What's it like to be a Mortgage Loan Closer at U.S. Bank?

What's it like to be a Mortgage Loan Closer at U.S. Bank?

My name is Alex, I'm a mortgage closer and
I work at U.S. Bank. My name is Fantasia and I'm a mortgage closer
at U.S. Bank. My name is Erik and I'm a mortgage closer
with U.S. Bank. As a mortgage closer, I help customers get
closer to getting keys for their new home. I am working with ESCRO officers and loan
officers to make sure we have paperwork correct for signing for our borrowers. A lot of what I do is auditing files and making
sure that, before the file comes to my desk, all of what has been done before that is accurate.

So, when we generate the documents that go
to the closing table, everything's correct. I will then request fees from Title. By requesting fees I'm just making sure that
we have all our T's crossed and our I's dotted. And then we wire funds. Occasionally, we work weekends so that we
can meet the deadline for the customer so that they're able to move in to their house
on time. Or, get the money for their refinance on time. I enjoy working here because it's very similar
to being part of a sports team. It's very team-oriented so we're working together
with similar goals trying to help each other out. I enjoy working at U.S.Bank because I get
to do all the "behind-the-scenes" work. I get to do the setup for people to get their
loans for their houses. And then start a new chapter in their lives.

Loan Processor

I describe U.S. Bank as a friendly and welcoming
environment. I really love the teamwork aspect here at
the bank and working with lots of different people, meeting lots of different people with
the same goals as well..

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