This is Appian

This is Appian

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Appian combines the speed of industry leading
low-code app development with a power of top-rated
intelligent process automation, all in one unified platform. That means you can build and deploy powerful new business applications fast. Often, 10 to 20 times faster
than what you're used to. In Appian, you don't code
appps, you configure them. Appian modernizes lagacy apps in systems, consolidating their data and actions into easy-to-use applications. Slashing time, otherwise
spent coding and testing. Every app built on Appian
looks great automatically, thanks to UX Frameworks. Plus, with patented sale technology, your apps are instantly mobile. Available natively in
iOS and Android devices with no extra development
time, resources, or money.


Building Apps in Appian is simple. First, take all of the data about an element in your business across all of your systems,
and bring it to one place. In Appian, this is called a record. Records can be anything:
customers, contracts, products, vehicles, employees. Next, build the processes
that interact with records. Building new processes, no
matter how complex, is easy. With a drag and drop, point
and click process modeler, designed for speed and power. Connect your process with your records. Now, you're making
informed decisions fast. Of course, it's easy to change, optimize, or extend your process. To take advantage of new,
transformative technologies, like Robotic Process
Automation, or Machine Learning. And, every application automatically uses
Appian's native analytics, reporting document
management and collaboration. Incorporating these features
into your app design is as simple as drag and drop. Finally, for industry-leading security, and mission-critical reliability, run on the enterprise-grade Appian cloud. Of course, you can also run on premises, or on public cloud
services, like Amazon AWS, or Microsoft Azure. With Appian, run anywhere,
build powerful unique apps, and do it fast. This, is the digital
transformation platform. This is Appian..

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