Who is rent to rent good for? | Money matters | Touchstone Education

Who is rent to rent good for? | Money matters | Touchstone Education

welcome back to money Myers as going to hear from Tustin education and what I want to speak to both who has rank to rank good for [Music] it's a great question really who a trained terrain good for and the honest answer is everybody I've seen people from brand new property investors never done anything and properly before two people that have got 40 apartments already running a service departments two people have got hundreds of vital s so the question is or the answer is rent rent is good for everybody now let me explain a couple ends of the spectrum number one if you're a brand new property investor ready to rents the phenomenal strategy generally where people get involved in property they do not have the funds they may not have a lot of experience and knowledge about finance and mortgages or they may have bad credit we can't get any of these things what rental rent does it takes everything away because you do not need to worry about mortgages you do not need to worry about credit and not beg the pauses rental rates our strategy that you can get involved in extremely cheaply so for people at their one end of the scale that's just what they get started out in property don't have a lot of money it's a phenomenal strategy it's also a great strategy for people that are looking to leave a job because I speak to people Dan do they hate working 9:00 to 5:00 and I would agree with you I wouldn't want to be working in five and people in this situation want to change the situation quack so they want to be able to get out a job very quick so what rate to rent can actually do as it did for me is getting your job fairly quickly it took me four months just four months to leave my full-time job there was only sexy phase and painting your salary so was it a small wage it's not huge but I was fairly comfortable so I had to replace my sexy phase empowering income and I did that within a four month period so if you're certainly a thinking I need to get him a job I hate my job I want to change my situation well after that maybe rent a ring I've done correctly can do that fairly fairly fast for you so let's go to the top end of the marker because I work with people that have got over a hundred by two lists oh wow they want to get involved in read to him well we all know the Chancellor's not being great to buy to let landlords the section 24 is no here's a lot of different tax implications like going on around the buy tool it's a act which unfortunately if structure than the wrong way has made it a lot less profitable I mean I've worked with landlords know that sailing off bank peg parts that portfolios because they just can't keep afford to keep them running anymore but what rent to rent would it's not affected by these types changes okay rent to read is not affected by these tax changes and again it's gonna give you a level of income so yes you may have the asset as a landlord with the appreciating capital I've done right obviously but with the rent ran to the saved accommodation model it's always gonna give you that stable cash flow if you know what you're doing with that I think that's very important so it doesn't matter if you're a brand new person standing property doesn't matter if you're a person starting property with no money and it doesn't matter if you're a landlord with 100 bita less everybody wants cash flow everybody needs more cash flowing and that's one of the biggest driver why people get involved in property is for the cash flow cash is king cash is king and what rent to rent does it gives you that cash flow every single month so you do not need to worry about your other investments or anything like that I know the beg excuses that I get all the time is I don't have enough money well I guess what I've just taken that excuse away from you you don't need a lot of money to get involved in their strategy so what excuses I get all the time I people tell me they do not have enough time and it doesn't ever make any sense to me I work with people that have got single mothers that I've got two children that are managing directors of three different companies that still managed to build a successful basis doing this and what were people that are in the Marines and the Navy and the army I worked people that traveling all the time trust me if you want to do something if you want to do this if you want to generate the cash the rent of rent will give you you will find the time because you're going to go through life tailing yourself just didn't have enough time and you're gonna get 265 retiring your terrible pension and struggle for the rest areas instead of finding a better time just know because your well fainting when you want to do something the belt a red thread business is gonna give you the cash for to free up the time to go and do that you want to do so I hope I've given you some golden nuggets in there and we'll give you about a cake to go and start your rent around Johnny [Music]

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