Tamarron, Katy, Texas, With Ft. Bend County Realtor Bret Wallace [Virtual Tour]

Tamarron, Katy, Texas, With Ft. Bend County Realtor Bret Wallace [Virtual Tour]

What's up, everyone? Brett here, your Fort 
Bend county realtor. Today, we're going to Profile the beautiful, beautiful Tamarron subdivision. An impressive   Entry, if I've ever seen one. So, this is a Dr Horton community, uh, started in 2014. This community, you're going to find homes ranging from I'd say the $230,000 entry level Price point all the way up to the 500s. Again, we're in Katy, Texas And we're off of FM 1463, and this is very, very close to the Firethorne subdivision, which we've Also profiled in another video. The Tamarron, you know? It has a very lengthy kind of entry and I Know that they're planning on building for a while here, um, this is the main thoroughfare, This goes on for a while like I said, and they kind of have the bragging points and the billboards of What all the community has. They even have a 55, and over section, um, I think I will allude to that A little bit later, but the freedom section which is pretty cool, um, that's newer, um, last time I Sold a home out here, I hadn't been aware of that, so that's pretty cool, but this soon to be 4,000 Home, new home community is located like I said at the corner of FM 1463 and Katie Fulcher road Just a few miles from I-10, interstate 10, and the West Park tollway.

The model home village Is going to be right to the right, Chris. There's 
Gehan homes and dr Horton, and even DHI mortgages Has an office there, which is dr Horton's lender. Their company actually, here is the rec center The amenity center clubhouse, pools, splash 
pad, fitness center, I've actually Pumped some iron in there, believe it or not. It's a very, very nice rec center, there's the dr Horton Business center, and you can see kind of some of their more eclectic, and kind of newer, more modern Elevations, and architecture, and plans that they have out here. And actually, Chris, we are at a Roundabout, there are more and more roundabouts in the Katy area than a lot of other parts of Houston. We're gonna go quickly to the back. We'll just cut through the middle of Tamarron to Give you an idea of kind of what the homes are looking like. We'll come back out, and we will Make a closer shot.

We'll take a closer shot of the clubhouse and the rec center, okay. So Here are kind of your typical Tamarron homes and sections, a lot of stone and brick combinations It's very modern looking, they have multiple 
playgrounds scattered throughout the community. There are, also there are two products that Dr Horton has. They have their express Product, which is kind of there's a gated section right there, that's pretty cool, um, they have the Express product, which is more of, um, price point kind of entry level getting you in the home and In the community, and they have their Emerald line of homes, which have a few more bells and Whistles. So, Tamarron, definitely like I said, soon to be 4,000 homes, it's gonna be more than that And out here, you can see, wow, look at the front loaders, the bulldozers, the equipment they're They're prepping, they are sight prepping, um, lakes, you can see obviously to the right, and left, um They are very numerous in the community. There's a lot of lakes, fountains and it's Just a very picturesque community, great price points, great location On-site, I'm not sure which elementary school that is but look at all the new construction I mean, as Far as the eye can see, almost, um, which really fire up the drone out here when it's less windy.

Which I think we will do at some point, that's 
a little teaser, what they call in the business Of teaser, okay. So, yes, that's an on-site 
elementary school, um, and these are probably More of the express products right here, sorry, we're moving around, I'm pointing chris around Keeping y'all spinning, but, um, Perry homes and Gihan homes are also out here too, which a lot Of the dr Horton communities, they just keep it to dr, so that kind of goes to show you that there's   So much land out here.

They want to offer more products, and while it is a dr Horton community There are other builders other than dr 
Horton. Subdivision lots, water lots, gated Lots, you know, gated sections like we just saw. So again, a lot of different options out here In Tamarron, and there is another, I guess. That's a covered, you know that covered patio Over area, that's not a house, so that's, um, I guess even that little section has a cool, um, Kind of hang-out area. It looked like there was a grill and a gazebo or covered area for hanging out.

Bret Wallace

While we head back up to the rec center, I do want to kind of go over right now, currently kind of The MLS stats right now on the multiple listing service, the average listed price is around $330,000. That's kind of your average price point for Tamarron right now. That's listed on HAR, which is our MLS. That comes to the price per square foot 
of about $144 a square foot, right around 2,350 Square feet is going to be your normal size house. Your average size home, they say, Bret, what's The average size home in Tamarron? I Say 2,350 square feet, roughly. Okay, the average year build right Now is 2020, so that shows you how much new construction, it's very new construction heavy. But there are resale homes.

I actually had one on, um, what was the name of the road? I forget, I Had a 2018 build that I ended up selling last year, um, and we got more than what we bought it for So that's a good sign. It's always hard to sell a two-year-old home in a new construction community But with the market down here in Houston, we fared pretty well. So again, here is the dr Horton area The model homes we're coming up on the rec center, the playground, the fitness center, uh, the big pool The club at Tamarron, so we'll finish the video here. I also do want to let you guys know that Tamarron does have homes that are zoned to Lamar Consolidated Independent School district And homes that are zoned to Katy Independent School districts.

So, you just pay attention To that, especially if you want to keep your kids in the same school or if you want to start them At a certain one, that's that's one thing I 
just want to point out. Well, um, we're at the Club, obviously. So we're going to loop around, and we'll jump out real quick and maybe get a shot of The fitness center, it's a nice fitness center, like I said, I, my buddy, Chris is a firefighter I sold him a house out here, and, um, we went to the weight room, you know, pumped a little iron. Like a little bit of iron, not too much, but it's a 
super nice fitness center, okay. So guys, the last thing The 2020 estimated tax rate here in Tamarron is 3.18%, and it looks like this community Has a lot of room to run with new construction, so if you have any questions about Tamarron or Anything else, for that matter, Fort Bend County, real estate, anything, um, my phone number and Email address is on the website, and there are links below in this youtube video. Please like the video Subscribe to the channel.

Thank you so much for touring Tamarron with me, and have a great one..

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