Veterans United Home Loans Proudly Serves Those Who've Served

Veterans United Home Loans Proudly Serves Those Who've Served

I came into the office early so that I can start my day well I absolutely love knowing that there's a bigger purpose I don't just want to sit down at a computer and type all day and not really understand why I'm doing it I am a veteran of u.s. Navy I understand what other veterans are going through that's why I do what I do here at vetters United I love to assist other veterans through the homeownership process the bigger purpose of helping those that are helping me achieve freedom in this country is just really rewarding I joined the Army right of the high school in 1995 I really always pictured myself growing up in a service capacity I never thought I'd be a loan officer to know that we are doing something that makes someone else's life better really fits in with where I saw myself as a child I absolutely consider my employment here a continuation of military service and I want to be really careful here I don't want to try and compare me sitting in a desk every day being a loan officer to what our servicemen and women do but for me it's it's very much a part of staying involved with that community it's extremely gratifying to be able to still contribute to their lives I work in the mail room I'm a mail carrier being part of the veterans United to me it's like the camaraderie I had once in the United States Army the people here are very passionate about what they do our main goal is to get veterans in homes personally I know that the military community has given me a lot my mom's a Vietnamese War refugee and when she was 15 years old she was rescued from Saigon of a US military aircraft carrier it's very personal because without the US military and the heroes that are the men and women who serve I wouldn't be here we live at veteran's United by distinct set of core values the mission that we have is to enhance the lives and we do that by being passionate about what we do we deliver results and we deliver results with integrity and delivering results with integrity is all about knowing yourself and knowing no matter what you do you should always be making the right decision and taking the not the easy way out but the way that you need to go with whatever you're doing being part of veterans United it's about rallying around with a group of people that you love and care about and serving a community that deserves it so very much the US military is responsible for a lot of good in my life and I'm willing to do anything I need to to give back as much as I can we have a duty to get back to you in a timely manner because your time is important so I want to enhance your life by getting you the information you need at getting you where you need to go as soon as possible so that we can all move on and get things done one of the best parts about the VA loan is it gives people access that they might have had otherwise on average 2500 veterans take advantage of their earned benefit and achieve homeownership every single day had it not been for access to the VA program it wouldn't be able to purchase a home to be able to know that I put them on a secure place for the remainder of their lives that's just incredible

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