal shelter which was approved by a previous Board of County commissioners that was not added and the budget by the administrator and the other things we haven't even rejected.

We've simply asked for more information on. So they may or may be justified in the end. So might understand that essentially. We're doing here tonight as we decided that we're going to come back in our next meeting. And hear more information on. The deputy director position and the EMS stations or or sooner, perhaps. And then at so the next government at the budget meeting is when we will make a final decision on those in the animal shelters that what I'm understanding or does that decision need to come meetings I'm asking either of doctor hopes or deputy administrator Santana. Tonight. You're. >> Going to hopefully make a motion to approve the OK and tentative budget.

Adoption. Okay. So that we can be in compliance with the statutes and rules of. Wedding. The taxes. As you do regularly, you will then. Have a final hearing next. The final public hearing next week. On the budget and you adopt. The it's still a tentative ID be final. The final the final budget and then the expectation is that. Once that's done and the tax bills are approved to go out for November. We'll come back in October, the 1st meeting in October with whatever budget amendments you decide you want to next week. And we'll move forward as you have done in the years pass and every month and every meeting will continue to amend that budget. >> As we move forward okay. So we were we're going to top that tenatively tonight we'll get more information and then we can make amendments either at the next budget meeting or really any bocc meeting from this point on.

We can make those we can make those changes. Okay. That clarifies things for me. I will put out there just in all transparency, let everyone know. That I am not in favor of spending 20 million taxpayer dollars on a library and so all of you are aware I am going to be bringing a motion forward to amend the budget on that and open for It regionally. It was, I believe, a 7 million dollar library that was promised. And if that's the case, I feel that you build the library to meet your budget. I don't feel that you build your budget to to meet the library that you just, you know, designed so I'm one Lakewood ranch of the library. I want them to have the 7 million dollar library there originally promised. I'm not. You know, ballooned into a Taj Mahal of the library. You like that word right now. >> Never live that down. >> No. But yes. So I don't support of 20 million dollar library. But to Lakewood ranch is clear. I do support building them the original 7 million dollar library. They were promised. So and and that is all thinking manager.

>> Now. going to have to come but only for a quick minute. I totally agree with commissioner Van, Austin bridge. In fact, I said the last time that this library came up that I was not in favor. Of a 15 or 20 million dollar library. It was ridiculous and the problem came in. It was like 7 Million. Is that correct. And at first But what happened was they kept changing changing changing. And I say the it wasn't the Board of County commissioners. We didn't see anything.

And they kept getting changed and kept getting change will because of that of all the changes that were taking place. It was right at the time when all of building supplies were also going up and it was costing more said that's where the majority of it came. And then I heard 15 million and then it. And from there. Now we have a chiller plant. I don't even know where that came from. So I have asked a couple of times just so this board's aware.

And I know the county administrator. We've talked about it several times. You know, and I've asked him to bring forward the situation. What is going on with our library. Where are we and how much longer before we are ready to go ahead and and I will tell you that I even had a conversation a couple of days ago with if I called them and I said, you know, when can we possibly start moving forward so they're kind of like I was. I mean, they feel the same way. You know, we're waiting.

We're in a waiting mode and we need to stop and start moving forward with something that's reasonable because we do need the library. But mean, just seems like it's getting out of hand. I don't have any other commissioners on the board. So we're going now finally move public comment. Now this public comment. This is not on future agenda items. This is strictly on the budget. And that's how this meeting was advertised.

So I have a few. First one is Mike, me here. You come forward, Sir. State. Your name You'll have 3 minutes one second next is Al Miller. >> Madam I'm just going to question you really from this point on in our meetings that we stick to the 3 minutes timeline. Okay. For for all speakers. Thank you. >> I don't have an issue with that at all. About the other members while we're waiting everybody. Okay with that 3 minutes. >> Yeah. What we what I think were committed in was to be consistent. So we don't put ourselves in a difficult situation. And I would support that. >> I don't have a problem with its according to our rules and regulations, we have had exceptions to it, but I don't mind holding 3 minutes. If that's what this board would rather have. Yes, Sir, you have 3 minutes state. Your name, Sir. Mike Meehan, manatee County citizen. >> At the end of the day, the budgets for the last several years have not met there in port in point, which is that governmental revenues should equal governmental expense.

The spate of recent 100 million dollars surpluses, including a 200 million dollars surplus for the current fiscal year to date proves this point. The recent millage cut an expanded capital spending for the next 5 years. Our attempt to reduce the surplus. But do they go far enough. An 8 million dollar millage cut. It's a good start. It still seems inadequate to me. Given the 100 million dollars of federal and state grants that have come in this year and 625 million dollars of unrestricted cash and our balance sheet. So really a C IP, which is expanding from a 100 million dollar average of the last several years. 2, 2, to 400 billion per year for the next 5 years. Seems wholly unrealistic. Given the reappearance of Delta covid in the well publicized labor shortages across the country. Into the variable surplus tax credit as an immediate potential solution that can be utilized and that utilized at all and very based on the size of the annual surplus, for example, a 50% surplus tax credit based on the fiscal 2020 surplus of one 32.6 million with a 66.3 million and amount to approximately 24% of 2021 property tax collection.

A sizable injection to manatee County's economy to welcome financially for covid beleaguered citizens. It would also show the commission is serious about moving toward compliance with Florida statute. One 20. Oh, one C one and C 2. Similarly a December booing holiday for storm water would offset the recently enacted to dollar and $0.40 monthly billing increase and is easily affordable given the 325.9 million of unrestricted cash currently residing and the Seward waters sheet. Thank you.

>> Thank you. Mister Mahan, Al Miller. >> You might Mister Miller. We're going to enter the >> Thank you. My name's here. I feel like I'm don't even need to be here now if you're talking about 2, 2 billion dollars. And an overall budget for this. My problem you know, I every year I get these property tax forms. And I've tried to understand him forever. I'm I'm I'm at petitions. Truck nearby degree. And most years and just looks like a lot of creative. Any I have a 2 page thing that I think some of you have and illustrates on the second page. shows a calm 6 in a calm 8. I took out of the tax. guy that we got this year. And I was illustrating over the years. What it's been. In and that 2019 the course of too. And then moved up to 6 32 men in 21 it. It moved up. >> $200 more 836. 620 32 8, 3836. I'm on a fixed income. These kind of steps. I have to. Quit doing other things. You know, I I drive less than 50 to 50 miles. A week. Because they can't afford to go anywhere.

Because my my fixed income. So what I've done is shown. When it was last year and then and com 3. What that hatches were were shown there. So it's taken off of original form. You know, the tax form for. Manatee County and the first page. I alright Dan taxes since 2011. That's when I bought the House. And moved in from Indiana. And of course I've got one area highlighted it was this year. The value of the home. And it went from 99 200, 29 241 262 all that. In 4 years. Unbelievable jumps in property value. >> And not one of those years could I sell my house for anywhere near that amount. And when I when I bought the House. It actually I was 1351. I bought the House for 60. I had come in here with the booklet and illustrated. You know how how off >> creative each specially in 2000. 16. It showed a of 16.

>> 1000 and then it coming up in 2000, Mister Miller. They are given me a 3 minute limit aren't sorry, Sir. Thank you for Thanks, Mister Thank you. MR. Marshall. >> Like Michael with a W a K Michael, Michael got >> Thank you. My name is Marcia weichel. I live in West Bradenton district 3. I'm a master naturalist and I was part of the Citizens committee that put the referendum for land acquisition on the ballot. I am concerned about the plan to delay the adding the 0.1 5 millage to our property taxes until 2000. 23. My concern is that, well, you've heard assurances that 5 million from the general fund will be made available for land acquisition. This fiscal year. The general fund is where you go as commissioners for any emergency that might happen. Such as heaven forbid a global pandemic.

Well, I merely an individual managing my personal household budget for 50 years now. I know how priorities can change in 30 days, much less 6 months or a year. Imagine how many pulls on that money. There can be in a county of half a million people. And this 5 million has none of the Cove yacht from the language in the referendum tied to it. After this board was elected in November. I asked our representative from trust for public land. If any municipality has ever not implemented a program. Following passage of a referendum, especially one with such an overwhelming margin. He said no. They are elected officials and going against such a popular referendum.

Would likely be political suicide. But here we are. I am concerned that your strategy is more for self a grand eyes Mundt then for the public good. Perhaps you are counting on the energy generated by our educational campaign for the referendum and the overwhelming passage of the referendum to dissipate over the next year. Giving you free reign to do what you who have very publicly proclaimed you did not vote for the millage increase. What you would personally rather do. I don't like playing the skeptic. I prefer a system which is transparent to the public and where elected officials are accountable to the voters. I fear that you may be accountable. But only to a favored few have who have either bought your seats.

Or who represent only a fraction of your constituency. Miss Brewers explanation. Sounds good. I'm sorry. But for nearly 15 years, the commission operated on the very same or similar promise and almost no land was purchased. The purpose of the millage proposed and voted on in the referendum was to create a dedicated fund. I'm hopeful. But on the other hand, I am very concerned about the slight of hand that I see here. Thank you very much. >> Net. I Lucas Levine, but it's about the Texas abortion law option. >> Comment and that is not about our budget. Is there anything else or if you're here, you'd like to speak on road in reference to this >> Okay. If you come forward and state your name. You'll have 3 minutes, Sir.

Thank you. >> My name is Lucas Levine. I live in East manatee. And before I make the main combat them standing up here from surprise looking at the budget. Here on the board that the impact fees are entire. Given the housing market incredible housing market that we have now. I understand that most EU up here probably get substantial campaign donations from builders and I'm sure some of you will say the buyers and the paying the higher But the reality is that this is a buyer's market and we should be collecting as much as possible given the massive need for infrastructure schools and other priorities. Sure. You took down. The impact fees during the economic downturn. They should be at the highest they could possibly be right now. And there's no excuse. This is the first time I've ever attended one of these meetings. And I'm actually really surprised by the tone and demeanor between the commissioners. >> It's actually a bit embarrassing.

Madame chair. So the town of the commissioners is not regarding the budget. We don't. We're not. We're not the school system and impact fees are not part of this budget discussion either. So you had it subject reference to abortion months. Well, he's at the podium. So please keep it to the really wet. But Mike, I mean, this is going to have to do with budget because clearly their comments made by commissioners up here about other ideas that they have. So this is. >> To the heart of that. My comment is really directed at commissioner Satcher and continued effort to enact similar bill to the Texas heartbeat act. Okay. That is not part of this discussion, Sir. And you know that. So please work with us here and follow follow the rules place. That's not for today's discussion. In come back another day. >> But I appreciate your support. >> Well, you don't have my support but but the reality is, is that I never get a chance to come up here look us that be discussed tonight. I'm Well. Regardless, I think the conversation also that you guys are having with regards to the animal shelter.

Southwell sounds like a and this County definitely has the money to support an animal shelter. And for the things that you guys are talking about separately that you want to enact. I think that this is a no-brainer and it should be supported. But it's really difficult for working people to come to these meetings. And so it's a shame that I can't make my comment even though it's really quick. >> Okay. Mister, we appreciate you being here with us. Thank you. Public hearing just for Thank you. Please. Police do we hope you can come back see now. I won't know mary-lyn ask for being still under public comment.

Mary Lynn Parker and then can Piper. >> Mary Lynn Parker and I'm speaking on behalf of Suncoast waterkeeper tonight. Last November. 71.34% of manatee County voters agreed to increase property tax by 0.1 5 mil and authorize purchasing up to 50 million bonds to acquire improve and manage land to protect drinking water sources and water quality preserve Fish and wildlife habitat and prevent storm water runoff pollution and provide parks. And your desire to LH by point to o you are agreeing to a strategy that ignores the voters mandated rise and millage 0.1 by for water inland. You must act now to collect. The citizen voted increase for water and land. Your trustworthiness. As a board is at stake. This strategy of ignoring the citizens vote. For 2022 is built on the false assumption that the math, the water and land tax doesn't need to be collected until there's a list of appropriate properties of willing sellers for you to consider. And that is not true. The one year solution offered by Office of using surplus funds and stable a shunt stabilization funds if needed to buy bonds to purchase land is short-sighted.

Surplus funds could be could go to address a myriad of issues for which there are no designated funding. The water and land should be levied for 2022. To the question posed to the voters in 2022 the majority of voters and every one of your districts voted to save water inland. And district. One 67.65% of Mister statues constituents voted yes, and that's more than those who voted for him into office. And district to 72.0, 58% of Mister bellamy's constituents said yes. And district 3 74.70% of Mister ban Austin bridge. Bridges, constituents voted yes to water inland. Well, he won only 58.7% of the district's votes. And district for 74.0. 89 1% of Miss serving his constituents voted yes. And in district 5 71.81% of misses Boz constituents voted yes. County wide 71.34% voted yes. You must act now to protect manatee County's last remaining natural areas before they are lost forever to development despite the pandemic, the pace of growth and development continues unabated. You can not delay setting in motion the will of the voters to protect her will County's water resources and wildlife habitat.

So future generations can enjoy them the way you do. can bike or you'll have 3 minutes. Sir. Thank you. Can Piper manatee County resident. >> This is one of the best sessions I've ever been to meetings and it is definitely the best budget session. I'm address myself to the percentages think that we keep coming up with as far as reserves. There's the 20% reserve, the 10% contingency. We share of an a 5%. I never have been able to figure out what the 5%. Yes, and we're told that all of these are mandatory reserves. From my reading of the statute. That is not true. The 20% we share a vision Florida statute. One 29 point o one. And the 20% only applies to the carry over from year to year. It is not a separate fund of any kind. And I think we need to stop abusing the taxpayers with that 20%. The 5% is 2 section. One 29 point o one to be and 200.0 6, 5, 2, a one. The statue provide step in setting the millage that we have to use at least 95%. But that doesn't mean that we have to set 5%. We could go all the way up to the 100%. And I definitely think we should do that in regards to that one.

The budget adjustment that is referred to in the statute is the contingency that could be a maximum amount of 10%. According to law, Florida statute, one 29 point o one to see one. And a reserve for contingencies may be provided, but it does not have to be provided and again, I think we ought to start cutting back on I have I have a couple questions actually regarding the whole budget process statute that 200.65 there's 3 of the budget and it all goes back to the rollback one method a majority vote of this board. Another one requires 2 thirds and a 3rd Requires a 100% vote from you. So, you know, I haven't seen anything as far as what the rollback And from my understanding is that's the point that we have to start with. In other words, we don't get all the department heads together and them. They come up with a budget. It goes.

It goes back to the rollback. Can I guess I'd like to see an explanation of that. Thank you. Thank you, Sir. >> Is there anyone else from the public that like to come forward. speak on the budget. Anyone on the phone. >> Yes, madam chair. We have owners. First is 4 for 5, 4 for 5 prestar 6. >> On June For the record thoughts about the promise not your 1, 1, thin dime about million back jail. One more 2 But about. >> just saying, when you need to speak of were having trouble hearing you, are a master >> People Go >> so about veteran, the budget. I have an issue with the budget because there are several $100,000 short because of dramatic end. We are real department plays where. Community portion 3, 6, I wrote a couple commissioners a letter this morning.

Got back from my records request doctor, hope 3 months ago. I would you like to please look into that. All you have to do is go down. Walk down very top of the fate that you sign off on new mortgages and they never got paid back but never got that. from from the administration or any of that. I'm really upset about that. I think you need to do it after the loop free all the home Thank you very well control and you need a audit. And that whole department because there's $100,000. And here's what they do. They get the money. They don't pay it back. >> Not only back thanking the mortgage from the And they keep the money. How how, how crazy is that. Not only give them interest free But I don't know why you put that in but never pick back.

Anyway. I don't know why on the ministrations they call anyway. Criminal. I them on the forensic audit. That's the way it should be. I mean, I I'm so little about this, but the one I'm not getting paid back and that she man again in how we hide the where a mom. 3 records request. Are you sure Simple question. The happening in accountability is what lacking with that department. You know. yes, I hope you forgot that whole department go fund me to be frozen and you need a frantic on and don't trust people with one them a pack government money.

Thank you. >> Anyone co. >> Yes. Madame chair. 2, 9, 4, I'm for pressed or 6. >> Yes. My name is Chris Gilbert. Can you hear me? can you hear me? >> We can hear you loud and clear. >> Thank you, Chris Gilbert, manatee County. To those first 2 George and chair. I think that. Whenever budget time comes up. It's important to have a vision.

Best in division that would in a sustainable way, create a more livable and humane place to live. Thank you to of the big picture thinkers. Their state. bility is not only financial. Also environmental. The environmental land initiative is urgent. Ford has proposed in this budget to delay the funding. Yet. It also through behind the scenes. Cheddar, I guess you could call it. Ford controls the progress forming the conservation plan. It's a necessary step. But they're all already several projects that various community organizations. Ready to go. I hope that the community is aware that the board does control both the start and the pace and the scope of this project. A conservation land may compete unfairly with business plans of developers.

I want people to be aware of that and to urge the board to begin buying conservation land. This budget year. Commissioner ball very correctly. An astutely. That her work is to represent citizens. Voters set aside their own money to give themselves and their children the more verdant and sustainable future in this County. Should begin putting that money to for the purpose. Stand. There is some doubt on El Mac about the enthusiasm on the board for conservation.

And in general and the referendum particular. It's dismaying because a successful conservation plan. The potentially. All of you legacies. Have a couple of other. Comments about the budget as well. Enormous time. I had to stop me when I'm done. When I run out. The drone program. We never heard any. Information about that. Parks funding. I know that cash is king, right. I'm an accountant trained accountant and the basic principle. Why are we parks funding when we are cash. Rich. >> And thank you, Mister yes, Sir. You told us to let you know.

Thank you so much to see tank. You. Any other phone calls chair. >> We have caller FY 7, 2, by 7 to prestar 6 stage name for the record. Please. >> name Michael. I live in manatee County and I'm a founding member of Florida, Potter. goal. kept in a beautiful natural places. We go out for future generations. First was on behalf of the manatee County bond referendum.

You just try to 15 signed a letter we sent to paper asking that don't for a brighter future and they Some of what we wrote. Why is this important to us. Can. It is important because our future depends on the adult protecting the resources you need. You will need. If you don't protect land. Our future is And because in 40 years we want to bring our kids here. We don't want show them a dirty polluted Bay and lands paved over of the beautiful force commandos that once covered it. We want show them the wilderness. We want show them to wonder swirled nature. You Witness. lessons. There are a lot of lessons. 70% voters in manatee County approved the referendum to ensure a future. It's that the will of the people be implemented to help protect our beautiful County for generations to come necessary thing you do it this year as the pandemic has accelerated the rate at which a natural lands are being In my own neighborhood.

I have watched vacant lot after a vacant lot be built home. The highway. It will soon be nothing left to We do not the way. You've got to help manatee County. To help keep man County beautiful for Jenna. Can. >> Callers to a fine to a 5. 25 station. For the record. To a 5 star 6. name for the record. Please. >> I am sorry about that. This is actually breaker now. I mean, I get it right in your hand 9. And alley doctor. And I'm the parent who been or it water you. >> I never anything like that. Only 35 home. in the week after he won in them. they media, out of the comfort zone and Sony. With that, I don't a of land and water for many, many people. Are their first act and it was really inspirational.

Make the I wondered at the time. What I would say that if if what did at the We know lot we passed over over 70% of the for we turn now. Now? Walking year, the mission, the budgeting millions the fright that the commissioners, any of you can share with the lake lacking in fully funding strong mandate from your if you think on popular referendum.

We walk in the face of development growth. And in a T over the last year is known about or want that on the added and the type of the market they can be brought forward, not on people making it more and more expensive for the county to purchase own land that we're not only asking for, but we are also willing to pay for. You could tell. about you? And it didn't happen. They were willing to find their voice in them. But now it's up that hear them now. Not next and the fun. So we fund around like the money get started. Now because the right. It's something we should be pushing down the road for next year. And here the plan to them 5 for that. But I urge you act now and implement the millet and the fully fund the land and water or none that passes the end her life in land. Now the opening up your mother, the trust you, the weapon to their values and all of The thank you. >> Colorful 1, 9, Over 9. >> Pressed or 6. >> Color for 1, 9, >> my name Kerry bridge and read him and the county.

And then listen to the about the animal shelter. As a commissioner of problem mean, because I've been over the last few months. I have sent letters and made public comments and most recently sent you data analysis. Why is a animal shelters needed for the county, even considering gave bishops condition. You have the money and you have the need and I'm going to read the data that I have sent you looking and dogs alone. The Palmetto shelter has any kennels. But based on his pre COVID-19. 2019 dated the Palmetto shelter took in an average of an average of a per month. In 2020, the number was a 104 per month and year to date the numbers a 127 dogs per month clearly too many dogs for only 80 kennels making matters worse. The average length of stay for a dog was recently estimated to be about too much. This chronic of a at the Shelter has too often resulted in doubling up of dogs in kennels and we use a crate. The question is if the Palmetto shelter is demolished as has been suggested by some of you and not replaced with the acquisition of the Bishop SPCA facilities alleviate the county of an animal shelter overcrowding.

Say no. Why? Well, first, even though the Bishop FDA says planned to be refurbished proximate total of a 124 kennels that number will not accommodate all dogs taken play by the Palmetto shuttle shelter. Second, it nor will it accommodate the additional monthly average number of dogs and they SPCA has taken been taking in and 3rd, that will not alleviate the length of stay impact. If the Palmetto shelters to be demolished and nothing lead. Nothing replace it looking at dogs The county will be short kennels and overcrowding at County run shelters continue.

This is why a 6 million dollars to remain by shouldn't replace upon. Now Palmetto shelter. don't recommend that in addition to keeping the money in the budget. the animal services people they're experts in the delivery of animal shelter services, how them prepare for you guys. strategic plan of how Bishop is going to be a incorporated into the delivery of animal services in manatee County. And even being integrated what I really need. And that would give me some type of a road map for what this. >> thank you, ma'am.

Animal shelter, which appreciate you calling. Do we have another caller. >> 7, 8, 0, 7, 8, 0, please press star 6 and state name for the record. Please. 7, 8, 0, but evening commissioners. >> This is to captain Rod 40 year resident of parish. As you heard tonight, in the general election last November. A 142,107 registered voters in manatee County. Voted for and the finance the purchase of conservation land. For the 71% of those who cast ballots. I'm now to put in place the process through which. Conservation measure approved by your constituents will be implemented. It's also time to make sure that the funding necessary to acquire land.

Which meet the counties project selection criteria is in place for budget year 2020 through. Kudos to the board for striving to keep manatee County and affordable place to live. But important part of keeping manatee County, a livable community preserving the natural beauty of our County, which helps distinguish it from other counties in the region. We know that the pace of development in manatee County is not flowing. Bite of the pandemic development is proceeding at a breakneck speed. Now the commission needs to put a plate put in place now. The process and funding through which. Remaining land provide the best. Possible wildlife habitat and parkland. And the greatest protection of our water resources could be acquired. >> We need to certain that funds are in place. In the coming budget year to acquire qualified properties that might become available. Both of the items you're considering in next year's budget. Our for community services. The cost of which are provided to you by your staff. The defense did not have the opportunity to vote for or against most of those services.

But that did have the opportunity last November 3rd to vote for or against land and water conservation. Over a 142,000 of them voted for issuing bonds to acquire conservation lands. To sustain the quality of life in manatee County. Collectively. They are willing to pay up to 50 million dollars for it. Don't let those 142,000 citizens who voted for land and water conservation down. Please make certain the dedicated funding is in place. The next budget year. Thank you for your time. >> Thank you for calling. >> You have caller ID 4, 2, eat for 2 prestar 6 and stage name for the record, please. >> The are currently. I'm calling regarding the animal health care issue. In a hammy. >> Yes, hear you. Yes, we can hear you. >> Okay. Thanks. Thank you. I I call to make a statement. But first I would like you, I could comment and then am reference to Van often Bridget comment. What all do right box. When you. And understand and all of the County.

Life of our building shelter. They are not building open prep County animal. There's a big difference between a rock Hill. On an open. County shelter. I certainly hope that we would the best step property and shelter. It will certainly be a good addition. animal? But I have to say. We have. in the county that are importing animal to the county. They're not taking our animal from the shelter. Because unfortunately there a lot of a dog that they don't want. I want a diviner dot. I don't I don't I don't. for that. Okay. I will tell you that. I belong to an organization. Friends. Love manatee County animal services. We are a nonprofit. April 20 back in. We have Rahm courted already. From manatee County, Northern rock. You. We have now gotten into that ran for month. We are trying to get animal out of the county, not in the count. But the big thing in the Bay clarification that you have to keep in mind if all the East.

Felony. But you're talking about. Are not open. The mission shelter. They are wreck. You. so they are taking some of our dog. We have overpopulation problem and we are going to continue to see more and more animal into our County shelter that the county and not refuse to touch 2. Hey, by law. Oh, please. Don't say that there are County or that there are shelters out East that are being built that are going to help. >> Thank Are think you next caller at all.

We have. All right. Thank you. >> I just spoke if you just humor me for second. I just spoke to the county administrator about an email that he sent today. And I think under the circumstances of what we've heard from so many here in the public and on the found. I ask him if I could read it because it's good information. I'll just get right into it. The environmental land acquisition program is being funded in fiscal year. 2122. With excess reserves. Florida statutes kept County reserves at 20%. Manatee County has many accounts where those reserve caps are exceeded so the proposed budget funds unfair environmental lands at 95% of what would be collected if the new tax started collection this year by funding the first year this way. We also save on the tax collector Additionally, the bond authorization allows for us to bond. Should a major purchase opportunity arise during this fiscal year. to think that we're not funding it or we're ignoring. The voters is not the case. We're taking money out of reserves if anything it saves the taxpayer again a little bit of money with not having to pay that this year.

So I just thought I would read that into record. I have several commissioners. >> Did you have something to add to that, Sir. add to and commissioners. >> On your a work session schedule. You have a work session on October 27th on the environmental lands. The criteria recommendations for selection targeted lands and projects and budgets proposed budgets for acquisition improvements and maintenance in accordance with the voters desires. Thank you. Madam chair. >> Thank you, Sir, for attic that. Commissioner Whitmore your next on the to clarify. We start collecting the tax in 2023. Right. Jan. So actually we're not even going to start collecting it from our citizen, still 2023, but we are putting money a sigh correct. And that's important. And that's why I voted this way. I did vote for the tax but actually we are not starting collecting for the citizens to 2023 correct.

Okay. With that. I would like to start with and I know you all want to talk and that's fine. But can we do the motions. I would like to do the first motion because I don't think we're going to change. >> Yeah. I'd like to make a motion to move to adopt resolution B dash 22 dash 0, 0, one per tentative millage rates for fiscal year 2122 2nd, I >> Survey. All right. We have a motion by commissioner Whitmore seconded by commissioner Satcher. All in favor say aye aye, all opposed nay. It is approved unanimously. Go, okay. I like to make a motion to for the adoption of resolution B 22 dash 2, 0, 0, 2, budget for manatee County.

>> Move to adopt a resolution B, 22 0, 0, 2, with the dot which adopts a tentative budget flight 2122, which also includes the unincorporated municipal service tax interest units and the Palm aire municipal service taxing unit. >> We have a motion to approve by commissioner servia second by commissioner crews, all in favor say aye aye, all opposed nay. It is approved madam clerk madam chairman. I did not make the motion and it was made by commissioner Whitmore. Okay. That I say Oh, sorry. Make a motion to adopt resolution B dash 22 dash 0, 0, 3, which adopts a tentative budget for. For 2122 for all identified manatee County dependent, special districts. Second. >> They have a motion to approve by commissioner Whitmore seconded by commissioner Satcher. All in favor say aye. Aye, aye all opposed nay. It's approved unanimously madam clerk. And now somebody has to read. >> If you do, guess yes, if you don't like >> Per the rules that are in process.

I need to read these these next 2 items. The first one is that the aggregate millage for the fiscal fiscal year 20 21. Dash 2022 is 6.8. 3, 2, 2, Mills and the change from the rollback aggregate millage rate of 6.6 2, 8, 8, meals for the operating millage is hereby determined to be a positive 3 point o 7% increase. In addition, the second public hearing will be held on September 14th. And Patricia in class chambers 1, 1, 1, to manatee Avenue West Bradenton, which is here. And then I've only got one other thing yes, I be after commissioner comments. And then if you can okay. All right. >> Next is commissioner >> He 2 quick comments relative to public comment. One of people mentioned specific Glenn mentioned the jail with the homeless vets and Chris mention drone program but is pressed that was in the nature of this meeting.

A few specific line items that come up. But we've had many, many budget meetings that went into the weeds and details line by line because we didn't mention literally everything. We're going to spend every penny on does not mean that doesn't exist somewhere in this budget. This little higher macro level. So is the land thing. And I think doctor kind of more or less.

Summarize it. But we are collecting it. We're just not quite that this year because we don't have the plan in place to use it this year. You know, for all of the. Terrible ways that was written, which is why we're way over collecting. You know, it wasn't were properly. So for all the benefits people who really want that get by collecting way too much money. It also didn't say when we have to start collecting some we're not not honoring the ballot initiative. We have every intention of doing it. We will be buying 50 million dollars worth of property in some way, shape or form. And I promise you will get to pay additional taxes for it. >> But you're just not paying additional taxes for this year. And but we are putting the money aside.

As you heard, we have the ability to close on land if land present itself. But we don't want to collect funds before we know what to do with those funds is not fair to the citizens of manatee County, the 71% that want the land and the 29% that don't you know, with that. So we're going through that process this year. It also in all honesty, we have a new administration here in this new administration is going to be creative fission sees in our government and those efficiencies or what's going to our millage to stay lower in future years.

This is a short the use of lowering the millage this year we're using excess reserves. We should be holding in the first place to cover this. And this is buying the cushion necessary to keep your taxes low. Also honoring the commitment to purchase environmental. And in the future. >> Commissioner of Aniston bridge. >> Madam chair commissioner crews articulated my point extremely well. And so I will forego my comments. Mister sater. >> For my comments as well. Actually. Okay. I think it might be less troubled by go ahead and just here in commissioner some of the commissioners out and then speaking off lined director hopes. I'm probably not going to an amendment to change the funding plan. >> On >> on the shelter, on the dog shelter. So. That's a swap for mean change of position, not necessarily 100%. But that's kind of where I'm at this point.

And I just wanted to let that be known from from >> Thank you, Yeah. Yes. Or I just want to understand which is saying better. I had said I said that I would do that, that I was in favor of the 2 million per and. >> I mean, at this point, I just feel like it's laboring. The point. Let's get it done. I'm I'm okay with what we have presented. support. You said him that if the vote was right now, I would not support an amendment to change what's in the budget going towards the East shelter. Half the vote was right now. So And there'll wasn't even in the sure. You need to be it don't any better than that. Right. >> Yeah. I'm next on the I would not. But that's. I think it's interesting. But anyway. I just you know, it. We've said here tonight. We've heard a lot of people from the public come forward. And the majority of it has been on the environmental lands and it's sad because, you know, we never said we weren't doing anything this year.

We never said that. We weren't funding it and I guess maybe we should have addressed that earlier. People would have understood that and any and it's been an interesting evening. So commissioners, is there anything >> thank you. It S something. >> Yes, ma'am. Go ahead. Please. Yes. Thank I'm sorry. It's so hard to get noticed when your way down here, Miami, I can't imagine why that would be why you're in Miami I just I just haven't writing those throughout this whole dialogue, which is that and so on. you know, I'm not be budgeting. Is is always exercise of tough choices. Right. So it's no surprise that there's a lot of discussion. >> And I what really resonated with the member of public who spoke. I think it was Mister Miller talked about him being on a fixed income as very difficult for him, for the taxes continue to go and that's because property values are rising so fast that the area and that really resonates with me.

And I know it does. With all of you as well because we represent a lot of people on fixed and to him. I just say that we doing our job with you in mind. We really are. I mean, we can stop taxes because we've got a lot we have to do for the people who live here. But we're certainly thinking of those people on fixed incomes.

The environmental impacts great discussion as we all know, overwhelmingly approved by the electorate and I worked with the on Florida kids for clean water when impressive group of kids, they are and they're still involved. Even after the referendum passed. So to them. I just want to we hear you. This is important to all of us. It's not something that's disappearing. It's just that we're taking the time to put together a process that will work very effectively for the people who are going to be chance for money, but it's on my weekly list of things I talk to our County administrator about he knows that.

I'm always looking for, you know, where are we with it and what's the next step? It is an urgent matter because as we all know, the pace of development is so fast, land is being gobbled up and we need to preserve land. For the people who live here now and in the future. And last thing I'm going to say it is you know, political passion is one thing as we all have that. But we have to remember that data drives decisions. So when we here at the next meeting on some of these topics. We need to ask for more information on. I hope that there's a lot of that's brought to But we we can say what we love.

What we like and what we've been promised and what we hope for in the past in the future. But the decisions we make need to be made based on data what is needed, what kind of money do we have and how accomplish it. And as for the East County library. I also wanted to say, you know, I I give a lot of deference to the district commissioner. So I am listening to what she is saying. Nobody likes to spend 20 million dollars in the library. That was budgeted for 7 million dollars. But we all know the only reason this happened is because the cost of materials and labor has skyrocketed so much.

And it's not just of the library. That's with lots of other things. But you I'm look to our district commissioner to leave the way they're, you know, what should we do with our library. So I'm listening to you and thank you all very much for letting me speak. >> Commissioner servia. You know that we're hating you right now because you're in Miami.

I'm just saying. Enjoy your trip. I know you're there on how business thank you. All right. Anything else commissioners before we adjourn just the J. >> Well. >> I was coming back to I just wanted take a second an end. it's the people that put the budget together always George stand-up, Georgia's our financial analyst Gage are the lead with all the graphics you have Claudia Campos standout. senior budget manager over operating you have Hunter FOX. Well, who is your senior budget manager over grants that Emanuel talked to about the cares candy Cruz who is your senior budget manager oversee high P and last but not sees me not miss She's got her married name Sheila McLean. Who is their fearless leader. A sailor. They put in a lot of hours and they have quite a few staff at home to that's listening I'm sure so we love guys to let them Thank you all right. Do a great job. We're very blessed to have you. >> And how you all put up with this.

I don't know. I was in a Well, I think we all were with them this week right. >> I know I God bless you. What you missed out the and you should have. They were great anyway. This meeting adjourned. Thank you. >> All right. Welcome to the brain and City Council meeting 08:30AM, Wednesday September. 8th mayor Jean Brown. But can the City Hall chambers at this time. We'll ask pastor Robert Bledsoe to come forward from Trinity United Methodist Church to say their invitation. Please stand. >> Let's join together in prayer. Gracious and loving God.

We first and foremost, give you think's give you thanks for this new day for this chance to be together and to talk about matters that are important too each and every person in this room and in our wonderful city, God, we pray and that our words would be meaningful and well thought out and respectful that we would treat one another with love and all of our conversations that we would have ears to hear. And that we would be kind and what we do and how we do it this morning. A guy we especially remember all of those in our community who are hurting her who are suffering those 2 are sick. Those who are hungry, those who are seeking employment or purpose or a way to make an impact. Here for the greater good in Bradenton and beyond.

We remember those who wake up every day and put the needs of others before their own those who serve our community. So selflessly, so God as we prepared to look forward on our agenda items this morning. Ask your blessing to be poured out upon each and every person who is here in this place and that your wisdom. Would be poured out upon them. That is these important matters are discussed and deliberated upon that you would be honored and the citizens of our. City would be taken care of and looked after so that we give this time to you and we honor you and all that you do and all of God's people said together. >> A man. Thank you like to call chief Edwards deputy chief here and chief bevan's to the front to lead us in the pledge. And visible all. Call the meeting to order. This is Melton. The proclamations presentations. No, Sir. All Thank you.

Will go to citizen comment at this time. We're going to call for citizen comment. >> You have when you come to the podium, Non agenda. Items, please state your name, your address and you have 3 minutes. We're going to Sarah hand first. >> Hi, my name is Sirhan. More than my addresses here in the city of reading 10 nine-twelve 7th Avenue, East Bradenton, Florida. 3, 4, 2, 0, 8, Thank so what you have before you is a reminder. The Florida business incubation Association fall conference. That will be hosted here in manatee County in the city of Bradenton next week. Mayor Brown is going to be there along with doctor Scott hopes from the anybody wants to come.

If you make sure the register because will be we have to be leaders from across So you have the University of wrangling. Emory read in the evening event at Pier. 22 is really about the landscape of investment. And what is the future of innovation is we've been working for a long time to get them to come here and we're excited that we were able to say that you are hosted by the city of Bradenton. And I just know will be back to tell you about is our work at station 2 we've made the first round of the guidewell innovation resilient cities challenge building capacity. So Good. Thank you. >> Appreciate it. And the questions are look forward to having everyone in town next week. Thank you very much. A great job. All right. Jeff Peters. >> Good morning, everyone. Morning when IM just heaters at 3.27 River Pointe drive Northeast on the East Side.

it's a beautiful waterfront community there. you know, it's a 4 acre property and 13,000 square foot home in a building on 4 acres are really beautiful place with a cold and all those things. you know, throughout the 3 years that I've been involved in this. You know, I went ahead and spent a lot of time and physically doing a lot of work myself as well. And you know, the more on the other day.

I was heading out to do some stuff. And there was on just on my Main Street on the approach to my property. There's there's. There's, you know, furniture stuff like that. In fact, this morning on the way here. I actually drove through the whole neighborhood and took probably 10 or 15 different pictures. And you know, the city's invested a lot of time and effort in the middle worries mineral Springs project for the Riverwalk extension. There and the tax revenue is going to increase with that neighborhood being revitalized. I spent most of my life up in Saint Pete and I watched what's happened in the old Northeast section that just north of downtown.

And I actually personally know the vice mayor there. My daughter went to school with her daughter. And so I've seen the effort that could make it Tomlin and that group is made actually revitalize the southern part of the city as well. Now and the push is to get all that water front stuff done. You know knows is great because they've got a ton of property on the beaches for the property taxes here. We don't have that. We have the river and that's a beautiful thing for us because we don't have as much Beach front as they do. But, you know, with your taxes being able to be increased. I mean, this year alone. The trim notice just came in, might just on my land alone without the House B and C owed. You know, my property taxes are going up. $1500 so I'm thinking like what am I getting. And then if I look at tide water to the east of me in those communities. And I look at the West Side, I'm thinking, you know, the basic things that need to be done in order to help procure more income for you guys in those locations like the trash pickup when somebody right through that neighborhood are like, well, I don't live here.

You know. And so that's what I'm here to try see if we can't get some help on down there because I'm physically out there. Picking stuff up myself. I don't trailer taking it to the top to try to help the community look a little better. So I'm hoping that you guys can do something about that. Maybe try to gets, you know, a little bit of help down there with some of the staff brought in a bunch of different things on the side of the road. It's okay yet of who okay. Should go out. >> You're mature men a and very for mayors. But the neighborhood this morning for King There's still a lot of and we need as a council Guess is more in debt. Not during your 3 minute presentation but I promise you that I will keep pushing a separate ordinance, or code to do that. We have a very loose policy items that are placed out placed properties, a place other people day step over across the street. You know, they get over Greg to bring You know, that's that's the motto out there.

And we need to have serious conversation about this because it's not only affecting our services to the existing customers. It's affecting. >> The neighborhood, the you build multi-million dollar House and you have to pick up matches your shop and home to the doubt. That's not fair. You. And that's not why you paying those exorbitant taxes and will you pay you know, I think that an exorbitant amount. And good for you. And they're going to be more that. So as this is something that's been long overdue for discussion. So I asked that we place the today's quite full and so I'm I'm I asked that we replace that.

As the city manager aitor to place that to what to about our trash pickup what what we pay for what we cost if we need revisit this in some way because it's not working. And it's not just only covid related, it's related to operational issues. So I got my ear and flex its my neighborhood to pretty unhappy about it. So if you gain more comments as finery other council members you know, have seen a lot of stuff going on lot activity with some of the real estate stuff. And I'm sure that's driving the values up right now with the markets are.

>> But at the end of the day, you know, I mean, that is one of the last segments of water from. That's what drove me down here from Pinellas. It's because after 50 plus years in Pinellas, you can't find what I found with that 4 acres on that property. There. And especially at such a unique piece of property that you know what I'm doing there is hopefully going to help drive that area in order to the area better off because I've seen this transformation and Northeast Saint Pete, where I grew up that.

And I watched it and I see the value of the homes there now. And I see the same thing happening to the south side of Saint Pete, thank you, Mister off. Yeah. >> thanks for coming forward. This your your situation is not It's my entire word has the same problem. It's something I've trying to figure out how to get my arms around for some time now. I mean, we have a we have a driver shortage that's making our preexisting problems look worse I can tell you I have been looking into are poor city administrator asked him over the holiday weekend with taxed on call them an 8. Oh, one on Monday morning. You know, I'm trying to figure out something that can help us beyond just you know what you're going but agree with you. You know, having a scrap sitting around is just it drives ever. You know, I've got a property. In my area that where they they put out a truckload. I mean, up a dump truck load of stuff and we pick it up and I replace it.

The next day and I don't know where the craps coming for me, there's an 8 Plex there. But there's like there's just no way these people are generating this much craps. So we have a systemic problem that existed. Our driver shortage crisis. So thank you for coming forward. I'm I'm trying to figure out something on this.

Thank you. Thank you for having me. we would get something done. And I just wanted to before Mister Perry goes Mister Perry and I and Mister mccollum drove around that area last week and we saw some of it. >> And I think that that as both councilmen of said. Now it's not an issue is any blame to our public works or that the park right now it's a problem that this Council has that's going to be up to this Council to solve and, you know, from the standpoint of how we do it and obviously sometimes how we do. It is not only through code enforcement and penalty, but also more money. So that's something that, you know, the benefit to some of our citizens of the lower taxes.

Then create some other issues. I think it's something that we have to look at strongly and figure out and a win-win situation. And like I said, this is nothing to do with with our public works staff. Now inside on Mister think that this is a criticism him because he would do it all. But it's going to take more trucks and it's going to take privatization. It's going to take how we do. It's over. Mister Perry. >> Thank you. miss Peters, thanks for coming down. I can assure you in my short 8 weeks here and probably more, particularly the last 6. I don't think there's one issue that's been discussed more with the mayor and the council then trash pickup and particularly in the East Side. It's a problem. I recognize that I drove with my wife, couple of weekends ago. Few times right into your properties. But the second of 3 actually about the 3rd time the been there's beautiful piece of property. And I understand you're saying about 3 development potential absolutely agree with with with but 99.9%.

What he said. The problem that we're facing and I have this conversation as Council are often in Council. Sanders who call me literally probably once a day about it. And it's OK. That's what they should be doing on behalf of their constituents my administration missed him McClellan his folks and sanitation are doing what they can, but the problems like a perfect storm. And what I mean by that is we have a capacity problem with drivers and CD. Els. If you look at Hillsborough County, if you look at manatee the county itself using wastepro and waste Management.

There is great competition and a shortage of CDL drivers and the pain associated with it. We've increased the pay a dollar an hour across the board. Mister McClellan polls rabbits out of his hat. Basically every weekend as he did this weekend trying to get additional drivers in to work the weekends and over time pick up the routes and our first responsibility, of course, is to the garbage collection itself and the solid waste and then the yard And I recognize what you're saying, what some of the council should point out 2 problems outside of the capacity to itself is compliance and we have folks and counselor rough gave me some photos yesterday of an apartment complex and they got probably. I don't know to to roll out full dumpsters of of garbage, not garbage but waste their front of their house. Some of its bags, some of its furniture, some of its yard waste. Some of that is this some of its that and quite honestly, that's a compliance issue as well as far as getting homeowners to take responsibility.

Mister McClellan in service will pick up these large bulk items. But of course isn't a charge associated with that and so we're trying to work through that stuff. But I want to assure you that is a high priority. This Council, this administration and the people that work within it to to address it. The city doesn't look clean isn't You know, it is in the city wants to be. And so we're going to work diligently to find the at the various causation levels.

>> I appreciate you bet. Thank you, Mister president. Thank you for coming forward every day. Thank you. Okay. We have Ronald Lloyd Tompkins. You know, 3 minutes, please. State, your name dress. There is Scott and you address this now before but we don't have a proxy thing. You've got 3 minutes and if somebody else wants that that's hungry that talked to, Sir. Thank My name is Ronald Moy. Tompkins. My wife and 9.18 29th Street West in Bradenton, Florida. >> Attacks paying property owner in the friendly city Bradenton, Florida. I'm here as a private citizen. gainfully I'm not here to waste your time or mine. I'm an Orthodox Christian 54 years old, don't like now.

I'm a meat and potatoes kind of point to the guy ask anyone that knows me. I don't sugarcoat it. And I deal in facts every day I deal with facts and. I work here at the city of Bradenton public works and utilities for you as one of your front line employees. I deal with. So I lost my place but not today. However, warm work work for you in a multitude of capacities over

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