The Lowdown on the Real Estate Showdown - With Eddie Speed

The Lowdown on the Real Estate Showdown - With Eddie Speed

What is going on in the notes and real estate market? Well, the good news is, it is not that dramatic and if you’re a note investor, it’s, probably starting to look pretty good. We’re going to find out today, as we are joined by our amazing team of experts, and we’ve got the one and only eddie, speed with us today who’s going to talk a lot about the node industry? What’s happening in the market? We’re going to get a little bit of an update, but before we do that, as always, hey welcome to the show welcome to node school tv. We are here every single wednesday at 1105 central time so make sure you,’re joining us um, like these videos, subscribe to the channel and listen if you’re somebody who wants to engage with us just a little bit more, like you,’d, like To say hi brian like right now they go to the comments say: hey guys, we’d love to hear from you. It’s a way to engage with us. It’s a way to ask your questions and bring them across the web and start to uh kind of get those off of your chest right. So it’s a great way to get engaged and if you’re brand new to node school, you’re brand new to nodeschooltv. Welcome and if you’re wanting to learn a little bit more, go to nodeschool comtv to check out a little bit more. We are going to be having a great show and before we get into the hot topics of the news, i want to remind you after this show, we’re going gon na have an after party where we stick around and hang out with you guys. We hang out with our guests every single week and it’s just a way to to kind of do a little bit more casual approach of question and answer, and i’m just saying hello. So if you would say hello as we bring on our our one and only uh joe varnador, to talk about the news – hey brian, how are you today brother? I’m. Really good man, hey, listen! I’ve got a deal. I want to make real, quick. Okay, i want you to tell us what the hottest news is and if you’re watching this show, if you learned something today like the video that’s, what i want to see give us a like if you learned something so take it away. Joe yep, absolutely so brian, you scared me a little bit when you came on there. It was like what is going on. I came in pretty hot you did. I wish i wish that uh. I wish they’d. Let the camera run a few more minutes on that. You know see how long you could have held that that would have been great anyway. Let’s uh let’s go into the news guys. We have two great news stories before we uh before we bring on mr speed and the first one is a uh. Well, it’s, titled lakeside, idaho city is america.’s hottest market in the new wall. Street journal slash realtor com index, joe real quick. Can you share your screen real quick? I think it accidentally got clicked off. Uh yeah, we’ve got i’m not doing that there it there. We go all right: okay, perfect yeah, so uh realtor com and so coeur d, 39. Alene, idaho right is the new hottest city. It bumped, austin, texas, out of the hot spot right out of the number one spot. Austin is number two. Interestingly enough. You know. Seattle was one of those hot spots and our past guests larry and marishka um. They lived in spokane and wanted to move into a city that was not quite as hot as seattle, so they moved to coeur d,’alene, they’re, the they’re. The variable there it goes right so coeur, d, 39, alene, austin texas, is now number two springfield. Ohio is number three billings montana is number four and right across the river from coeur d,’alene spokane. Washington is uh number five and that tops out the number five pieces there on that so yeah. Who would have thought it, but it’s all about lifestyle right. It’s all about lifestyle, and then the second piece i have here is what uh, what is preventing homeowners from selling right – and you know the article from uh from ds news from a couple of days ago. You know a lot of people think. Well, it’s, it’s, you know it’s the pandemic and all of that, but it is kind of what i have thought all along. You know we’ve all talked about this. You me and eddie and according to daryl fairweather, he’s kind of uh, he’s an economist uh and he uh he kind of sums it up right and it’s. It says there’s been an ongoing debate about whether fear of coronavirus infection was keeping homeowners from selling uh, but now that there’s a third of the americans are fully vaccinated. Well, it says homeowners are staying put because if they move and buy another home, they will face a very competitive housing market and they don’t sell to take advantage. They don’t have to sell to take advantage of all time low mortgage rates – all they’ve got to do – is refinance so there it is. I certainly would not sell in such a crazy high market and then re buy. I would hold on to my dollars and just kind of see where it heads over the next next little bit right. That is the news for today and brian that’s good you and i have the distinct pleasure and honor of bringing on our visionary and founder of note school. Mr mr w eddie speed. How are you eddie? How are you there? He is well, as you may have guessed. I have been very busy this morning right because uh joe you’re part of the team that helped scrape data for me and and bob repass and some other guys helped me and we have uh well brian. We really do have a wild market and it is about as dramatic as you made it sound and it’s not just in coeur d, 39. Alene. Is that what you’re saying? Oh, my god, will you fill us in all right? Are you guys ready, i’m ready? Are you ready for the 40 000 foot view of the market? I see and i see albert’s ready, i see chris is ready. We got a lot of people here attending uh who are ready for the update. All right in the bottom left corner of these slides there’s an email address guys and that email address is, if you would like the slide deck that has these data slides reach out to us and we’d love to send them to you. Okay, yes, all right joe, that’s an iceberg. That is an iceberg and we have an airbus a380 that was flying over that iceberg right. We have what’s great and we have what’s, not so great yep. All right, you get the analogy. I get the analogy: a hundred percent all right, let’s talk about what’s hot, what’s on fire and what’s? Not let’s. Do it all right? Well, first of all the stock market surges, it continues to surge and uh. It’s it’s, uh it’s, it’s, breaking records and and and whatever whatever your affiliation is, the stock market. If you have any, if you have anybody feeding, you information, you joe, if you don’t buy stock. Now you’ll never be able to afford it Laughter. You know what i’m saying right. You got a nod when you’re doing that all right. Well, a lot of people in our business are are not just focused on stocks, but they’re focused on alternative investments. Let’s talk about the number one alternative investment and that is the housing market. Okay, this isn’t commercial real estate. We’re going to stay focused on housing for a little bit because it is on fire. Commercial has some interesting elements in the market and there’s some things that are really good and not, and it’s just a big story and we’ll, you know, have to continue that at another point. First of all, inventory is down 40 percent guys and uh that made annual prices grow to just under 12, okay, and that was in january. Well, it’s even gotten bigger right, bigger story, so we’re going to look at some of the breakdown in the market. Some of the some of the details. As joe mentioned joe um coeur d,’alene, idaho, which i’ve been there and uh beautiful. I have a number of friends in there. In fact, large real estate investor in coeur d, 39, alene, idaho, is a friend of mine. Oh wow, didn’t know that as a fact and uh, so the uh, but that’s a hot market and uh. The truth of matter is, is that also in that market, though, it is not a top 30 market, so sometimes it’s not listed austin would be a top 30 market. Here are some amazing stats guys this is hot off the press, as in it came in yesterday afternoon from redfin okay. So this is this: these are pending sales under contract within one week, so fellas. What this is telling you is is that set properties that are under contract one week after being listed 46, say it ain’t so joe. Absolutely how about that here?’s, another stat 45 of the houses are selling above list, okay and 45 sold uh, and that is up 18 from a year ago that’s uh pretty significant number. Almost nobody uh. My brother in law lives there in highland park in dallas uh his condo up for sale last saturday sold it before noon 20 000 over list in two hours. It’s just the norm just the norm. All right here is the sale to list ratio, joe. The sale to list ratio – and it is now climbed over a hundred percent. So what does that mean exactly? That means that uh over a hundred percent of every property listed is selling for over its list price. It broke a hundred percent now fellas, i don’t know what you call a wild market and i don’t know how dramatic you can act brian, but this is pretty dramatic, yeah um here,’s. Another thing this: this is um from lendingtree and uh. They listed joe, the uh top 10 markets and there’s a little chart there. That shows you and uh. Obviously, as you can see, these markets are really hot and then you’re seeing a little pattern here and you’re seeing a little pattern here, all right: the hottest 10, They’re, all hot joe. They’re all everything -‘s on fire yeah. In fact, to show you this. What we did is we gathered some data and this was uh a change from february from january to february. You remember this data comes out late, joe, so this is, you know, and there’s a couple of interesting things here. There’s some markets that are increased in a month, joe over two percent right – and this is the change joe from a year ago, and there are some markets that have increased there, dad’s in phoenix yeah, i’m doing i’ve done A lot of training in phoenix here in the past few months, and i probably the i’m doing an event where i’m, probably speaking to the top 100 house buyers in phoenix in about two weeks and uh. Let me just tell you something: they, they’re, pretty clear about one thing: if they don’t add creative financing to their business, just trying to buy something at a low price is probably not a the most effective technique out there, absolutely yeah, uh and Nationwide joe, this is everywhere, and this is an index that they do this index level and take a little more to explain all that is, but it’s just sort of a confidence level right average of of 1 1 change from january to february, and an Average, from a year ago, of a 12 increase that is nationwide in housing. Now what is driving this? Well, they say the number one factor is fomo. What does that mean? Well, it means fear of missing out and there you go that’s. Actually, not such good information to me, joe, because i would rather a market be driven by other variables, but they say this is it so i made you this little slide, joe okay. Well, it’s all about fomo fear of missing out all right, so that’s. This is a big factor and there’s a lot of good stuff happening to residential real estate. We do not want to exclude that we don’t want to make that that’s not like that’s, not part of the equation. It is a huge part of the equation. Now we’re going to talk about things that aren’t. So good joe and we’re going to talk about opportunities right, broken glass. We’re going to talk about how to find the broken glass and how to be the problem. Solver. First of all, lumber prices. Uh joe, i will tell you this that that, in the active real estate, investing that i’m involved in right now, i’m concerned about doing anything that has a heavy rehab in it. Lumber prices have tripled and uh. You know it’s. The old story of the two before used to cost four bucks uh last february and now that two before kind of cost more like about 12 right uh and it’s not just lumber. But lumber, is a big deal. And if anybody’s been in there involved in it, there’s a case, so there’s some deals. That would not be a deal for me to do real estate. Investing right now, joe. I’m not just concerned about what the price i have to pay for the materials, but i’m concerned about accessibility of the materials right right. There,’s a lot of materials. You know this that we’re seeing the car industry complain about this uh. So so accessibility is a big deal. They got all these ships and harbors and the suez can i that we’re in this canal and stuff. Now they’ve found their way out of the suez canal, joe, and now they’re, just they’re just stuck in the harbor. They can’t unload them and it’s a problem yeah that’s right. That’s it so so so the big thing that we talk about a lot of course is the is the uh the significant amount of difference and who could get credit? Call it about a high in here joe and we’re. We’re trending up a little bit uh. It is not projected that the underwriting is going to change that much but joe. If you took the high before the virus, and now we’re, still just call it north of a 30 decline and who can get a mortgage that’s a huge gap, a thousand people that could get a mortgage in you know, february. In 2020 and march, in 2021, 300 of those people don’t get a mortgage anymore. Here,’s my question joe opportunity or bad: it’s, certainly an opportunity for us, and you know eddie, going back to the lumber slide, not only that the labor force in order to do rehab, no doubt about it so by the way wall street journal. I mean joe, you know it’s got to be true when the wall street journal finally writes about it, and so they they did write about this, and the credit crunch and uh need a mortgage, good luck and uh. So it’s real now joe, because the wall street journal says it said it was uh. Ellie mae says that the average uh down payment is about 19, so the average loan to value of a conventional loan is about 81. So just take the difference off and then uh lendingtree said well. The average in the top 12 metro areas is 19 percent and excuse me that the average is 21 down in metro areas and an average overall of about 19. So this is about 20. Now, just call it about 20 down is what people are paying down by the way, joe. Let me just take a little secret. What they’re not measuring in that is what people are paying it over list exactly right there, they’re taking list price and they’re paying 20 down of list price, but if they’re paying over list that’s, also in the Down payment numbers that’s right, so what we see is this seller financing when the market is really good and lending is easy. Seller financing is let’s just call it joe a sliver of the market. It is not a major contributor in the market so when, when the market is really loose and mortgage financing is easy, then seller financing is really no big deal. The virus comes along and all of a sudden we see scarce lending and all of a sudden joe. We see what we call a gap and that gap is a market that could be filled with my puzzle. Piece of the guy seller financing got a lot to say about this. This is a huge factor in the note business, the biggest we’ve, seen in a long time. Yes, because you can connect such good people. Okay, new report says house flipping is down yes house. Flipping. Profits are down well that’s obvious joe isn. 39. T that obvious that house flipping profits are down because people are demanding a crazy price. Okay, why am i going to phoenix? Why do these guys show up at note school all the time because they’re trying to learn creative financing along with buy low, sell high for cash, so they’re adding two pieces to their business. This is probably the biggest opportunity that real estate investors are seeing today is to not just stick with the buy low for cash price, but also add the creative terms it’s, and that’s a big deal in what we make part of. So this is, this is an opportunity for the real estate investor that can look beyond being a one trick pony correct right. Let’s talk about landlords for a minute. I’m going to blow through these really fast, 72 percent of every one to four family, 72 percent, with all owned by somebody that’s a small time landlord they own one to five units and their individual name. Okay, so the other corporately owned properties. They’re just not a major significant force. I read, you know, articles and corporate americas, buying houses and stuff, and i eliminated a lot of noise today, just because it was too much to present, but the truth of the matter is they’re? Still just a sliver of the market right right and a lot of these small time, landlords self manage now joe. What does self management look like that?’s probably being kind there? It’s, probably a little more hairy than that. That is the opportunity. Landlords are getting killed. I did do this live the last time, but i want to just renew it because it’s so important. 10. 10, 25 million renters owe 53 billion dollars in rent small time owners manage 77. Now they call small time owners. This is people that own one to 10 houses, not one to five is the ratio. I gave you a while ago right, the smaller, the the smaller the pers, the smaller the number of houses they own, the actually, the more likely they are to self manage yeah. That’s an interesting fact, so the urban institute uh says that the oh. They owe an average of 6 000 in rent and that housing providers can’t cover the shortfall. This is your distressed seller, the hobbyist landlord. This is it. This is the guy that we would teach you to go chase yep right lenders, listen guys. There’s an issue here, we’re talking. We’re talking literally uh. If you’re, if you’re looking at these stats here, lenders are loan. Servicers are still writing these monster checks on a monthly basis, 3 3 billion in principle and interest payment. Add on to that. If they’re, they’re collecting escrows, they have another 1 2. This is four and a half billion dollars a month. They’re writing call that a billion dollars a week. How much longer can this continue at a billion dollars a week? Can loan servicers continue to survive and do this right? The other side is delinquency. Delinquency is a giant deal in fact, in the top 30 metro areas, uh, the delinquency is crazy. High average on all fha loans, joe average nationwide, is just a tick under 15. Well joe, i have a little experience in that side of the business. I’m glad you asked yes, we do so non performing notes. There are becoming a thing, a big thing and we are, we are having a lot of people come to note school, trying to learn about that side of the business and uh bottom line is joe. If i take loans that are 30 more days or more delinquent, we are just under three and a half million loans that represents six percent of the market. Joe six percent of every mortgage house is delinquent and then another three percent is in forbearance. So let’s talk about this stock market surges. Awesome awesome, right, yep, uh raging rezzy, real estate market. Anybody anybody argue that statement all right low interest rate, so we have very low interest rates, which is definitely driving the affordability of the market. It has to be affordable, joe right prices are going up. The rates rates are what keep the payments still affordable. That’s right. If that changed, it could affect things just a little bit. Fha loans, 14 percent not paying overall nine percent of residential mortgages, not paying either in forbearance or in default default loans that are in default, outpace loans and forbearance. Two to one 10 million renters owe 54 billion dollars in back rent 35 decline in mortgage credit availability and the commercial real estate market. Joe, is in a lot of these non performing loans. We are hearing it on a weekly basis. There’s, there are portfolios. Tapes, they call them that’s, just a spreadsheet of these non performing notes secured by commercial properties, are now coming to to the marketplace right, let me ask you guys a question opportunity or not an opportunity. Is the market bull or bear, or both depends on which lens you’re, looking through right that’s exactly right, all right! So let’s just talk about this by the way. Remember i told you guys: if you have an interest at all, then you can go to info noteschool com and you can you guys can go get see if my little laser pointer here will show you this. You guys go right there and we will be glad to provide you the slides. I call this presentation today, the market beyond the mask you like that, joe that’s very clever eddie that must have came to you in a dream: yeah all right. So i don’t have a crystal ball, but i do have a rear view, mirror how about that and i’ve lit through some rear view mirrors and black swan events. Now you may look at this market and say there’s nothing black swan. But i look at this market and say there are some black swan elements to this market, and i see this as a runway of a terrific opportunity for us, joe, not for the next six months, literally for the next five years. That’s right right, and so we have a lot to say about this and not just that. It’s good in some areas and bad in some areas, but how we find the crease, how we find the debt in the market. That dent is our opportunity right that’s it joe i’m out of soap eddie that was bigger than a wagon wheel right and the black and wheel is pretty big as your dad’s experience that’s, that’s it that’S it all right guys, so we’ll bring brian back on brian. That was that was an amazing presentation, saw the blurbs coming up on the bottom um yeah guys i mean it is what it is. You know that’s, that’s. It is that’s where we are right now. Well, what’s fascinating to me is two things one. I noticed we had uh one of our guests. Uh todd uh was jumping on and he just you saw him start tagging a bunch of people on facebook. I saw – and this is something that i want to point out, because a lot of times as investors, you hear this great insight and you say: hey so and so could hear this man jump on tag. Your friends share it with your friends. I’ve already sent a couple of texts even during this to some friends to say you’ve got to at least listen to this information because it’s so important that we we’re, really approaching the market with open eyes and for those Of you, like eddie, said hey a lot of you feel like you missed out on the 2008 opportunity. It’s easy in hindsight, to be like. Oh look, how cheap those houses were in 2010 and 11. The opportunity is in front of you. Eddie just showed you so you,’ve got to get engaged. We’ll talk about that in a second before we do let’s talk about our sponsor the feeding frenzy friday Music. Well, each week we are sponsored by both notes, direct and the feeding frenzy friday, where we will take a note from notes direct and we’ll break down the details of that note to help you master your level of due diligence and confidence to go out And take action so that you can buy a note as easy as you could buy pretty much anything on amazon. So click a buy button right. But you got to know the you got to have the knowledge to do the due diligence to make sure what you’re buying is what you really need so go and check those out. It’s a great way to get involved. Another way to get involved kind of, like i was talking about a little bit ago, is you’ve got to see the opportunity. Eddie just showed it to you. The question is: how do you get involved for a lot of you? You’re already engaged in the no business great let’s start taking action. Some of you are trying to figure out what that next step is or or i’m brand new and i don’t even know what to do right. Listen. We’ve got you here. We’ve got the information. We’d love to share, go to nodeschool com tv. It gives you an opportunity to get an ebook. We’ll, give you a little bit of training. We’ll help you take those next step as eddie says all the time you can start to learn one coat of paint at a time right. It’s easier to learn little steps at a time. Then, here’s, all this information, and so it’ll really start to uh to make things a little bit better or if you’re somebody who you just need answers right away, you need them right now, reach out to our website. Noteschool, com click, the contact us button – maybe you’ve got a burning desire that you need help with simply reach out. We’d love to kind of engage with. You see how we can help you. As always, if you love hearing from somebody like joe who has over 30 years of experience or eddie, who’s, got over 40 years of experience in this business man, please, like these videos subscribe to the channel, it really helps um kind of tell us a Little bit more, that we’re, putting out good content and, most importantly, click on the subscribe bell notification, so that you are able to jump in like joseph and james and todd, and a lot of these people are going to stick around for the after party. That we’re about to have, but for those of you who can’t stay thanks so much for coming it’s always good to see you online. I love to see all the comments coming in for those of you who can stick around. We’ll, see you on the other side, Music. Well eddie. We had a good show today. I’m telling you people are active. We had a lot of people on we’ve got gary saying awesome information i’m on board. We’ve got david’s day and let’s go to take action. It’s time to make it happen, and so so glad you came on board. Um wanted to make sure that uh before we get too much into the questions, if you have questions be sure you’re typing them in uh, so that we can kind of talk a little bit about those um during the show but eddie joe any other Thoughts before we get too far down the road here that you want to share. Well, you know the the reason that the the market update is so relevant and so meaningful is it it’s. It identifies the crease in the market. We anybody can read the headlines and figure out that residential real estate is on fire. I mean we. We try to grab good data because you know it’s. It’s relevant it’s relevant in our conversations right. It’s relevant when you’re looking and talking to somebody or you’re, not surprised in the market, so anybody can read the headlines and figure out. Things are good. That means brian, that if i own a piece of property – and i wanted to sell or finance it, i could sell it for a premium price right. Yes, and i could sell it to somebody uh that has super high good credit right. The best pool of buyers and the best opportunity to sell my property with seller financing now than there’s been in see that wasn’t true until there might. There was a lack of financing in 2010, but there was also an instability in the market. Now we’ve got a hot real estate market where we can sell it and we got, but we’ve got a credit crunch. Weird combination right, we’ve, got a credit crunch, and that means that i know that i could use seller financing to sell my property for a premium on the other side. Yes, housing,’s on fire and real estate. Investors are having to reinvent themselves yeah, and you know i’ve just this just this week guys you know you were talking about lumber, and so my dad and my son are doing a rehab right now. Part of the roof is a flat roof right. So number one: you know that piece of that two by four that are not two by four piece of plywood. That was twenty two dollars last year is now eighty two dollars and they’ve had three people out, look at it and it’s. Four months out, even in a little town like i live in of 4 500 people, four months out, trying to get a rehab done, talked to a burnout landlord the other day and he said well yeah. I’d love to sell you my place and i said well, i probably i’m not going to be able to make that first payment to you until until i get those folks out and you thought about it. Well that’s, okay right! That’s, okay, because at least i have an end, i don’t have to get them out myself. I don’t have to deal with them. You know so guys it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, time it’s, time, yeah and and what’s interesting is, i think so many times when the market shifts it presents you with half of the puzzle, and you got To solve the other part of the puzzle and in this instance, what eddie just showed shared with us, just if you really are looking for the the the magic and what he’s saying, is there’s not only an opportunity to buy assets right now, Which is hey that’s part of the puzzle right, but there’s also a huge opportunity for who you can sell them to you. You have giant pools of both right that you literally just have to gain that knowledge. Go out be willing to help people and put them together, and you can start growing your business yeah and you know guys. I spoke with uh with lois and cynthia yesterday, a couple of our students and they uh. They had a property that they listed on facebook marketplace, not a property, they’re in houston. They had 160 inquiries within 24 hours on the property they had listed. On that’s, it only 160. You should miss one zero 24 hours, yeah it’s. Absolutely mind boggling, so it’s a really great opportunity and kind of looking at back on the mortgage side ben said, had a question and i’m not sure we have the exact numbers, but i know that there were some reports on this. He said nine percent of all mortgage homes in default are in forbearance. What was the stat prior to 2008? Does anybody have that number off top of their head? I know that cfpb published some information on this uh. We. I know that the nine percent of the people that are not making a payment for those two reasons. I know that equals a stat around 2010, As i just off the cuff know that that is a great question. Ben uh. Our delinquency is way higher than it was two years ago. I mean uh yeah two years ago, yeah year and a half ago i mean we had pretty immeasurable delinquent delinquency back then, and so once again it’s just it’s, a weird market. You know every market i’ve lived through like when the markets on fire then usually lending’s on fire when the market is bad. That’s, because lending is bad too. Now we have this opposite scenario, which is really to me, opened up this incredible gap for us, because if you can buy properties on creative financing terms, reselling it brian is a no brainer and earning transactional. Income up front is essentially a no brainer, if structured, correctly, yeah and long term cash flow on top of that. Well, yeah, if you’re well, i believe this. If you’re, if your wealth isn’t growing at a faster pace than your transactional income, you’re, not you’re not really going in the right direction. Yeah yeah! Absolutely! And you know i don’t know how this triggered this thought in my head, but when you said that, for whatever reason i started to think about how what is also different about this market cycle than the last is we’ve almost been given this Runway to really master this before these eviction, moratoriums and foreclosure moratoriums get released, and so there’s like this starting day in the future, and it could be moved. We’re, not we’re not trying to say that we have the the date of when everything changes, but currently it’s at the end of june, and so you’ve, got this this two month runway to say, hey. I could learn this and i’m not missing out on the opportunity, whereas in 2010 you’re scrambling trying to learn as fast as possible so that you can be a part of what’s going on yeah and brian. It looks like that.’s gon na be the day um. You know there was some bantering back and forth. We were all reading kind of behind the scenes, a lot of arguments back and forth and stuff and um. I think most of the regulatory agencies have backed off that position. Completely that it’s, the the day of reckoning, is like really close, and so we’re going to see that as an opportunity and once again we still have a shortage of houses listed and for all the reasons, joe you, as you know, i’Ve told you about this, i mean you know uh, i’m the same way. I mean i i i’m a deal maker and i you know marth and i are both been in the business forever and i look at my personal home and think good gosh. I mean i could just sell this thing and just ring the bell right and then all of a sudden i’m like, but where would we move yeah? You got to go rent for a couple of years or something i don’t know i don’t know if you think we’ve got this all figured out. You’re not wrong. We just have a look. We have some slivers figured out this whole market puzzle is pretty crazy. You know what’s great, though eddie you can make a lot of money with some slivers you really can and and just to sum this up as we wrap up today. If we were going to say what’s the best advice you have for making some money today and money tomorrow, wouldn’t, you say that it’s leveraging this opportunity to add creative financing to your acquisition model and radically change your business. I wake up every day as the visionary in note school. I wake up every day, trying to put the put the binoculars up to my eyes and see where there’s an opportunity. I believe there’s a giant one in front of us that’s awesome well guys. This can be simple with some help, just get engaged if you need help, go to noteschool, comtv or reach out to us on the contact us tab on noteschool com. We’d love to help. You take that next step. Whatever that looks like for you until next time, uh man keep keep going. Don’t give up, keep working there’s a huge opportunity. We’ll see everybody next wednesday at 11, 05. Central time until then have a great week, Music, you

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