Why You'll Regret Buying A House In 2021 And Possibly 2022

Why You'll Regret Buying A House In 2021 And Possibly 2022

Why you'll regret buying a house in 2021 and 
possibly 2022. Have you heard about the real   estate bubble in the upcoming real estate crash 
and all of what's going on in real estate right   now? Is it a good time to invest or is it a bad 
time to invest in real estate? Should you get   in or stay away? I am going to tell you why 
you probably should stay away for right now   but what you could do to make a whole 
bunch of money in the meantime.

Let's go. So, let's get right into it. This video is going to 
be a little bit different than some of my other   videos. I'm Noelle Randall, real estate millionaire, 
entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, author, mama of 5   and so much more and I teach on real estate. 
In fact if you want to learn about real estate,   I have a free course that you can get just by 
going to noellesfreetraining.com. So, if you want   a whole course on real estate teaching you how to 
invest with no money, bad credit like how I started, check out noellesfreetraining.com. So, first of all I 
am actually buying a house right now in 2021, 2022.

However, I do not recommend that you 
should be buying real estate right now   especially a primary residence that you're just 
going to live in maybe and you don't plan on ever   making into an investment and I'm gonna get into 
that and I'm literally telling you all of this   from a property that I bought in 2021 so this 
is really crazy. I know what I'm saying. I'm like   telling you, you'll probably regret buying a 
house in 2021, I'm buying a house in 2021 and   I've also bought lots of other properties in 
2021 and I always will so let me be clear.

Real   estate is still the number one way to wealth. 89% 
of all millionaires were created so through real   estate however it's how you buy real estate that's 
important and I'm gonna tell you some secrets and   some things that you should never ever do when 
it comes to real estate and some of the rules   that even I just broke. So, let's get into it. Like I 
said, I am in one of my Airbnb properties right now and this was a great purchase. I literally made a 
whole documentary talking about buying properties   after the pandemic and while supply is low and 
demand is high and the fact of the matter is   you're probably going to be paying more money 
or you're going to have a harder time finding a   really good deal.

Now, I am in one of my short 
term rentals and this is a brand new condo.   In fact, I have 2 condos in the same complex. 
It's a beautiful resort in Kissimmee, Florida and   it's the same neighborhood that I am building 
my 1.5 million dollar house in. I have other   rental properties in this area, in the surrounding 
subdivisions and we make a lot of money on these   properties furnishing them, renting them out as 
vacation rentals, Airbnb's. So, if this is something   you're interested in doing, then you should do 
it. It is making us money, we are profitable, it's   a great business and it's real estate so the 
properties will go up in value over time. Now,   let's get into why you're going to regret it and 
the stuff that you got to stay away from because   the truth, I'm here to tell you. So, the number one 
reason why you're probably going to regret buying   a house in 2021 and probably 2022 is because the 
supply is low.

Let's think about it. What happened   in 2020? There was a global pandemic that shut down 
everything. Builders stopped building houses and we   all went inside of the house. Now, we're starting to 
emerge and everyone has come out of the pandemic   and now people are going back to work but 
there aren't enough houses being built   to catch up with all of the demand from everyone 
coming out of quarantine. So, we have all of those   months where they weren't building houses at 
all. They also weren't building building supplies, things like tile and wood and things that 
go into the materials of building a house   are now in short supply and they're in 
high demand so that means prices are up. Quick sidebar for those of you that don't know. 
Again, I am a real estate millionaire but I'm   also highly educated.

I literally have a master's 
degree from Penn State in economic development, meaning I know economics and two, I have another 
master's degree from Baylor university, my MBA so I   know business as well. But more importantly besides 
the education, I literally do this every day,   I have dozens of properties, millions of dollars 
and tons of kids so I care about my money.  So listen to me, I'm not just telling you stuff 
that I heard or read, I'm telling you what I   do and what I know so let's get back. So, now 
that you understand one of the reasons that   prices are high, like I said supply is low 
demand is high which means prices are high, again basic economics, the second reason why you'll 
probably regret buying a house in 2021 and 2022   is also because it's competition. Like I said, 
we have supply is low, demand is high. We have   another reason, production stopped, that's a big 
deal, that's actually the second reason kind of   rolled into that first reason.

Baylor university

Production stop and 
so there's they have to catch up with building   houses and now we have inflated competition 
because now we have a low supply, a big demand, we have all these people that have come out of 
quarantine, many are working. Don't think that   everyone is not working, people are working, 
they have a job and they want to buy a house   and now everyone is bidding and competing. I know 
you have seen this in the United States news all   across the country people are bidding and raising 
up the prices competing against one another   as to who will pay the most for the 
house. Think about that for a second. Should you buy real estate when you have to 
compete for who pays the most for the house? No, no.   Quick sidebar, let me give you a lesson. Real estate 
investing is all about in the buy how low of a   price can you buy that property for because the 
lower you can buy the property for, the more you   can appreciate the house by doing renovations and 
repairs and then selling it for more money later   so you don't want to overpay for a house and 
the last thing you want to do is pay more for   a house than it's worth and that is what we 
are seeing right now because of competition   people are getting really competitive and you 
know a house that's 300,000, people are paying, you know, 320, 340, 350, that's a problem.

I assure you. 
Not only is that terrible real estate investing,   it's terrible business because literally you are 
decreasing your personal wealth. You literally now   have a liability not an asset and real estate is 
meant to be an asset. So, let's get this right when   you buy a house, buy it right. So, there you have it. 
We really have people creating fake competition   and fake appreciation by competing with each other. 
So, here's what you need to do.

This is the trick   that I'm telling you face to face, this is not a 
great time to buy however it will be. We have a lot   of other things that are going to be coming down 
the pike because of the pandemic, because of these   increased demand in this low supply. We're 
going to have people that are going to be   in foreclosure. Yeah, there really is a foreclosure 
bubble type coming. We have lots of people that in   the pandemic, they put their mortgages in 

Many people are now trying to   get modifications and many people will not be 
able to qualify. They cannot afford the house   so those are the type of homes that you should be 
going for. People that are behind on their payments, people that are broke you know, people that are 
bankrupt, people that are going through divorce, people that got relocated and they have a house 
that they don't want to keep in that area. You need   to focus on the basics and I have just the answer 
for you. I have literally an entire playlist that   teaches you how to buy a home with no money 
bad credit and how to find these properties   that people are looking to get rid of and those 
are your great opportunities to buy houses   for pennies on the dollar. This is how you want 
to buy real estate so you don't regret buying a   house in 2021 and 2022.

Take it from someone 
that's actually buying a house right now and   is always buying houses. I'm not buying as much 
real estate as I usually do. I'm only buying the   houses that I think are good deals, I'm focused on 
buying properties that I can get appreciation with   that I can get cashflow with and that I can buy 
with equity, that is the golden trinity of real   estate and that is what I focus on. So, if you want 
to see me in person, now is the perfect time. o to   noel randall events.com that's noelle n-o-e-l-l-e 
randall r-a-n-d-a-l-l events e-v-e-n-t with an s   noellerandallevents.com if you want to see me 
live or if you want to see me virtual, if you want   me to teach you, I literally have classes where 
I'm teaching you all day, you can ask questions, you can get scholarships, we make it amazing. 
We actually have a great event teaching all   day that I want to make sure that you come 

Please go to noellerandallevents.com   and come to my next event. I just want to make 
sure that you have all of the resources, all of   the tools and all of the knowledge that you need 
to be successful. This is Noelle, to your success..

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